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Page 5 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.21 n.1

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THE PRESIDENT'S LETTER Lincoln Institute Lincoln Ridge, Ky. February 10, 1950 My dear fellow teachers: It seems but yesterday when I began my administration as President of the Kentucky Negro Education Association. I was not greatly thrilled at the out- set because I had served for a number of years as a member of the Board of Di- rectors and knew something about many of the headaches which would come after the shouting was over. As I look back I think I can honestly say that it has been a genuine pleasure as well as a high privilege to serve as your leader. No president could have had greater cooperation than I have had from all the Officers and District Presidents. Just to mention a few of the things which we have succeeded in accomplish- ing, I would like to call your attention to the following: 1. The organizing of the District Presidents into an advisory body which will meet twice a year to advise with the Board of Directors. This new step resulted in the raising of $2,055.00 for the NAACP which opened the doors of the University of Kentucky to approximately thirty Negroes during the past summer. 2. A special dinner was provided for all ex-presidents and their wives or husbands on Wednesday evening of the K. N. E. A. Week. I think this was one of the greatest steps the Association has taken. It was a real fellowship meeting. There were a number of people who were made to feel for the first time that they were still a part of a great Association which they had faithfully served for a long period of years. 3. The way in which the teachers responded to the increase in membership dues was one of the most encouraging things that could have happened. Our enrollment increased rather than decreased. 4. There has been printed a documentary legislative committee report which was sent to all teachers, principals, superintendents, boards of education and influential White and Negro people. 5. The musical proved to be more of a success than the previous one. 6. We discussed the matter of a State-wide track meet with the President of Kentucky State College and other officials. They have promised that such a meet could be held at the College. ?. We adopted the' policy of offering all our key speakers expenses and honor- arium. Because of this action we were able to present to the teachers speakers of national calibre and prestige. 8. A definite attempt has been made to bring about closer cooperation be- tween K. N. E. A. and K. E. A., also the Kentucky Congress of Parent Teachers' Association. I think we have made progress in this direction. 9. Our district meetings are better organized and much more active than they have ever been before. We hope that it will be possible for some of the K. N. E. A. officials to attend the district meetings this fall. 10. The matter of employing a lobbyist was discussed at our last meeting and it seems that money will be available for such services when the legislature meets. 11. We have given special attention to the program for handicapped children and the veterans. This overall summary, in brief, sets the stage for the future. For the re- mnainder of my administration, I shall have but one policy, to work with and not for the people. Yours very truly, WHITNEY M. YOUNG, President 5

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