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Kentucky Educational Television,1960-1976, 1960

Part of Kentucky Educational Television,1960-1976

ketGuide to the Kentucky Educational Television, 1960-1976Processed by: Hal McCoig and Brian Keith; machine-readable finding aid created by:Hilary WrittUniversity ArchivesEastern Kentucky University126 John Grant Crabbe LibraryRichmond, Kentucky40475-3102 USAPhone: (606) 622-1792Email: archives.library@eku.eduURL: Copyright 1998Eastern Kentucky University Libraries. All rights reserved.Machine-readable finding aid derived from typescript by rekeying.Date of source: 1980Description is in English.Guide to the Kentucky Educational Television, 1960-1976Contact Information:University ArchivesEastern Kentucky University126 John Grant Crabbe LibraryRichmond, Kentucky40475-3102Phone: (606) 622-1792Email: archives.library@eku.eduURL: by: Hal McCoig and Brian KeithDate Completed: 1980Encoded by: Hilary Writt Copyright 1999 Eastern Kentucky University. All Rights Reserved.Kentucky Educational Television,1960-197680A2Kentucky Educational Television3.6 cubic feet, 6,000 items, 9 boxes Eastern Kentucky University ArchivesRichmond, Kentucky 40475-3102Collection is open for researchCopyright has not been assigned to Eastern Kentucky University.[Identification of item], Kentucky Educational Television, University Archives, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond.The early history and development of the Kentucky Educational Television Network can be found in these records. Fortunately the records were kept by Dr. Richard Van Hoose, former superintendent of Jefferson County schools and an early proponent of using television for instructional purposes Dr. Van Hoose was present at the creation of KET and served for many years on various boards and committees concerned with guiding KET. Dr. Jerry Perry, professor of Mass Communications at Eastern Kentucky University, had access to Dr. Van Hoose's extensive records when researching his doctoral dissertation on the history of KET. Through Dr. Perry's efforts Dr. Van Hoose decided to deposit these records at the Eastern Kentucky University Archives. The KET records have been divided into four series. The first series is the Budget and Financial series which deals with the financial affairs of KET. The second series is the Correspondence series which covers the period from January 1960 to August 1976. The next series is the Minutes series, which covers the period 1961 to 1976 and encompasses the minutes of various related KET agencies and their subcommittees. Dr. Perry's dissertation is the fourth series. In addition to the above series, over twenty Oral History taped interviews with key educational and political leaders who helped shape KET's future were conducted by Dr. Perry during his research. These tapes have been cataloged separately and can be found in the Oral History section of the Archives.Container ListBudget and Financial SeriesThis series, composed of one box (Box 1), covers budget and financial affairs of the Kentucky Educational Television Network from the years 1963 to 1970 and again from 1972 to1974. Covered in this time span are the anticipated expenditures of KET and the sources of funding.111963-1970121972-1974Correspondence SeriesThis series, composed of six boxes (Boxes 2-6), covers the period from January1960 to August 1976. Papers in this series reflect the initial proposal for a Kentucky Educational television Network (KET); the lobbying and legislative processes involved in organizing KET;and its development as an educational television system. In addition, there is considerable correspondence with three Kentucky Governors, Combs, Breathitt and Nunn and with state educational leaders on the secondary and college and university level. This series is particularly revealing in describing the functioning of the state educational bureaucracy. All correspondence is arranged chronologically.21January-December 196022January-December 196123January-April 196224May-August 196225September-December 196226January-April 196327May-August 196328September-December 196329January-April 1964210May-August 1964211September-December 196431January-April 196532May-August 196533September-December 196534January-April 196635May-August 196636September-December 196637January-April 196738May-August 196739September-December 196741January-April 196842May-August 196843September-December 196844January-April 196945May-August 196946September-December 196947January-April 197048May-August 197049September-December 1970410January-April 1971411May-August 1971412September-December 197151January-April 197252May-August 197253September-December 197254January-April 197355May-August 197356September-December 197361January-April 197462May-August 197463September-December 197464January-April 197565May-August 197566September-December 197567January-April 197668May-August 197669Dates UnknownMinutes SeriesThis series, composed of two boxes (Boxes 7 and 8), covers the period from 1961to 1976. The Minutes Series is limited to the minutes recorded at the meetings of the Advisory committee on Educational Television; the minutes recorded at the meetings of the Kentucky Authority for Educational Television and the meetings of the various subcommittees of both of the above, and related agencies.711961721962731963741964751965761966771967v81968791969710197071119717121972811973821974831975841976Perry Dissertation SeriesThis series, composed of one box (Box 9), contains a doctoral dissertation written by Jerry Perry, professor of Mass Communications at Eastern Kentucky University, while attending Syracuse University. Much of the material contained in the dissertation was drawn from the Kentucky Educational Television Records which were in the possession of Dr. Richard VanHoose, one of the leaders in the development of KET. This series is limited to the period between 1950 and 1971 and is concerned primarily with the formative years of Kentucky Educational Television--its successes and shortcomings.91Abstract92Chapter I93Chapter II94Chapter III95Chapter IV96Chapter V97Chapter VIReport Series101Reports - 1966-1973

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