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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., December 10, 1915

Part of The Big Sandy news.

HOLDS FIRtVT ntttlE OF KENTUCKY PRESS ASSOCIATION AS BEST EIGHT-PAG- WEEKLY IN KENTUCKY. E DON'T . limply fJTVi, oik for an Emuhion BIG SANDY MEWS. or Cod Livmr Oil, Specify Scott's Emulsion Ihtt Original nnd tha ticwuina Velume XXXI. ; Number Awt " invtniani vuiinlaiit fw.idvw LOUISA, LAWRENCE COUNTY, KENTUCKY, DECEMBER 11, CAPT. WILLIAM 10, 1915. M. F. GROVER SEE'S SENTENCE. REDUCED BY THE GOVERNOR. P. VAUGHAN FOR . Excitable Nenres or Feeble Health tonic the d in . . ScoWs Emulsion hf&t is the that nature affords CONLEY, , Publish. CHARLES J. HOWES State. I don't know exactly hhw moh RECEIVES APPOINTMENT.t" l8." hut he aald no fraudulent claims were made before the Februury, I9ig ' For the third time within a year the L'pon the ahowlnu rniiilo to Gov. Mc The following from the Frankfort term, of court. "I will explain to the A Intel of Death Iiiih visited tho family Creary In the coae of tirover See, of Journal refers to a Palntsville Demoauthorities of dipt, William I'. Vaughan, a prom- thla county, oh application, for it par crat. The appointment will hold four what euuaed me to do It; but I do not inent and respected citizen of tho Big don, hla aentence waa reduced from a years, regurdless of the fact that a Re- feel like muklng the explanation pub- .'.....,-..-..Sandy Valley, at his home In Cntletts-bur- term of eltfht to fifteen yeara to that publican wil probably be Secretary of lie." He continued: Ky. In February of thlH ytar, of one to live yeara In the. penlteu "Mr. Stamper knew State:.R. BOWLING, OLIVER HARD' hlH son. linvld B. Vuughan died sudJOE nothing tiary. The hub aa preaented to the MISS ANNA LOUISE RATCLIFF Charles J. Howes, of the State In- parties about it. The names of the were indoraad across the padenly, and on the day following his Governor allowed atronK.. provocation WICK AND MRS ANN IS WILspector and Examiner's office, was ap- pers BECOMES MRS. LUTHER by me, and thy passed through death, tin.- - Captaln'8 wife who had been for the kllllio,' of liutler and proof of pointed Assistant Secretary of State SON LUCKHAUPT. hia hands at my request. He poor health for many months, passed tlirenta aKalnat See'a life. In T. LONG. Friday night, succeeding Guy Vansant, the warrants and indorsed themsecured away. The kllllntf occurred at Torchlight to who returns to the Insurance departpurchasers, but did not receive any tha For the past few wecka Capt. laat year and the caae waa tried In ment na examiner until the flrat of the ot haa not been, very well, AiiKiiat. See took atepa for a new trial year, when he will go into the lumber the money," Oliver Hardwlik, a veil known and VauKhan The following taken from ths The affidavits, accompanying the six and haa been In jail at Lotilaa ever auch respected cltlsen of this county thoiiKh he waa not taken to his bed unbuajnesa at Ashland. Dispatch will be of Mr. Howes will continue In the office warrants sworn out by Mr. Castle, alted very suddenly at Torchlight til Tueaday lost, at which time pneu- alnce hia conviction, aa ball la Hot per- much interest to the friends of the lege that fraudulent claims Thursday morning, lis wit at work monia developed, and at 4:45 o'clock mitted under the law. for. witpopular young girl who waa born and Under the new administration, regard- ness fees were Hi l morning ho paased away. In the employ of the who grew to young womanhood in thla less of the outcome. of the contest of See had been made out by McGlona ' aa th roof of a new building which in writing In the name of L. W. BelchCapt. Vaughun waa born near Lo'uiaa Coal company for aeven yeara city:'-waa brine erected by the coal company the Secretury of State's office, as the er for $26 in the case of Abe Wallace-o- f W. Va., Sept. Id, 1845, there and waa mine, foreman whon the troUr when he loaned up against a fullow The dignity and elegance of refined Incumbent will hold until his successor Joseph H. Rlffe, for $37.44, in workman saying hn felt very bad. He fore at hlH death he waa 70 years,, 2 bl between him and the two Butler simplicity und Informality character- qualifies, and one of the qualifications case the of Percy Scott; of Thomas Butaaaed to be taken down the ladder, but montha and 16 daya of ago.. He came brothera n'curred. The Butlera were ized the marriage on last evening of is the approval of the Governor, to ler. for ,33.84, in the caae of to the Sandy Valley In April. 1858 and miner who came to Torchlight from Miss died before thin could bnluno. James Anna Louise Ratcllff to Mr.. Lu- whose department the office is most Skeins; of R. H. Clevenger, for $24.20 kodjwaa brought to Walbrldgo and haa lived In thla aectlon Mince that date Ohio. ther Thorn psfin : Long, the ceremony closely related. 5Ir. Howes had been in the case of Litton King; of John A. taken to the home of hi mm, Jay, with dividing hla occupation between limtaking place at the home of thebrlde'B agreed upon for the place by GovernorStanley and Superintendent He ds, for $61.60, in the case of Martin .whom he had lived alnce the death of bering, farming and operating at earn ATTORNEY GENERAL parents,-Mrand Mrs, John F, RutclifT, -elect McKee, and Preston Burchett for $22 32 , sla wife a few year ago. Mr. tlard-wic- hoftta on the Big Sandy and Ohio ASAINST EXTRA HELP, of Slxth-av- . The event waa a home Hamlett. Mr. Howes was practically in charge in the case of Johnson Law. la survived by averul wedding in the atrioteat sense of the itrown For many yeara he reaided near Mr. Castle, who made the investigaof the Secretary of State's office durAttorney General-elec- t anlldren. He won a native of M. M. Iifan term, the ceremony, which waa Ky., boa announced that he will oppoae and ing the term of C. B. Hill; was in S. tion, said there, would be 490 Ylrglnt whnre he ha anveral rrluilv. Georges creek, In Ijiwrence-co.- , by Rev, i. R. Glenn, of West such Including a brother. Mr. J no. l.lurd-- .' and In .11711 married F.leanor Borders, If neceaaary, brliiK ault to prevent the moreland Christian church, being wit W. Hager's ofllce when he was Auditor claims involved, aggregating $8,363 for a. and has been employed In the treasury which the. State has issued warrants wtck, lr. Ilardwlrk, of Huntington, and daiiKhter of David Hordera, a pioneer employment of "extra help" by the nessed only by members of the Immed Dan Hitrdwtck a lawyer. Interment citizen of the Sandy Valley; To this Kentucky LeKlalattire at lla coming late families of the contracting parties department, besides his services under and $3,700 for which the warrant was union 'there- were born eight children, aesalon. not issued. In some instances he found will probably be made Saturday. At nine o'clock the bride; accompanied State Inspector and Examiner Ail or Indictments signed in the name of the He Is exalted ruler of FrankHe waa about ality yeara of nun and "even aona ami one .laughter. The State Coiiatitutlon provldea the by her father, advanced to improv theae chlldrroi are dead enceptlriK Hec riumtier of clerka and other employea laed altar, where she was the by the fort lodge of Elks. foreman, with a bench warrant return- - " waa a of Mordecar Wilson, met. tor VauKhan, Jr., of Kichurdaou, Ky.. that each, branch of the Ictflalature groom, who waa attended by his broth- Mr. Vansant, after several years ex- cd and bearing the names ot witnesses; thla city. VauKhan, wharf nioatcr at may employ, but nt 'the'. laat aeaalon Mr. Hanlwick waa a good citizen, a Thomiia Mr. F.dward Long, and there the perience In a bank, was appointed ex but the order book and docket of the Ky., and .Mra. Jenae the I'Kialature diabursed about $ir,0 a Impressive ceremony ulet, aobrr Industrious man, respect- CatlettabiiTK. waa spoken. The aminer in the state insurance depart- court and the Commonwealth's Attor- v ed by all who knew him. Ilia auililen HtiKhea, who haa mode tier horneWith day for eitra help, clalmini; that the bride who la a lovely young woman of ment, and resigned that a few weeks laii 10 snow the cases. her father alnce the death of her moth- employment of auch men could come the brunette type, was attired In a ago to become Assistant Secretury of taking off waa a shock to the comer. State, upon the resignation of Cecil LOVE'S SURPRISES munity. under the head of necensury cxpetlHe. handsome gown, cut short and full The funeral acrvlcea were conductThe opinion of Mr. L,oi;nn probably with court train, the veil of point lace Vansant, expecting to remain only unAND DIFFICULTIES. but relinquished the poUr. Joseph It. Holing, of Wllhtir.dled ed from the reaiilenee on Ijotiiao-Ht.- , meaiiK that either the extra help will falling to the end of the train. Her til January very suddenly at hla home on Wednes- calleliHlnirK. Ky., Monday mornlntr at not be employed, or that those h.o traveling suit was of purple. Following sition: so that Mr. llnweH could be in Thia waa the subject of a very able day nlKht laat. Sine. Moudny he had 10:30, the ilamptoii Muaonlc lnlue will not be utile, to get their pay the ceremony the wedding supper was charge over the change of administra- and Interesting sermon delivered last aot felt quite well, tint went to bed On havliur charge. Iluriul in CnllertnliiirK without a law anil. Sunday night by the Rev. Mr. Young served buffet. The union of these two tion. Frankfort State Journal. Irnlepehdent. Hie evening mentioned saying lie una pastor of the SI. E. Church. Ho spoke prominent yoiing people Was of espec a little better, lie bud not been in bed ial Interest- to their many friends. Tlie PURCHASES FINE FARM IN OHIO. of the Influence for good and for bad very long, however, before he Leonard Johnson returned last week by women, but he spoke mainly of. the CRUDE OIL IN THIS The following partial ari otiril of the bride, for several years a favorite so ., of being very iek and haviiiK O., where he purchasinlluence of woman for good. FIELD REACHES $1.50. inarriime of Mr. Hardin Short, form dully. givuluutcd wiilr high honors from Scloto-coa aevere pain In hla aide, and died about erly of this place. Is taken from tin from the Huntington High School, and ed a fine farm, containing 1S2 acres of He paid a glowing tribute to the world two hour later. The NEWS haa been bus suppleint-utethis achievement by which the greater part is. level land. und inlluence of a good woman in tho LeMiiiTton Lender: Ariother advance in crude oil bus Informed that the funeral will occur study in some of the well known finish This farm is said to be one of the best home, in the church and in the comTlie iiiurriage of Miss' liuise Ham ill KelitiirKy to $i..',U Mr. Holing' Wan brook-li-t .the Friday about boon. llion Allen to Mr. Hardin Charles Short log schools;' for young women, and by In that section of country and located munity at large. Mr. Young is much per liiirrel. ThiK la (lie highest prn-about r0 yeara of uxe. He was n liked by his church and by the people was celehrated Thursday evening at Industrious application of her splendid within a short distance of South Web el I'uilil for t tie product In thia Stale. of M. Ftweinnili and In aurtalents to home reading study.Sh ster, O. Mr. Johnson Is now making generally. He Is a man of genial ways, bride's The production In the i.'oumy at Ihe home of the K. Alien, parents. .Mi la endowed in the full and vlved by a widow and. four children, measure w.ith preparation to move his family to his a modem minister with "the and Mrs. Hoford in Nb ntell two aona and two daughters. He was a larttw la dtcliriliii; and the price la new home. The many friends of this develop Turk, ituv.. I. J. Spencer, of Central those attributes of intelligence nnd estimable family are sorry to see them religion, and Is drawing good congreadvanced to encouruh'o rother-ln-laof John L. Hlbburd, nobility of gations. ment. The price la expected to K" Christian Church, otllclatirig.played by men beloved character which make w'o - leave but commend them to the good who married Mr, Holing s alaler. and popular, and she' enThe w;cdd.tng inuslc was Mr. Holing wua an excellent man, n hinher yet. toys the reward .which attends these people of Scloto-co- ., where they lire WAIVED AN EXAMINING TRIAL, Miss and her The price of the I'eiinaylvnnlii Krade during llogartyassembling orchestra, nn characteristics. fixnl, neighbor, husband and moving. J'aintsville Post. Mr. Long for a numof tlie guesls the When the cuse of Commonwealth father. Ilia auddeii demise, la much In aome oilier Slutea hua reacheil I1MU, there was n delightful little recital of ber of years has been Identified with agulnat Webb Holt, charged with the which la not aa hii.1!! na it waa two or aetilored by thoae who knew him beat. BURNED TO DEATH. hia father, ('id. J. 11. Long, Jn the pubappropriate selections. killing of William Davis was called in lhr,e yeara au.' 'J'be ailvance in Ken On last Monday morning, the home Judge Claytons The beautiful new home was deco lication of the Huntington Advertiser, lucky November 30th, lira. Annla Wilson Luckhuupt. age higher Iiiih been very properly at a rated In green and white, with ferns. and has, so to speak, grown up In an of Garrett Arnett was set on lire by his the parties were courtreudy, not porrcntano rate, than the l'enri and it was t, dannhter of Mra. Wilaoii, enterprise hi. aylviinla Kraden elsewhere.. It needa to sinllax and many white candles Aadorn- conspicuously which hia firm hua been three year old child. The household passed until December 3, the defend- led auddenly Friday night,.. December successful, and to which goods were nil burned. The furniture ant sving bull In the sum ing all Ihe halls and bnnk be nearer on the aame bnaia. of $5000, 1, near Marshall, III. The body arrivand. capnbillty was. valued at $300, and some money with Mont Bussey surety. of the plants with the lights of tali Success hia Industry At the call- - ' ed here Thuraday mornlnit, acrompun-lewas burned. The father hud left, the lug of the case the second time neither ' white candles formed an altar In the have. been contributing influences. by her alater, Mra. Nannie l'avla, Mr. and Mrs. Long left at midnight house for hi work, and the mother was party was ready. The KILLED BY TRAIN. drawing room, and the music of the defendant mt I'ortumuutll, who had cone to Mur-kaO. express, going direct to milking and just reached the house in cd an Mayaville, Ky.. tw. B. - Albert King, Hrldnl March from Lohengrin was the on the C. examination and was held in' upon the receipt of the newa of condipaor on New York, where they will spend ten time to save her three children. They nail with signal for the coming of tlie proces a freight train oil tho Mont Btisaey surety, for his her alalera death, The time of. inter-en- t ). waa run over and killed by a cut slon. down the stairway and by way of daya, after which they will return to had Just started in life with a. neat lit appearance at the January term of the- la not now known, but it will of cara In The 'Lawrence Circuit Court the yards at Silver Grove the hall and drawing room to the nl Huntington. They will reside In hand - tle home comfortably situated. la arobably be Friday. leccaacd soniely provided npartmeiits in tar. penpie- nave neen very noerni in trying yesterday morning. Tiveil by two children, her mother, to restore their loss. rintsvi!!e Post. First came the groomsmen, Mr. DonVISITORS FROM OKLAHOMA. three alatera, Mra. Alice Collin, of Co-The out of town guests were Mr. ald Iickwnod, of Chattanooga, Ten On Inst Friday evening the Rev. and' kimbua, .; Mra. Nannie Kavla, of Mrs. Geo. H. Vinson, and Miss Helnessee, and Mr. Smith., of Sebrce, and . KENTUCKY COAL IS .Mrs. Marvin Powell, of Enid. OklaFortamouth. ).. and Mra. Floyd .Mit-Dr. and Ky.. carrying white satin streamers to en Vinson, of luiisa, Ky.: homa, arrived at the home of Mr. R. T. CLERK IN ricka, of .Wbltea creek, V, Va. form the aisle, .where advanced the Mrs. James D. liiggs. of Greenup, Ky.; CIRCUIT Hums whore they remained .until of the auddennei-, Hecaiiae of the bridesmaid. Miss lielia I'age .lolinsiori. Major D. .!. I'.urchett, of Mt. Sterling. Tuesday morning when they departed death of Mra. Locliliaupt arid of aoine BEST IN THE MARKET. Georgia. Then the: lovely Ky.; and .Mrs., John C. lturche'tt, of St. I Atlanta-h CARTER GOES WRONG. for the upper Sandy Valley to visit rel ther facta connected wlil lo r niMld of honor. Mis Sarah Iirent Spen- -,- V. Vu.; .Mrs. Clara Johnson, the theory of poiNoninw hud beea ad atives In that region. Mr. Powell Is a procedinir the bride, eseortcd l.iy f Louisa, Ky. nephew of Mr. Burns, his father havvaneed. To clear up the matter an who gave her In marriage. her firlii-ring been a brother of .Mrs. Burns. He ,odv examined REPORTS SHOW LOWER NUM waa held and the Her tralnbearer was Miss .Virginia PRESIDENT TO BE ARRESTED ON CHARGE OF IS- - is u prominent minister In the United re ent .to Kbefore the reinalna wi Kemper, of Cincinnati. BER OF ACCIDENTS THAN MARRIED DECEMBER 18. Brethren-church.At the age of 14 Mr. No tracra.of poioti of any SUING $12,000 IN BOGUS The bridei:roin came in wllh the Powell IN OTHER STATES. was a regularly ordained hararter Were found. tiewt man. Mr. Joseph ; Kinmort't, of Washington.' Deo. 4. The wedding of , CLAIMS. preacher with a charge, mid was called West Virginia, and nieeiinu I'MHident Wilson and Mrs. Norman Boy Preacher, of Oklahoma. He is the GOES TO BORDERLAND. ihe l.ii.le at the altar, the couple slood Call will occur December 1Mb. it was now one of five evangelists making a , Ky.. Her. t. That the fuel for the marriage serv ice, " i lj IJmia Hulett. for nearly six years innounced at the White House tour of the United States, visiting the KrunUfort, Ky., Dec. 3. "The charge tke elllclenl deputy circuit .clerk of coals ef Kentucky are uneipialed for Me" being the music accompaniment. As previously stated, the ceremony will various, assemblies of hia church. He The bride wore a. graceful gown of be performed at Mrs. , Gait's home, litis is true," said Circuit 'Clerk J. E. Mc- - is a gentleman Ijuwrence county, and whose term of domestic purposes and for the producof Intelligence und re- when he arrived white satin with court train. The tulle Fust L'Oth street. The only guests will Glone. of Curter-co- . dice baa nearly eplrd, liu aecepled tion of illuminating gas und other bywith Sheriff Jus. L. Potts "'"'""t. while his wife Is a lady of a good position Willi the Supelintetl- - products and that (he pro rata of veil was fastened with orange blos- be Mrs. Gait's mother, her brothers und here manner una personality. W. Castle,' of the olllce of the iiuraciive aetit of one of the big coal operations Icarus from mining accidents In tins soms, and shi' carried a shower sisters, the president's brothers and and G. Both ura good singers and musicians. of lilies of the valley and white sisters, the daughters mid members of State Inspector and Examiner, to face at llorderland and will shortly leave Slate were much smaller than the avOn Sunday night laat they sang a duet charges of having secured warerage of the I 'lilted States and leas roses. for that place. Mr. Hulett ia a very his Immediate- household. No invita- rants, aggregating $8,363 on Stute fraudulent very delightfully at the M. E. Church Tin- maid of honor wns charming, tions will be IssuoiK manipulator of the typcwrllcr.and than in any State of the I'niou exeep: South. They will probably spend ia aald by Jiidgo Kedwlno to be the best one, were points brought out at the gowned In white chiffon and net and The hour of the wedding and who claims fc witness fees in Common- Christmas with the Burns 'family and otrcult rlerk In thla dlatrli't. Ho law aecond ilay'a session of the Kentucky her bououet wns of American beauty will otllciate is not yet known. Im- wealth canes. will then go to the United Brethren He said he will make bond the ofllce here In Rood shape for hla kilning Institute, which cbaied Its an- roses. Tlie attractive bridesmaid wore mediately after authorizing the anmeeting at Martinsburg, W. Va. and Is custody of Sheriff Potts. a lovely gown of white accordion I lalt-e- d nouncement of the date, the President ucceaaor, having every bit of the work nual winter meeting hero this afterMcGlone wus arrested at Grayson chiffon and also .carried American left the White House for the home of completed. He la a young man of ex- noon. HOSPITAL NOTES. The tralnbearer was in hla fiance, and they started off for this morning on warrants sworn out A number of papers with read this beauty roses. sober and cellent character, ., The MEWS is sorry, to say that Carl " before County Judge Hlcutt, of Hla many frlenda wish hftn afternoon und were followed by general a pretty costume of while. their regular Saturday auto drive. Moore,- - whn'wm operated 'upon-Hwmby Mr. Castle. After the wedding the bridal couple discussion. Frank Haas, coiiaulting enaaaoeaa in hla new labors. Claims for Witness fees hrCominon-wealt- h weeks ago.Joi appendicitis, is not lo- - gineer of the Consolidation Coal Com left for a "trip and, returning, will reM. E. CHURCH SOUTH BAZAAR. cases for the February, May ing as well as his 'friends winirdT'jiope -- f pany, of Fairmont, Va., presented side with Mr. and Mrs. Allen. ENGINEER CROSBY The buKiiar held by the ladies of the and October terms of the Carter Cir- for. There has been no Improvement ' The bride ia their only daughter, DIES SUDDENLY. a paper on "The Coals of lOastoru Kentucky, " in which be stated that the possesses beauty and charni, making M. K. Church South lust Friday and cuit Court aggregated $12,000, and the for some time. Mrs. Perry, 'of Whltehousel was op- Kasterii Kentucky coals exceeded thene her a very lovely member of Lexing- Saturday was a very successful sale. amounts excited suspicion. The AudiWard Croaby, chief engineer of the of the entire country for tho purpose ton society, from fine old Southern Notwithstanding the abort time occu- - tor's olllce reported the situation to crated upon the first of this week for ,t Oarollna, Cllnrhfleld & Ohio railroad, auch ns they were applicable. led by preparations for the sale the State Inspector and Examiner Sher- a serious trouble, undjs doing well. families. She was educated nt Wash? la dead. Crosby waa widely known Leonard Copley; 'a merchant of Wilman Goodpaater. who set on foot an proceeds were nearly one hundred Mr. Haas discussed the coll ington, 1. C. among railroad men na tho engUieer field of eight years ago eastern tin-rThe display of useful and fancy investigation, with the result that liamson, who was, recently, operated Mr. Short ia the aon of Mr.J.D.Short, when fnmoua Cllnchlleld road were practically no operations creep! of IaiuIsr, Ky nnd a popular young articles was large and beautiful and the charges of making out fraudulent upon for appendicitis, Is doing very who built the mountains, Ill hrough the Cumberland well. more business man, holding a position with oysters and coffee were delicious. About chums were made against the clerk. and said lluit Jus. Morris, of Ulyasea, iht fact being deacrllied aa among the Ihun UTi.OOO.HUO waa Invested In the the Lexington otllce of the New York who 'was rythlng offered was sold. The ladies Alleges $12,075 Embezzled, brought to the hospital some days ago mat marveloiia of nil railroad acblovu-aentwere thankful to the public for the libfield. He spoke of Ihe divisions of c ml, Mutual Insurance Company. Mr. Goodpaster said his report to suffering with a bad case or blood eral supisirt given to them. saying Ilia! there were no sales factory Gov. MeCreury will show fraudulent poisoning underwent an operation H. Croaby died auddenly at eleven divisions, na the coals were of the SHOWS 200 BARRELS IN for claims for witness fees for the three his relief and Is recovering. e Sunday morning of heart e'clock bituminous variety and unlike any of 24 HOURS ACTUAL TEST. NEW APPELLATE JUSTICES terms, amounting to $11'. 075. Warat hla home, Johnson City, Tonn. the Pennsylvania coals. He auld the byTOOK SEATS YESTERDAY. rants were issued and the claims paid WORK, FOR CIVE HUNDRED. product business was on the Increase The biggest lyndiieing oil well yet for the February and May terms, and DESTRUCTIVE FIRE Gary, W. Vs., Dec. 5. Tlie United and .predicted that It will, eventiiiillv, drilled In the Cow creek field was among these tho Inspector and ExamFrankfort, Ky., Dec. 2. Judge C. S. AT WILLIAMSON. consume most of tin product. He de- brought In Monday afternoon by the which States Coal nnd Coke Company, one of Nunn served his last itay on the Ap- iner found claims totaling $S,3C:i,$4,242,-9the largest producers of coal. ti nd coko disvoted aome time to the New lioninln till Co., on lands tensed pellate yesterday, and his suc- he said are bogus, while out of bench litre In Wllllamaon laat Thuraday cussion, covering tien7.ol, uvd to en- from Jesse MoKlnney, eight miles east cessor from tile First district Judge the amount of claims presented to In (his state, haa opened all of Its mines on Tug River to full capacity, ornlng almost entirely destroyed the rich gas,' tar, ammonia and others. He of Irvine on the headwaters of Middle of Maytleld, took the oath the Auditor's olllce for the October and also started up ojl of large elock of gooda in the clothing said no better ooal for Illuminating ga.4 Fork. A test of the well wns made Gus Thomas Judge J. B. llaiiuali, of the term, but mit ullowed, $3,700 were bo- ovens. Tills means employmentits coke processes could which showed n production of 200 barfor at tore of J. I'Vlno and wrecked the mid oilier , Sixth district, left yesterday for Colo- gus. least 500 new men. greater part of lh Vnughaii hotel. The he ohtalihcd limn tho local coals and rels In 114 hours. Mr. Goodpaster said claims Were rado, where Ills wife Is ill, and us soon Moor of tho hoKentucky Could safely boast of that I'rnctically all the territory In the us she la able they will go to Florida made out for wltneses who, Su far as tore occuyled the first tel building, and tho blnzo originated the best domestic coals, which la of vicinity if tlie McKlnney farm tins for the remainder of the winter. Judge he could .learn, do net exist, and in AGED MAN TERRIBLY BURNED. atom, und broke out about nine two varieties the summer domestic, been leased by various companies op- E. C. Clarke, of Fulmouth, Chits. Van Ciiran, an aged pensioncuses not on tlie docket. Mileage alia the who a'olock In thn morning while the clerka mostly for cooking purposes, which Is erating tlie Cow creek field nnd the lowed these hlieged witnesses also er, who lived ylth hia wife on the him, also took I ho. oath and goes out when wot news of thn big strike has atlmulnted Judge Nunn were sweeping out. It la thought that to a large sum, ns Kirk I.lttfe Garner, will go to his home in amount 8 cents a mllo from they were Stephen badly farrli on this morning great Interest among the prospectors. ae of tko men atepped on a match needed, ti nil 'tho winter domestic, burned Christian, waa ao allowed reached a cooking and heating, which la Capt. Fowler, local manager for tlie Marion. Todd, Logan, Simpson, Larue, Hart, shortly before iioon when their home which Ignited and thn llamo leaky gaa pipe. Tho loaa la eatliiutted slow burning for Its lasting iiiiilltles. New Domain, who la an experienced oil Trimble, Kenton, Pike, Green,. Bath, waa destroyed by fire that it Is feared GONE TO NORTH CAROLINA. The qualities of steam coal were dis- man, predicts a great future for the he will die. fully $ro,ooo.oo. Casey and Warren counties. at On last Monday the Rev. L. M. Copcussed. field. list Tribune. Warrants for these claims were IsA careful analyala of the conditions ley started to Aaheville, N. C, to at- sued to A, J. Stamper, banker and merTlie city council met In regular aeaBAZAAR. alon laat Tueaday night, but becauae of each mine for a period of ten yeara It was a delightful hour spent with tend a Sunday school conference, last- chant, of Olive Hill, to whom the claims The ludlea of the Christian church Mayor from 1903 to 101S, show that the nv- - Mra. Frank Weathers, on Wednesday ing a week. Twelve states will be rep- hud been uaalgned. ef the fttmence. of tho chairman, will have their baitaar December 16, ernge number of hours per year which afternoon, when she received a few resented In this meeting snd WednesYlnaon, no builneaa waa tranaacted, Wants Chance To Redeem, T7 and 18, In the Louisa Water A Imeach man worka waa 1,001), Kentucky's friends from five to six to meet Mrs. day evening Mr. Copley addressed the McGlone, who Is finishing out his provement Co. office. They will have Mr. Jamea Peters flipped and fell mine employes averaging 1,881 hours a Clara Bromley Johnson, of Louisa, Ky., conference on the subject of Personal second term, showed no hesitaucy when useful articles for presents for all. Allira. Thla conference represents he aald: am the aidewalk near tha M. K. Church year, so Mr. Fay said, t,000 hours a who waa among tha attractive guests Influence. so, Japanese Art Goods, and a Flower wedding on the work In tha Southern District of All I want la a chance to make It Oar den for ths rhlMrnn ami vmiia aeveral nlghta fo and waa painfully year waa used aa the basis for compila- hera for the Ratcllff-Lon- g tion. Tuaeduy evening. Huntington Herald. tha American Sunday School Union. Injured. right and pay back all that is due tha 'people. A welcome la extended to aJL PASSES TO THE GREAT BEYOND. : .... g, , Fuxk-erebur- -- rlv-er- k a. Wi-n- I d Good-paste- r, cemetery.--AHlilan- ALLEN-SHORT- d aoii-la-la- i old-ti- be-Ih- k ''-.,.-- 1 ' ' d wd. ll C-- Four-teenth-- , 1 .' a - ' , ' boii-uu- .. rt V Indija-artou- Frunk-Iin-co- ". dol-liii- s. Hell-co- ., y . a. full-ar- p, auc-cee- 111 ' rapld-lgnitln- g ' .. 111 , I

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