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Page 14 of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal v.21 n.1

Part of Kentucky Negro Educational Association Journal

EXPANSION OF WEST KENTUCKY VOCATIONAL TRAINING C. L. Timberlake SCHOOL URGED.. C. L. TIMBERLAKE The West Kentucky Vocational Training School is the State Institution in Kentucky for the training of Negro youth in trades and industries. It is the only State supported school for that purpose. Its field is state-wide, and its program is designed to meet the vocational demands in every community, large or small. This institution was established by a special act of the Legislature in 1938 to occupy the plant of the former West Kentucky Industrial College, which had been merged with the Kentucky State College at Frankfort, Kentucky, the same year. The merger involved only the transfer of records and academic curriculum to Kentucky State College. The physical plant was left intact, and all instructional equipment, laboratories, library books and furnishings were assigned to the new vocational school. In addition, the vocational shops were equipped with some modern tools and machines. THE FUNCTION OF THE SCHOOL. The purpose of the school as stated in the charter is to make available facilities for vocational and trade training for Negro boys and girls to be carried on in accordance with the State's plan for voca- tional education, Sec. 166.040 Kentucky Common School Law. This general aim has been stated as follows: To train the hand and head of Negro youth for skilled and semi-skilled employment; to provide better workers in technical and service occupations; and to improve the home life of the Negro family of the state. INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION. West Kentucky Vocational Training School has dedicated itself to the development of an industrial and trade educational program as its main feature. Since its establishment, 582 persons have finished 14

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