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Image 16 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), March 15, 1962

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE AlptJNTAIN E AGLE V 'WHITE S BURG ,",,'KENTjU06KY ELINDA ANN THEATER Friday, Saturday, Sunday March 16-"Little Savage" and "Head of Tyrant" 18 BIG FREE SHOW FOR OPENING OF OUR NEW SEASON 22 and Pa Kettle "Ma in the Ozarks" COLOR BIG FREE SHOW WARNING! RENEW YOUR DRIVERS' LICENSE It expires every two years in the month of your birth. Check for expiration date' in the upper right hand corner of the photostatic copy of your license. W. L. STALLARD, Circuit Clerk PUHU. CO?"Pym ! ' : . 'TTU rSda'Y,' .MARCH 15, i'964. Utii weeit ut Wkaobuxj The marriage of Miss Margaret Rowena Bach, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. B. C. Bach, and David DRIVE-I- N THURSDAY, MARCH ,., Manley Knight of Indianapolis will take place at 3:30'p. m. Saturday at the chapel of the College of the Bible at Lexington. The Rev. Robert S. Owens Jr. , pastor of Graham Memorial Presbyterian Church, will perform the ceremony. Miss Bach's attendants include Misses Beth Lucas and Rita Kathryn Hale of Whitesbnrg. Mrs. Archie Craft has been in Frankfort this week for the final session of the Kentucky General Assembly. The Rev. Robert S. Owens and Harry Lucas left this morning for Lexington and Louisville. They will attend some of the state high school basketball tournament games. Sarah Gish, young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gish. nas re turned to her home after three days as a patient at Whitesburg Memorial Hospital. Rocky Frazier, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Frazier, celebrated his sixth birthday with a party at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Frazier. Jan Owens and Robert Owens, children of the Rev. Robert S. Owens, and Mrs. Owens, have been ill at their home. Whitesburg Brownie Scouts will entertain their mothers at a tea Monday afternoon at the Methodist Church. Pvt. James B. Adams of Fort Knox is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Adams, for a few days. Mrs. Don Croshwaite has been a patient at St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington, where she under went surgery. The Rachel Adams circle of the First Baptist Church met Tuesday night at the home of Mrs. Cecil Maggard. Mrs. Dennis Combs gave the devotional, and a panel discussion on How to Witness for Christ was given by Sue Blair, Mac Cox, Ruth Collins and Mil- - .dred Mercer. Other members present were: Arlic Dixon, Nova Polasky, Nan Lou Evlon, Carlene Frazier, Peggy Vanks, Mattie Lewis, Effre Bentley, Margaret Carter and Ruby Mohn. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Frazier of Premium, had for Saturday night guest L. B. Everidge and his fiancee, Nora Grace Hall, by Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hall, and Kathy, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Williams. Shelia Ann Williams spent Saturday night with her Grandparents. Mrs. Lois Robinson Sturglll and two children, Dana Marie and Rita, will leave this week to join A 1c Eugene Sturglll at Columbus, Ohio, where he is stationed. CITY COUNCIL . . . (From Page 1) from the Letcher County library. The group pointed out that while Whitesburg had promised assistance when the library was established, it is giving no support to the library at present. . V . PAGE 16. . Mrs. Harry M. Gudill library tfoajd chairman, requested tRat the council pay the utility bills for the library which she said, total about $300 a year. Caudlll, Mrs. Forrest Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Zenneth Bentley and Mrs. 'Harold Gillespie said the library badly needs funds for the purchase of new books. They said present library circulation of some 12, 000 volumes checked out annually locally, plus some 80, 000 volumes circulated through the bookmobile, strip the library shelves. Frequently no books are left with which to fullfilrequir--ment- s. The groups said the greatesttneed is for children's books. Many active children already have read all the books in their age group. , they said. Members of the city council generally expressed their sympathy with the problem, but expressed doubt the council would Se able to help financially. In another action, the council voted to continue property taxes at their present level for another ear, and named Charlie Blair J ohn Brown and Parnell Johnson as board of equalization on real estate taxes. The same trio also was named to serve as the Board of Zoning adjustment, to hear appeals in zoning matters. FOR SALE ONLY IN COIN-OPERAT- LAUNDRY ED JENKINS, KENTUCKY. PRICED FOR QUICK SALE Contact Bert Fields, Phone 355, Jenkins, Ky. M l Mill H braided rugs T37.99 ($49.99 value) wide selection, tans, blues. browns, grays 2 GALLONS (One gallon, $2.99) Wide selection of colors! white, honeydew, caprice yellow, smoke grey, soft beiqe $2.99 68"xl04"$23.99 22"x24M 34Mx54" now $5. 99 (was $7. 99) (was $29. 99) OUTSIDE WHITE PAINT 1.99 GALLON 46"x68" now $10. 99 (Was $12. 99) ' HYL0H 39 HOSE i t PAIR e

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