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Image 14 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), March 15, 1962

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

T Pie mi . ng-Ne- H El CW NTA on. EACLii''JWSJiC fN '';rV:'v . . Thpsq. 'atiendig tha Wedding supper given fot Mr., and Mrs. Hurl Maggard, (Martlia Abfloo),' last Sunday evening were Mr. and Mrs. Nicky Hazen, Mr., and Mrs. . Bill Preston, Mr. and MrS. Jack ., Jvlr. anJ Mrs. Talmer Mrs. Luke Hall, Mrs. . Dora.K. Davis, Mrs. W. H.' Davis, Jerrilyn QuiHen, .Dr. and Mrs. . SamQuillen, Mrs.' Essie Qui Hen, Bonnie Davis, Mrs. Emma' . Kirs. Jea'n Hogg, Bentley, Mrs. Dorothy Holt, Mr. 'and Mrs. , Jack.Craft. Collier, I T HURS D'AY, MARCH ,15, 1362. Blllji. . Present were. Rev. Don Downing, Kenneth Gooch, Henry Ed Bent- JeyClai'Rlc Brown, Johnny Hale, in charge qf tna pro: gram. The W. M.,S., are .observing their week of prayer for missions, 'this week. Meeting placet, Monday, .Dolly Nicholson; Tuesday, Rev. Don Downing; Wednesday, Baptist Church; Thursday,. Mrs. Claude Brown; Friday, Mrsi Grant 'Stallard. vjJBQkHS m 1W' '"MLVBr V . . PAG E'14 "Jl:' . ;BllllllllllllllllMBllV Jt- MIVrErPHVHKMivoiHV' -- ' . ' ll4BJeBBBBBBBBBBJPBBBBJBMyi''7' WED0ING S.UP PER' SERVED; MfS.. HAZEN HOMEf ROM HOSPITAL BUT STILL ILL- By MAGGI5 GISH KENTUCKY 2miHBMBBvBBBBB"i Ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmw mM alllllllllllli Mrs. Claude" Brown Is in.charge of the programs. The Neon Homemakers Club ' met at Crafts funeral Home Chart r'anRieDufcnVell, Mr.,jand.Mrs. Kenneth Bentley, Mrs. 'Sam Hush el Tuesday night.. Hestesses Were Mrs. Harlow, Mrs. "Harold Daisy and Sam jr. , Mr. and Mrs. . Yonts Carl Mrs. Clarice Bentley;' and and Mrs. Bob Nicy, Hazen j Mr., Hansel, Mr. and Mrs, ftagey Other members present were Mrs. DuwardBanks, Mrs. .Oka Younge, Wise, Mr. and Mrs. Hooker Hall, . Willis Mrs. Jimmy Tucker, Mrs. Jimmy ind Porky, Mr. Estep'p, Mts. Nicky Hazen, Mrs. Gibson, Mrs. f.oren Bentley, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Craft and Dickey, , Clifford Davis, Mr. Clarence Mr. and Mrs, Benny Wright,' Mr. Harlow, Mr. Bennie Wright, Mrs. Jack Craft, Mrs. L'oren Bentley, arid Mr. Clyde Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Reeves, Mrs. Hooker Mrs. Grady Tucker, Mr. and Mrs. Hall Mrs. Wanda Richardson" and Jimmy Orr, Mrs. 'Lailet Hubbard, Mrs. Frank Gish. Nfrs. Barbara Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Wanda Richardson gave Mrs. Russ Hubbard, Mrs. Mildred the lesson on home nursing. Mad- -' H. Roberson, Mrs. Virginia 'son,' 'Mrs. Andrew Milrier, Mrs. , Mr. and Mrs. Jack Collins of Dayton, Ohio, were visiting Mrs. Rose Blackburn,0 Mr. and Mrs. Wanda" Richardson last Saturday. Clifford (Coopie) Collins, ,Mr. Kathy Richardson has been ill and Mrs. HallemKawoja, Paints -" this week. ; Miss Pauline Collier,, Mlle, Ky. Those out of town attending the Mr. John Butler, Miss Dorothy funeral of Henry .Anderson .were . . Jean Hush, Mrs. Lula Keesee, ,lrs. John Phillips, and Mrs. Jim Anderson, Eddie Anderson, .Dutton Alabama; Oscor Brewer, Summer Holbrook. 'Mr. and Mrs. Charles Branham Joe Brewer, LeoBrewer, Pikeville;0 of Cumberland,' were visiting Mr. Bill and Edminston, Mr. and Mrs." H. H. and Mrs. Grant Stallard Sunday: . Burke", Benton Addingtpn,"' Mr. Mrs.. Charlie Hazen .is home '"after s'pending thrccweeks in the .and Mrs. Shortie Castle, Mr. T. V. Lester, aHof Dortonj Mrs. Whitcsbufg Memorial Hospital. Mrs. Ethel Charles Anderson, She is still ill. Mrs. Mrs. Dora E. Robertss in. the Money, Arlingron, Va. ; ' Memorial Hospital for a check up. Marie Mortis and son Dorr, fair-fa- x, Va. ; Ernest and Elmer AnderMrs. Sam Hush and Daisy were son," Arlington, Va.; Junior Fu-- ', in JenkinstSunday,' visiting Mrs. ' gate, London, Ky. baisyClower. . McKinney'is conMrs. Woody o fined toherhome due to sickness. TO REPORT NEWS OF THE Bessie Copher and son Alex, are . FLEMING NEON AREA, CALL 0 . also ill.- MAGGIE GISH AT THE r 'MOUNTAIN EAGLE OFFICE, 0 The Brotherhood of the Fleming Baptist Church met at the home PHONE of John Smith last Tuesday night. Miss-Milli- e IHijB 1 and-Mrs- Lex-ihcto- n: -- 633-235- 2. STUDENTS AT MOREHEAD Freslinien enroUcd .at Morehead State College from High School are pictured Dr. Adron Ddrnn (right), president of the college, and Mrs.' Dcran (left). The students are (left to right) Ilcnriotta Tollivcr, Lois Bentley and Mary Ann Knight. There arc 65.stifdcnts enrolled at Mprchead fronr Letcher County. FLEMING-NEO- N Fleming-Neo- n ' Southdown . STRIKES. SEVERAL FAMILIES ON CRAFT'S COLLY FLU ny, Mr; Margaret Francis. Mrs. Cutshin were visito'r's in fhehome Rachel Holbrook is ill with high of the Bertis Days. blood. Mr. and Mis. Erviti Baker Visiting the Chester Bakers Sunof IXayton, Onio, are in bed with day were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Craft Sunday dinner guests of the Leonard Kisers were Mrs. Lizzie flu, and one daughter has tyand family and Mr. and Mrs. . Mr. . Roy Shepherd, phoid feVer. Collier, Dow Baker of Kona. Miss "Sue Holbrook, and Pamela One mighty pleased little boy Miss Vina May Couch is in busRiser of Bristol. Calling on the was Eddie Blair; last Tuesday he iness for herself. She makes pot Kisers Sundav afternoon were Mr. had, to gOto the dentist, and the holders and sells them or 200 and Mrs. William H. KIser of dentist was Better Good for you, each. Vina! Bristol and Mr. and Mrs. Harold luck next time, .Eddip. Big business start on a small scale.' Raleigh and son, Harold Ray, of Mrs.'Hattie Lee Holland and Miss Carolyn Holbrook was a Cumberland. girls, Joan and Emma Lee, had very sick little girl with food . John and Lolia Blair of Kona for company this week J. D. Colpoisoning Friday night. . lier and Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Colcalled oh her sister, Mr. a'nd Mrs. John Bentley vislier and daughters, Kathie Blair last Sunday. and ited the Elihu P. Blairs and the Flu is raging on 'Craft's Colly Linda Sue. ,Dave Blairs last week. Edwin Holbrook is recuperating too. Folk down with the flu are Little Violet Boggs sent ,me a Mrs. Chester Baker and son,. at home after major surgery at spicy news item which is as Ralph; MrS. John P. 'Adams, Mrs. Good Samaritan Hospital, Lex- -' follows: "Mrs. Louise Boggs, of 0 ' Cinda Lee Williams, Mr. ington. and Southdown, can make the. best Mis. Bob 'Collins and son, Len Henry Day and son of Jvlrs. (Continued on Page 15) '; cby MABEL, KlSER ." Mrs.-Celi- a , Fully Automatic FRIGIDAIRE ELECTRIC RANGE in color! .Fabulous Frigidaire Flair Range with 2 ovens at low price! . ""Til , purchasers of FRIGIDAIRE RANGES! . 40" Electric Model RCOB-640-- 2 4 color or white It's the 25th Anniversary of Frjgidaire Ranges! 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