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Image 1 of Louisville daily courier (Louisville, Ky. : 1851), April 21, 1860

Part of Louisville daily courier (Louisville, Ky. : 1851)

BaaoKseeosaau FIRE, OISV LIFE AND 3IAUINE, INSURANCE. W.S.VERNON&, SONS, AGENTS, Office Xo. 472 Maui ktreet, over E. A-- Leibinan's Store, . Kcpnsent the folio inr Me ana solvem . re!!- Companies, fYT x - person, Lcaiib Y"" COMPAXY.uf INSrRAXCE Cusei Capitol and Surplus 43u.iaAi. CITY FIRE . CoMIMXY. Cash Capital an J surplus K,0uO KEW FIRE AND VUKlfcE ISJCKAXCK LXGLAXI Cu.MFANt. UarUo.4. Cuba. Cash Cajdt! tllj.OOQ ud Mirpiu CO.. of New York FILE ISnxO Capital IXSf KAXCE lull CO. City, York City. &j.WU UAXC'E CO.. of New York CHy. Xw Y"ik City. tI.Uj7.lAA) KEW YORK LIFE I .arRANCE CO.. of ClMa AcCUUiUiat'ott. FTRF ISSI'R ANTE CO- - of Coowkt. Mass. tiiCUM ilal auti rurpius COVWAY Caau Cl CT LOSSES AT TUI3 ACEXCT PAIO PROMPTLY cr M)s TV. S. VERXOX A AGEXTS. IXSIR1XCE! IRE I'lUEMX TIRE IXSl RAXCE "OMPAXV, WaR street, Xew York. Capital and Surplus MOVTAlkFIKE I Vi--l II AM E (XIMPAXY, No. bo Wall street. Xew York. :4.(K Surplus Cat.ifU and II r" '""' JOHX XJCIR. MUTUAL INSURANCE. ISTR1(E FECTLE'S fOUPAM. "ii v lti;:iiniret. Capital hnrtcre.l k t MXTFAfTl RE OF JEWELRY VLE AM) RETAIL. WE r.rsnectfully call the uticiiiion of our friend-- , t..e public iu K tieral. to our selected Stock of JEWELRY " and lin...rt. li. including Pearl S'Kida, lhainotids Aluuiiiii. uin, Corihl. Cuineo, Plain Turcois. and Euan., led Goods. of the beet S W ATCULi, LAPirr and CEXTLEMEX mar uf.o t lire rs. CiUKitWA RE of onr own manufacture. FORKS, AXD I LK I'LA I DlEAtETS, FANCY L'CK.of all descriptiona. res. t in tne uimt fashionable ityliA. M A.Mo.Vli All s .rts of JM KLUY made to order. SPECT ACLES for all aires and eyes. of Wa'.-'-etVParUcuiarattenti. n paid to IHKx ilHL'itL it li( iLEINtl Eit, Xo. S2i Main street, one door above Third. niJ6 r. abi. W. C. RAMSEY, PFEE, M A s. y aR Difuklll. Secretary. P. C; JOS. L. l' ko X G. Jrie Ait rzLft.ifni.irT ir:svaArcc22 O? U.H r II.LE. KY. ccrcrT, T.r - Ditzcror.?. Wra. Carrin. J .hn W. Anderson. V in. It Jthe. W urren Nevcomh, Win. Terry. Wm. Cur. Jan.ei f Jam, li. Wilder. 4'. F. J.'hnoii. hjiuuel I.. N t. C. Caf'ieiuan. T.Kid. WOLF iXoii, tJOd.of.l li" and ..n5li:;.::! ver-at ea. a'iJ l.y t:ie ucit s ol inland trAiiportiition. Also on me uuujj of fcand aiiiurlei.anc JOUX MUK.l'rfcdient. ji h iiLii. Secretary. Iy A.Ron. R. IT. Warzoncr. Uolard. J 'hn Wiiite. Geo. W. biuall. i.iinrarf-,:eil- .'. A. J .hn Cornwall. jaiiidif AMEPJCAX Xo.;i6 rfT-1 - INSURANCE Mm ctkekt. Shito en. DlEECTOliS. Pxt. lK.I. i. HiUiEnT. iitu, TTxl CO., n. FT iEtjt. J'lH KlKLKK. l. P. Cahht. Vvn. II. N Jrssit K. Hl lioHKl;! Janllduf ikk, Wiitui l;il.r.i.n I wonld call the attention of mynu-7.'7N merou- - friends and old customers to my new si. .re Sti oi'i.osile my old, ;:ni to an examination of My stock leiim iny be..ut it. il selection of p new and tredi. and of the l itest hai ina bad iiiany years ex.eiieuce iu the t:ade, 1 aui enabled to give full satisfaction. w s. ami repaired in a eupcr.or and done with uispatch. No. 41i; .Market street, between Fourth and Fifth. Louis. vilie. Ky. sil d: f t. 1. cu. OPARTXERsHIP. f'r the IIHE nnd.!;ned have a partner-hifjl practice ..f t ie Law in the rity of Louisville and the Appeals. dl2 XOTKE. fltlTK copartnership heretofore existinr letween P. 7. MARI Martin and l.eorge K. Peiib.u. under the tlrui of by the . TIN' A HEN'TON'. was dissolve.! on the 1st The business of the late fiiul death of i.e irtre R. up by the und'T-- i jned. Ikt i.l fell uif c 2. MARllX. turvivinr Partner. OPARTXERfsUIP XOTICE. TIAVE finned a copartnership under the firm of MAKTiN A CliCMiiALi.U. and will continue the III: V l.i )ii.- - busiucs. At the old stand of l'cntou, S. 7.. MARTIN. Fourth street. JNO. E. CRLMRAUOU. fell dtf V'E dm Mason rpilE John of CeorreS C. 1 by Moor ft Co. is Lis day dissolved out bis interest to James F. 1 he businesa IL .I.ins .11. Jr.. of ( .eonretou II. Ky of the settled bf Moore. firm of Ireoree S. Moore A Co. will who will continue the business at W A kotiinson. A Co., No fsp Main street. tue old stand of Oeo. & Moore .EO. S. M'lOKE. t J0I1X C. M tSlV, J. L. WULELEi. (youkr'o'.c. March 14. lsnO. old firm of Geo. F. Moor A Co.. I Mccts. M ore. Whe ler. A Kohin-potthe siicces.sor. as rentieiueu worthy of the patronage on the oldurui. bestowed ml' d.;.u JOITX C. MAS0X. In ririnr from tl eieerfolly recomnieud DIShOLl TIOX. fTMTF partner-hiheretofore t xitin nrtder the stvle of - tbis daydissoKod by I CA.sEKAV A Il'Jl'KlNSi- authoriy.ed to fettle the a Either party i V. old tirui. rAV'l H, of the UOI'KIXS. Lul.Ll.T It. Locujville, January I, l'o. OPARTXERII!P. copartnership under TTIE ondersiimed have formed a ai.d will continue the si. c.ssEiAT A isjXS. - ,f Hopkins, - Importer a t.usii.est.LAs.S. II n tl TE It WARE. 'Iber resm-tfullthe favor eatended to their thitli. and liealerj N A. l.TLEliY ami PLAib.lieit a continuance of l..r thiki v ivk CA I t.l, :'7s7 WtsSr UJLTOX IMPOETEUS flllXl, CL1SS I 6? FIFTH STREET, LETWEtN MAIN' AXD MARKET. THE SHELL, AND POTOMAC CM AM?. OYSTERS IX by Express. Also Jack Snipe. Just received Ins Uum Ducks, sprint Coickeus. squabs, Ac. all of hich will lie served ui.ui tiiy Ueslauranl or sent hous s in st jle. liesnrp;ied ilels. Parties, am! PrirateFamilii"SC.n w i:h the above at short notice. C. C. HI KErt. V B Newark Crao Cider and fresh Lonitress Water inHM.vS just received. fill NOTICE. 1XD QfEEXWlRE, STEAMBOAT Pols d'Arc. Ihy X'OLTE. 'j Edipse out of liorte'.isia by Contention. OLJ- by Imported I. out of Fli-- Kit. by V viathan. PAY ill K. by Hence, out of Tra ill stanil the present season at byimporte I Tranby. Maywuod, uetrlJardstoun. Ky.. the former at I5 the s. a.--. n and Svu to Insure, tne latter at SHI the season and are all thoroughly iito insure. These horsessuperior foal getters. and bred, ami sure and r or lurtaer parucuiars auuress F. G. MURPHY. Maywood. Near Pardslown, Ky. niliidjm YIXCEXT i. JVS i to 44 MKl lately taken this and commodious a contiuu-would respectfully soii.-iso liiraral! y t.estow wore of tne patronage heretohrf-Every do? artrnent in our establishment 4 d tilKili I' Ii..u .t i: times be fell mid coliiolete. hich shall im l 1,7 addition to our t illNA. ..AsS. and oLLENsW ARE HAYIN'ftwe It'i'Vr fl i:N HIN; way. t.iTether uh Lau vervdesc "ll.tioll. ill in no way whatever reuioe- -i from F 'U'th street ith our furnishiiany one with ahaiever quan Interfere t it small, tity of pood- - they may want, b not lie ever so by any one In excelled f.,r buj'iiur are nor facilities to warrant entire the trade, and hence we willlavor n wub a n even one alioinay j..i;.s ,.f ORKl GATED WR.OIGHT IROX It AXD WIRE ILIM FY I FTTHEr PATENT. Admirably adapted .rounds. Cemeteries, halcomes. for enelosinx Public Sheep and Ox liurd.e, Patent Wire, Ac . mill. ecerT varielr of Foldirur Iron Red and Iron Furniture. Patont Wire Coal S-- reena, Sand anddravelSTMens. Wu-- Netunrfor M.ns.UiVi, Sheep. Poultry, an other purtKH. Wire (summer Houses. w ereat variety r.r I ancr Wire Vt or M In WALKER A sio.N, Manufacturer. No. 635 Market, N. E. cor. Sath Orewt. 1'iaia. oSdly f Truth and Corner "ni that he has lust fnn.ta and the uMlc renerallv Ihatnothina shad AIKlNS, and .ioened I is IsTt pared or D.vie. ted to aciiuire U.e paUonane of the trtlblic. and that lie l luny comment wu ,urebiiu4neirrnerou..upport -- mb. lie particularly nuiK-- the attention of the public to the the the services t that bavins: secured is f.illv preparedof onefillof all orders to country, be Vokf in the and and will honorably satisfy all that J? J-- Tks 5 ....1" in., r.Ktil A. ap'.O Paw Mill and Lumber Yard. on Fulton street, bet. Wentiel and Cable. dim KOW OPEXIXG AT George Blaiicliard &. An entire new stock of Son's, FOUR XO. I(K5. I Millinery VV I sj XO. lOG. MILLER, Fcccy stores, and a lull assortment ol .Vnl.inerv and raucy tisiods. cnusistinuof tiie Int. st styles of llonncts, flowers, t. loves. Hosiery. AC. pes buiierv, and the finest V:ViS'. C V V t I 'j &. XO. 2 REET. II Ki Notions. Willow Wares. Ac. of every scriptiou, a.i tae most coiutirisoi conq lete asaoi tmcnt ever brutul.tto this de-- r Selected from the Four Cities, CaU and examine for yourAT TnE SIGN OF TIIE GOLDEN" II AXD, self, Stcttnd ktuthaoit Curiur Main, Louisville. Ky. ap7 diS ttrttt, aid trcira fit Jn.portirt uf Euruji&iH Literature M.JO . AXD MANUFACTURED on reason- on hand steamboat Pv.ksof all kilo's kept and made to order at s iiort notice, and of tlie liucst Coutitrv merchants are invited to examine our ?t ick, Comprising n lame of School. tt, and Flank Rooks. Paper-- . Matiou.-rvac.. :.!I of which vt ill I EVERINO. V El'.Il be s.,id ouieaoouah'.e terms, and l.oiiik liook Makers. ilo fchll LOUISVILLE JOB BINDERY ( ivrn wn ti KV's clotixc, st.ikk,) .' M.irl: ttrt, XurSumtt Comtr Third t'As-l- ! R TE FOR AIM ERTHIXG. ardintr. For Rent, and Wants. I.. .stand F t per had square of live lis. ii! I Liclll) live centb for f r th st in. EVERT "yf a t RICHARDSON'S""" S li 3 X U X S , li DAItlASIIC, I EX I f UC. Linen., ntnl timse dc IXSUMERS of Richard-en'.- . ins p .od-- . thoiil.l ree that oils of ol.taiuitiK tiie the articles Ihcy purchase at e sealei with the lad of the iii tii. V J. X. KICIXARDSOX, SO.VS owi:.v, tS a guarantee of the foui,.hic:s mid durability of the Ti is caution is render- necessary, as larre quantities ,.f inferior mid defective Lin-are prepared, with tiie name ot RH ll- sea."li, und se ii'.ii-.ii i. rt s tr.iics- - ol the nouiy AKi'.Mi.. ly lit tie Am. i.d th. tur.-rof the pcnuitie will no business so pr litai.le. w hile purch lie Imp. wih tio.-.i- of a tvortnles.- - charact- a int j. in jllocki;Mtv 15. lock n, street, New ork. :.!.--. f.i dly C'.iu. OWilX iVVVOOI), Mailt ttre.t, Ovuttt niJe tiond door uloce Thinl, DEALERS IX HOOTS AND SHOES, il poors Sprlnff St red Ifl. AN I cioprisii,.-- every-El- l "7-. hi.- - f.r M. :,.-- . v.. .men-s.- f , Childr. n s and S. rvbi.ts" wear.' ma.;- - t.i their pecial rd. r. and on ,. able tlicm to hll ail t.rdeta a: low and Stwie, NES DEALER , IN BATH tubs, AND Goods Generally. g No. 77 Fourth street, two doors alrove National apq LOl ISVILI.E, KY. AND CHILDKKN'S LAD IKS FANS JUST RECEIVED AT J. SI KS', r rjAr.siAii-r- to ux: had at c AIOliK'S, A XI) CSV XO.fi7 bid- -, Mai ket street, between Floyd an.l Is business. I now view of qnittin t'le "WITH a v ENTIRE STOCK, in FAXCY STAPLE AND llllMKsl IC DRY t.ooilS. CAR. I I I S. Kl ll.s. CUKTA1N OOODS, rcbice l c. at .t fail hose inscarch of cre((t barituins should tiriccs. V. MoRlv to ucidlui pa.t'f VV. H. C. DRYDEN, COMMISSION MERCHANT l'ecd and ProtiJiee IJealer, Xo. Third street, between Main and the River, 'J3 LOl IM ILLE, KY. attention irveti to the sae of ITay, Crain, Fruit, putter. EgKs, Onions, Apples, Potatoes. Flour, Paeon, Lard. Ac., Liquors, and Mitnufactured . jv" Orders solicited and tilled 011 tue most favorable terms. jr Liberal cash advances made 011 coiisiirtiments. ii. dttis Pri.-- " GREAT BARGAINS Hotel, dtf ! corner Seventh and Market sts., l.l.o-R1. Silks; Oreandie Lawus: Lace Mantles and Shawls; Fine Embroideries, all kinds; Laces. Shawls. Hoisery, Parasols; Towthfrwlth a full suj.ply of STAPLE and DOMESTIC which mi2 I will sell low for cash. JOHN DAK ROW. T( FI.sllINO KI.- EJust received from t on voy s, a superior stock of Fishifiv Rods. Reels, Lin. s. Mieikd Hooks, Ac. Fine Rods, two and three new patterns; piece, very liht; Fine Rod .t Fin- - t am Rods, new paiteins; low priced Rods: ..-Medium lM t; Silk Lin.- -, pist and tist-dCabie La.ved Se;utras, new kind; Convoy's Silver and P.iass Reels; arlisie Sm iled Hooks, best; Do I.imrick Snell-- d Hooks, la st: Carlisle Hooks, evtra line; One Fishing- lt.".ks. Parchment; VJfine Floats, painted; Extra Lance Wood Tips and Rings; Evtra Miells. Leads. Ac. Ac.; New at vl- - of Lunch Haskets: Compl. and buy your Tackle at MS M A. D. AX.SFir.I.D. aio dAS . will sell his Iaree stock of PLACK and riMIF per 0 nt. 1. ss A FANCY DRESS SILKS at than can be boll.-h- t elsew tiere. Also a lull slock of SUMMER DRESS COOPS, which he will s. Hat very low prices; with a full stuck of Seasonable liooiia tou numerous tu mention. Call soon and examine for yourselves before purchasing eltcwhere. SAMUEL ROTIICIIILD, Xo. ni'i Market street, Fi.21 dim bet. Second and Third, Louisville, Ky. HOUSED cii.Moin:, PROPRIETORS. IIAK1US& dly ap21 FAXCSr OODiS GREAT to BARGAINS! present dctentilnrd close my business. I ureat indiicein. t.t to purchas- rs. Job ..u a ill to rs at Any pers-- ll bareains. bo into business of the kind, can favorable by ii.p!vin." tiie Slock of not large, ami Fixtuies and cieeti. tally. is bulucli assorted HAV1XC. W. . TXLIIOT, Ihird.-treet- . Southern Saloon and Restaurant. I'll S. H. PANZER, Proprietor, Corner of Court Place and Sixth Street, Louisville, Ky. PEG h ave to inf.. rm mv friends and t'.e public irenera!-lthat will open on Monday. Nov. Hist, at pi o'clock, with :: splendid Lunch everyday at that hour. Pinners R. ,'rular serte.l up to suit lawyer-- , merchants and th. dinner from I to o'clock; and other meals set at all hour-- . These in want of all killd-o- f rare liirds. Came. Ac. will do well to call, a- - my Saloon w ill be conducted on the Xew Orleans style. Meals sent to oliiccs and rooms wjtvii . S. II. PANZER. Iti21iitrsi I r. CLOCK, LL.IL AM) CKMKXT, -t LI (HIT. CHEAPIT. HIST. AND MOST PRI.LLIAXT I.HillT IN THE WORLD. .as brilliancy, IT Issnperb.r to coal thanincandle. and twelve to times COAL all of the most improved OIL Rurners LDIFN, some a "fifty cents each LARD OIL AND FLUID LAMPS LnnxJ Oil. and lw quality of Coal fill. Lard Oil. and Piirnins- Fluid, wholesale and retail. Fourth street, near the National Hotel. County for the Lunar Unlit for .ale. dtf HARDY. LEAH Y A CO. r o; boxes choice brands Vinriuia and MU-for sale by souri Tobai-eCAJlU-iU4 lOItlilTT, KA Main etreyV. H 1(J riVIBACiCO PLll.R elsowhi bi; dtf K S. MAHK.... ) ECE1VEDTIIIS Khl Olo to call purcha II. Main street, First and Seeon ,G. F. UOU.Nsi. between f. ............. PA Y ay Poplins; Plain C Colored Illusions; For sale at low prices, man MARK A DOWNS. 471 Main rtrcct. ftPLFNIHD LIKENESS OK PISHOP SPALIU Nl Paris a b autiful t have just Likeness of Rt. Rev. M. J. Si ii.m v.i. Lisbon of Louist ille. and is sold at th- Th Picture IsfJ by il inch VSEIil; A I.EVElMNt;. price of i. Xo. .VI Main street. mul r rrr, ill' l.tllk, ( IMPORTERS AND W IIOLESALH DEALERS In Wln. s. Liuuors. and Fancy oro. ries, Xo. tsi Tnird street, have in store and for 11 cV Sitsale- bids Dourbon V.'hisky, 4 years old; do 2 do, do do; bids pi caaks Coirimc Drandles; fsi Ion LUNAR S' - KI 10 KI DAILY COURIER. I.OUISVII.1.K. och-t- rt Vt ine: adcira Win- -, U do; ine; il bids old Apple Ilrantiy, pure ll.l io do hainpatuie Win s. various brand,: Co ' and J. McMilh'irs Native Eiielish and Sctch Pale Ales Mid Port, r. Claret in eases, Annisette, Absviithe, Maraschino. Curacoa, Ac. Also, a laru and well assorted stock of fie-- h Fruits. Sau ces. Pickles, and hermetically sealed OuoU of all set ipuous. at lo ket prices. liil f e.JI'l H. A. UlSt I)EH V ( ()., LlyL'Olt MERCHANTS, WIIOLIALE AXD Retail Dealers in Whisky, prandy. Wines, Ac, rQ Market street, above Prook, north aide, Louia-- iltj: ville. Ky. In store and for sale ; 2lii bids old Copper bbls comm.. ii ibi; do; bbls Pourboli leahela do; Pi bbls Mo Apple llramly, 4 years old; t bbls old 60 casks Imported Prandy; do; t elds Iiomastic 6 pijies Holland tiln; 13 "a casks Imported Port Wlns-1- 2 bl.U l.ineer do; in bbls Madeira do. Alo. reiieral aaturtinciit ot Ll'iuors, Win. CUarg, Uss-Tvhtufco, AC AO. dtf pi .APRIL 21. 'ATl'KDA Y XIORXI.XG,. Latest Tclct'rapH Dispatches, Steamboat News, Comiiitr-ciDIatU , etc., see Fourth Tai;e. Dejiarture of Trains. ;i?tJ-'i- River Cittl al Lonsvii.i.r. New Ai.Tt.tNY and Cuicago 7: A. M., Vi M V. M , T:4- 1. M. 1 jHr'FEKSONYII.I.E AX1 Mil AN APOL13 C:l." A. M., lUioO 1'. :.L 1. l.oiTsvn.i.E 7:10 A. if., N.vfiiviM.r ami 5: 1'. M. Le:.a:ion l'.nim U A. M., 1. XI. Louisville, KitAXKiMitT and Lexincton 0 A. XI., i'. M. LtsirrtiiikTC Affoiiunod.-iiio- M. Arrival of Trains. T:4.- Xi:v Ai.hany anu Coicaco :.. l::;r I'. Xf., A. Jleptin of the t.t ncral Council. jy.!.rt;,, j. u: rku,- i;r;.,u.,vm,,,,,i f '" The - Cit.j Ojnrtr Onl rtd. regular session of the (i. neral Council was held last evenim,. XYe subjoin all the in both Poinds that are of any Reiieral TiilD 1'. XI. jEPFKRSfVNVlLI.E ClCo A. AXU lNl)IAN.iOI.IS XI. l XI., It I'. XI. 2:".') P. XI., 2 P. Lo: isvn.LR axi XI. J.ciiMum lininili IIUmJ A. XI., AM V. M. Lot is v and Lexington 11:10 A. XI., li;."ij 1'. XI. LaosriiiiirL' s'.ctouiuioiUi-tlu- u Si: 10 A. XI. Nashville ill::, tVeekly Courier. Our liiamniuih tularirt-Vfkly, containing finaiicinl, politictil, find news of tiie day, is issued thiii itiorn-ir.jand can be had at tin: clerk's desk, enveloped rcut'.y lor mailing, at live eeuts per copy. Tin: si .MLW coi rich. o'clock, fjr the purpose of clectint' Inspectors of Hour, coal, li.piors, tVe.; also V harfmasterand Ke. iK r or Alms House. The proposition to the new stalls in the addition to Preston street market, at auction, was referred to Committee on Public Works. A communication from the Street Commissioner, proposii-o- . sundry improvements and repairs to streets, was referred to Street Commission of and Western districts. COMMON COUNCIL. XIr. (iilliss, from the Finance Committee reported sundry ordinances levying all necessary taxes for the fiscal year ending March !, IsOl, viz: Tax for City Purposes, " Oas " House of Iiclu;e, Water. The ordinance levying a tax for creeling a House of Kcfuge contained a provision that the money collected this year should be expended in building all necessary houses, and not ou the improvement of the grounds, was stricken out on a vote of S to 7. A resolution was passed providing for the election of city otllecrs on Friday night next. The annual meeting of the Kentucky State Xledical Association was held in Bardstown, on Wednesd-iaad Thursday, the ISth.inst. Professor K. Ii. Palmer, of this city, was chosen Presi- dent.' The following new members of the association were elected, viz: Drs. XV. A. Hickman and A K. Cox, of Bardstown; Drs. G. XV. Formcn and Orion Cox, of Nelson county; Drs. Crillith and Hobbs, of Xlt. Washington; Dr. Overton, of and Dr. Torter, of Henry. Reports of Committees appointed ct the last session were called for. None of the Committeemen being present, except Prof, rainier, of Louisville, they were continued. Dr. Palmer made an extremely interesting verbal report on "Improvements in Surgery." Wednesday uii;ht the retiring President, Dr. C. P. XIattingly, delivered an interesting address on the importance and advantages of State and county Xledical Organizations. On Thursday morning, Dr. Spillnian, of who had been appointed ou the Committee on Xledical Biography read extremely interesting biographical tketches of some of the early eminent physicians of Kentucky. The President was empowered to appoint delegates to the American Medical Association,and to the Pharmaceutical Convention in Washington City. The Convention then adjourned to meet iu Owcnsbora on the third Wednesday of April, 1S01. As our iMii'day edition will hereafter I.e d;div-ere- d In n exprecsly ordered, tliose who oi ly want it uhmild 1 aveiheir name-saour eountini:- rouiu or with the caniers. Advertisers who wiU tlnir advertisenu iits in- scr: i'd in the Si nday C'OriiiRR, which is read and seen by ev.ryloiily, aro re.iuesicd to send in early as convenient. t'lcir f..vor.s of advertisers will bo inserted on liberal Unas. Tiie cariicrs who iiureha.-their routes, will I'umisli the Co; i;:i:r t.) tlieir sul'serihcrs, every day, Sunday iueluded, firl. j er week, Suhsi lilx rs to tiie Si nday Coirier alone, will be ei:;i; lied by the carriers at 15 cents a month. Divorce Laws ix Indi ana not Legal in Kex" Ti t KY. During the late term of the Circuit Court in Covington, a suit was u;i for tiie! which tested the laws of divorce of Indiana win n applied to a citizen of Kentucky. As we hard the incidents in the ease, some two years or th re;;! in'.its, .in indi idual residi;.!' in Kenttdi county, by the panic of Owen II. l'outll, of a ife and child, cnii-- I Km;., in the luitd to the Slate of Indiana, detlarcd himself a. and brought suit in one of the courts of ciiirtcn, th.'.t State li.r a divorce, and obtained it even l,e-- j forj he had acquired citizenship. Having thus ;, r pudioted his wife, i:t accordance Willi the laws t.f Indiana, he came back to Kenton county, his actual residence, and learned another wt man, v. h i has added a youi'irster to Lis house- hoM. view of the fact that Mr. Powell had thus In obtained a divorce, XI rs. Dorcas Powell, tiie re-- j pu.Ii.ited wile, comes forward and makes an ap-- I plication in the Circuit Court for a divorce from her husband, and nkiiif; in her plea that alimo-- I Tl:e evidence in the case was n y be allowed. heard, and when concluded, Judojc Xloore, in Ids opinion, declared that the tourse l ui'siied by XIr. Powell, in irointf to the Slate of Indiana to procure a divorce from his wife, was ailn farce; Powell was a citizen of Kentucky, and therefore no ktral divorce could be granted by any Court in Indiana; the piaintitli XIrs. Dorcas Powell, was then the " ifr of Owen II. Powell, and the Circuit Court over which he presided had no power to decree a divorce. The result of the trial placed XIr. Powell in rather an unpleasant predicament, for according to the decision of an Indiana Court he had two wives, though a Kentucky Court allowed him This decision of Judirc Xloore may debut ter others from eoiKinitting the same ;;Vv"e nr.; rcijucsted by XIr. C. C. Spencer to for Ca;t. Jus. V,'. Uransay that his 6ale ium, will be as follows : At 11 o'clock A. M., the stable on Second street, formerly owned by V. II. Adams, will be sold on the following terms cash, balance in one and two years with interest and lien. The sale: of his brood mares with "John Henry" colts, will be on three and six months credit with interest added. His country teat (handsomely improved) will be sold on Very liberal terms, which will be made known at the sale. The sale of the country seat and stock will take place at 3 o'clock P. XI. Ileal estate aud stock buyers will t.f course attend. Dratii of Col. Jaues Ve regret XIonuoe. to lc-.r-n that Col. Juiues Monroe, the third sou of the late Hon. Uen. Xloiiroe, died at his resi deuce in Frankfort, t;f consumption, on the morning of the "0;h iust. Col. Xlonroe commanded a company of Kentucky volunteers ut the memorable battle of Iiucna Vista, on the 2M and 23d of February, IS 17, and afterwards represented Franklin county in the Kentucky Legislature, lie was noble in person aud noble iu He had extraordinary talent, and character. stood hiirh in the lei;al profession, (f which he v, as an honored und honorable Few member. men had fairer promises of a hm":, useful and fumouo life. Tue First of the Season. Pass evening our attention was directed to some old acquaintances that we have not seen for many a moon. These were no hss than some superb tomatoes, rare, red, and ripe. Xicssrs. CawicH tic Co. had just received them from the sunny South, together with turtle and oilier delicacies, calculated to make an epicure rejoice that lie was born in so excellent a place. ThmaT'ies ine; by XValkcr's last Z'ir Pot lock's boring, morticing, and drilling machine appears to be creating much excitement and amont; our mechanics, as it supplies a portable hand power, sure and cliectual in its operations, which they have lour desired. The very low rate at which they may be manufactured and sold, places them within the reach of almost every our. See advertisement in another column. Zy XIr. Spencer s.el!s this morning at 10 o'clock, by order of the Administrator of Lewis Haddock, deccawed, alarge lot of household furniture nt his late residence on fireen street, between First and Second, to w hich we call the special attenlion of the ladies and furniture buyers. city, this w eek, is tilled with our fair country cousins, audas they all are, no doubt, (food housekeepers, they should mpply themselves with Hurley's Celebrated Quirk Ycaft, before they return, lie sure you ex t the ueuuine. IaT Our Lr.cTi RE3 ox the Creed. The rector of Christ Church will deliver his fourth lecture on the Christian Creed Serevening. vice to commence at a quarter before 8. All the Beats are lice. ;T"Sce card of "Know Thyself, Charge," iu auuther toluum. ROAUD OF ALDERMEN. . iompkiii.-J. resigned his clerkship. A motion was, then nude to l'.i into an election, v.henJ. W. Tompkins was reelected Clerk, he receiviiiir vo Vots, und It. A. Hamilton thrie votes. sV rcsoluti n passed both Hoards P meet in joint session on Friday, April; i!Tth, PS A), at Sj; State 3Iedical Society. o'. SiLKS! BLACK AXD FAXi V DIIESS JOHN BAKROW, Northwest I A LARGE Schocley's Patent Refrigerators, House-Keepin- without alteration t ".Marri i s and Death notices 5.V f .r each Insertion. -- "Calis f..r. and proce-diof. political ward luectinis will i.e char-.d iialf price. Sf'N'oyearlv contra, ts made, by which advertiser has tin privilege, f chan'int; uiatier or stj le of caid vvithout ad l't: inal dial ire. ir-A- ll a.Uertisemet: pa. et !l tin. Kl. as xt.w I. V.t o rates mer menis dircct-- tl tv be PisPLiTliD, orsi-tichar-cdouble ttiii.t in W ELKI.Y COURIER ten cents a each insertion, ai.d no abatement fur leimtU or time. CiyTnAXsifcXT ADVtl'.TI.slXU MUrT UK Pill) nR II ad- - . I.Ol l ILLE, KY. TiESCKIirTIOX !F . d WXI'IX! LZlzf 'Sv in any styleex.t-tii-si. .1. at short notice, and ih Parli.-ulaB att, nth. river, to th- Newspapers, AC 01 .....s.e. raq.phl-t- s. :ry"id,A.NK ROOKS load, to order. ilt'.in rSTw STOVES AND TINWARE, WZsTZIZ COOZaSIlS, t lor in advatic r.ll tlic coniincivial, BOOK BINDING! AT AXD ROOKS. PLANK VXD DEALERS IV SCHOOL Ac. No. 5)1 Market HOOKS. (.iltinoublina. street, lietaeen Second and Third, and suutlieast corn, r of Mara 'i dANiui ket and Preston sire. le. Louisvi'lc, Ky. P Look Binding executed Every able terms. iiifoErEia, iT TIOXERi, CI V. i Jt- - lIAlUilS a; BOOKSLLLEKS c.nlesspaid I BRYANT, .T. AND BRYANT Iiiifctnl strtets. a with TS connection Tenth our Saw Mill, we have opened willYard furand Walnut streets, where we corner of nish Pry Pine Hoards, Flooring Shinides. Joists, Scai.tlin, and all other buildiuK mat- rials iri o ir line. rVCt'EED i.ttife 3IRS. M. Ll'XnKR YARD, DRYOooiiS. In fw-- t evervthinrusaally found in a first class house, runNismNG GOODS. T., BET. FOl RTII AXD FIFTH. TEMPLE. MASiOXU" XO. AXD and returned HAS assortment from the East with a larce the season, of new Goods, suitable to cjnai.tiiii: in part of Rich patterns in Silku, fancy; BIURET, n . SlMUNCiGOOI)S AXD DEALERS IX NEAR WALXUT. 1. I.E, KY. LOl Is of all kiin. Is of Ornaments f rexte- of Roih lin-such as CapitxU. for f..r Cornices. Doors. Caps. I ck-s tr.l of every variety of f o v.oka t ntei pieces. Rti!,i.i:nrs f tlic latest an. modern st;. it. always on exhibition at the Works'. STireiilars with reference and pi - he; t.i be had on application. tn"7 dtf ghsat Ccsarlcs He(aur;in(, January I. lof). I860. SPRING TRADE. 1860. FIFTH STREET. rotoiuac Shad! AT THE . CISS0I.TJTZ01V. C.THOXAS.EMC. '.i "aVrANTFACTUnER aJJLlior decoration WATCIIEf., E ( lams, S!ic!l Oysters, ,'hoo.i.ti cotriTi.ii. and the Court of u,rtii (,t c.uirt Place. Oiiicc on k iftu street, fuur do-plO Kr!HK-FIX- rXDFHthe National Hotel. The undcrs'unied in- - 'b s .rtnient ..f ev-descri'.iable article, includini 'o'V-ii.- . toliowinz. ail of ahicil are olh re.l on ac. o.uo. jewelry: , I'enL ml. JeU Miniature. Ac: Chains. Lockets. Rin.-s- . Ac- and Aiiicric.,11 Gold and Silver atches. S. Spectacles, optic Glasses, rurveyors tompasses. Watchmakers' Materials. MauuTacturer of Mlveraare; Ue- every dcpa.-- t r.ent. paii.112 .i Jy.7cti inn 1. ."lain street. 'i'L lrn - V- CJi'U f tlliwOLl'TlOX'. f lietween wartnerehin under tne style of . A J. 1KI'PEX. hai ciiaoiVHd hy mutual eoiisent on the 7th inst. Kilher i aiitiiorized to uae the iiauxe of the coaceru in wlio are ind. bted to the eoneem will pleaM All I'to rail and nuke a settlement at their earhe.-- t convenience, tij e iah to Uave the trouka cloaed a soon an poihle. IIKSHV I'ErTKN. Louisville. April 10. JutEi'U 1Li'l'tX. XO I U E. will enn'hiue the MEItCIl AXT TAIL-J- . riITF tuisina at the old stand oUIMiand FI'KM-IIIX- .i . where lie will tie f H. J. Happen. No. 4: h Main ileas'd t a ait unou hi old fneuda and ninny new one. IIEXKY DtFI'kX. apI2d Ili-MTIOX. rpnF. partnoraliip cfSTlliMAX k MERRIWETIIER U :.afc .lv AXD KKTAIL HEJLKU I!t Fine S: ectaclcs, to suit all eyes JEWELRY L. l.y mutual consent. hvinc purchased of C. iovnell in the Louisville Woolen Mill.:. thcint ili roptiDQi- the husioeM in his oa n name, and settle all tue aUair of tlie lute firm at Ida otuce. No. r.i W all atroet. I.. KICIIAKJiStiX. A. liUUHNKi.U U.nsvtu.r, AnrU 13th, 1 r4 orlr. Silver and Po carric van-- Falls City Terra Cotta Works, THE Wm. DISfOLlTIOX. erUtinr ttnder the sy'.e flUTE ro,nrtnor'hip JL of KM HAklM)N A lii:nUNEl.L.i.-t:iidyiiihHdv-- a IS A. FRKNTZ, uca.oDttie inot literal Itrms. JLrE h. LLL, President. HtsuT Pkm. Secretary. ' K. L. Mm-- r.KT.UL PEALKKS Corner of Fifth and Market sts., Louisville, Ky. rNPERSiCNTD HAVE PEMOVED TO TIIE buihhmr. corner Fiftn and Market s's. re t..ey have opened a and complete stock of ; his. s.r.d Jettelrv. This assortment cornpri-e- s Auieri-- . Eniii-h- . and Swiss WaU'iiw. and Jewelry of their own . ot the riche-- t and lno-- t eh irant style? a I. d also. Clocks ol toe u:u;iulacturc, and Mlver patienis: let i'lateilware. WeinuteCe at'etition of pt:rchaser. tivA plcdiecur- !v - to sell as low Ma call behi u :i.t ill ti.C East. Watchca and Jewelry Cflli'iTiioiids are set to rev: Hnd warranted. price paid for Caii'in.ia C.I.!. tS dtf HoLtSALK (over tha . W. iiaruaw.) Comt'sny i eneairod In a rneral THT MARINE ANli Fii'.K IX.--l KAXCE Lui- - - -- 1XD JEWELRY OF Di.tinouus, Watchc, Clocks, Jcivclry, tie r:ti.k of ture of Opposite DURRINGER, & IKACTl'UEIll" MAX of Ma-ftreet. opposite the Coed, over the etore of n!ile htl CarnalhlK. tiken t'aidin ii .. . In ti ls department I nave a Iar-rEl V E SPECTACLE?. variety, and aiu determined to merit a continuance ol the li'cr-patronajre that I have received for years past. lic- w arranted m ex ery ease. oer is ies has charne of the Vat h Makine Tie- J. R. M. C KAMsEi. partiiieiit. Ue.tidtwj WU.ILESALE 4 Vt theeity. Viitches, ClocUt., Silver and Platedware, h on the Looisvii.e. OFFICT A otir lioli iirent. Jyi dam T MY' XEW AXD ARE PLATED WAKE. uusimia of Cor d. Pearl. .tyles, iu variety, and t JEW El RY. Ricu and , Lava, and at prices to i lease every ta te. A I CUES. Ensrlish. Su iss. and American. In Gold or Pile r cases, duralile in quality and at I rices that cannot fail to meet the wants of all. ci.ot Us constantly on bund, the lanrc.-- t a'sortient in Gar iet. uin iox. SocUtv. Charitable, and Political Notices, it's, rt ,! f .r .Vac the III st. and Sh- for e ach sul. tUent ini" sertion, and killuot he published unless paid L.r in kVr I Ft ERINO.VJl Main street, lid WEIiil Ky., 'Vlo"i 'clow Third, of all kinds of Dlat.k Looks, and KW-- . V kecpcitist intiyon hand a l.iru-or retail. for s,u.-- eolieral whole.-akblank RooVs made to o.h r Merchants and ot:ers Can have the'i: ruled and hound to any paper mid paf.'cd iu and accurate tyle. MAIX STIiKKT. roTOT M i!n and llulliti street, fernnd utory of Xeacomb" liuiidi::. entrance on Main tlret' TliiS Company cont't:ue to niake Innr- tne ier:i or navn.'-aiice q on riiips. Meamhoat-- . and toeir l or Fire on Yerl and ataitK -- ; buiidiic and in Hurl, and Aloises a.u coubenlg. JVAZS TEALCE. Presideut. Abhim II:te, Secretary. Cy.O wi' Is.!-- f'tf Yice Prcsi Jeot, rIXVITE ATTEX'TIOX" eintif;l tilKiliS. SiLVkRVt EET, year i A. Pnnion. .'aiTim llridireiord. W. hrctit. J hu K. Alien, toutrt Murreil. 11 '.Ji tw in ered SOX. and vl ;rl ei.h J, ij Mrs. Pryat.t will remttiti to receive and . ' wait upon her friends and the public at her old st.wd. while Mr. Mdh raiil be pleas, d to ait on his friends street. rustoiners at the staDd No. ll. Or.b rs promptly tilled. Packa.cs delivered in ti e city an Portland. iu..d;f DIRECTOR. J .ha Warrner, K. IT. I "aval K Y u:,e. K m. F. Nm.i..v. J.'hii S. Ilraubfn. J"hu T. .Moore. or ri itst & -' ves t ire. S .1 st, u.i e one 1001. fi. re two months ntiis ..iuurethree isquare six months " ' Ml twelve n:otitit ire clianiMbie we, kly lo: twh e a week i"'. square cliaiuaide weekly, six niontiis iX; f .r three n.oMhs 5"J '. -t C Editorial noiices. intet'.deil to draw attetiticn to ntinvt ntions. impro einents, biisiii. ss. iintl articles fj, sale, ttiilbe eharaedat the rate of taeiity Iil Y..ftM . TERM: DaPyCoiirierper y. APR IL interest: T II I it IJ S T I.Ol'IsVILI.E, KY. AXD I i I'jiid in and Scoured lt..!0 at Ui rii on rlipi:.enf t y Meaiu'ooaU. ! aod the iuia1 uumI. of in'.H'id transportation; ou LuiiiLi and rmtli airainfl lo&a or d&majre ty . OPPIOE, ; "1 :.c ; SOX'S Those wishinto purchase will please call on us and style, quality and prices. It will not incur tiie least oldi nations to luirchase. fehi dtf J0n KITT5 CO.. Main street .'S4.(0 R iXt'E COMPANY, No. fc) Wall street, Xew York. ti'l.ftl!) Capital and Surplus . THE underlined. Arctit of tiie hove re- .11 do a reiieral Fire In- liable Coneomies. ye busine at tbe lowest established as usual, promptly adjusted rates. I ( and paid. iu- a return of the pvtrnnan of lib" fonuer friends lie In Luu- l.aak.ea, auuof Uie pubuc iccaerijiy. PAIiK KIKE T.l ti'ne AXD OTHERS OF TIIE MO.-- T DEIR- able kind. Etiplish.Sm iss. and American Xo. 14 Wall street. New York. THE ; L. LESQlERElfX IIOLI HY ....J) DRESDEX, AT PL LUSHED COAL! 1'IIIS. FRODSII W, JTLES JIRGL.VSEX, F. C. AD1MS & SOXS, ROME OS. X in COAL, Third stn 1 nc 0:1 whand a ih.. supply of Pi bur.-anCoal, hu ll th y are prepared to flimi.'i in iartc quantities or by to meet the of purchaser., i n.y invite particular attention to their upsrer Coal. Orders pi omptlv att. n.h .l to. A .sIN. IRA third street. r.2.l:f Main and .Market street J. l..iJ en COL! IXRtVO ' ATLlM'iC FIRE IXrl'R M'E t OMPAXY, Capital and RYHY keeps constantly on hand a larce r the i.- -t and You. hiojhenv Coal. Also the "Harttord Ciiy I e better for steam or cooliinj purposes; by many families ot the cilv. who pronounce it nearly cpial 1.1 Pitt burc and superior t any oil,, r n,. in ue for slcaiu and family purposes. All lair trial of il. and ii r ii.t il wilt sa'islac-lion- . ahoh-sahand retail at the lowest c prices ; Fourth street, below Main, and Tl.ii d mice, ca-- t SUvet. betwev Main and Malket. AN D ' LOUISVILLE CUURIEK ritlXTIXG LUMPY" Uii ler an Ai t if Iiic.rp'r:.ti'iri iT:uitcti y the Koiitutky Lct;is!iiiurt. (OIL! W'M.J.. MI M iip;.yof SILVERWAR- E- have now on hand a verv t.K'k of FAXCY AXI PLAIN ML " . UtK a..loi:t...t f. ...ii""o as f .r or.linarv nurroses Th atvl.ia flUKu l.etle! apiTeel .ted l.y st eilltt tlleln than l.y ilcactip-tioll- . It will allord til- - ..eas ire to show thenl. WM. KKMIRK'K. 71 Third street. a.'.diw tlUU A COAL! COAL! l2f J. lxlR i( E COMPAW, Xo. SI Pine street, Xew York. ,Vtf.(0 Cash Caiital Tliir Company d..e business on the mutual plmn. return-In- r of liicpronu uf the b the policy holders Coti.nanv. tiS F. f .r sale at all tiimw. v the lur.-and at retail, -- t quality of PI al the lowest market price. l t o.VL. Also. LLECii I.OTIOM Co.vL i.t mui fi law, r rates, J. N. apUdtf Third street, n ir corner of Main. II! hit f:illLII fJolm jNxiir. Xo. COAL! COAL! IIAVIXH Jl '."T RETl'KXFI) FROM THE would call attention to the la rue stock of t Alt liKs. JEW IXitV, MLI TEDH ARE that we have ever offered for ale. and a hich embraces a Very rich variety ill eacti department, many ot aiiicii are uianutactured to order, an ail procured at the lowest cash prices, a hich enahh-in to oiler them a low as can be fouud elseaiiere. Ail war ranted as represented. tlcpln and examine for yourself at 3 I THIRD STRI ET. liet. MaJu and Market. Jidiw I H AVE KECEVTI.Y RECEIVED a vcrv heanti-VJi- ' SIl.VKIS TEA SET. aiao MtllML-V- EKtVTtii Tl'KENE. M. KEXDRICK. 71 Third st. a;..Uw 2 WATCHES AM JEWELRY Beautiful Blvhn of Emvlif.i and t.eneia iu alll i .'8 ail er cases. I i which a; atientiou te.l; a'so aiarje variety of Chains and Jcwclrv of lai. s. st. les. just received, an. I to hi. h 1 am maaiiii; f: Call and e inine at additions. M. KS.MHtlt K H. 71 Third street. ai; dm-- BY feEtTRITY FIRE PRINTED K COOPHlF FIRE IJisL'ttASE CO.. of Ne Ca.ii Capital LAFAYETTE FIIUIIXS CWi CapitaL i 2s.,jcW M Sew York KENTUCKY, SATURDAY MORNING, LOUISVILLE COURIER WILLIAM KENDRICK, II. of Hartford Conn. WAsJUXCJTOX IXSUKAXCK Capital and Surplus LOUISVILLE, gnahu. WatcJifis and ft tne Vcj lo Hartford. Conn. ml VOLUME 30. S. l," - did-- ";lvlmn most ml iirt.THiln.ijmiid''J proaertv. uhI Hie lives i.f j.-- Utter fro,,! Joh,i , Morris John liorrisSc v write Hi Visit to iwytri JbmrfK from Loudon, ou the n "th ult., as follow. w ednesday I , ''ok a run down to Xew-O- n trainius quariers. I mars., to see Sayers at ju,, M , arm, J tlire at seven o'clc .r, lo ridt5 la started Irom the station in , out .. 1. . I saw two men who also WlJ ju,, u.oinriil o. . .a that had am Veil at the Wlae j4rk. ajid y " "" au"'.r. it was neuu 'i their 1 :. .1 see fat es of the i.. il x lueu ',t toward me, but there u :elLa. the' tioii.' ab..Lt t : k t.l the head and neck t smallest i t. that maiie me recognize Liu, mi once. V.hea Th y LadooiZo-tthe di.-V'- r y '""ked around, mm :?s 1 gut out, l" M Stsyers wai.i. d up to me, and putting out his bind. S od: "1 :us is XIr. Morri.-.-.eI believe." Aiv mends v.,;;, had be. a down iu advance of me, and wh., i. ,wr came toward us, were then liitroipue : .1 round, and the whole party of star:.u;. t , t;,e While Hart Hotel, where .. .t us, ana we pa,s--- d the eveu-in- g juoiej Uo.d o 1 lock. .Mr. Fuller, of - .... r;, :n very anxious he should the trainerand leave us g ito U-early, but he very positively said al l not hurry iii.i.self, and staid, as I tell you, till after ten. 1 he next morning I took breakfast with Lim, as aiso d.d .Mr. Berghaus, an artist, who wai sent nut in the s,t;i.e snip, W;til ov Frank L. sue to illustrate the Svtvers good stripped for him, and "put up his bands" that he make a good Lk. rtcss of hi,,,. aatl snowed him everything from his lightin" shoes to tae buttons of his shirt. He is tue besl m;luu man ot his M I t.vtr ?:IW, and his confidence 1a perteet. His system of training is ihtfereut Jroia that of any man you ever heard of no .jurriii" no lighting of bugs, no nonsense of any sort! and he does at any and all t,nies, pretty much Wnat he Iceis like (o;ng nt the mouienL Next week I shall probably g. down to Newmarket to remain w iih him until the tight, and as I have) got a hi tie in, re ihsh ou nie man I want, I shall u..t object to taking a part of his work with h;n day in and dey out, till the great ev.-ncomes oil lie did not show any inquisitiveness about at ail, but looks upon the tight as a sure, thing. He has laid money at six to four, and when 1 toi l Lim that amou'g the last th.ugs I did 0:1 having was to make two largo bets on hint at live to four, he regretted that he coull not get the cliauee for such an in vestment her,-- . -- a - COURIER, The International Mill. Free of Lli-'AND SPECIIE3 OF STEI'TTEN A. Doi'OLAS. V.'c have received from F. A. Crump, SI Founh street, a handsome duodecimo, embracing tha record of the life of the distinguished Illinois Senator, together with most of his important spteches. This is, of course, intended as a campaign document, and in the contingency of XIr Douglas' nomination, will prove not only of great Interest, but exceeding value. It narrntes all that the Little Giant has performed, is enthusiastic in tone, and will meet the cordial approbation of his admirers. Xlessrs. Daly it Jackson of New York, are the publishers, and they have performed their task with the usual good taste of that publishing et-- t ibli; hmeut. Theater. The theater was crowded last night with the beauty and fashion of the city, a tilting and worthy tribute to the graceful aud accomplished actress, on t lie occasion of her second benefit. The beautiful little play by John Howard Payne, of tkiri, was performed most satisfactorily. Xlits Richings played the part of Clari wilh tenderness, pathos, and wonderful truth to nature. In this and similar parts, f he displays an excellence most rare, aud worthy of ail homage and admiration. The musical interlude between the pieces, was the cause of more enthusiasm and applause than we arc accustomed to expect from a quiet undemonstrative audience of a Friday night. Xliss Riehingn makes her last appearance for the season, playing in two pieces "Love iu '7ii," and the "Little Savage" the occasion, the benefit of Peter Itiehinifs, the veteran AuierL can actor. XIr. Richings plays Haversack in the ''Old Guard." It is unnecessary to assert that he will play it iu a masterly and finished style. We hope that the last appearance of XIr. and Xliss Richings will be to a good house, one worthy of these two accomplished artistes. Installation ok Rev. XIu. Hoyt. The very intereeting exercises connected with the installation of Rev. T. A. Hoyt, as pastor of the First Presbv terian church, took place last evening. A large audience was present, and inoe-- t of the Presbyterian ministers of the city particitutcd iu the services. Rev. Dr. Robinson preached the sermon usual ou tuch occasions, and the Rev. XIr. Rice delivered the charge to the new pastor. XIr. Hoyt is a gentleman of line taleuts, and since his brief connection w ith the First churth, h is not only won the admiration and esteem of his own congregation, but the majority of our He occupies a very important aud citizens. commending position as pastor of the eldest and leading Church of Lis denomination in the city. We can only hope that his career may be as long and attended with as much good as was that of his reverend predecessor, Dr. Breckinridge, whose praise, after a generation's service with that Church, was spoken from the hearts of all. Enrollment. The " Nelson Greys " of Bardstown, were mustered into the State Guard on Thursday last, by Col. C. D. Pcnnebaker, of Louisville. The following officers were reelected: Captain J. C. Wicklifle ; 1st Lieut. N. A. Crouch; 2J Lieut. Howard Hyucs; lid Lieut Wm. N. Beckham. After the election and enrollment Col. Pcnnebaker addressed the company, which was happily responded to by Caj-.tWieklitfe. ijrThe Oppositionists, Union party, Americans, or whatever they may be styled, of Ohio, were in convention at Columbus, on Wednesday. They appointed delegates to the Baltimore Convention, and expressed their first profcrtnea for Bell, of Tennessee, for the Presidency, and for McLean, of Ohio, as the second. Mr. Crittenden was voted for, but his friends were few and far between. The convention numbered about one hundred. Heavy Storm. Yesterday afternoon a very heavy storm of w hid and rain prevailed alongthe line of the Louisville and Lexington railroad, detaining the evening train for the city about forty minutes. At Bagdad and North Benson freight cars w ere blown from the track and con siderable damage was done to fencing and timber. At Heu It turns out that the Johnson, Cincinnati, to whom was addressed the box containing the runaway negro forwarded by express from Nashville, is no less a distinguished female than Miss Delia A. Wt b.ter, late of our Kentucky penitentiary, and notorious for her negro stealing propensities. Oi.o Thicks. XIrs. Hannah XL In Advance. We are indebted to our friend Bull of tiie Adams Express for the Bardstown Gazette of this morning, delivered us last evening. This is annihilating time and space, but it is a way the Adams Company und Its messengers have of doing business. April continues to sustain its reputation Y ester" as the month of sunshine and showers. day there was a, continual alteration, and it waa dillicult to determine for five minutes at any one time the character of the weather. Divorce. In the chancery court yesterday the chancellor granted a divorce to Daniel Talbott from his wife Ellen XL Talbott, on the ground of abandonment. Boarding. XIrs. Barnes, Fifth street, between Green and Walnut, will rent her front parlor newly papered and furnished to a genteel family without children. dctS Kavanaugh has appointed Col. J. P. Barbour, Clerk of the Washington Circuit Court, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of Us, Starr, until the August tkttiuij. 1M, I8()0. NUMBER 8U. Th" etvvp:ipt.r Law. recent act of the Legislature providing for the publication of judicial sabs in Jctl'ersou county, in the daily j,i;nrs of this city, has been facetiously termed the "Newspaper Law," but a literal construction of it WolilJ have entitled it more st; Lt! to the name of a "Stay Law," as it would have prevented the collection of debts in our courts v. ithout the tri it'tit ruiic,. ,f (f.t fen.lmtt. ' A case involving the merits of the matter was, by agreement, submitted to Judge Logan, of the Chancery Court, who ren.lercdthe subjoined decision yesterday. The Marshal, in substance, pleads the of an order adjudging the sale of property, because of his inability to (in writing) of defendant to obtain the said Here Is Judge Logan's decision : Forth Louisville Courier Kentucky Stale .Medical So. A S,i,d Bayh-s- Clark, 'tve. j I: seems to the Court that the of the Marshal is itisnllich nt to prevent a sale of the pr.:-rtin a.iy aspect of the case. Tli-a- ct approved February 'JTtli, IvkT, (if applicable at this time to the "case) should not be enforced to prevent a sale. If the net be taken liiendly a sale could not be made without first o! mining in writing the assent of defendant to one or ii, ore daily newspapers, in which to advertise the sale, and filing the w riling previous to the sale in this Court. A literal construction of Hie act Would put it in the power of defendant to prt vent a sale of his property by w ithdrawing t, his written and a literal construction wm:!, I impose upon the plaintiil, or upon the .Marsha!, tue trouble of getting the wr.ttt u assent, whb-- sometimes might be impossible bv reason of th.t defendant's disability to five ah assent in writing, or by reason of the plaintid or .Marshal not being able to lind the defeudant, or by reason of defendant's own contumacy even w hen he might be found. It seems to me that the act thus literally interpreted w ould be un- constitutional. But tiie act (I think) can be so interpreted as to be constitutional, aud that is by understanding it as if it read thus : "That all sales made und 'r execution in the county of Jeirerson and city of Louisville, and all sales under decree of the Louisville Chanccrv Court for the sum of 00, aud above that amount, xhftll be advertised, i:c., in one or more daily news; apers published in the city of Louisville. But the papers tuny b.. selected by the defendant whose assent In writing shall be first given by him and tiled in the Court rendering the judgment or decree previous to the sale." The act, if thus written, might be understood as merely a privilege upon the defendant to designate in writing the paper iu which to advertise the sale. And if he should not choose to exercise that privilege, or could not do it by reason of infancy, or any other cans.', it would be his g own fault or misfortune. And the want the paper in writing could be no obstacle to the XluXshal's complying- with the former part of the law, which eprc-l- y says "that all sah-be advertised in one or more daily newspapers published in the city of Louisville."' w ill be auI think, therefore, that the thorized to adviTt'se the sale in question in one or m ire daily newspapers, even though tiie assent of the defendant lias not yet been obtained. e But whether the Marshal is authorized the sale in question in a newspaper or not, he cannot legally refuse to make the sale which has heretoti ire been ordered by this Court. He cannot excuse himself upon the grounds set forth ia his response; he should proceed to execute the order of the Court wtihuut waiting to get the assent of defendant in writing to any particular newspaper in which to advertise the sale. Wherefore it is adjudged and ordered that the sale be made absolute. stll Foreign Restrictions on Tobacco. The President's message concerning the duties on tobacco in foreign countries shows, 1st, that the French Government will not surrender or modify its monopoly of tho manufacture and sale cf tobacco within the French empire; 2J, that the Government of the Netherlands is more liberal, t and that their duty on foreign tobacco is so ihe agricultural interest of the Netherlands do;. lands a higher protective duty against Anur-lea- n tobacco: and od, that the Government of .t has not increased the duty on tobacco, though a movement to that end has been made. Our trade in tobacco w ith Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Biazil, and other foreign nations, therefore remains clogged with restrictions and limitations wholly inconsistent with that fair and reciprocal condition of commerce which ought to exist between ihc United States uin! those cations respectively, and is, therefore, unsatisfactory to the States of Virginia, .Maryland, Kentucky, au t other tobacco-growin- g Slates. Importations tF Wine. Within a few mouths past .Messrs. Graf cc Wcyd, of this city, have paid 'into the L S. cu toin house oiliee of this port over four thousand dollars for duties on importation of w inc. They have intimate buciuess relations with the largest vintners of Europe aud import direct from the grape presses. Yt'e w ere yesterday favored with specimens of their Rhine wine in sundry bottles, containing the most delicious juice of the grape that had blushed and purpled on the banks of the famed legendary river. Xlessrs. Graf ev Weyd, on Xl.iin street, have very extensive cellars and are prepared to furnish all their friends and the public generally w ith the choicest article of the best vintages for family use. The Nativity and Last Si ppeu This is, we understand, the last day of tiie exhibition uf the wax statuary, illustrative of the' above mentioned memorable scenes of Scriptural history. Those of our citizens v. ho have not yet visited this remarkably significant exhibition, should not fail availing themselves of this final opportunity. XIr. Vanuuchi has prepared these works of art at great cost and long labor, and ho well deserves remuneration for his expenditure of time and money. In Darkness. The region of XIain, Bullitt, Sixth and other portions of the city iu that vicinity suffered for sonic time hist night from had missed his condarkness. The nection and failed to illuminate the streets. Of coarse it is only necessary to tali the attention of the Gas Company to this neglect to have it immediately rectified. Demolishing a House. John Treanor, of the police, committed to jail yesterday two individuals, named XIartin Mullen and Thos. Boylen, for breaking the windows and door of the dwelling of XIrs. XIaria Kelly, who lives on XIarket street, between Clay and Shelby. Ileal Cstate Transaction. The following are the transfers of real estate for which deeds have been issued, for the week ending April 30th, 1ST.0: K. W. Ronald to C. C. Kobinson, Slhyl:i5 l.'iOO 00 feet ou JeUerson, west of Eighteenth st. II. Dekt-- to A. Ji'tig. i'0 hy !7 feet on Rose C25 00 Lane, between Hancock and Clay sis go hy 75 Jim. YV. Seott to C. .Montgomery, 210 00 feet on lirccfcinridge, west of Hancock st. J. K. tihccns to J. W. Scott, lo by 150 feet. corner Krvckiuridge and Hancock sts. . . . l.fUHI 00 a.'t) 00 Yansant & Brewera.' hy 1:10 feet on Lytle st. to Jno. Swindler. 41,'j P. S. acres ou Mill Crock hi Jetierson county.. Loo! CO Vansant tt l'.rewer to Jan. liauncpleia. gJ,V bv Pit) feet on Lvtle st 20 UO J 0"Xeil,2j hy Pitt feet oiiLvtl-- st 2.1OOO Same th Penj. Mcljacse. ir- -' i hy Pju feet, ad- 2"i 00 jiiiit'IiLr above Van-aJc liievti r to T.f. Puiiicrov, !'.'... hy I.ouO no Ho feet 011 bank s: feet ou S itne to I hi istine Farrcl 25 by liankst R.isa Ann Hughes to K. Van Hainan, id ieet P,1 inches on Third st Same to V. Miultz 25 feel adjoining the above VV. 11. Funvood to A. t.upton. 17.'... feet leasehold on Jell'ersou, Oct v ecu Prook ami r lovd fc Co. to Win. XL, lot N. O. W ill Kishelsville E. I), llnbbs to Ih.rr 11. McCown, 2h aires ou L. & K. Railroad E. I). Hiihbs to Sarah Pope, 50 acres ou tiiHise Creek by M feet ou D. Laviclleto V. Itankiti. tireen. east of Eleventh st Mary El. Preston to Wm. C. Preston, lot of n oi'iiiind on Turnpike, seven miles from cilv W. P. Do Wolf to V.Wetzel, SO by EC, feet nil Xlain,bctwc"n Sixteenth and Seventeenth sts hy le5 to Jacob Mcrkcr. Geo. M. Sreah-feet on Ninth, s.iiuh or Market to Par. Tienmy. ,1 hy pit feet Jas. on Chestnut, east of Sixteenth st S. S. Jones to W. I.. Matthews. 2'i foot :I inches by 1(15, corner l.ravson and Seventeen! list- W. K. Dml-- t', administrator of Anson t(. Pheltis. to S. .1. Hare, 2l.l by 210 feet ou tirayson and Mulberry sis to Ko-- a Ann Ceo. Zorn, 23 feet b'v inches hv '.to feet on Third st Hortisby. 21 hv p) on Main, east of Nineteenth; 12 feet li inches by 110 on Nineteenth south of Main; IS by Union M: ia east of N iiietce.uh; '.he ti feet" ti inches by 110 on Nineteenth soiitiiof Main: half lit 2'I feet :i inches hy lilt on Seventeenth st. smith of Main; half of 21 by I'M comer of Ma: and Nineteenth sts : luilfof ts bv lil I'orucr E:jhtlecnth anil Main sts...'. M. Pliestcr to J. K. Howell. M by 2o0 feet ou Third st.. soiithof llreckinritlge F. Carter to llcnrv Smith, Jl bv !5 feel oil Third St.. between Main amlVi atcr Vansant tt l'.rewer to Frank Done, Si feet hy 120 oil l ytic st 2o0 00 IX '!, 5eX) 00 1100 00 Too.OO l.CtX) 00 7,500 00 050 00 5.000 00 G50 00 l."15 00 "75 00 2'.5 00 1.200 00 2..K) 00 1.111(0 1.100 00 J,SU0 00 2:11 Oti JJfThe Hartford Times has the following: "We learuthat in Suiliel I, the Abolition Board a man lo vote who had already voted admitted fici'ov in Massachusetts during the past twelve months. He voted, of course, the Abolition ticket. Other equally llagraut cases are reported from that tow n." if Mississippi seems tobe suffering for want I of min quite as much as this State. The present month has iu most places been unusually dry, vegetation and retarding, the grow th of thy joupoj crop. i "y. meeting ot the Kentucky State Medical Sim ii ty nu t in Bard-tuwApt.l lsth Dr. B. XI. Wible was api oii.te.i eeretary pro iu the absence cf i)r. S. M. Leeds-' secretary. The following Hew members wti- t lei tel. viz: Drs. E. II. Lucketl, W. L. Stirman, S. l Hub!' 1). J. Griliith.O. XI. Coy, G. V. For. nau, J. W." Benson, A. K. Cox, W. A. lliek::i.i:i, and Burr Overtoil. The following gentlemen were contlnui d ns chairmen of the Standing Committees, viz Public Hcgeine Dr. C. XI. Sliced, of Frankfort. Practice of Mediciue Dr. W. B. Caldwell, cf Louisville. Improvements in Surgcrv Dr. B. R. Palmer, of Louisville. Epidemics Dr. L G. Pav, of Paris. Ob,utrics Dr. J. llardm, Louisville. 111111:1 On Uses and Abuses of the Speculum Uteri Dr. W. K. Evans, .McAfee. Mineral Waters of Kentucky Dr. IJobt. Peter, Lexington. Epilepsy Dr. Keller, F.ivette count v. .Malarial Manifestation iii Meade Count v Dr. IL K. Puiev, Xleade county. Legal .Medicine with Spet i t! R. ference to the Question of Unsoundness of Negroes Dr. E. L. Dudh y, Lexington. Xlcdi-- al Biography Dr. Silrm m, Owensboro. The following were elected otlietrj for the en suing vear. viz : President Dr. B. R. Palmer, Louisville. Fir-- t Vice President Dr. S. M. Hobbs, Mount XX Second Vice rresidi nt G. II. Luckett, Ow n.sbori). Recording Secretary Dr. S. XI. Btmi-s- , Lou isville. Corrisponding Secretary Dr. A O. Treasurer Dr. XV. H. Hickman, Rirdstowa. Librarian Dr. B. XL Wible, Louisvilie. Dr. J. Hardin. Louisville. Dr. H. C. Hewitt, Louisville. Dr. W. B. Caldwell, Louisville. At "o'clock P. M., Dr. C. P. Xiattinglv, the retiring President, delivered a and highly appropriate address to a Urge and anoreciarivt; But twoof the committee appointed audience. to niase reports were prepare,., vu: Dr. Pa nn-r- . on Improvements in Surgery, and Dr. Spelnian. The former delivered an "elegant address, Settin" lorth some important an.l recent improvements in the surgical art; and the latter read well written sketches of the lives of the late Dr. Tr.i:n,ll. of Harroilsburg, Dr. XIcBravcr, of Harrodsburg, and Dr. John be miss, of Bloomfield, Kv. At 1 o clock, the l'.tth, the Societv adiourned to meet at Owensboro outhe the third Wednesday in April, ltil. Dunne the meeting of ihe SoeictT the mem bers were treated w ilh the utmost hospitality by the physicians and citizens of Bardstown. The retiring president gave r:i c.itertainmcnt on the. evening of the l'dtU, when ..e members bad tin o; ; ortunity to meet the iii.e.leci, the beauty, and fashion of famous old Neisou. Owing to the railroad arrangement, many of the members e obr.god to return to their homes without being able to partake of a'i the festivities. Au invitation was given and scecDted. to visit Nazareth. Tue Rev. Xtr. Hazi-ltlnshowed the extent and arrangement of the vast buildings. The chapel at Nazareth is a perfect gem beaut i?ul without and if possible more beautiful within. It is anl to be t:ie unest piece ot architecture in the ;tate. It was stated that the number of voung ladies receiving education nt this institution is two hundred and thirty. The arrangement for comfort and health "of this large number is most excellent, lue limine, school, recitation and music rooms were thrown open to the visitors. The array of bright eyes, however, was the chief attraction, even to the oldest and most sedate. One air of br.ght eyes we saw, and which we never can forget, was tlaucine from the key of ihe piano to the music book; and there were other bright eyes, too, and smiles about so iiianv. XVe never wish to forget the scene as it presented itself to us iu the full school-room- . XL D. lEeportcd Expressly for theiLouisviile Ceurtcr. , mi,t Upon that hint I told him he might have tlf.;) of my New York wagers at evens, which ho Sladiy accepted. Ia speakirg of the match ho s;ud 11 wat an atlair, and had never been spoken of as anything else. "Iore of the uuu. I'OLICE COI IIT. GEORGE W. JOHNSTON, JUDGE. Fuiday," April V. Or.TAiNixii Money vn deb False Pretenses. Root. Boyd was arrested charged with obtaining S.j 50 from XIrs. Stevenson. She says that he came to her house and said he wa:it" d to stay ill night; that he g ive her a token, telling her that 11 a live dollar gold piece. She gave him Si U) in change, and lie left immcdiatclv. and the next dav he went down the river. Secu rity in j'psJto answer at the Circuit Court committed. XVaer vnts. Peii dcsperat-l- v afraid rah Xlvers is likewise ileST ter Giiium security was Ckos3 that he is pJ lort'iree r Gi'.'.um took 0.1th of Sarah Xlvers, and cnttelv afraid of Pe required of each in mouths. Peace Warrant. A peace warrant sued out Davis agaiu-- t G. C. Davis was dis- by Anna missed. Disorderly Csdivt. John Connor pie id guilty of disorderly conduct and w ent to the workhouse six months in default of s jit) baiL Stibium:. Joseph Shoe was arraigned forun-lafully stabbing Sebastian Ann lech. Accused and Au eleeh went to tin.' Turners' Hall together. and Shoe got into a diihYulty "icre, and struck a boy, and Auieiech asked hiia wuat he done it ft t, v. hen accused stabbed him. Thecase was here laid over. ?Iarriagc License. The following licenses hive becu issued by the Clerk of the Jefferson County Court for the week ending April 30: Electious Fowler to Elizabeth Simpson, S. OberdotfcT to XIary Wolff. John Vernier to Barbara Lesh r. D. Munday to Margaret XL Crcddcu. Jas. Loc.-c- h to Xl.itihia Ihiusch. Adam Bush to Wilhehniua Uehm. Edward Newu to Bridget Wade. Henry Mann to Xlina liahn. Patrick Xlalee to Anna Dennief. Win. Gears to Johanna Flynu. Jacob Ycmiawine to Caroline Ilaubcrt. r to Margaret Fisher. J. Fi-R. II. Forrester to Sallie Hamilton. Edward Hetithamc to Teresa Kraz. Frank ll mies to Louisa Boeder. Thos. Mayriek to Bridget Fougherty. George Kriel to Emma Stoll. Michael A. Schneider to Pauline Reiss. Franklin Sewell to Ftndy Bird. Vincent Devoto to Mary Ann Sullivan. Peter Betteh to Anna Hcimbcr. Chits. Guhne to XIary Reppeto. XIORE OF TUE BllOWM Col'NTY PolSONTNC, AF- - faih Five Persons Dead. XVe published some days ago an account of a poisoning affair near Fayetlevil'.e, Brown County, Ohio, by which, sis we stated at that time, three persons "e have since learned that had lost their lives. two others have died, making a total of live who have been lxiiaonedto death by this unfortunate :ifiair. The name of the family is Story, and a miller having for a long time suspected them of stealing his Hour, and being unable to detect them, mixed some arsenic, in quite large quantities, in a bag of the article and determined to await the result. The entire family was simultaneously seized a short time afterward with eimtix, aud gave every symptom of having been poisoned. Their physician discovered the deadly mineral in the Hour, aud the mother of the fouhad stolen it. The lly then confessed that reputation of these persons is said to be r.uite affair, although it caused some bad, and the in the neighborhood, does not appear to have awakened any sympathy with the victims. tV.i., Fatal Difficcltt neab H.ux Lvke A Levee Contractor Killed. About S o'clock ou Monday night last, a difficulty occurred in the vicinity of Horn Like, Miss., betweeu Patrick C'oyle.'a levee contractor of this city, aud a foreman in his employ named Thos. Noouan, in the course of which the latter seized a double-barreleshot gun aud discharged its contents at the former. The gun was loaded with large buckshot, four or live of which took effect in the rtght side ot Coyie, below the ribs, and several others in his arm, indicting wounds from the effect of which he died ou the following day. The body of the murdered man was brought lo this city yesterday, and an imiuest held over it by Coroner Home and jury, w ho rendered a Verdict Noouan lied and at last acas above indicated. counts w as still at large. MtwjJ.i V'li'tiin, l'.TA. Suootim; Affray. As Capt. Elliot, a gent'e-ma-n residing in this county, was reluming to his house from his barn, where he had been feeding his slock, w hen he had almost reached Ihe road which runs between the house and the barn, Frank llord, a young man rtsiding in Lewis county, was paiug along, whttithe Captain spoke to him, and asked I.1..1 when he had gotten back from to vv hich he received no answer from llord; he then asked him why he did not speak to him; llord then replied tha: if lie would get over iu th- - road he would tell him the reason. The Captain then started to get over the fence into the road, when llord dr, w a revolver and commenced Iiring at him, hiiting him once, the ball entering his side, iiillieiing a wound which it is feared will prove falaL llord made his escape and has not yet been arrested. JUoyxiUle ;The Temperance nu n behaved badly the :?other day at Salmraville, Ohio. They had arranged a member of the "Sons" for a violation of his pledge. During the trial, a brother-in-lagave the lie to a witness, and sent it home w ith a blow. Then followed a promiscuous tight, in which all the movable furniture of the apartment was shied back and forth many times, the w hole affair winding up with a pyrotechnic display, caused hy the upsetting of two hot stoves. This was on Saturday; Sunday was passed aud bravado; on Monday, two tltrtiHt Sons of Temperance met iu the one armed with a druggist s pestle, with a carving knitc. 1 bus unequally in thrcat-ening- s of the ei strcit.the the other matched, they fought till the bystanders them. The temperance cause seems to have been the greatest sufferers. ClBCYIT Col KT. The Mercer Circuit Court has been in session for some ten days, our capital juilge Kavanaugn on Hie bench. Ihe case of the Commonwealth against Herring for the hiliiug of Worthain was tried, and Herring acquitted. Andy Burnett, Xlaj. W. A. Hooe and CoL C. C. Smedley represented the, Commonwealth, while John B. and Phik B. Thompson, James Hardin and Judge Xloore represented the defeudant. JLirrodAjitty VVcsn. painters of Brooklyn hare asked their employers tor au increase of their wage. They demau'ded ?3 a day, which it U said will be fs'rauud. Fist-Datt- The New York Clipper, just at hand, contains a letter from Heeuan, and a good deal of unimportant gossip about the attempts to defeat tho "great match," by persecuting the "boy" in Lis training quarters. In opposition to the statement of Bell's Life, that the fight would Lake place on the day originally named (the Pith), the Clipper asserts positively, by authority of that it had been again postponed from the to the ISth inst : nrtzNAX's LUTTEii to thk clipper. Beoford, March 3! th, 1X). Fbien d Frank : You will observe by the heading to this letter that we have once more been compelled to change our quarters. Is it not a little singular that while I have been disturbed no less tnan four times in my training. Savers remains at Ne market unuiolcste 1. It is certainly vexatious to be driven from place to; lice, as I have t een; yet I do not su:fer it to disturb my equanimity; but, on the contrary, it has the effect to incite me to leave no lair means untried te bailie my opponents. 1 have just received intclligt nee that Xlorrissey has arrived. In com; any w ith Dad Cunningham and Paddy Hughes. XL irrissey has stated m the papers that if I win my bailie with Savers, he (Xlorrissey) wi.l fight me again, but not "otherwise. He "(a.a 3 y dowu to sp ir with Savers. The news was to yoa t ytheli.-- t steamer that the day of fighting haa been stt back to the Pita. F.,r certain reasons we have again changed the time of fighting to Wednesday, the Wb day of ApriL 1 his new3 you have in advance of the others, so make use of it in the Clipjer. 11 i'ita continues his talk against me La London: but neitUerh inselfnor paper can defeat me. I w islt you woul.l send the Clipper to my trainer. Jack McDonald, whose address I He is a staunch friend, and his tear; enclose. and soul are wrappe 1 up in this match. We are all well, aud iu spirits, and if I do not fight and do my dutv on the 1Mb, call me a lours. J. C. IIEENAN. Barvroi s Affais in iRONDBroiT A Child Pi lled in Pieces ct a Q" ack LVktor. A most sh.Hking a::d revolting case of human butchery occurred in the town of Irondeotio.t on Friday night la. t, the facts of which, as e.ici-- t d before Coron. r iiioss, are as follows: John Hanson is a laboring man, and works for .Mr. I 'avid Forrest, on his farm in Irondeqtioit. Ho lives with his wife and children iu a small shar.ty upon the land of Xir. Forrest, on Buy street, about two mile from the city. On Friday night hist, XIrs. Brunson manifested the sign which, usually precede Hie advent t.f breathing humanity, and a young named Hflloway was dis. patched to t tie city for a physician. Having no particular directions and being ignorant ol tho le practitioner, he unfortulocation of nately called upi n one George: llauek, who lives in North street, where he has doctor's sign out, the mess, nger reco, let ting the n from the fact th u he had delivered a load of wood there. H.uiek proceeded tothe house and commenced operations., the detail of hich are too revolting for publication. Sutrice it to say, that according to his own testimony and lhat of others after hj had ope ruled in a nior t brutal m:mu. r for a long lime, during wki. h the poor woman suffered tho most inttn-- e agony and beset t hed those arouud to kill her. liauek. at the sugg siiori of Forrest, procured a small rope, and placing il aroiiiiti the ueek 01" the child, he and Forr.-spulled upon it uiitil it passed through, severing thej head from the bodv, aud leaving ihe wuiuau still undelivered! The "Dr." then sought to remove the head but could not, Winn he tied the rope to one of the arms and th.:s tix k awav the bodv. Leaving matters in Ihis jusition he came to the city and procured the assistance of one "Dr." Adaia Mil ler, wtta whom he returned and with whose as- he removed the head, llauck was com mitted to jaiL i;.!usttr l iiiou. Rel Comedy is Life. Officer Cartholo- niew, of the Mayor's Detective Police. vtsurdaT evening detailed to us the circumstances of a case that came recently uudcr his oificiid notice. It seemed that about a Vear ago a young ladv of Urcai beauty, and the daughter of a respectable and wealthy family in Alabama, came to this in company w :ta a miy as her governess tha purpose of fiuishing her education, tstie took boarding at a house on Chestnut street, and en tered oue of our fisbi. enable and disiin uished boarding schools. While- residing here she met a young gentleman from Salem, Xlississippi, who was in tne town lor the purpose ol study mg medicine, and who was a I. An attac hment sprung up between them, but, owlug to. the surveillance of the governess he was prevented from paying anything other tluin mere ordinary attentions, lie accordingly left the boarding-house and ttiok up his residence elsewhere. By some means he managed to keep up the communication w ah the lady. Yesterday morning she left the house for the ostensible pun of attending school. On arriving at broad and Chestnut streets, she found her lover wilh a car riage, lhey entered, an.l drove to ihe residence of a Methodist clergyman, who married them. Her . departure was noticed, and information lodged at the Central station. Officer Bartholomew found the couple at a house en Chestnut street, below Thirteenth. The lady was removed to the custody of the governess. We undt rstind that the mailer will come before the courts. In the shape of an application, on the part of tho husband, for a writ of KibcM corpuj. r.'iua.kt- j hla i' A Yocxo Ci CfLE of Pli ndered bt ttte Agexct The St. Louis Bulletin say that a few nights since, a young man, clerk ou a steamboat, who had been recently married, re turned to his home in lhat city, and on retiring for the night, laced his imh containing ?10, under his pillow. In the night his wild says she aw. ike and though: she saw the shadowy forms of three i.ien standing over the bed with Something iu their She was too weak to scream, and soon fell into a state of In the morning the husband and wife: awoke, feeling very sick, and discovered their clothes cVcrv ariieie, pants, coats, that petticoats, tNi, were stolen, besides $10 which the husband thought he had hid securely under had entered ihe house in his pillow. Burglar the night, applied chloroform to their victims, and rob.'ied them of all they possessed. The young couple had to lie in bed until some of the neighbors came to supply them with clothing. the five years ending December P.Ms persons died ill SI, from negiig nee or avcidi nts, of w hom 41.5 were from burns or scalds, st! from poison, 134 from drowning, from suffocation, and 'Z'.'.i from other acDuring the same criod the number t.f cidents. suicides was principally by poison, hauging, and drowning. IrIt Is stated that twenty thousand Swedes and Norwegians are preparing to embark early in the coming summer I0r the United States. Th. y w ill bni.g much Wealth w ith them, but w hat is better, oeing a sober, moral, and industrious raee, they will bring with them habits of industry and morality, which will render thera most valuable citizens. IITme of the articles of the new code of Mart land provides that "If anv person belonging to this State shall (go out of this State, and there marry with any person belonging to this State, w ithout lit ense or publication, each of the said parties, on conviction, shall be fined one hundred dollars' SrnoEN De atil On Thursday night, the 13th Instant, John Kimball, w ho was boarding st the larmers House, in this place, when in the act of coining down the steps from the second floor, it being dark, and no railing on the side of tha steps, m:nle an unlucky step and fell to the floor. He died almost instantly. Jirrotl!itrg iV. tf? Jack Santa Fe, a runaway negTO belonging to Zeb. Ward, of Wotvlford county, was, at the present term of the Xlercer Circuit Court, tried and found truilty by the jury for attempting to violate the person of a young while girL, in Anderson county. The Judge has not jet passed sentence. llnrrmlbHrj iVet. There are now lying at the wharres In New York, waiting to be discharged, about on l.ns !r...i 1. ... a ,,1, .....I....... n.l su ar Iron the West Indies, the aggrtgate value of their cargoes being not dr from three, millions of dollars. ST The Daily Nes, Jackson, Mississippi, savs the thermometer at the penitentiary was Si degrees, in the shade, on the loin inst. rTTslanders, Issuing from red ansl tewuiful are like ft.ul spidem trawiiajj Sou LU tLtoh. iug heart of rvc. Zif lil,

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