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Image 1 of The Adair County news., December 21, 1904

Part of The Adair County news.

f- 1 iL ibait VJbt VOLUMES onnlu Ntm COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 21 1904 NUMBER G- h presentsI Th6 t onritrna F Are you prepared for them should come at uI StIVltI6S Will Soon b6 UDon Have you selected the presents for your friends that will be of service and value to them if textures You will find in this department from the finest Broad Cloth to the Cheapest Flannelette at a price below competition THE TRIMMING FAD OF THE SEASON IS BUTTONS WE HAVE THEM LARGE AND SMALL LADIES AND MISSES READY TO WEAR SKIRTS We have a large stock of Readytowear Skirts bought IIat at prices that you can buy a nice Skirt to suit your purse Have just received some real nice things in Ladies Jackets that are the latest productions and bought at Closing Out Prices Come and see them Childrens Cloaks and Jackets all prices a J Wi show you the largest line of Ladies Belt and Fancy Collar Ribbons anywllere in this sectidn FURS FURS M6ns Bous Glotlilnu n In this line I invite your especial attention lIT line of Faultless Suits and overcoats cannot be surpassed Every garment is made as a sample of neatness and correctness of nice Suil for ph boys w IJbe aa useful present and one that is always appreciates j < < titf fitA 4H Iver6oats OVG6OatSM- y line of Overcoats will pleaseyou both in style and price Have them ill different stYles and colors and a large range of prices both in lIen s and Boys iJ AY 1 ST4OES SHOES Nowherethis plete line of Shoes both in Custom Made and cheaper grades ugs end A nice Rug or Rocking useful will be remembered l 1eektneai f I have just reeeived new line of NEOKWEAR in the If youwant an new slmde of browns ill the newest shapes nic line of Ileavjr oeketts Chair is always something that will be appreciated and being I f XAL LeWILKER p DO NOT fRET the health and comfort of those fret over trifles but should not Very many people acquire the about you but above all it injures worry or fret at all habit of fretting over triflesthe most the one who frets Worry cramps contracts dis small insignificant disagreeable Everyone knows the influent torts and weakens all happenings of every day life the natur al inherent forces of your nature They begin by being annoye Constant fretting causes a con at every little occurrence tha t ing the one and depressing the tinual leak in the reservoir of does not happen just to their fan other Now a life of constant t nervous energy This leaking cy This habit after awhile growe grows larger and larger till at so strong that they fume and fre on last the reservoir is empty and when there is no real cause for ly modifications of fear After a you are a bankrupt in nerve force I circulal samt hodry indigestiom himself by such constant fault findings he would soon stop it Unfortunately those who worry at trifles are women men usu ally what to women are bugbears Yet the qualities of endurance and patience are far stronger in women than in men and are always well brought out when they have any great trial to face The habit of fretting injures nerf shoutf evils weakness in circulation and kind of disease many heart symtoms IAs you should not worry over Bythe exertior of our will w d cannot change the workings o internal machinery but we can trust towards those of your own use our will to control our mo- j householdor acquaintance for sotions so in check that indirectly i doing you weaken their force s if not directly our will may be and prevent them from attaining responsible to many of the ills to success in eniieav which flesh is heirs fors We should not only worry or j One8th greatest enemies o f theirs i I 1 uptodate lint we have it Also a Capsj y wellWe Guns Guns Guns PLEASE GIVE ME A GAL- LCOLUMBT7 mankind is doubtlackof faith IffMINNE PHILOSOPHY faith in our ourselves andothers Women commit mistakes of the and in the unseen powers above heart men of the head Two and around us Everything must routes to the same end and will come out right jf we but have faith if we holdour selves in the right mental atti for their failures fade in all our relations with the Thoughwomen may love lon poople with whom we come in ger than men we rather even contact Doubt never conquers things up by loving oftener faith is never vanquished It is poor advice to tell a man For the negativeq qualities of to take his trouble to police a worry and doubt substitute the manoften he refuses to go Facts and women ara bot stubborn things but you can oc things endureth all things the cosionally get around a fact faith that mounts upwardon wings of light to that 1 e realm where all doubt is dispell ed and defeat is unknown Wit these qualities for your daily alplor you will fret not eve money e though the heavens fall Rich sneaks around andy drinks by Mond Va Dispatch himself I marryjust KY When a girl begins to get thin she always looks around for a po et or an artist to have a love af fair with The greatest need of the com mon road in this country is dailyI or weekly care A road receiving daily attention willrequire no extensive repairs and instead of graduallyimptoV French and English roads receive daily attention and are always serint inferh drinkn J 1 manh andfaiththe << 7 EATS and GAPS 9t > > i 1 k AV statutelabor system too often re should be overcome If the great railroads of the country were to practice the methods ordinarily used in maintaining our public highways they wouldprobablybe compelled to go into the hands f receivers before many monthS i I

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