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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), September 28, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

The JEFFERSONIAN DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, September 28, 191 1. No. 15 Vol. 5. Lectures at Metrndist CELEBRATE S.-- pr:ce THE Dr. W. T. Bruaer and Mr. C. J. No. gent, .lr.. president of the Jefferson Association, County Sunday-schowill lecture at the Jeffersontowo next SunFive Anniversaries in One Day Methodist Sunday-schoo- l day morning beg inning at !i:4" o'clock; At Indianapolis. lr. limner's subject will be "Grading" and, Mr. Nugent s subject will Ii be "A Complete Sd be purpose of the superintendent Eld. and Mis. E. L. Frazier, Married in Jef and teaches to grade the school next Sunday and a lull attendance of the tersoDtown, Celebrate Golden WeddinR membership is desired. Both speakKentucky Friends Present. ers of the day are expert Sunday school workers ami a targe crowd should greet them. The exercises Ke at on i II e. Sept. 38. A few Ken- will take the place of the regular; tucky friend attended tbf golden preaching services, as the pastor is Everyaway attending conference. wedding of Kl.Ier and Mm of St. Petersburg, Fla.. in body will tie welcome. SOME PUM'KINS iday-school- .'1 I our thoughts again. Along Route 19. -- v Indianapolis last Saturdar, Sept. While celebraUng the ftftieth ot their marriage at the borne ot their daughter, Mrs. Roy Arthur Potts, of North New Jersey street, the? also celebrated the anniversary of the marriage of Mrs. Praxier's sister. Mrs. .1. E. Perisho, of Charleston, anniversary of il.: the twenty-sixt- h the marriage of their daughter, Mrs. Walter Bo we: the fourteenth an nlrersary of the marriage of their mi. ( ). t ). Frazier. and t h third ananniversary of tne marriagi "f their grand daughte r, Mr,, lit id B. Laycock. The house was decorated with our national flower. The Golden Rod," thirty-sevent- Gulden Weddiug h -- - Niece Weddinp mm LSeatouvilU i m Rumor Repot ts Sept. 38. , 'copyright Bit! Mr. and Mrs. isiting relal ves in While and around lamp Point, there they al t ended t he w dding of M iss Ipha Funk, Mrs. Phillips' Die daughter ol Mr. Jim Fuuk, td Mi. Harry Omer. MissOpha visited her aunt a tew years ago and we became acquainted and learneti to love bei m a n- - v anil Another. John Phillips " V fcTf of St. Matt la ws. S pt. 25.- Visiting and visitors is the order of t he day .... i. at the capitol, si .uuiwiews. .. hv .miss Gertrude and M iss Mith Haishman from Indianapolis, are visiting M rs Holtzheimer and Miss Julia Dorsey. Lasi vveanesuay a motor party was giventhem, which wasver enjoyable, indeed, as it. included mam young people from thi-- , neighborhood, and showed all the advantages of living .iiiiimi;: i uk j hey had tn .aiuis. ackuovv ledge such roads and suburban joys compared very favorably with their home comforts. Von see, we ROUTT. are enlarging our borders and steadily growing, and feel that we are, to Saw Mill Now in Operation Visiting, Fnter say the least, "some pumpkins." Miss Hoberlsou gave a theatre partainiuf; and Other News of Interest. ty Wednesday afternoon in honor of Misses Baisbman, followed by a dance Sept. L'.".. Mi 'out Bishop moved Wednesday night riven bv Mr. Chas his engi ne here last week and is now Neuner saw ing lumber or ijiuie a inimiier in Mrs. Matthew Bradl will give a this neigbboi hood. dancing party rhursdaj eiling for . Mrs. Sophia Shake, was tin the Misses Uaisbman to meet the day guest Tuesday ol M yonng people ol this vicinity. ( 'lark and daughters. Miss Mabelle Rudy's guests from Mr. and Mrs. J. R Carrithers were Madison have returned home after tin- recent guests of their daughter, being entertained in the lovely manMrs. K. V. Davis, at Rivals. ner of the Rudy borne. Glad to hear that Mrs. Bryant Mrs. Logan, of Shelby viJIe, is visitWilliams is improving alter being ing her daughter( Mrs. John Feuley. very ill with the typhoid leyer, also Mrs. Strahackcr and daughter, glad to know Mrs. Charlie Befley is Mary Pierce, left a few days since better. fur a visit to relatives and friends in Misses Katve and Lena Crenshaw. Borden, Indiana. theii of Mt- Washington, visited v i' i mil l, one or our Doyt .Miss Auuie Heed, the first k - SEATONVILLE. Attend Wedaing FERN CREEK. i 1. All the Newr, From Fnd ol 1h RoaJ Isterarbxa Bard'-tnw- n lectric Line. Pern Creek, Sept. 23 Mr. ami Mrs. 'ah in Marl in deiighl fully entei tain-e- d and teel sure t hat at dinner Sunday. Those present and many flowers sent to Mr. and Mr. timer has won a prize ol great were Mr. and Mrs. Poster, Mr. and Mis. Fraxier by their many friends. worth. We wish foi them a long lite Mis. K. L. Smith and daughter, The bride of titty years was gowned of joy and ha ppiness. Steila. Mr. and Mis. II. I'. Nutter and mull in a beautiful white dress of Our quiet itUe village of Seaton-vill- e hildren, Mr. and Mis. Linda Stivers and lace, carried a lovely iwj.juet of had no news ol importance this and son. Mrs. Smith, Messrs. '. white roses tied with white ribbon, week hail it not been tor Hie golden Martin. J ames.M art in. M. Martin, of was in touch with her allot which wedding, which is published in anoth. Bullit County, ami Conrad Mai tin. twantiful snowy white hair, the ap er column, ami Miss Funk s wedding. A very pleasant day was spent by all. pointments were carried out in gold. should not have added anything, Mrs. Henry Berry spent Sunday in The guest favors were booklets, but a golden wedding is a feature in anniverLouisville with her mother, Mrs. P. bearing the dates ot the lite tnat not many of us are Com ley. saries. The cover was embossed enjoy. Mr. and Mrs. Mills Mr. and Mrs. Frank King had as wedding bells iu gold. Receivwith have attended three, however, the their guests on Sunday last Mr. and with Mr. and Mrs. Frazier. were ing, parents of our much admired Dry Mrs. WiiliamFishback and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. J E. Perisho, Mr. and Mr. ami Mrs. O. Hidye news writer. Mr. and Mrs. J. Mollie, of Fern Creek, and Key. Mrs. Waiter Howe T. Keid. aud Mr. and Mrs. F. O. aunt. Daugherty, ot Louisville. O. Frazier, of Morristowa, Ind., Mr. of Mt. Washington, being the Mr. and Mrs. Price Baker were the of I he week. Mrs. J. B. Laycock. Mr. and and Mrs. H. R Carrithers Mr. and others. AJ1 weie certainly enjoyable guests of Mr. ami Mrs. T J. Moore in Mrs. R- A. Potts, lr. and Mrs. (J. L. pent Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. Nat occasions, but all on these two occa- Louisville Tuesday Howe. Mr. and Mrs. W. .1. Hansdell. Hlaukeubaker at Fisherville, aud Margaret sions have gone aud left sorrowing Mrs. John Gelhaus, from Columbus, Miss Helen Howe and Miss were accompanied home bv Mrs. E. liiyed ones, save one. Mr. F. O. Ohio, visited Mrs. toe Gelhaus and Ragsdale assisted in the dining room. ii it hers and Mrs. May Hoke us. is still with other friends last week. guests from a distance Among the Mr. ami Mrs. Charlie Toomey had M r. and M rs.E.B. Berrv are visitinc , Madam Rumor tells us Mr. Albert were Mrs. S. H. Mosher, of Chillico-the- Spears, tin- misfortune this week of losing a one ol our neighbor boys, is their daughter, Mrs. J. 10. t. Ohio, who w as a bridesmaid at tiue Jersey cow. in Sbeibyi Mr. and Mrs. Frazier: to marry Miss Hallie Uobinson next the marriage of lark were Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Saturday. We wish them joy ami Misses Lav ada Bogard and Mayme Mr. and Mrs. Mike Miller and Mr. and pleasantly entertained Friday by happiness week-en- d Bridweil were the guests Mrs. J . E--. Perisho, of Charlestown. Mr. and Mrs. Hickman Harris, who Mi. Leonard Hauyberly filled the of Mrs. Sam Nicholson. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Cufl, of HI., Mi aud Mrs. Sam Miller and son. also entertained Mrs. Lee Harris. S. Keefer Viiji Spi in i.. L Marion. Mr. and Mrs. W. Mrs. John Thomas, of 'J a ylorsville, Mr. aud Mrs. Aleck McCroekJNin, Miss and family, of Kokomo. hid.. Mrs. Jurgeusou's place, he being in a meetCorriuue ami Master William Mt has been t he recent guest ol hei Tyler Carpenter, of Fisherville. Ky.. ing at Cynthiana. Crock in spent Sunday with Mr. and a u u t M rs .) oh n Ca sf itbers. Mr. Frank Jean, wife and sun. Ward, Mrs. Sherman Miller. Mrs. Bessie Feuuill spent Saturday 0K0L0NA. and Mr. K. S. Mills and wife, of this Miss Hulh Re id hid as ber guests afternoon with Mrs. Roy Keid and place. at supper Sunday evening Miss M iss A nnie Reed. Sept 25. Mr. and Mrs. I'. TI. Mr. and Mrs. Frazier were married Brown Mesdames ESdna and Josie Corrinne McCrocklin and Messrs. Ray Mr.J. W. Hope, of Valcy Station, town of Jefferson-towin the grand old . K. Carvisited his daughter, Mrs. Christian church. The Scott and son were entertained by Taylor and Authur Brown. in the Miss Middy Van De Vert spent rithers, Sunday. M s. J K. Thome Sundai only thing that reminds some of us Mesdames Sue James and Amelia Saturday and Sunday with Misses Reid and brother, Miss lit he of this happy uniou is the tact that Miller, who is Clark spent Friday and Saturday with Margaret and Virginia McCul lough. James, spent a most pleasant day her father. Elder S. F. Misses Lois and Susan Clark, of Tuesday with Mis. Howard Smith well known to the older residents of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Howell, ol Louisville, spent Friday evening with ami who so recently South Louisville. and little son. .Itffersontown Miss Abby Risinger. passed to his reward at the ripe age Or. EL B. Nutter, wile am :bildren, Mis. Joe Knapp and little daughMrs. C. C. Wheeler is visiting her of M years. He sang a yrand and of Enterprise, West Va. arrived son.. vir. tsutoru ter were recently entertained by wneeier, in Middle- sweet old song at this marriage, Monday to spend some time with In r Mrs W. I'). Knapp. town. of parents here. which was an uncommon feature I Hey. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Jenkins spent R. T. Mathews and Mrs. a wedding. Mrs. 1). A. Hates aud son and Miss Matthews had a reunion of her fami- Sunday with the latter's aunt. Mrs. Mr. Frazier has been in the minis- Kulah Hates are visiting relative.-- , in ly this week. Those present were Nannie Wheeler, at Whitfield. try of the Christian church for for- Jefferson vi lie. Dr. Robert Morrison; of Owensboro, Mjss Walean Nee is visiting ber ty eight years, was pastor in many Mrs. Archie Dent, of Louisville. Dr. T. D. Morrison, of Cario, I!!., and sister, Mrs. Victor Cartwright, in towns, including Kokomo. Marion. spent Wednesday with Mrs. Frank Mr. Wo. Morrison, of Washington, Louisville, Franklin. Morristovvn. Ind., Dayton Hell. D.C. Mr. and Mrs. Hud .McDonald attenand Alliance, Ohio, and Erie, Penn. Mr and Mrs, Tbos. Andrew have ded services Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Kirk had as at Bethlehem Sunday several years he was engager) in guests Sunday Mr. For aud Mil. Alunzo returned to their home near Peori, morning and dined with Mrs. Dean evangelistic service. At present he 111., after spending last week with Jenkins anil family. Miller and family. y is minister of the Christian church the lather's brother. Rev. H. T. VMiss Annie Kobinson entetaineci Mrs. James Smith, of Jeff e rson t o w n , town of St. Petersat the grand old Mathews. tV following young folks Sunday burg, Fla., and will leave three lov is witn Mr. ami Mrs. James Scott. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stivers en- all ternoon Misses Pauline Heddeii Miss Mamie Hays is attending the children, nine yranuchildren ami ing to resume his Teachers' Institute in Shepheras-vill- e tertained Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Finley atid Margaret Reed, Messrs. Ralph one and daughter, Sadie, at dinner Alen, Milton Miller and Lee Robinthis week. duties in Florida Sept. JO. Snnd ay. A most pleasant, time was reson. Miss Virginia Hell is visiting her The presents on this occasion were Mrs. James Sisson spent Tuesday ported. many, useful, valuable and beautiful. sister, Miss Niva Bell, of Louisville. with Mrs. Joe Funk. Mr. ami Mrs. Ernest Davis, of Misses Ida and Edna Heeler, asTheir many friends wish for them Miss Lizzie Hawes and Mr. Walter Rivals, visited Mr. J. R. Carrithers sisted by Mrs. Standiford Heeltr, en- Williams Their many more anniversaries. were the guests of Mr. and ami family Sunday. friends, who had the good tertained the F.mbroidery Club Wed- Mrs Fred Myers Sunday. Kentucky Mr. and Mrs. Van Finley and baby fortune to attend this golden wed- nesday afteruoon. Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Roman and chil- visited Mr. Kllie Veech and family Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Thorne and ding, want to say it. was a grand ocdren spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. near Long Kun.the latter part of the casion with them, and Kentucky hos- children and Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. G. Bohannon. week. pitality certainly courses through Hell and daughter were guests of P. Miss. Hmnia Pegram of Louisville Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Wigginton all did all in their H. Brown's family SuDciay. their veins, as was the guest of Miss Linda Fryer attended services as Fisherville Miss Georgia May Queen entertainpower to make them enjoy themSaturday. Baptist church Sunday morning. ed the "SansSouci" club Wednesday Mr. Walter Howe, a selves. Mr. md Mrs. Sim Hegram. of Taose present were Miss- Louisville, Mr.J. K. Knapp'and family spent of Mr. and Mrs. Frazier. and a afternoon. spent Sunday with Mr. Sunday with relatives at Fisherville. Indian- es Virginia Briscoe, Virgiuia Bell. and Mrs. Sam Pegram. insurance man of Several of the members of the apolis, kept his auto on the move Kdna Heeler, Sarah M ills. M attie and Visited at Fern Creek. taking friends to and Marguerite Ireland. Miss Virginia Christian Endeavor Society, of Beu-laf-a continually, church attended the rally in Misses Gentrv and Lipps, trained from the cars, viewing the lovely Briscoe will entertain the uext Louisville last Thursday night. nurses at the Children's Free Hospiand beautiful city. They will never time. Miss Roda Miller, of Louisville, visited her mother at Fern Creek tal in Louisville, spent one day reforget this sweet communion with Notice. this week. cently at Fern Creek as guests of friends and loved ones. I was glad Mr. and Mrs. Dilliard Pierson and Miss Iva Johnson. Notice is hereby given that town company with this sweet to be in Nellie, and Mrs. C C. Mrs. Nathan Braithwaite, ol Mt. and lovely character of Fisherville. taxes for Jeflersontown are now due daughter,spent Wheeler Sunday.with Mrs.F.ilen Washington, spent several days reand hope to meet all the loved ones and must be paid by December 1. Pierson. where partings are not known. I 1911, under penalty of the law. Miss Margaret Williams was the cently with relatives at Fern Creek P. P. LlTTERER, week-enguest of Miss Amy Neal in and attended the revival meeting at fear all of us will never meet again t. Town Clerk. Louisville. Beulaa church. on earth. t hat short v v all-H- I i ( I privi-ledgedt- four o'clock- - arrayed in white (true, several of us represented both seasons by donning winter coats) all was rather dismal. Asking, 'will anyone, come in this cold?" 1 said, "let cold Writes A. B. C. of the Folks at not once be named: we will test suggestion movement" -- that is, stormSt. Matthews. ing the world at present. We met everybody with isn't this a lovely nighty" and it worked tin,-- . The waiters soon discarded their sweatSplendid Write-Uof Ice Cream Supper at ers, the Japanese lanterns shed a glow over all, and weather was not in Sprinpdale All The News ol -, Every Thursday at $1.00 Per Year o . s, - -- . Car-rithe- rs v ( i - Sea-bol- i . fie-- . ( . I . : wjo graduated at K. M. hasenter ed a technical college in Georgia to learn civil engineei ing. We wish him success in this oudeitakiug. Mr. and Mrs. Garnet! Dick are visiting friends at Goshen. Mrs. Otto Bennett entertained the Beargi ass Ladies' Aid last Thursday in a lovely and hospitable maimer. Well, to quote the politicians, the ice cream supper at Springdale last Friday night wasa "howlingsuccess;" far beyond our expectations There was a deluge of rain every day, until Friday dawned cold as Christmas. When the committee assembled at I I - Outbreak of Scarlet Fever al Pewee Valley. A number of cases of scarlet fever have been reported at Pewee alley, and as a precautionary measure the school at ttiat place was ciosrd last None of the cases as yet have V vvt-e- pi o ad serious. Subscribe for the JeffersontMk KEEP YOUR EYE ON THIS CORNER , n, i 1 : great-grandchil- d Now is the Time to Place Your Order for Wheat Fertilizer "EAGLE' AND "ELK' ARE BEST BRANDS One of our salesmen will call on you. Don't order until you see him, Call at our store and look over the 1911 Pattern ''Thomas'" Grain Drill It's a beauty We also carry a complete line of Disk Harrows, Lever Harrows, Land Rollers, Corn Cutters, Etc. son-in-la- well-to-d- o THE SOUTHERN SEED CO. Incorporated Preston and Jefferson Sts., Louisville, Ky. d 15-2- i k4 lov- I - Car-rithei- Then, that able and unselfish couple from Lyndon, whose name begins with K, brought in a delegation of young folks, w hich included a preacher and at least one Smartf?) girl, and our cup of joy was full. No one cooid come in contact with those folks ami not catch their lively spirit and feel better in even way. Their generosity had no limit. I, for one. was treated to ice cream until felt like an animated freexer, hot, when knew it was buying a church carpet ami helping tin- missionaries, then you know we all enjoy getting something free. So, continued to swallow. The others being full, the visiting preacher's zeal to help alone, the work was directed to me also, likely because he thougbl it any had to perish for the cause, had lived quitr a while ami could be spared easier. W ell, when tinjolly crowd started home in the long wagon, actually it was like the "Pied Piper;'" many of us weut as tar as possible with them and all ot hers turned homeward, also, feeling that the best had gone, leav ing a lonely memory and hoping to meet again. About sixty dullars was taken in ami our borrowed trouble about the weather was all we had to deal with. A. C. H. L

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