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Image 8 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), September 28, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

IKE FINEST DAIRY PRESTONIA. MIDDL5T0WN. Sept. 25,- - Mr. Bogene Sbjapmn, of t,f tte a' Taylorsrille, a Splendid A Splendid fcwa Letfcf 9tM &elm Sunday. How It Compares With Nearest alilj ol L. K. County. Section ol Mrs. II. H. Frederick was n ynest Scfuoiiiouse. of ber sister, Miss Sarah Mills, the tirst of the week. St pt SB. 1:' v l" Middletown, Willie, the little snn of Mr. and conference Russell is attendtnii t iiU week. iiu Mrs. Sep. Brewer, is daiiKerously ill DAIRY COW VERSUS CHILD. Willi n nic i b " FREE RAILROAD TRIPS Jttle-rso- Miss Daisv ol r hi omo. ma. I rs. who has been visttin Ctare lor the home Saturday pa-,- Misses Isabel!.: at ? Bosfeoii - Roman Wednesday. issiooi . The Ladies' Aid of chun I; met it ii Mrs. !., ek the M pendr..m nnm 1 h relatives instaeioj - tian j cooper were guests at dinner Sunday n ter-- ! 0j m;ss Bettie Ireland. ' f'l Mi-- s Mrs. I) A. dates and son and pent several days with Kulah Bates relatives in Indiana the past week. is visiting Mi. Lydian Barrett burn. -- .. Si li r. and Mrs. and Mrs. s. Misses Lacy ami Loris and Miss Kate LTrton. Mr. atnerbee W vVeatfaerbee Summer of nineteen hundred and eleven is gone- - gone lor food. Never will th. re I..- anath r like .i foi ti" y . - the uroinmiL. ol toe leaves and when tAe doves coo dreamily from the dead ol in Mil i ear is ripened for tin1 farmers bin. Summer has fiui hed her task; these cool stili nights ol autumn: is out is t he moonsbinj nil di under the persimmon trees lor mi is Fall. No leei To Stop oik. Wiien your doctor orders you to stop work, ii staggers you. "I can't71 you say. You know you aie ,eak. n and failing in health, day by day. but you uiul work as Uuiy as Wiu; you need is you can stami. Electric Bitters to (five tone, viyoi and strength io your system, to prevent breakdown ind build feu up. Don't be weak, sickiv or ailing when Electric Bitters will benefit you from the first dose. Thousands Mess them for their glorious health an.) strength. Try them. Every bottle is guaranteed to satisfy, only 50c at ail drusyi-ls- . run-dow- S g coual v. ti..- residence to be occupieu uy Mi and Mrs. Kd. Miller is about com pie ted. Mr HUler rill have charge which Ol the new store at CHfOloua, will open Oct l. Mrs. L. P. Durrett and children, of Louisville, spent Sat urdai wltn rela-- t ives here. Miss Mary McC.rvley visited Miss Anna Sim-- , this week. Mrs. Finley, of Louisville, recently visited Mis. II I) Bobb. Mr. Minor Stivers and daughter have returned to their home in Missouri after a pleasant visit to their hpme relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C'ariin. of and A nittield. were guestu of Mr. past week and Mrs. J. B Cook the attended the Baptist Association at Little Flock. Rev. and Mrs. W. '. Gordon, of Jeflersontown, were guests of Mis Margaret Beeier Sunday. SiSwi relatives io firm v jq Carlos Janes, the Evangelist, Jefferson county, will preach at P. St. church Friday evening at 730. D Ol are cordially invited. Miss Mat tie Phillips and Mr. Steve Le". b were guests at Newstead Sun- All day. Miss Elizabeth Heater has returned to tier home here after an extended visit to Henderson. ftx-S- k 52 lift &a SUl AS &R &H SSt 52 HHMlli Uhu iviij in D i ay f a h rt r h ii u u l i fot q i ii ss i I You Can Buy FACTOR? At m Us From 1 The Metropolis of the South The place to buy your Fall Merchandise to advantage. Beginning September 1, and continuing until further notice, we will rebate railroad fares according to the fol lowing plan: liiid uot had time to get my lue-pa:- e together mid draw a long breath utter leaving the train at Lexioftoa before w as asked: "Ever been out to Baggta'S?" "No." I answered, rather breathlessly and dazed. '1 lien I gathered myself together and answered at a venture. "(Hi, vow mean the plaee outside of Lexington where Henry Clay wus born, dou't you?" 'Heavens, no! It's the biggest and Quest thing in the way of a dairy farm In the world. Von know it's owned by Mr. Haggfal of New York city." went out to the great dairy farm nn the trolley car- - went past Lexing1 Purchase a round trip ticket from your home to Louisville. When you have completed your shopping in this store, take your return railroad ticket and sales checks (which arc given with each purchase) at once, to the Credit Desk, first floor, south end of the building, and we will rerund in cash, five (5) per cent. o your total purchase, up to the amount of your round trip railroad fare. 1 - !':' ..; 5 Poll Special Not ice to Charge Cust o i iier s . Refund will be made only in cash and at time of purchase; refund cannot be credited at the time of the settlement of the account. ieMSK THE ncBSES CDW3. ton's beautiful new Country club and residences, snrronbded by sjilendid muKuitieeut old forest trees, s:iid or written Too much cannot - about this wonderful dairy farm of Mr. Haggin's. The creamery, where Market St. the milk is .doled, bottled and double .oafeville, sealed for delivery In Lexington, Is an and Kentucky. artistic building of rough stone. The Fourth Ave. huge dairy barn Is "f concrete, brick mm r .w m it i t tt u Mill anil i . INCORPORATED and tiling, which gives it the appearance of some splendid county institu tion. .Men in Immaculate white uniforms were moving about the barn getting ready to milk the 42," registered Jersey rows that would soon be brought in from the hundreds of nrres BUILT of blue grass over which they roam. Glancing at the doors and windows, i saw that they were covered with Screening to keep out the dies, wiiile water pipes and hose were everywhe e to insure absolute cleanliness. I was i ncorpoi ai ed) very much Impressed with the beauty, comfort and magnitude of everything I Arc '.vortli more at all times than booses built of inferior material. We have H ?real assortment and stock saw. so as I left the burn I asked: of Doors, Blinds, Windows, Shingles, Laths, Porch Colnmns, etc., etc., at our big yards at Brook and A "Where do yon get this tremendocs e sell retai ami wholesale, Both phones. bhip anywhei e. Wi appreciate your reugest tor our prices apply of water? I saw hose and everywhere, and a huge tower piping The square deal to all, always. by the creamery." "We have a complete pumping plant tail across country on the far edge of the farm at RusseH's cave." i drove to Rftssell's cave and found W0RTHINGT0N. a perfect, pumping out tit even to a double filter that the water might be as pure as It was possible to make it. FIOELW-PHENI- X Sept. 25.- - U. W. Littrell, of LouisFIKE INSURANCE CO., Suddenly remembered that I had ville, was the week-enyuest of relaLexington to admire the not come to OP NP.YV YORK beauty of the wide fields, the grand old tives here. Miss Rosa Hay, of Sheluyyille, is $14,081,380.23. Miss with spending some time I 1 i USES m fci? PRICES ? v,:u. Rough Hat Pi A Onr $2 bat is equal to any $3 hat in that others the city. Freocli Imported Veiour Hats at ; ask $6 for. 0.11-$;hats are equal to the John B. Stetson We have hats of all kinds to suit all faces. hat. EL Two of tin lnrovst and West insurance companies in America, represented in Jefferson .'inl adjoining' counties by J. C. Alcock, Jeffersontown, Ky. costs no more to insure in these companies, and you MAY save money, hen your old policy expires, or il yon are oing to build, it will be to your interest call me up by telephone ami get rates and full particulars. It i Fire, Lightning", Tornado, Windstorm and Live Stock Insurance. spent Sunday afternoon with her aunt, who is critically ill at the home of her mother, Mrs. Grunwald. near Micidle-tuwMiss Vestine Grunwald Louisville, Ky. alril n. wMnMMilM:x:K4 THE OHILDllES. Just Received The Newest Shapes in Fall Millinery $7.50 Willow Plumes $25.00 Willow Plumes $30.00 Willow Plumes $5.00 $15.00 $18.00 Untrimmed Felt Turbans . 75t Also larye line of latest Velours, Velvets and Felts in untrimmed Hats. 234 West Market, Louisville. The Milliner Miss CASH OR INSTALMENT PLAN. Tuesday J. C. ALCOCK, Agent, Frankie Littrell spent several days last week in Louisville with Mr!) and Mrs. Roy Gable and son, who re--1 nrued to their home in Chicago Saturday. entertained Miss Pearl Smyser Wednesday evening in honor of Miss Miss Ethel Bessie Broyles" Lane, of lnglenook. Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Sims and daughter. Louise, spent Thursday in Louisville. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Downes and children were guests of relatives in Louisville Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mitchell. Jr., have moved into their new cottage on the Simcoe road. The ice cream suppers given by the Spriugdale Missionary Society and Rock Bridge. School Improvement League were both very successful, the two taking in over a hundred dollars. As they were only one night schools. doing fine. The citizenship of a community is apart this is certainly as good or as bad as its schools make Old papers for sale at this office. Hi 1 SPECIAL SALE. Emily Jutt or Mr. Haggin's great dairy farm, but to look carefully at the 1 turned to the man in Cbeothonses. charge of the engines and pumps and asked the distance to the nearest schoolhouse. It was not an eighth of a mile away from the pumping station and was a decided contrast arAlthough had seen chitecturally. walks, concrete walks, in every direction about the Haggin barn, there was no semblance of a walk from the front gate to the badly patched wooden steps that were intended to lead the children along the primrose path of knowledge. Everything was "out at the elbow." The contrast between (he care and thought bestowed upon a dairy cow and a child was here sharp and distinct. The dairyman could see and figure the direct and immediate return in hard dollars and cents when his cows are luxuriously treated, but he couid not or would not try to see into the future of the children and measure the return from an investment in homes Mrs. W. B. Tyler spent with relatives at Prospect. tfsL A INS. CO. Assets $ 100,000. 00. Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Uerr, of War nick, spent Sunday with J. W. ,'etherton and family. Tony F. Roselle $1 .25 col OF CRAWFORDVILL.E, IND. list. GIVE US A PRIALu !ph INDIANA AND OHIO LIVE STOCK Simcoe enter tained at dinner Sunday lor a uum-he- r of friends. Mr. ami Mrs. EL L. Miller entertained at supper Tuesday Mr. VV. '1'. Baischand Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Host ami children, Verne and Josephine, of Nokoinis. III. Mrs. Chilton Barnett is on the sick We make tbetn. Regular & Assets Alberta Netherton. You're Not in Slyie : i e d , JUH FRED. 6, JOI 1 Mr. and Mrs. H. 408 W. Jefferson St. i . ii i Prices For Hals, Whan :4 Great Contrast Between the Care and Thought Bestowed Upon Each Near Jerseys, For Palace Lexington School "Out at the Elbow." - ..From Factory to Man. m TO LOUISVILLE.c. - . count y. Urs. Bettie Jackson, of Eminence, ffardf U visiting Mrs. A. L. Priest. Mr. and Mrs. George Bush. Mr. and Mr-- . S. Mills and Misses Allene and Bush and Lara Dcanu Helm S. Hays. Jr.. were guests Master F. Sunof Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Oilmore day. spent Mr. and Mrs. J. R. with ..datives at Middle town. Sunday Dr L. M. Cooper and Miss Fannie Lydia and an. Mr ana .Mrs. l nth returned m 1 ' 01 v. JEPFr.RSONTOWN, KY. Comb. Phone T it 36- - 3. Free County and City Set vice. irinr-ig-niiiiiinriir- n H, A, r mu giu BROWN uiui. FERN CREEK, KY. CUT FLOWERS, FUNERAL DESIGNS Floral Emblems of Every Description Wedding1 and Commencement Decorations : Flowers Shipped to all parts of the State. Prices Reasonable. Cumb. Plione, cull Fern Creek (Citizens' Telephone Co. Home Phoue, call Fern Creek. Telephone us and order will be promptly delivered. Trade direct and save agents' commission. ( ?, a bueche:u, ky,

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