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Image 1 of Kentucky mountaineer, February 28, 1913

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

Kentucky Mountaineer. FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE OK KENTUCKY. NOT THEIR WRONGS SALYERSVILLE, MAGOFFIN COUNTY. KENTUCKY, FRIDAY. FED. 28, 1913. WHOLE NUMBER 59 Samuel J. Patrick has been spok- -' cn of. Knowing him as we havej FREE for the rast 10 or 12 years, we Issued Every Friday. do not think that we can 3Ind a! better nualified man. TERMS. ln order We believe that he is n clean. $1.00 a year in advance honest man in politics, that hct'1,at "Ir Pavs to advertise", we .60 six months. oia ins duly as representee in will run this column in which .35 three months. 1908, and that ho would again be each subscriber may use, free of THE Entered as second class matter Jan an untiring worker for the im vuurge, mieen words, in anyo o nary 12, 1912, at the at Sa! proving of our present laws and issue, to advertise anything IE 3EZH 3 yersvillc, Ky. under the Act of March enactment wants to buy or sell, (from U of new ones. 3, 1879. farm,) to secure work for hi By his former work he has CARM JOURNAL ("cream, not skim milk") is the great little paper published for 36 years in Philadelphia by Wilmer acquainted with the affairs self or hire farm hands, sell i lands, find owners for lo Atkinson. S. S. ELAM. Editor & Owner. of legislation and will bj bjttar rent or live It is taken and read by more families than any other articles stock or adverti farm paper in the WORLD. Its four njillion readers (known as enabled to get le?istation enacted im own lost or strayed. Advertising Rates. " Our Folks ') are the most intelligent and prosperous A great number of all parties Additional words will he p country Itthil oil frtftrlf tUf 10 cents per inch. people that grow, and they always say the Farm Journal helped "Ttullrf Sf trill" lllh sW in at one cent First page ads twelve and one-ha- aro for him, many leading de j advertisement per word; or t tarry fruill, tni Hktr to make them so. Their potatoes arc larger, their milk tests holier, their hogs may be' run mocrats of Magoffin having urg' 11 trill for mtn imftrltnl. cents per inch. weigh morc.'thcit fruit brings higher prices, because they read the Pnrm Journal. succeeding issues so long as tl Adv, Fivo cents per inch extra for ed him lo make the race. sireu nt one cant, per word, iki I)o yon know lVtcr Tumbledown, the old fellow who won't take the Farm Journnt? By showing composition. able IN ADVANCE. how NOT to run n farm.l'ctcr makes many prosperous. Nobody can go on reading the Parm Journal Locals 10 cents per line for first If you would get your wants and being a Tumbledown too. Many have Iried, but nil have to quit one or ihc oilier. Every one who desires to see a this' column phone, write, or ci insertion. 5 cents per line for batter county and county The Farm Journal U bright, brief, " boiled down," practical, full of gumption, cheer and sunshine. scat on us boforo Monday night. each subsequent insertion. It is strong on housekeeping and a favorite with busy women, full of life anil fun for boys and should join in the effort to sup girls. It sparkles with wit, and .1 happy, sunny spirit. Practical as a plow, readable as a novel. Clean and Resolutions and funeral notices press lswlcsness. They .should pure, not u lino of fraudulent or nasty advertising. All in advertisers arc gmmintttj trustworthy. Cards of Thanks and Obituaries, bs consistent, however, and sup- TO SELL two farms. For f u The Farm Journal gives more for the money and puu it in fewer words than any other farm paper. one cent per word. port their county paper which particulars inquire of 32 to 80 pages monthly, illustrated. FI Vli years ( 60 issues) for Ji.oo only. Less than a cents a month. Announcements for County of- has shown its colors in season thcr No r or subscriptions taken at any price. D. M. Atkinson, fices, $5.00 cash in advance. and out Salyersville, K $2. 50. Justices of the Peace The Farm Journal Booklets You should not expect us to a- What Our Folks Say About F. J. TO SELL a farm of 125 grcc wi h you on every proposilmc sold by hundreds of thousands, and luvc made "I have hml more ANNOUNCEMENTS. ewiitirnRcmritt and enjoy acres in bottom land and o . netil nut of it hi ottr jtar thun I did out oi tny other papcts In ten a sensation by rc eating the SECKCTS OF tion but if we assist you in bet )carllM)i C. M. 1'ifMjn. fourth mile on Licking river, t in home. Industry. I'conlu all over the Wc are authorized to announce tering conditions youshould stand It is a timer little piper. I have sometimes reatl country arc making money by their methods. acres in timber. Price $2900. It throne!, nn.t Ihotiuht done with it. then jKk It upa.ln by us, and not expect us to aland find Mme thing new Itt inttrent me' Alfrwl KroRh. FRANK BLAIR. POULTRY SECRETS is a collection of discoveries I will exchange to mineral anil mnlindf of surrHful pouhrymrii. Il r:!vr "Fun n Join it il U like, a bit of sunshine hi our home. candidate ways handle you with silk gloves. timbered famous of Salyersville, as a It Is rinklnj a luvUiod ,f Killing utir hall more iiullrts of fnallnKCliart.tbrCurllii lands. las ole out of farmers. It was first Hum lloj tr'n mnlin.1 ol IriKUrtitt, frrtilil) , mul pi let Icm itit mens a Chriolma renit. nml I think. U the choicest Jtcient for the nomination for clerk of Remember that your county papI rcts k( bitcdins, cr rictlcdlM wi)s I. K, I.eValley, how to priklucc wiiilef tggs.ctc P. M. Elam, Magoffin county, subject to the er can do more to aid you in your ''Wc hnc lead vottr dear little paper for neatly 40 ItORSK SECRI5TS exposes nil the method of Keutuc . iow we uon i nve on inc larm any more, ptuKehifc,",cocaliie ei still have a and caiollno doping, and otlier action of the Republican party. county than uny other paper in Lrrinjt lor the oM Ktier. let I tint hclniiK in the illy, and lilcka of "vv and windier', nncl rHaMe anyone to tell Ln evry uapr Has dear and familiar as the facts of old frhnds, unsound liorac. Glvia many vjluatle ti4iniii accmi. TO BUY-c- orn the State. and fodder, Ca l.UwatUs. mis. li. We ar authorized to announce CORN SECRETS, the NF.W of Prof. I fear I neglect my Imslnem to rcml It. eight mer- at this office. There I wWi It L. C. BAILEY, Holden, tli- - 'JCoro Kinr." thowi Iw lo gel ten to twenty cquld be In the lands ol every funucr in Virginia," Mys W. S. Clin. bushels more per acre of corn, rl li h protein and the tiett A BIG BARGAIN. elements. I'liturej raakcemy prote pLilu. f Falcon, as a candidate for the chants in Salyersville but only 'I llye In n town where the ard h only 15 x IK feet, bet I could not du ullhout the Kami JouiiuI,"'m) Mis Sax Eaa SECRETS tells how a f.ttnilv of sU can make office of County Judge of Magof- four subscribe for their county Every farmer should take Carjciiter. hens ttnn itstautascntpitntnadtlly supply of frrslirxs. II Jou paper. Only one of this number or luve a lackard, grt tins tjooLLl, lenrti how to tuu up every fin county aubject to the action 'I uet lots of l)MkT and Dancrt. and nut them aside nrre farm journals. We w scraped the kitchen waste, and live better ut less cost. fur future readtns;. The only pstr sin tu have In my hands W.P. Carpente-- , advertises in it. ba glad of the Republican party. nil the lime Is arm Journal, i uii't Anlih rtadlar It. (jin't vnu .0 furnish you the Fan THE "BUTTER IJOOK" tcili hnw 'eten cous were make it lens Interrslintri m I tan have a thane uUmf other We do not believe that you can maJe to holf a ton of butter ncli jcr year. (1W Jouinal five years and th irs f " vtiitcs John bwatl. kuikU It the nvf rigtf). An t) oopeutr ( rt'lt wrcd out )uur We are authoriaed to announce bel t this record .in Kentucky. jHjgr ruwi, atiU turu Uicood ruoriitu ucuriUbrcutvcrs "IH am loiiCMime, donhenrtetf, or"ttreil. Tro to Mountaineer one yearMARSHALL. y 1'atin Jouinal fuV coiufoilktiext tu the ittble," says Mabel Dowitt. XOUIS STRAWBERRY SECRETS U a If the people throughout the ALL- FOR ONE' DOLLAR AN. of the dii- cox ct lea mul tnclluHl of J, r.irmrr, tli famous ripcit, in "Karm Journal li.n n tltrcrfnl vein rtinnlnp through of Salyersville as a candidate for, county had given us sfiehu cold CTvliif; luKinut fall b'.rauttcrrid almost unlit mow flir, I low It that malm It ft rihtidld cure for the "blues." When rummy FIFTY CENTS autl when to tofcrtilic, liow to rtmovc the tlutuouii, home tired In mind iiikI UkI), I sit ilown arxl read It. and It seema ""oushouldcr as thisAve would have tho noirM,i5v,for-sherif- f liow tu get iJtrce crus tit two )eait, ttc. to k'vc ie new i.ntd ration for hie,' writes C. K. Ilaldcnnaa. QARDHN IOLI aIioai Iiqvv to make your b.ickvartl Majoffln county subject to the long sin .o gone out of business, "'We liac a brntheMiwIau who loves a Joke. We Bupilv fresh rRetibles anil fruit, liow to cut down jour iiractty live In f.reler New York, and consider ourselves v(tt cltlridso action of the Republican party. 'We are willing and anxious to Come! Come! Corns! li keen 1 lrtirr ahle,ant tct rjsli for )uur furjifus. JIow lo when he Kent us llm i'jrni Journal as a New Year's gift we nearly ultl vale, liarvt-ian J nurkct. Iow tu riiisu who rnly uae baron las Illinium:. 'flow lu krrpomi r lean when wr bs rondensed nN Jin DUCK DOLLARS tells liow Vein r tlurk- Wo arj authorized to announce boost apy person or any institumilk ettui for'lke pudditicl 'How tn plaat onions' whea w farm Mir Boston make cverv year M cents eurhit )(W)lnck tion that deserves. to be boosted TO MAGOFFIN INSTITUTE. nvtrr plant amthliitr i c frnnrant than titles irf th valley. I Iniff. Tellt whr durk uy tluni Ixittr than cluckttis, and Jutt J. J. PACE, arrrptcd the till ullli thinks, for we are ton to tool a IOV they do ever) t Initio Everything is flourishing. but our citizens should rememKilt horse In the mouth, .Soon my ee was csufht by a beautiful the ber that this boosting should be U'gan lo rta It, lhn uhrii I wanted the frarai Journal TURKRY snCKITTS tlisclow Tully the metltruU f of Cbnlcy, as a candidate for The attendance is good. New mv huslAtii drrpty Intcrrjilrtl In an ankle. Then ruy wtto siijx Horace 'n. the fanuiut Khfxlc Island ol U4 soil leui in ask, 'lias the Journal romcvet f lie Is office of Sheriff of Magoffin coun a cooperative affair. Nothing so ones coming in every day. , It WIN how lo 1hei the White llotiv: Thanlsjixiiii tuik a Jculr(iii. hasn't mutli lime for literature; but we find so much male. tfiet ruRi, toittclKto fwlftttd rarefurihe jmitnr, tu nre lilt i mul nplut In lids fmr subject to the action of the advertises a town and increases! Good ty, l'AY. f.irr lhatII.we aiprec(atc vorlsew let Liikiaii, tu lattcti.uud how to make a war's jilt inotv and inoie," wntis Llla board and room S2. on i n llurkmati. the mct.ixli hy Republican party The AHLLION 'I received 'Com SiciejV and 'I'oultry Secret the value of property as a live week. The dormitories will bt wlil li J M. ustcr made ocr $t K,CK) u yrur, tniftily from and roimJ.ltrtlieiii worth ttitir wciglit In sold says U G, Newall. r All learn nlijiut the "KunctMni tiinlt We are authorized to announce newspaper. Think it over and in charge of John Franklin Coon- us tu 'roUui.u uili ijiuntf iks JCi:U nit, tn liuw 'Whatyour l'utr Ilool; tclU would take a beginner iA in (.sjK'ilally winter years lo learn," fa) a Kuy Clianey, see if you can cooperate with usjer one of Magoffin Countv's PROCTOR PACE, shows how nnv DHSSnAKINCl "Duck Doll. us in the heht book ! ever had on duck liitclht, nt wim in nn dcbni nnl nuke Iter own rUhet, In the raUIuz," uijj 1. M, War nock. of Salycrsville, as a candidate for for a better county and county best known Citizens. height of fa .Iiioti, I seainhnr hailone it iirtre tlic uiu rIiI, 'lf vour other lH.klet rontniu t much valuable She iuv In, u puri:i,si'il ilresiimkinj; eftUhUiliinciit atid a Tuition, Primary department. office of Jailor of Magoffin seat. .Subscribe for our paper the I won hi consider thrin cheap a Information ns the Illustrat' J with diuurums, ttliuo. el vj double the price," My r. V. Manslsild, and have a clear conscience that $1.50 per month, 7 th and 8 th county, subject to the action of SHALL I FARM? I. a imiwrlial statement of "I think jour KgIJook U a wonder' says i,f f.umfnc, to hfi tlmnc win tolh ftihantitrri an t f'rawhat you arc doing YOUR part to build .grades $2.00 per month; Normal the Republican party, C. I Shlicy It wunm toil lne tnileii'ii in. Jmioriant iiiiitioti. tartP :qujjm-ri- of drftiiters, RAtixlle-inrttlrd, mul, tt.ll Imw to The l'.i mi Journal brat them all, Kve ry lnue ha up a good paper, live paper and High School pupils $2.50 pet its ttid.cic. iluiiuticf tu- iL'.i, hjw tu tit rritttmlers and ideas worth u ) ear's subscription,' wrlts s month. All tuition payable two it. roiur. 7A'f'" aokhts ere 6x9 mchet, ami ft oftatty tHmhattJ, We ore authorized to announce that you will be proud of. "One tear .to I took anotlier airrictiltural t..itier. Do not wait to be solicited but months in advance. rprm I'OUU full eors. t il f 1 f)A lis In ami it iook n vtnoie foiuinii io ten wnat rami journal W. J. PATRICK, VUiil IUl with any oris of these booklets one iMiNKiaiHi, mij rt, fit idiwiii. The instmetion in all depart call and subscribe any time. ol! wi.k ftrm JvarikJ. TVt EmLUu tr ttOT tJ Mparittl; "It oil'' lit tn Ik- - In every linni; where itiern ha cluck. of Salyersville, as a candidate ments of this school will be strict s cUUI, . iuw, a ihcriy, or a tucumUr," sas 1. 1), llordus. lutein tay tl lilt If booHt I yon want. for the office of County Judge of There is more joy in a printing y high class. The teachers au t'AI'.M JOUUNAU WASIIINCTON SQUAIIH I'lIlLADtXTIIlA. l'UIILISHKItH W1I.MEU ATKINSON COMI'ANV. Magoffin county, Bubject to the office over one sinner that pays Gxiierinnrwl nnrl lin.,v,iv oi action of the Republican party. in advance and abuses the editor, ified to handle their respective tn We are authorized to announce on every possible occasion han uepamiiunis. special course 1 DOC G. HOWARD there is ovOr ninety and nine applicants for CountyExaminatir JOE RICE. Principa as a candidate for the office of who borrow the paper and sing K. C. GOODMAN. Magoffin county, sub- - its praises without contributing Judge of C, E. VcWharter. a cent to keep it out of the ' X after your name, means that fican party. Ex. 4 you Ket one morn copy of this paOF THE We are authorised to announce Already our people do not rec- per, XX means, that you gefc no W. S. ADAMS, ognize a candidate until ho an- moru copies unm you give, u s" of Falcon as a candidate for the nounces in the Mountaineer. We some currency, corn, beans, odnomination for sheriff of Magoffin believe that they are right. The der, potatoes, The Mountaineer is ?1.00 a year. If you subscribe NOW we can Rive you' the county subject to the action of Mountaineer stands for honesty Kentucky Mountaineer for one year and the Farm Journal FOUR years, with the Republican party. in politics and is striving for all THE UNDERTAKER that will help those candidates any of the Farm Journal BOOKLETS who are deserving. If a candi- has a new stock of coffins and date is really qualified and deKentucky Mountaineer, Salyersvlle, Ky. OUR REMOVAL. Prices; Infants sizes. $3.00 to sires to serve his county, the For the past few weoks The Mountaineer shall and to every subscriber whoso $10.00. Adult sizes, coffins $8.00 accept your special offer. Please send! be of inestiorder is received before tho edito $2.'i.00. caskets $20.00 trf Mountaineer has been located in mable value to him in making $85.00. These prices includo me tho Mountaineer for ono year and Farm! tion is exhausted, the publishers the W. J. Patrick building in the his claims known to the public of the Farm Journal promise to boxes and trimmings. Journal FOUR years up stairs room facing the Court and to his party. send their famous ALMANAC, He will not y Office located beHouse. Cat) and see us when in "Poor Richard Revised," proviwait until tho primary is at hand tween Ivyton and Bradley. with this booklet ded you WRITE.ON YOUR OR'town. bur will announce in ample time Phone write or call on DER, "If in time please send tho ALL FOR $1.50 for his party to carefully weigh Almanac." J. V. Kelly, Bradley, K. With the August primary close f d ntloimn Vxt iI hAA fc;.D rAicii.e,H My namo is If you arc now taking tho Launhlna at Your.elf. at hand and no candidate announ- OI tne Farm Journal, your subscription primary. Jf he IS afraid j In Woman' Home Companion ln ced for the office of ' tb0 course ct a taIk t0 lrI ab0,It Address will be MOVED AHEAD for i of State representative of this of such publicity, the public will friendship with boy, appear the fol be afraid of him. four full years. lowing wise observation: "It Is not a district (composed of Magoffin, If you namo no booklet, Farm Journal bad Idea at all to laugh at one's own Breathitt and Lee) it behooves will be sent for FIVE years. From John Hay. failures. It Indicates at least that To get BOTH papers, fill out 1 us to search for a well qualified Speak with the speech of the world, you have Imagination; that you can Imagine how funny other people must order herewith and send it to us, think with the thought ot the few. Mtan as law maker. mI? 0U..??w,.tok,'1?.F,irin Journair think something that yo ubave done." (Wnto "Yes" or "No." i NOT to tho Farm Journal. A Fwmer State representative, John J lax. KENTUCKY MOUNTAINEER. GET THESE 'S Secrets .Sf?5!;Money-makin- g WITH Farm Journal post-offic- e a. bs-co- lf home-makin- WANTED one-yea- three-yea- two-ye- as-2- MONEY-MAKIN- G 14 1 I I V are' limd-boof- c s 1 I , - 1M " t 1 hoea'-w- I A 1 1M-t- 'tutke-m-iii,- " IiOO-FAU- I rhULrri-raiHc- I 1m I SUI.r-TAUOI- IT t . , , t i,iainiii4-ii- i . I poor-hous- Special Combination Offer e. KENTUCKY MOUNTAINEER J. V. KELLY EDITORIAL. ALLFOR$1.25 mid-wa- Vl un

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