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EDITORIAL: HOW TO SHUT UP TRUCK, TRACTOR PULL CRITICS, A4 Need a hospital? All local EMS workers need to do is add air, A7 The Anderson News rson Setting standards of excellence since 1877 Lawrenceburg, Kentucky Wednesday, May 9, 2012 75 cents METH BUST LANDS FIVE BEHIND BARS Police say man ‘grabbing crotch’ during traffic stop leads them to hidden dope By Meaghan Downs News staff A routine traffic stop for Lawrenceburg police led to five arrests and methamphetamine trafficking and manufactur- ing charges on Tuesday afternoon and evening. Officer Jeremy Cornish said he had been checking for traffic and seat belt violations at about 3:30 p.m. when he observed Robert Medley, Mayor, council get automatic salary increase Medley Cochran Stratton 25, who Cornish knew had a suspended license, operating a motor vehicle without a seat belt B. Bell on. But Cornish noticed something else once he pulled Medley over by Plaza Drive and gained verbal consent to search his vehicle. According to the P. Bell city police report, Medley “kept grabbing his crotch area” while sitting on the trunk of the car. DARE GRADUATES HAVE A BALL Workers say York fell asleep while feeding children; owner says charges will be pressed By Meaghan Downs News staff See CITY, Page A2 See METH, Page A6 Daycare worker fired, charged for being drunk Raise for employees uncertain All six city council members and Mayor Edwinna Baker will receive an automatic salary raise due to an increase for this year’s consumer price index rate. City clerk Robbie Hume said that effective July 1 of this year, the city council and the mayor will get a salary increase of 2.96 percent, the current CPI rate, as mandated by city ordinance. The CPI, or the rate at which the Kentucky Governor’s Office for Local Government determines the cost of living, is set in Baker late February each year. In 2006, the city council oted to give itself annual salary increass equal to the increase set by the price ndex rate for year. “The council and the mayor automatially get the CPI each year,” Hume said. According to Hume, each of the six ouncil members is currently paid 372.23 per month, or $4,466.76 a year. With the 2.96 percent increase, each ouncil member will be compensated an dditional $132.24 for the 2012-2013 year. The mayor will receive roughly 14,150.64 a year with the 2.96 percent ncrease, Hume said. Last year, both city council representaives and the mayor received a 1.5 percent “And I asked him what he had down his pants, then he produced the cigarette pack in his hand and a snort straw,” Cornish said. The cigarette pack contained three bags of methamphetamine, about two grams per bag, he said. By Meaghan Downs News staff Photo by Ben Carlson DOING THE ‘DOUGIE’ Dontre Britt breaks out what he called the ‘Dougie’ dance during last Friday’s DARE graduation at the county park. He and about 300 fifth graders completed the annual program, which is sponsored by the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. Photos, A10. A Lawrenceburg daycare worker was arrested and charged with public intoxication after co-workers noticed her falling asleep while feeding children in the nursery. According a report obtained from the Lawrenceburg Police Department, a Cradle to Crayons worker smelled alcohol coming from former employee Gina York of 101 Saffell St., who was York described in the report as being unsteady on her feet, with glassy eyes and slurred speech. Candace Anglin, co-business owner of Cradle to Crayons daycare on Glensboro Road, said York had passed everything, including her background check, and had come into work that morning perfectly fine. She said York had been working at the child care facility since May 4, her first day of training. “Her demeanor was fine,” Anglin said. “I never would have hired her if I thought anything was going on.” Anglin said her assistant director said See DRUNK, Page A2 High school student’s art to hang in U.S. Capitol Wallace draws inspiration from scene in congressman’s home town By Ben Carlson News staff It seems fitting that the artwork chosen to represent the Sixth Congressional District during the coming year will be a scene from its representative’s home town. Christina Wallace, a high school senior, said the inspiration for her work titled “Three Houses” came while driving through Versailles, the lifelong home of Congressman Ben Chandler. “I was on the Versailles bypass and saw that someone started a neigh- borhood,” Wallace said last Friday morning after Chandler announced that she had won the 2012 Congressional Art Competition. “When I drove by, I thought it was so cool because the three houses were there on a hill by themselves.” She said it’s also “cool” that her work was selected from hundreds of submissions across Chandler’s 16-county district, and will be on display for one year in the halls of the U.S. Capitol. Wallace will fly to Washington, D.C., for a ceremony next month dur- ing which she will join the 434 other winners from across the country. She thought that was pretty cool, too. Following the ceremony, Wallace, an advanced placement art student, said she was surprised to find out she had won. “I was in fifth [period] getting ready to take a test when [art teacher Karen Lacefield] called,” she said. “I thought I’d probably place around 10th, but she told me I was the overall winner.” Wallace’s work is a pen and ink drawing of the houses, which are See STUDENT, Page A2 By Ben Carlson High school senior Christina Wallace displays her winning piece of art that will be displayed for one year in the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. Index Weekend Forecast Vol. 136 No. 5 • Two sections Calendar........................ A12 Opinion ........................A4-5 Church........................... A13 Real Estate .................... B10 Classifieds ....................B6-8 Society .......................... A12 Education ........................ A9 Sports ..........................B1-5 Obituaries ....................... A6 Way We Were ................ 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