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Image 3 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 25, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

I mmm The House That Quality Built Ohio Driver Contracts Handles National In For those With Stutz Makers Every Speedway Race Swiss Cleaners and Ky.Dyers Ave., Louisville, 617 Fourth i I'M i i 3 4 4 ALWAYS READY with J 4& 1 7 Feed Coal mm w full supply of a - : & CO. EDInGER BBBBBBBB,.d 'BBBBBBBBBBBBBBDBlBMBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBHBBPr Leaisiille, Y promply. and solicit a share to scrvi' of your patronage. Be sun- to yet my Ky, 'u - DON prices before buying- elsewhere. - LEN ZENGEL. I.en Zengel, of Dayion. Ohio, one of the greatest of motor car racing drivers, has contracted to drive one of the Stutz entries in the second annua! HERR. One of the yoengesl drivers who will contest jn the second annual International Sweepstakes Is Don Herr who will he ;it the wheel ol National onrt.ot' the Mi? e Herr will lit n rating cars Cumberland Telephone 41. 5iii-mi- le fiP W. A. WHEELER III Cutting Racer Comes Cose to Limit IMPLEMENTS, FARM Youth Made Fortune in Two Years in Classic Driving to Victory Events on Road and Track. Farm Shimer High Carton Spring Steel Lock-Sta- y Stock and Poultry Fencing and Rex Farm Fence. SON . . OUR YARD AT . . BAXTER AVE. AND GREEN ST, Contains the Best Wilton Jellico COAL Service Goal Agency. Jellico-Laur- el I nrorporati'd . HIGHLANDS FARM TH Eat Six Miles o! LaatavMe, nt Dn ev .station, on Louisville and Interurban Electric R. R. aOLDSHERM Willi size and MMn finish at Morifan. Standard TrnttinK ur Saddle Blood, and will take all sound colts at VCUiM time, on terms made with owners (ilinares. I furnish SKASON KRKK under contract. a ml rirresioinlciiie with o tiers ill MCh uiai cs solicited. t" breed t and Shropshire Sheep a Buruian Is probably more in the eye than any oilier racing driver, because of his succession 10 the throne of sp?ed kins and his holding of the world's straightaway records made at Dayrona. Florida. He has been a contender in mosl of the s;reat motor events in the past four or five years and litis always figured more or less prominently. The entry of the Cutting car. With Bttrman named as driver, means thai ,ie will devote the next two months n his time to preparing the car and testing it out over the motor speedway course. He probably wilT do very little exhibition driving or mile tracli racing in the meantime. Harry Gdetz, who was the mechanician for Kay Ilarrotin. winner of the race in a Mormon car. last has gone with Barman and is helping him in Hie bailding of his special rac ing car. Goetc is one of the most skilled mechanicians in the country and Bmnian looks to him to aid materially in the success of his next appearance in a big race. The car which Burman will drive is a 1012 special model, weighing L::uti pounds, which is 300 pounds above the minimum weight allowed in the race. The motor has four cylinders with a le bore of five and seven thirty-seconinches, and a piston stroke of seven a piston lis placemen Hogs. CELEBRATED MORGAN STALLION Morgan Register 4971; GOLDSHEEN Trottiog Register 39710 I of 517.9 cubic inches. It is believed that the motor WlU develop about one and it probably hundred horse-powewill be about the largest In Hie race. The motor is specially built to come just within the six hundred cubic Inch limit set upon the contest by the Speedway management. The other entries to the race are two Stutz cars, to be driven bv Gil Andetson and I.en Zengle, with Billy Knipper as relief; two Nationals with Don Herr. Howard Wilcox and Charley Men named as drivers; two Case ears with Harvey Herrick and Ixiuis nominated as regular drivers; Mercedes cars with Ralph De two Palma and Spencer Wlshart at the wheels: one Fiat to be drtven by Teddy Tetzlaff; a Simplex with Bert Dlngley to drive and a Lexington to be piloted by Harry Knight. Ralph Mulford has purchased a Knox which he will drive in the race, although his entry has not formally been made. This early field of starters is con sidered the cream of driving and racing talent of the country, and means that tbe former record of 74,61 miles er At $15.00 To Insure. record S:30: (sire of Ave rolts Sixteen hands hijh and weiptis, I JtSO ponnd. of uolddust Morean. 3:1 J ). by which records of s Hi to !:ltJ); Dam Susie Harding (dam 2:1 Rosalind Wilkes. 8:14. sold for 110.000, Zilcaadi Golddusl (sire ol dam of Solon Brandt. dam direct to Justin Morgan, and was a Golkshkkn traces throuEh both sire and priae winner at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. He is sound, handsome and an elepant breeder. GOI.DSHKKM sirer.more iarre handsomajcolts that are ready sellers when young than any stallion of the breed. and nearly all of hifcroduce are sold before they are a yearold Cumb. Phone No. 2. mt. L. L. DORSEY, ANCHORAGE. KY CLUBBING OFFERS. Evening Post and The Jeffersonian, both one year Louisville Times and The J&ffersonian, both one year . . . . . . . $3.50 $4.50 Send Orders To Tbe Jeffersonian, Jeffersoniown, Ky. per hour established for the 500 miles is certain to fall in the next Memorial Day contest. The early seat and hotel reservations which have been made indicate that the crowd will be greater than that which witnessed last year's event. The throng which witnessed the last race was the largest thai ewr passed into any one enclosure to attend a sporting contest of any 600-mll- e "Smiling Ralph" Mulford. whose name is known wherever motor car racing is thought of. has settled the question of his future career, by purKnox racing chasing a car to compete in Hie second annuai Sweepstakes International race at Hie Indianapolis Motor Speed500-mi- Dis-bro- Morgan Colts and Fillies. Poland-Chin- Sweepstakes r, FOR SALE Southdown 4 i i le way iext Memorial Day. May 30. This action on the part of Mulford in cutting loose from the Lozier company for which he had been racing ever since the beginning of his career verifies the statement that the Lozier has Process Blue Flame New I Will Cost You $65.00 Elset My Price $18.00. t t C. t ome in and see what S. i i.- Cumb. In 1911 he finished second hi at the Speedway - race won Hie Vanderbilt cup race at Savannah and might have known what it is to be a two time winner in one race meeting had it not been that an unfortunate accident put him out of the Grand Prise race when he was righl in Hie lead at the last lap. The smiling pilot has made enough money so that he has been able to go in after the $50,000 purse at the Speedway in a car owned by himself and his choice of a Knox seems to be partially the result of the performance of thai car in t he last Speedway grind. In ihat race Fred Belcher drove the Knox entry and finished ninth, after nursing his car along at moderate speed for more than half the race. The dashing finish which this one of the notable feacar mrde tures of the long event and records show thai the Knox made the fastest lap in the race. Mulford believes that he can put the famous motor through without trouble and outdrive his record of last year when be was but a minute and a half behind the winning Marmoa. The entry of the Knox makes the held up to date twelve cars, nearly all of which have been prominent in pas. motor car events. The other entries to Hie race are two Nationals, driven by Wilcox. Herr and Biers; two Stuiz cars driven bj Anderson. Zengle and Knipper: two Case cars driven by Dlsbrow and Jagersberger; two Mercedes cars from Germany driven b DePalma and Wishart; a Fiat with Teddy Tei:'lalT named to drive; a Lexington with Harry Knight nomiuated, a Simplex to be driven by Bert Itlng-ieand Bob Barman In a Cutting. This Is by far the largest field that ever has been entered for any event more than three months ahead. The list of tentative entries brings the number of starters up to thirty, which is the iimit placed by the Speedway management. The foreign cars entered are all owned privately while main of the American cars are to he entered by individuals rather than by the manufacturers. This seems to Indicate that motor car racing is becoming more aud more of a sporting proposition pure and simple and the phase is being overshadowed. Reservations of seats for the race and of rooms in the Indianapolis hotels have been made in vast numbers, and indications at present are that a greater crowd than the 90,000 persons which witnessed the last race will be on hand this year. The Speedway has established a room bureau and is booking a large number of rooms in private residences bo that all visitors may be accommodated even it the hotels are filled. the 500-mi- le it I SOWING MACHINES abandoned motor car contests. Mulford has known one of the most GRNKRAL successful careers of any driver engaged In the hazardous sport and his BOTH PHONES income has been greater than that of even Hie greatest athletes in other lines of sport. In 1910 he annexed the Elgin national stock chassis road race as his chief performance of the bcs FBBDMauts, Jeffersontowh, Ky. son. itaige J Go Good or inferior oil may lc used and guarant :ed nut to smoke: Two, three and Pour Burners at prices within the reach ot all. I am also ayenl for er public inches, giving WANTED! j wish International r.on-nii- Phones: Ciimb. M. 289; Home 116. Prices RIGHT in race. has been received :il the Indianapolis .Motor Speedway In the form ol an entry of the cur and the nomination of Barman as driver. Fur s:liie rime it has been understood ihat the speed monarch would pilot a Catting machine, but no definite entry had been made until recently. BUEGH&L, KY, PHONE HIGHLAND 30G !. Allowed Starters Memorial Day Event at 560-mi-le The Best on the Market and at Moderate Prices. & Poer A x 500-MIL- E Definite confirmation or t'.:e rnrooi ihat "WiW Bob" Burman, the world's speed king-- will lie seen :il the wheel of a Cutting car in Hie second annual COME IN AND EXAMINE OUR J. W. SUMMERS u money? Win not patronize Home nciustries when itsavi ine. We are prepared to;furnish anything in the Buili Phone Highlaud 6-1 BE SURE TO GIVE US A CALL. X Indianapolis Fertilizers, Metal and Felt Roofing, Wire Fencing,, Nails, Etc. Etc. in 5C0-MI- BUGGIES, WAGONS, - Paints, Hardware, Lime. Cement, Sand, Wall fluster and Fertilizers, I FAMOUS RACE DRIVER BUYS CAR RACE. FOR DIG of M- 1 'WILD BOB" BL'RMAN WILL DRIVf RACE. BIG CAR IN PATRONIZE HOME INDUSTRY I NULFORD ENTERS KNOX KY, 4RFFER80KT0WX, ! Lumber, Doors, Sash, Blinds. way next Memorial Day. Zengel was winner of the Elgin national stock chassis championship event in 1911, and is liMiked upon as one of the big factors in the coming Speedway race. is tlil Anderson. His team-ma- te team-Bat- i i L0I1SEB CO. N Incorporated le Mere, who bavi racing io.un for and have been events than an) cars and piiois. SUMMERS-JOHNSO- BUECHEL, KY, Sweepstakes International race at the Indianapolis .Motor Speed- 500-mi- blue-bonnet- ed of Wilcox ;iml been oil iiic National the past three years the winners of more other combination or I THE Ph.irieTO- - 1 re; have before huvin. RSL MLkCMAMHSh - JBFFER50NTOWN N. It. Blank kvkakkr, Fisherville.Kj Unrob Phorji i. V t. S five-centu- ry w:-- MYERS & BLAN KEN BAKER Funeral Directors and Embal Stock Alwiys Complete. Calls An swe Kiga ; Cut Flowers, Funeral Designs, Floral Embtems, of Lvery Description. h. a. mom THE FERN CREEK FLORIST With Store at 638 Sh;!bv St.. between Qray and Broadway, Louisville Ky. Home Phone 2925. Flowers Shipped to all parts of (he Slate. Priees Reasonable. y. Cumb. Phone, call Fern Creek Citizens' Telephone Co. Telephone us and order will be promptly delivered. Trade direct anil save agents' commission P. 0. 3UCHl, KY. CUMBERLAND TELEPHONE & TELEGRAPH CO. (incohforatbd) com-taerct- 4 Long distance lines and telephones of this Company enable you to talk almost anywhere in Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana. We can put you in quick with the and satisfactory communication country. great section of the people of this We solicit your patronage. Rates reasonable. Equipments and facilities JAMES g. CALDWELL . LELAND HUME, General T. D 4l WEBB,

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