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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), August 20, 1796

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

. ? i, m jii y . - .tyyfc mwiwwuji j:,i1 ijygyiL'W'H ft fttti?! KENTUCKY1 GA Z'E T T XLIX-- NUMB. DA TUR A S 1 r- Y, August 20, 179$. VOL. IX. f fall mould name all the carabineers HpAKEN up by the fubferiber on PARIS, Piairial, May 20. and granadieis of the vanguard, I the waters of Dry run, Scott Copy of a letter froui Citizen and almofl. all the officers of the county, a bay horse colt,. two years 1. in Chief of the etat major.. But I must jiotforget; AE m m 0 r ii.i- 11a tins ipring, appears 10 uc r"i. ncm At Cant. William- Alley's. army ot IialjjJ to the Ejieeutive to mention the biave Barthier, who Li. 'elded, a Ilai in his toreiieau, 111s 8p Lexington, August it. Diiedtory. was on that day a cannoneer, hoife-ma- n near hind soot white, no ilible to an oidc. ot the at Lody 22 and gianadier at the same . 61. of JefFerfon, will brand, appraised to il,.gny! chief of brigade, v.ho comWm. STEAL. be sold at p ublic audtiori, on the April 26, , Citizen Direflors, manded the artillery, behaved 1750 I tas ol opinion that thecrofling lthSep. next. on 12 months credit. r . tA.-t.- i uj) by the iublfcnbei, 111 touifville, ftin dry Slaves of the of the river Po, would have been BeauIJeu flies with the remainQx- - living in Clarke county, on sty estate of Edmund aylor, deed. boldell atftibn of campaign army, he is now ftS rally Lick creek, a dark blown Jthelikewise the battle,the Mellehmo der of hisStates of Veniee eroding fes of over tlie ; feve-rJohn Tkruston, rillev. iudced to be two years old one ot the molt vigorous actions V VlLLIAM TAYLOtl, towns of which liavejlhut their Coins. this spring, no perceivable brand, known: but have Tiovt to' Richard Tavlorj gates. Since the beginning of the appraised to 81. the battle of Lody, Ko. BttECKINKIDGE, campaign,, though, we .had. very , Cornelius Darnall. '1 he 2ift at three o'clock in the !'3t i79$- Augull warm at'tions, and the .army of the May is, 1790- , ihomingthe eathed Republic were oftentimes- - forced JO tit. 5ULIJ Taken up by tl c. Jubja ibtr, Cafal , at nine oaranguitid O the highest bidder, on Mon-I- " 10 lliew a great deal of boldness ed tlife enemy defending the Hone of them ha'iert beenfo terriInir tn Salt tiveri near Cattleman's Mill, 4 day the fifth day of Septemni.ii laj horse. threeyears old this faring, brand- - approach of Lody. .1 immediateble as the (rolling of tile b'rdge of ber next, at the late dwelhng-houf- e on tbe near bifltock JD, bis Kane bangs to tbe ly ordered all the cavalty to n.ounr. Lody. .Ifj we lolt but sew iljenj ic ot Robert Todd, deceased in jrliJe, is about 13 hands and a b'alf high, (the femd sour pieces of cannon, which is owing to the execution, and the bcott county, the remaining part above horse came into tbe neighbourhood lijl Hidden elsecl: which the niafs atul the'petlonal ellate of the said ffring, aftud, and has finee been gtlied 1) ap yiadjull ai rived, to, be placed. , ol Genet al Ahgcreau'sdivifion who tremenduou3 sire of that intrepid, decedent, conlilting of ftockof praied to 4 JO. JOHN1 LIGHTFOOT. had llopt at borgqtho and that of column p oducedon thearmy of the different .kinds, farming utenliis, CoVr.ti,AptllAgeneialMaflina who flcpr. at enemy. 1 demand thaf Citizen, furniture. &cv Also will lioutholJ up by ihe lublclibei, r"j 'iKiiJ same day, for a Cafal, marched immediately ; Mourner be coiirirhted adjutant-ge-- . be retued X near the mouth of M'Cohnel's meantime thevanguaid oveifetall lieial, whoferves 3a term of years, the Plantation that capacity said Todd resided at run, Scott county, a brown Horse, the dilferent polls of the ehe,my, although lie is not i'iclded in this whereon the ome laddie foots and white oh 1113 and took froni them one piece ol alRir, I demand that Citizen Key tbJ time of his death. the biae Meffina The terms will be made knowniO,ill,efs on bolh fu!es' branded on cadnon. Weentered Lod inpur- uie near tnouiaer ttius i nrreen suit of the enemy, who had a,liea-d- y and Citizen I'hoiret w 01 thy adjuon the day of sale. hands one inch high, about twelve crofied r.dda, over the budge. tant 6f the third bUtalionof the JOHN KAri.h.bU,.Jtxor. Bcnulieu with all his aimy was gienadiers, be botl' made captains. 1 he fubferiber takes this years old, apprailedro 21. JOHN W. DAVIS. Arranged in order of battle ; 33 , As foorf as e ll.all be settled in-method of informing all those conJniie t , i 796. pieces of camion defended the place, will foi waid 3 ou a list of cerned, rhjt comniiflioneis are, aptv ,n tip by tne uiDlu lber, a palfage of the bridge, I caused those who have dillinguilhedtbetn-fehe- s pointed by law to execute a deed bripht bav horse. branded I S alj my nrtilcrj' to oe placed in on that glorious day. j lor any Kinds which "Aoberc 1 odd, The coinmiflaiy of the govern, dec. ihis liletiuic was boundbofh hind feet white, a snip, sour one batter. The canno.iade, for r. 3. an to convey by any written contract. pyears old, about foui teen and 31. leveral hours vyas ve.ty vigorous. ment was always by me ; thearmy As soon as the army arrived,' they half hands hich, appraised, to 1 is inuch indebted to his activity. And also tcf reieive conveyances BJt.NjAMlN WAR11N. weie ranged under a cioie column For any land which the said decebLONAPARTE. haing at their head the 2d batali-o- n dent wds entitled to, for locating, June 28, 1796. df the carabineers, and fallowed Letter from the Commiflkry of JQHNP4RK.LR. orotherwife. AKKin up by the fublciiber, by all the battalion of grenadiejs, the Lxqcntive Diredlory near LeK'naton. ueiuft io, I79?- -- WH on livinffin Franklin count, the armies of Italy arid the Alp, beating the chdtgea'id extlaming, pIjuMj. a branch of Bailey's run, 3 miles Vive to the Executive Diretftory. ia Rebuitiaue. .M the road leading from L'Jc- - from '1 hoiiias Lillard'S, an iron "We .soon i cached He bridge Citiz'en Difttftors, s nation,j a Tn Rnnne 7 w.'w ray Horse, about fourteen hands Sgbichisone hundieci fathoms in lmmoital glory to the brave arsmall Bag with Cloaths in it ted, hasiio perceiva- and a B.ille; vVhich the osvnef feb,.aud jll(I ed to be lix yearg length r the enemy made on us a my of Italy thanks and gratitude tremenduous discharge, the head nut navt itjivu 'o l further old, has marks of the collar and of our column seemed sort a mo- to tlte wisely bold coigmander it !, the battle fouglit of this adse. tifemsnt ;tor fo"'ne faddlefpots, also some white will be1 ever memoiable in particulars apply to the l'i inter spots on the rump, appraised to t5' ment to hesitate, our fuuation was teally cijtical, Generals, BeNtther, the annals ofhiftory ; htreare the aw.q . , hereof JAMES Mil CHLL.L Mellina, Ccrvanio d'Allenjagne the particulars of which I give you a" the 5chtme ot a oueiy miiie A uguft 4, 1796. DMtp chiefs of the brigade J aifne, and lketch, being hurried by the, time AS town of Paris and county of Boj'rbin, for raising the .fain of TAKl' N up by the fublribcr, in the clyefs of the battalion, Dupet and the crowd of bufjmefs which county, near the mouth all perceived it, and throw ing gie riiemtuch leiluie. tiuiiais tor opening t Chaplain, a dark bay unbioke themfelvcsat thehead of the arinj Ybuhave been informed of the ijn of thefouthtork of Licking ijire, liar in her sorehead, a snip decided the late of the engage- crollingofthe Po, and of what took ;r, publiilied in the Kentucky "on her nofc, three years old next ment. , t place in the adjacent parts of, Gazeie ; would fubjeJl, the , e sat out yesterday .Our formidable column overfett accountablje for c'ne spring, thirteen hands three Inchto be es high, branded on the near moulhll that oppoled it, all the enemy's frotn'plifance, with the commander thi.d of the tickets which might der but not legible, appraised to artilleiywas carryed away from in chief for Cafiir. which general be in theii ha'.idsat the cominence-jneiito- f id. Wm. DOfiON. them ; Be,aulieu's drder ot battle Berthjen, chief of the Etac Major thedraAing. agreeable to January t6, 1796". $ was broke, and in its slight spread had taken the day before. Hence the pabli'Hed i he ManIn the nave therefo. e refolvcd, that Taken up by the iubicntxr, everywhere terror and death. fea- we marched, to course anguard, agers an indent their wole army was which dlretfied its tq wards' (hall on R6a"d run, in Wafliington counthe drawing of laid lottery tured, , Lody, in pursuit of the enemy. jior com neuce until the v.'hole of ty, a grey mare, three years-old- , Oeiieral Rufea, t Angeta"u and The commander in chief had so plathe tickets c in" be disposed of. mrteen hands and a halt high, ap- - Barrant: crofled as soon as their ced the feverat divifloui of the araifedto' 14I. By ojder of the lioard. ' ' arrived and compleated the my, that within two or three hours '. . u mr.. n. tm. aVIOS EDWARDS, C B. victorjr, time they coul J one point ; BonrbontAuqusl: 6. i7oo A horse colt, with three white feet, 'by a ford,J he cavalry ci oiled A,dda his design wpsto join in to a general which being" very bad, come jme hands high, appraised to 3I known, uiat weuie lubftri-TJ it delaye4 rheir inarcli. aiid b that action.' vVe sound before us, at no SAMUEL ItOlJINiON. bers, did on the rpurrh day of means prevented jtheir charging great distance from Lady, a small May 6 1706'. ,. . . July, 1706, voluntarily co'me tlieeaetny. "Use horse of the ene-of .adafli and two, fqua-acknowledge befoie Ood and the rTAK.hN up by the lublcuber, in my charged our troops bat did not battalion horse, defended the ons of e .s ivorjd, that wd never knew any Va(f)intot) county, on Three find it any eafj mRtier to' terrify with sour pieces of cannon., thing of Charles Ouirey.but that of Lick, a bay Mai e blind us Otje eye, them. Nirrht comine oh and the The action took place ; the enemy an horjeft tna.ii, and t,he story that awo hind ieet white, a blaze face, extreme fatigue ol the troops pare aster having feveial men killed, we circulated and re'pdited againll ytrots natural, fourteen and a half ofwhapi had already inarched jnore and lo;t one piece or cannon, were liitp.we ackn'owjede to be a LIE hands high, appraised to 15I. ios than .ten leagues 'on ths same day, forced to evacuate the town of Lo and notorions'falfliood. Given unf we were not allowed to,.purlue dy, antfto fall back on the 'jiain, John M'C, ausi in. der pur hands and seals the day up by the fublcriber, itfccm.ajiy further, The enemy loll body of th.eirarmy, which itood on written. lining on Pope's cieek, in pieces of cannon, two or three j the lest brrkof the Adda. We had Thomas Johnson, (seal) AVafliington county, a'.fnjall gray thoufaild men either killed or f h'afdly entered Lody; when Samuel Johnson, (seal) Porfe, thirteen hands and an inch or ta"ken pjifoner?, Ciiu j lieu's army began a cajiort-z'e- n Telle, Mcfes Black Latqur, mgh, eleven or twelve yea' s old, of gene- - gpd on the town, Their design Henry Botnian. branded thus S on the near d raf Maflina, leceived fcvefal' ; was to hinder the croihr'g of the N. B. Thomas and Samuel John-sobuttocK, appi: iKd to 5I, wounds with a broad sword. I de- - bridge which he ,had not time to l.ive pn, ji branch of HUGH M'tLROY. 2w mand that this brave officer be ' cutolf, and. which was defended Floyd's fork, Jefferson county. Ci- be mide chief of a battalion. by io,coo men, both infrrtry and TKen up by the Iuolcriber, tizen Marmont my Charier Qjirey. horse. , General Bttonapat te d living on Xs Beethfork of Saltrivsr, 7a(h- his coat listed vith balls ;,th,e ' self ran imtiicdiately tkitUer, ;nl v rrAKFN Up by th'e fubTcriber on ington couptv, a bav mare, about fourtesn - tender a ts, caused wyd: Three Lick, in Wafliington imuu uifcfVliu;iii i(i a live liuumg courage of this young officer is lull on brah.led witi A, the mare is brand-ual to his activity. , , :'! vp'pi'ecesof cannon placed a bay Horse that" has had on th'e nea'. jaw and (houlder with a unalrj Is I was to give the names ot all at the entrance of the bridge to' i ne poll evil, ten years old, sour- - edme is about eiohtor mnf years old, apprau-eo ttie militaries who diftinguiflied j hinder the euemy'from attemptiiig-the"peen hands high, appraised to ijl. THOMAS KEELING. to 12I. tfocmfelves on that glorious day, 1 j to cut it 'off,' and wriile cSiioa LvIiyJ7?6: HUUH OliUUli&AAA. J PAINTING SIGN dcfcriptions, Of all " 1 ( done by Trego, - . - - Head-Quarter- AliftatrtBL Flo-lea- l. , 1. , , gal-ant- , , ly. , . 1 , al e-- et 1 8-- t le-la- te head-quarte- ri' hd - on-th- e ' . V 1 1 T 1 T - i" S.i.rf-m-- - . L i. - yj . who-direct- s ay . , 1 t do-no- t ic iui , Man-ajre- .s " '"'. T di pas-sag- - , j r-AKL- Beau-wound- ed be-'r- Ihoul-deran- n j . ) e- in-u- Z-tjt- y, hiuj.-ha- hail.of-cafe"(ho- J ! d " s v

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