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Image 1 of The Adair County news., December 25, 1907

Part of The Adair County news.

If 3 ii o- T t I 4 IL1tV F l I ft i al COLUMBIA 8 < L ADAIR KENTUCKY COUNTY i WEDNESDAY ther Wednest exprese A happy Christmas to all our readers at Sinclairs ¬ Triplett Santa Claus will arrive tomorrow night at 1030 AH children who will be asleep will be remembered All parties indebted to T E Paull will please come forward and settle R F Paull Exor 72t I Mrs Jane Absher who was the wife Ermine Bryant mother and daughter died with pneumonia recently of iriends A tivery Ito choseJ < zSOCIAL The reception given at the M F College last Friday evening by Mr v parnall and Mr Ohlenmacher proved a mostenjoyable affair Quitea number of friends and pupils of the school responded v tothe invitation and from eigHt oclock until nine the time was in social converse Later P1f ch was served in Mr Ohlenmachers stu ¬ dio fbllowedjby music readings etc A f b GATHERING 1sent weret perfectly de lighted and speak of it as an occasion long to be remembered Mr J G Philips who was wealthy retired merchant of Lebanon died one daylast week U A i i He was close to eighty years of age and had been a very re- ¬ markable manSUccessful in all his business affairs leaving an estate worth perhaps 200000 He1 was well known to a great many people of Adaircounty haying ben at t e head of a mercantile establishment in Columbia ftiia number of years He was an ardent Methodist andeontribuftd 5750 to the Lindae Wilson school o this iC8 J tir < fr tmbia 71i1v l h f f ¬ t Pat Davis has just closed a meeting at Hodgenville with eleven candidates for the ordinance of baptism and the church greatly revived Our own Mr J D Walker of this town at- ¬ tended the sale of Mr Coppock in Taylor county a few days ago and bought fine Jersey cow and two Jersey heifers for which he paid 54 50 Evidently countryliams will be plen- ¬ The slump in the hog tiful next market forcedthe farmers do kill and salt as they could not afford to feed high priced corn Perhaps twice xas many hogs as usual were slaughteredin Adair county 0 FOR SALE J f Large gray bronze turkeys address SALE1iL deeaiveekbe- I have 10 acres of landhalf in culti ¬ vation the rest in timber well watered a good 5room house good outbuildings a store house 22 by 46J feet with a stock of goods that will invoice from 1000 to 1200 Post office in store As good stand as can be secured in Taylor county I want to sell on account of my health Call or write me if inter ested in an investment of this knd W T ELD R Atchison Ky 72m ginning perhaps this Tuesday night to social gatherings not only in Columbia but throughout the county We trust that they may all have a very enjoyable time and when the week is ended be ready to enter the New Year with good resolutions and keep them i T77 Mrs Sallie B Wilson Moody Ky M W T Hodgen wants to buy red and gray foxes See his display ad in the Ness today There is a chance for those who know how to catch them to to make money C shadr I I withi 1of woundedI SpnrlingtonI s f fi5 s > iYili itj A 1 L jj1J II i 1Iup I ifrecorks I bt < jJ t l- t < j Y f r i hr l i i i f 1 t j fr D Absher and Mrs BLOODLESS BATTLE Mr E G Alexander of Waterview Cumberland county has introduced anew variety of potato They produce both under ground and on the vine Editor News FAMILY HISTORY This year he raiseda large crop fully Great events cast their shad¬ one third of the crop growing upon the ows before them So the vinevon top of the ground The variety ow of Christmas was thrown over said to be extra good and very pro ¬ Editor News is jt Please slow the space in your valuable the little town of Russell Springs lific J paper for a little family history tfT Grandfather J3 J Nichols was born last night so dark that the super Mr T R Stultsis the recipient of a were ¬ stitous persons of thetown box df sea shells embracing many vari in Clinton county Kentucky on Decem 19th 1824 was reared in the family up till midnight listening for ber eties gathered from the Florida coast the Christmas gift of the Rev John S of James Jackman in Russell county Gabriel to toot his trumpet on the Crandall SIr Crandall is a soninlaw two miles above Creelsboro The North end of town under Cumberland river was married to of Squire Eubank of this place and the command of Gen J C Pop was a visitor to Columbia during the Sarah Jackman Hadley October 7th plewell made a charge with last session of the Louisville Conference 1845 There were born to this union eight children seven of them are living roman candles and fire crackers Everybody is in readiness forChrist mas Today Wednesday many fatted Mr John Cabell of Miami who is and the youngest child died in infancy on the South end which was not turkeys will be carved and much cake building a handsome twostory resi- ¬ andmother died July 25th 1882 with prepared for a battle and Gen consumed It will be the birth of our dence thinks he will be able to get in ancer of the face There are sixty ¬ Savor and in commeration ofthat it in a few weeks Mr Elzy Feese of one grandchildren n and sixtytoo great R G Woods ordered a hasty re notedevent the day should be kept this place has the contract fo do the grand children Grandfather will be treat in every direction The retreating army Jgathered sacred Frivolity dringing liquor etc carpenters work He has several eightythree years old the 19th of would not be in keeping with the hands undei him and the work is being December 1907 and is in good health at Snow PopplewelPs Store an4 enjoying occasion though we are fearful that a pushed as rapidly as possible and obtained arms to meet the t his soninlaw G W Garrison near great many will desecrate the day North a Battle followedin which Columbia Adair county Kentucky FoR SALE Lieut Gen Cleo Shirrill of the His Grandaughter c Eld Tobias Huffakerva popular eff- ¬ My 160 acres one mile west of Virgie Garrison South was severely icient and an experienced teacher of e I The South then invested an this county hasaccepted position as Eunice Ky and just below Neatsville VPAID LIST on Green river Good island land good principal of a school at Blitch Ga at other retreat in which Sargent at asalary of 7500 per month Mr bottom second bottom and nice uplands Avery Stephens made two close Huffaker will leave in a few daysto en ¬ plenty of timber two moderate houses persons have handed pursuits and was taken through ter upon the discharge of his duties outbuildings well ftered Close to The fojlqwing For fdt in their subscriptions since last issue three degrees of the Birdgang We commend him to the people of churcj school andj postoffice by the left wing of the Souths Georgia as a Christaiu gentlemen ther information call by phone or ad G W Spillman Olen RosenbaumW G McKinleyEunice worthy of their esteem and confidence dress A W Paxton H B Garnett Delaney army under Colonel Levy Smith Ky The lastretreat was made by Robertson J D Lowe J D Walker Mr W A Helm the ma hinest has Mr and Mrs J P Dohoney Sr J A Dulworth FJG Willis W D G WoodswhoImade a center purchased of Eld F J Barger the have received from their children in Jones L E Hays Jacob Wright F table out of his coattail while Bram Vaughan property on the hill EUda New Mexico two silver nap in W Shirley Mary Troutman H A being pursued by Lieut Gen and will remove his family to Columbia rings with the inscriptions Father Murrell RW Shirley WR Dohoney Welby Absher atidCQlonel Hale in February He will at once erect a Mother They were highly appre ¬ G W Garrison F T Smith Luther I large machine shop Mr Helm will be ciated and will ever be kept in re The bojs are hardly satisfied a vii uable acquisition to Columbia with the results of last night and memberance the loved ones far from r man Wx H C Sandidg e Sid Moran rumors of war are heard in every their Old Kentucky Home 11 Mollie Butler Mary J Nancet Henry be to your fnterebcto visit Trip it will Triplett Eubankkeep four naal Wooldridgti W A Cook G W Coffey direction and it is probable that Eubanks new grocery storelett T here will bJBljLoir times to night Thsir complete stock 3ia fresh and they t bacon and lard in fact everything in Tobias Huffaktr LM Wilmor y- ofJ etc Ztolt franklin L P HagaB 72t < are e1lingt shoitprbfitsr I fZt the f1 fJ < V > I < a i 1 < f J Christmas is here with all of its sacred memories to thofe who are well on the way of their earthly existence it is here with its joys and gladness to those who are full of youthful expecta ¬ tions It brings sentiment and reflec- ¬ tion to the aged festivity and myrth to the youth The one looks backward on Time in its flight and reviews the passing years as they have vanished to the beat of parting time Memories of Sweet Long ago the joys the Bor ¬ rows puncture the present and ntey live as it were yi the shades of the past Back to the Star of Bethlehem ther babe in the manger the Christ who came to redeem the world thev mind can not escape and in reviewing this event of which Christmas day com ¬ memorates the joys of the futurebe ¬ yond this vale of tears opens up the heart of thankfulness praise and hope The young flushed with life mix and mingle in the festivities of the present with but little thought of the flight of time the sacredness of this eventful day or the uncertainty of the morrow It is joy it is pleasure and the world moves on to endless eternity Christmas the greatest day of all for tokens 5f dove ana esteem for gifts and kindly remembrances is fittingly kept by Christian people for the greatest gift from God to man was given on this dayIe Behold how good and how pleasant for brethren to dwell togeth ¬ er in unity how pleasant it is to kind ¬ ly cheer the saddened heart to inspire hope to broaden love tb cheer the dis ¬ consolate and unfortunate The News give all a word of cheer it bids every one of its many readers God speed in all of their laudable undertak- ¬ ings and trusts that noble purposes may actuate in all the duties of life both public and private Wishing you a happy merry Christmas we can do no The News Yours truly more ¬ Phil Shirrill who cultivates land t oL Mr Jameii Suddarths farm near reports thatbe kt1Nr ij The new crop of tobacco is now being delivered to buyers who prize and ship to market t is said that the crop in Adair county is generally good v k a complete stock over their 72t store t fThe young people will Eubank are undertakers and carry V ynaiediutely to Cane Valley where they modating officerreceived congratulations from many It is a popular couple and they To the children The News has just will be greatly missed by the young received a letter from Santa Claus socirty people stating that he will reach Columbia about 103P tonight Tuesday and that MISS PENLANDS CLASS ENTERTAINS his wagon would be loaded with nice I presents for all the children in town provided they went to bed early and The musical recital given at theLind and > were sleeping soundly when he ar¬ 1 ieyr Wilson last Thursday evening by rived We do not want a single little Jfliss Penlands class assisted by mem girl or little boy miss getting nice bersof Miss Shannons class in elocu things from old Santa Claus but if tion was a high class entertainment and they are not asleep when he reaches much enjoyed by the many present Columbia they will be left r Miss Penland is a lady of rare musical and has a most pleasing and Rev J C Cook preached at Hutchin p talent delicate way of imparting her knowledge sons School House last Sunday after ¬ her pupils Since her connection noon and at Cane Valley at night Mr with the Lindsey Wilson she has turned Cook will likely preachor the Cane Val ¬ out many skillful performers and mem ley Church during the year 1908 Since bers of her present class are being ad ¬ Bro Cook has been the pastor of the vanced rapidly as was plainly shown Church here one year there have been Thursday evening Miss Shannon is added to various Baptist Churches in n pro this county 90 members and there have fessipn her teaching convencin the been 109 conversions as a result of his pubiic that her pupils arq strictly yen ministry > tertaining readers 62t J WTJackman has added groceries 62t r Sr 450 to his line of oods r I 300 cash Rodgers 1847 knives and forks rM kon H Bennett sold Leroy Loya small C J I v CHRISTMAS GREETING For a good chew or a delicious smoke 7 2t go to Triplett Eubanks tract of land for 7 NUMBER Next year will be leap year DIED IN NEW MEXICO barrels of corn from 19J acres and that it will be difficult to secure enough 0small corn in the entire crop to feed a b iOn Wednesday afternoon December milk cow through the winter This The death of Wallace Grissom which i81907 Mr Horace C Bybee of crop with the exception of 3 acres was occurred at this place last Friday night Glasgow and Miss Ida Frances Trayloat x30 oclock was not a surprise to his many friends of this community who were married at the home of the brides best yields yet reported at this office parents Mr and Mrs J J M Traylor stood about his bedside hoping and pray- ¬ The funeral services of Miss Sallie Breeding this county It is our infor ing that the life of one so young might ¬ be spared Every thing that loving par ¬ oration that the groomis t most excellent ¬ gentleman and is filling a very lucrativents could do was done but all earthly sorrow was position He is also exceedingly popu efforts were unavailing and the spirit every body in the large congregation lar inJ1is home town of Wallace went to meet the Godwho ¬ gave it > v The bride is a member of one o ma ns Last spring while iu coilege at Leba dair countys best familes andwas a casket was a white great favorite in the community where restingtoinbe borne toplush city cemetery non Term his health failed compelling the him to return home The following Au ¬ she was born and reared We are not about The deceased was not only a favorite imfprmed where the couple will reside gust seeing his health wasno better he happy came tq New Mexico hoping to regain but we take jt that they will make their of the white population but her disposition had won the love of all the his home in Barren county health colored people of the community and The News extends its best wishes to The deceased was a son of Dr and it was an affecting sight to see fifteen Mrs W T Grissom a native of Adair twenty colored women and girls and Co He was 19 yrs 7 mos old and misfortune will not overtake them or a few men servants who had worked throughout his young life was known as that they maY be blessed with health about the hotel weeping over the love- ¬ living to a good old age a true Christian and faithful friend ly departed The sermon preached by He was a favorite among his school ¬ Rev A R Kasey was puching and MOORE = SHIRftELL mates having attended several terms in consoling to the mother grandmother Columbia sisters relatives and frIe Wallace died as he had lived an hon ¬ Next Thursday afternoon December est boy leaving an abundance of evi ¬ AND F HIGH SCHOOLS 26th Mr W R Moore who is dencethat he was ready for the great the mercantile business at Gresham k Change to his Maker in peace He was Green county and Miss Clyde Sherrill a member of the Presbyterian Church The pupils of the Mand F High a popular young lady residing in the School were entertained Friday after¬ having professed religion when quite same locality will be married in Eben noon from 1 to 3 at the school building young To his bereaved parents broth¬ ezer Church Rev Wm Dudgeon offi ¬ For jm hour and a half they were ers and sister we tendec our sincere ciating The intended groom 18 anexr amused with games qto and new and sympathy and feel that it is our duty cellentr young man a brother of Mr T enjoyed themselves in Christmas merry as well as a privilege to say that his C Moore who formerly jerked for ment A tree has been decorated in standing his character in all his rela ¬ Russell Murrell The bride is ac ¬ art room from which they received tions to man had never been stainedby complished belonging to one of Green little presents fromone another with a disreputable deed that a good boy has couutys best families May thevulive candy and fruit gone from usa young man we all toyed and respected g and happily is the iwish qf thie Edd and Annie Elida N M Adair County New It is now Deputy Circuit Clerk fired p McLean the office having been turned MARRIED over to him last Monday Mr McLean The remains of Wallace Grissom < takes the prate heretofore filled by Mr whose death in New Mexico was an ¬ A W F Hancock who resigned to take a nounced in last weeks News did not Last Wednesday afternoon Mr James position inthe Auditors office Frank ¬ reach Columbia until Thursday night of Squirejrjjnd Miss Ida Van Hoy of the fort Mr J F Neat isthe Circuit last week The funeral services were Cane Valley section drove to Columbia Clerk eleloiv but having other business held Friday forenoon in the Presbyte- ¬ acc mpained by a few friends and it is necessary for hitpto have a dep ¬ rian church and the interment vas in visited the home of Eld Z T Williams uty He has made no in secur ¬ the city cemetery Many relatives and where Mr Squires and Miss Van Hoy ing the services of M lam McLean who freinds gathered to pay their last re- ¬ jfers happily married They returned will make a very efficient and accom ¬ spects to one they loved in lifer tie 25 1907 DECEMBER MARRIED ref thatr tmi Ift J r t j

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