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Page 6 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.21 n.1

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

A CHALLENGE TO KENTUCKY NEGRO LIBRARIANSHIP ARY MACE SPRADIAG. ' eC I1)0pal Vi a (illai in Librarians' Section. K. N. E. A. IEleen ntar v librwarv Serv icI slji ni id 1wi finana nil l stiippirttd to Ib e sjtli exteni as gigh schod lil brarv service. ThI loealI bo)ard oi if education sliot(l d al)- pu J#roriate and spend annuall v $1.23 per elementary poupiil. Ilhese staterne't. are iutled from the IducEatcional Bulletin. Libray iService for Kentukevi Sch ls;, as is the folloiwing: Tllere shall b- an annial appropiriatiin anl v ;- piendliture by the l(ocal board of' education of a minimum of 150.00,. or at least 81.25 for each junior and senior hiigh school pupil (%vhiche(v'I armount is largeri for bliooks. periodicals. and otther non-hook p)rinted materials and stupplies. iin- cluding printed cataloi g (ard.." Did vou knoNN tfiat one Negro school in our state lial ca n annual appri )prii- tion of $A10.00? The Negro population in Kentucky is shliiting to stich a degree that. in mans *ases the sclaoxl for Negroes has been discontinued: in cities and towns whver; there was one high school. there is only an elementary school: where there were teachers for every grad(e. the teachers have more than one grade. Tlhis is ni)t news to most. of you readers. It is not news that adequate library service on a public hlevel is almost noin- existent: barelv evident. on hrigh school level: and even less evident on the cle- inentarv level. Full-time librarians are overworked: part-time librarians ba e little or no time to devote to promoting library service. Principals have to 1b convinced (of th(- importance ('i allo inrig time to the librarian: school boards and superintend(nts have to be cajoled into see-ing tlal Negro libraries have funds. How can we use the Librarv lxtension Division? Ilow can the Stupervisor (if Negro Education help us? Can the Negro librarians in Kentucky unite ti assure adequate library service on all levels to its Negroes? Are we receiviril the maximum counsel from participation in local. state an(f national irofmif-isional1 organizations? X e urge attendance at all district meetings and the next Mee~tingI of tie Librarians' Section of the K. N. E1. A. Past Presidents and Past Secretaries, K. N. E. A. 6

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