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Image 7 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 25, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

BREVITIES I "CORRECT APPAREL FOR WOMEN" i i 278 Suits i 242 Fine Cloth Dressesand in Exquisite i A Very Special Sale i The Dresses i t t Railroad You want a work shoe that comes up to your estimate of what a work shoe ought to be a shoe that looks good, feels good, wears good and is Soft and Good." You'll never he His.mnnint.,1 o.f. Good shoes, because they'll come up to expectations. They are of medium weight, but built "o stand hard service anywhere. And they look good enough to wear to town or to church on your days of rest. andTheSsoees0LlehlI e eather We are proud of the reputation of "Soft & Good" shoes trying t0 ke thi shoe but drhn;awCUrer! w m S 1'ic-graa- c Johnson & Rand. u'"y oy one-hal- Mi ouerts, J ?nd every pair of . ,u ouuaiuutcs evcr used. Get a pair and see Tor leather are. hnu, "s. and Uood" they are. J ,SOfr;Cooo "Star ran SAoes Are Better . Local Talent Play. hi The "Rainbow Kimona" will be presented lv home talent at Bruce Ball Tuesday and Wednesday evening, May 7 and 8. You will miss a treat if you fail to see it. SUTT & SON Card of Thanks. Incorporated -- Burns. Fire destroyed the two and f story residence of Mrs. Carrie Coleman at I'ewee Valley yesterday entailing a loss of (3,500, partly covered bv Insurance. oak-tann- T j! JLf Sherman Swan, three year old son of Mr. C. H. Swac, of near Mt. Zion, who has been very ill with bronchitis for several weeks, is reported much better. County Residence The Lutheran Ladies' Aid desire to tbank "Grandma" Thomas, Mrs. T C. nomas, Mrs. Rose Leatherman and Mrs. New-toThome for the quills which they donated for the building fun(. I32 R. Market St. it v. Market s I n Quarterly Meeting at Cooper's. The third quarterly meeting of the Jefferson town Oharge will be held at Cooper Memorial Saturday and April 27 and 28. Preaching by Dr. Thomas, P. E., at lt a. m. Saturday and 11 a. m. Sunday, and the Lord's supper on Sunday. Lecture on the "Three Ways" Sun-day- THE INTERNATIONAL BIBLE STUDENTS who meet at Tvier Sisters1 Residence m ar Swamp College every Sunday afternoon for the study of God's Word, will have with them SO SI) A V AFTERNOON, APRIL 28, AT 3 O'CLOCK. "THREE WAYS" BROAD WAY TO DESTRUCTION, (Matt. 7:13) THE NARROW WAY TO LIFE, (Matt. 7:14) THE HIGHWAY OF HOLINESS, (Isa. 35:8) Come and hear these scriptures harmonized by this able Everybody welcome. Seats free; no collection. speaker. I - For Sale. I'ikSai.k Two ifood work liorsrs.oiie four year old eeuiintr. J. C uurciv Bum Plume jefleraeMowa. Kjr. i 44-- tl Mrs. LTEVADA Carlln, who has been on list, is some better. Miss Katie Walker spent Tuesday the-sic- nigbl with .Miss B. li. Hummel. Fur S A Ui Vonnt tresh cow and calf. Mr. Henry Watterson was a guest s ss kmm a ssyuku Jeilersontown. at supper Tuesday night of Mi .lohn I', ik SAi.r- A missive lelsitil ami Anderson. (old style) vet y aid and luukdsooie.tiSO Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hummel spent : Walker BMar. H a NQOCK TAY i.K &eo. one day last week with their son, Mr. H. A. Hummel. Pom Sai.k- - Poolroom in Jeffer aoa town Mr. H. A. u m me :inil Famllv nunl or will sell half interest. Apply at JEFPK8 Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Louis 1. SONToWN PO( (MUX iM Thomas. Sr. M s. Lou Hummel I'.jH SAl.t Mare. in loal to. lack, six years and son. Charles, old. BUS U'll.l.lAMS. It I. Bueckel, Ky, spent Tuesday with Mr. II. A. Hummel and family. Mis. Bdgar Sprowl, is attending a potato planter and KM cheap. QBO. luncheon today, given by Mts. Pred Hamilton double cultivator; S'.'HNia TKK. KoiilelH. Jefferson tow a. Lyons, ui Louisville. Misses Rebecca Thomas," Gustave Schotming and V.. B. Bununei .lelfer-POB Sai.k Several alee lots near tbe Bag raising at Kent iiltow n car line. Will sell at barnain prices. rifHint buiidilltr sites Appn atotticeul Ureeg Sum la y. The Jeflenuaaiaa. Mrs. Wm. Meixsel and little son Clarence, and Mrs. W. T. Lindle and Port Salk Itarred 11 uioiilh Rock hatch las .fUlfs; prnes reasonable. i.'AKKOL C uaugiiitfr, viss Nannie u., spent SunSMI Uiiccliel K V. Koine .'Citizens Tele-- day with Mr. r. Bennetl and ward-rob- - I 44-- 1 -- i 43-- 4 lU-Aspin- wall i -- 1 1 a, I vk Two makers, with whom we have been doing a very large business he past season, gave up the advantage of t he surplus collection at extraordinary concessions, as a compliment for the large orders that we have been placing with them. t I The styles are the prettiest contracted this season: models thai will appeal to t he women of taste: of the many different materials embodied in these Presses, you'll lind crepe meteor, charmeuse, cWffon messaline, taffeta, satin, foulard, voile, pone. serge, linen, ratine, marquisette, crepe voile and lingerie. Dresses for morning and carriage wear, for tea. bridge and lawn parties: also dresses for reception, evening, theater and dinner near' Note the Price Concessions. $13.75, $15.00 $19.50, Dresses at We Solicit S25.Mi $27. SO, $22.50 $, $29.50 Dresses at Dresses at Dresses at I'r ; , Your n0,00$14.75$17.50s19.50 WON PER Fill Charge Account CHANCE TO PURCHASE A FINE CLOTH SUIT. i Suits that are tailored oy tailors who know every little touch of styL- embodied in these very late Spring models. or tastily trim, The styles include med models, also the popular "Norfolk" and the new "Trince George" effects: still others that art- made with the New French backs and peplums. You can select from every wanted material, in Chiding taffetas, eolienne, men's wear serge, novelty cloths, shepherd checks. Bedford cords. Whipcords, - plain-tailore- d t t ben trail ne. You'il tind every desirable color in this grea collection of New Model Suits. Note the values now offered Teacher. $20.00 $22.50, $25.00 $27.50, Suits at s at 5i S2Q..S0 $32.50. $35.00 Smlta at Suits at Mr. and Stout, of Y $1 Eairmount, had as their guests Sunday Mrs. Lucy Stout, Mr. and Mrs. A Claud Stout and little son, Robert. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Eldridtre. Mr. and Mrs. Will Stout and children, Nettie Lee and Charles Earl, Mr and Mrs. John Kaufman and children, FOk SAI.K FLAG RAISING Tom Wallace and Carry May, and Mr. R. Durrett and Henry Works and OR ELL LINE Kreddie Stout. Seven aera nice laad. with a frame, metal roof, ot 1 non and reception fi a li lfa Well for heat and Ma IM Here's a chance for a cosy hoase. Immediately oa a trolley Mrs. Charlie Smith and family At Fern Creek School Sunday line at a reasona tile BfTUre. spent Monday with Mrs. Wallace A DELIGHTFUL HOME room brick house, all city conveniences, splendid shade.-- rait and garden nics Sloul Afternoon A Great pasture Acres of trrniind in A nchoracre 81 $22i $25ii REAL ESTATE Kig-h- . bun ffa low at Lyndon 4 ROOM COTTAGE Three porches all kind of fruit, rarden, chicken yard, at St. Mathews for sa ie r rent Fourteen acres, about miles from city, near Brownsboro pike, a riiie piece ol land with fruit, comfortable home and an needed ontbuildincs, A NUMBER OF FARMS 1 have farms a: reaThe Hag raising at Fern Greek Of various sizes, and can sav f ruin personal inspection, ariam-- some splendidcrops already sons ble prices. Parties can take possession and aboul the planted, or can contract lor the tarm and take possession this tail for train sowscnooi iasi Muuny afternoon was ing. Do not delav it you want a farm fn any Ban knows tun rood farm lands are adlargely attended and piovetl quite a vancing and will continue to advance because of the lactthat cuxtomersare multiplying more rapidiv. that productions im reasine. Vice Lecture 42-t- f. s BOGARD, a K 1 e 1 2I8 FOURTH AVE. A Entertained. Mrs. Wallace M-- Mi J. Plan. - xx Let all your wants be known in this column. The cost is only ONE CENT A WORD or each insertion payable in advance. ?.' M. A. Plan. Fairraount School Closed. The Fairmount school closed April after an eight months'term. There were eight pupils who did not miss a day Abb v Bates, Mildred, 1 Lulie. Edna and Genevieve Johnson. Mary Belle Clark, Ear) Bates and ::":-:-:"x-:":"X:x:"Willie Ash. Huth Farmer, Mary rrlONE5 36-- 3 r rieada will confer a favor 66 Belle Clark, Edith A. Carwardine, by n portmir all the visits Lulie Johnson and Arthur Lyons reof themselves or their quests lor this column, call either telephone on mber ceived the highest number of head 3fnc residence marks in tneir respective grades. PERSONAL R. M. A. A 12, 1912, Classified Advertising , Refunded A Lee Reel Injured. Mr. Lee Reel, of Tucker neighborhood, narrowly escaped serious injury Tueadav afternoon while riding a horse and leading; a young colt. The colt pulled him off of the horse, Air. Keel falling upon his right shoulder, which wasseverelv bruised. While the injury is painful it is not serious. ' ROBIN GARR, of Louisville, who wili speak on the Railroad Fares Refunded Fares Sherman Swan Better. 1 here "Three Wavs.'' a lecture next Sun will be Od story Success. ."1! day afternoon, April L'8, at it o'clock at the residence of the Tyler sisters at Swamp College nnder the auspi ces of the International Bible Stud-eats- . Dr. Kobin diarr, of Louisville, will speak on "Three Wiys," an ad- success. By HANCOCK TAYLOR & CO., vertisement of which is in this 302 Walker Building. LOUISVILLE, KY. family. Among the speakers were Rev. Mr Mrs. w. s. Strong, who underwent issue. Everybody is invited to be McCullough, of Fern Creek, Dr. Wm an operation for tumor last Tuesdav present, and no collection will be Rush, of Fern Creek, Rev. Cheek, of at St. Aatfaooj s infirmary, is report- taken. Dr. (Jarr is a very able ed doing nicely and expects to be speaker and all who may attend Louisville, Sopt. Orville J.Stiyers, will le benefited by having heard 01 nuecnei, Juage Hutiaker, a promi home in about two weeks. h m. nent lawyer, of Louisville, and Mrs. Mr. J. O. Bruce and family enterMcNahb, of Louisville. tained Sunday Rev. J. 1. Cole, M isses Glen view Notes. The "roll call" of the states of the Annie. Ilella and Luella Tyler, Kt.hel April 22 - Miss Mamie E. FTetting-er- , Union to the present day whs very Miller, ui Louisville, and Messrs. The heirs of the late Issac Covert have immtructed us to daughter of M r. and Mrs. Louis appropriate to the occasion, each Robert and Willie Vates. acre farm, together with iarm implements, a pupil of sell that splendid The Ladies- Aid of the Christian Hettinger, of Glen view, returned state was represented by a week's stay in Louis- the school nearing a penant with livestock, and some household p;oods. church met at t he. home of M rs. .1. home from (.'. Bruce last Wednesday and quilted ville with her friends, Mr. Georgie name of State with the tlate of adFarm on Pennsylvania Run Pike, just 1 2 miles (rem mission to the Union. two quilts. We have twenty mem-t- and Loraine Ohlmann. Everyone enjoyed the selection by Miss Mamie Hettinger and her rs and are proud of our new work. Car Line at Fern Creek. friend, Georgie Ohlmann. Loraine Miss Mary Lewis, one of our lovable Terminus of Bardstown Road. Mrs. Mattie Kin";, Miss Bertie Car and a popular voung lady of lin, Mr. and Mrs. Louie Coe anil Mr. Ohlmann and Andie Stuber attended teachers We will sell place on Louisville P. K. Miller were guests of Mr. and a euchre and they all reported a We wish, through your paper, to dandy time. Mrs. L. W. McMaban Sunday in honall who helped to make this Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Haunsz and thank or of Mr. McMahan's birthday and family spent Thursday with her par- "red letter day" of our school a sucall spent a very pleasant day. This farm contains ll acres of cess, and especially do we desire to limestone land. It can Mrs. IL S. Krederick and wife ents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hettinger, thank the Order, No. 10, of the easily be broug-hup to a hirh state of cultivation; will make a spent Tuesdav with Mr. J. P. Fred- of Glenview. Daughters of Aaerica, for the Bible splendid fruit and truck farm. At present there are 3 acres of erick and wife. The many friends and the beautiful flag which now blackberries, 4 acres in apple orchard, about 3 acres in pears, Allen Blanton. of Mrs. H. S. Frederickare glad that Hoats over our school, that they so she is able to be out after a severe Dr. Loomis C. Blanton and Miss kindly presented to us. And we also plums, grapes and other small fruits. attack of rheumatism. Blanche Allen were married by the wish to extend congratulations to Cedar Creek runs through this place, thus supplying Mr. S. F.dw. Vogt, general manager Rev. Dr. W. H. Milley, pastor of the Vernon, Donnel and Hays, sons of abundant water through all t he seasons for stock; while there of the Ruee.hel Produce Exchange, Portland Avenue Presbyterian Mr. and Mrs. Mac. Cartwright. to with his bright little son, Master J. church, at his residence, 3U34 Port- whom Supt. Stivers presented certifi are two good weils for other purposes. There is' a good, substantial Frank, were in Jellersontown Tues- land avenue, yesterday afternoon cates of regularity and punctuality. house on the place besides necessarv outbuildings. day on business. The boy has every and are stopping at the Louisville A Pupil. promise or maKing as good a man as Hotel for a few days. Dr. Blanton Personalty consists of one horse, one Jersey cow, cultivahis father, who is one of our most was formerly Deputy Coroner of JefOperation Performed. tors, harrows, plows, and other articles too numerous to menprogressive and popular county meaJ ferson county during the coroner-shiMrs. J. T. Frederick, of near Jeff- tion. Be on hand for bargains. of Dr. C. I. Grove, and is a son ersontown. was called to Taylorsviile Mr. and M rs. Edgar Sprowl enterTerms on realty, one-thircash, balance one and two years. house-part- y tained a wt;ek.-enat of the late Dr. J. W. Blanton, who Saturday to the bedside of her Terms on personalty announced at Sale. was one of the best known physicians brother, Mr. I. F. Jewell, who was their home, "Hickory Hill." Their guests included Miss IsabelDowns, of in this part of Kentucky. Dr. and operated upon for appendicitis. Mr. Clark Station, Miss Julia Easum, of Mrs. Blanton will make their home Jewel was in a serious condition, but Louisville, Miss Camille Semonin. at Kosmosdale, where Dr. Blanton is reported better at this time. Mrs. Messrs. Carl Fawcett and Sam En- has been practicing since leaving Frederick also visited her brother, glish, of Louisville. Mr. R. F. Jewell, at Normandy. the Coroner's office. . pba Kl-- 1ib Sai.k A line strain 01 lltrfct Hai red Plymouth Kock eggs. ?.'; per KV Please vi l ite or phone a few davs belore. BKNS1 II A i( Itjllte l.'i. J filer still ton' II. K V. B04M Pom SAI.K S. C. I. i. Ked et'KS. ;"ilc. Il iKiand H. jo per sittini; of la. M Ks. K. o Burdoa, rasherville. Ky., ijumh. Phone Jetfei son tow n eacbanae. Bl-:- i. t. '. Sai.k Stylish leaeral purpose years old. lis hands, liuht bay. One ot the nicest 111 the county. P. K. Ml l.l.l". K. l Ouiiib. Telephone, .leffersontow n. Ky. IAih ffeld-iiik- i .io-t- Wanted. 1-- m HOWELL, 44-- 1 do your clean intr. pressing and repairing, prices reasonable. WAItKKN LaJHTB. Phone Jeffersontown. Ky.4Jt-:- f WANTEU-k- ri6-- (iBNKHAb A Invitation to the public to The goods willrer. i)pen Saturday, 44-- lt ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICK. All persons indebted to the estate of Abraham Pittinsrer. deceased, will please call and settle same without delav. Those having claims againstthe estate will pleasepresent same properly proven to me. K. R. SPROWL. Admr. Abraham Pittinger, Deed,' 44-J- l. April S!. I!IS. this MONDAY, APRIL t Miscellaneous. visit Vauehan's store. ommend themselves. April 27th. - u and wile to live on farm at HKOKLKV. Phone 1 Aurhorape Kxchanee. Wantkd-Mu- Kastwood. AT AUCTION i NOTICK. I All persons having claims against the estate of John A. Wlnand. deceased, and Mrs. Sallie A. Winand. dereased. are notified to present same proven accord- ing to law to the undersigned, as administrator, on or before May 27, 1912. P. K. MILLER. Jeffersontown. Ky. WALLACE A. McKAY. Attorney, . 44-- 3t , 29, 1912, ST p d d WM. E. MEYER & CO., Agents and Auctioneers. mil BammmaHi

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