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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 25, 1912

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

1 The Jefferson i an DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jefferson town, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, April 25, 1912. Vol. 5. No. 44 northern markets SOUTHLAND The soil in sout a Georgia is sandy and ideal for the growth of perfect melons, but ran) at the home of her father. Mr. .las. Cochran, which occurred very suddenly Friday night of a heart attack. She had visited her sister, Mrs. Will Beeler, on Friday anil on returning to her father's home was stricken with the fatal illness. She leaves her husband and little son, William Lee. three years old. hei fit her. live brothers and two sisters to mourn her loss. Mrs. Walker was very popular with Her many friends Onlooker Writes Interesting Let- and her death is a great shock to the community Since her marriage to Mr. Walker they had made their ter of the Happenings Of home in the West, but since ChristThe Day. mas had visited their relatives and friends here. The funeral was held Sunday and interment was in the Jos. Hnffaaer, Commonwealth At Hebron Cemetery. Mrs Walker was torney, oraf eil at t lie lag raising at .11 years old ami had been a member Kern t 'reek school on last Sundai of the Baptist church since early in life. a ft ci noon". COURTHOUSE Every Thursday at $1.00 Per Year been ordered for t he new Christian church, which will be completed sometime iii May. ''or town is situated in one of the best counties of the tinest state, and m the greatest country in the world. Embracing climate, splendid people, two churches, four nourishing stores, hotel and dozens o! other assets, every citizen is a booster. Surely this is capital enough for a good be MIDDLETOWN with the vast number of Guinea negroes it is a mystery that a watej melon ever crosses the Mason and Notes and News From Has Many Improve As Seen By Dr. W. M. Li.on line. Having a few days more for sight County Rush. seeing I stopped off at the old historic city of Chattanooga to renew old attend he Tennessee ginning. state Medical meeting and stand on Commercial Club and Others Do- - The Commercial Club Writes of His Trip Through the spot where was fought the has proven a spl mdid step, and we hope before "Rattle above the clouds.'1 It was in inft Good Work Titanic "Dixie" Great Progress long to have on.- hundred citizens of and around this citv where thirtl the town and surrounding country to thousand brave men lost their life's Disaster. is Noted. blood, lighting for a cause that might join the club. The old folks should join tot i he sake of the old town that have been prevented had sober judgment withstood tin- - attack of has sheltered them so many years. Middletown, April 22. The Com- The young folks ought to join for April 22. At the reckless politicians. The war isovet Pent Creek, the mercial Club had a rousing meeting sake of the new town they want to am led to but the iron tablets and granite ot some friends last Thursday evening at Masonic make and be proudof. The babies s monuments still remain to mark the quite a brief account of a hall. The membership committee a hy bless t hem! $1.00 a piece for resting place of a "Ijost Cause." trip through the South. the had several new names suggested babies would be an investment payHere stands Lookout Mountain, Believing tliat my patients had for membership, which make the ing ten fold in the time to come, AUTOMOBILE The tulip plot on hi nit hwest ern Ridge, beyond survived t he dreadfnl winter of 1511 there Missionary present membership about thirty when Middletown will be Chicamaaga, siieai battle grounds. sect ion ol he Court bouse yard is their I and that we were free of a spring strong. This movement in our town n thought of no better red f ram the cri m son blood of our an beautiful ami attracts much atten epidemic. uas met vviin approval ami main cestors. Peace, peace, you came too tion from passersby. The hyacinth s lime to visit some old on the sout hea st ern sect ion has Runs Into Buggy Of Taylorsville citizens of the town have expressed lot All Honor To The M?n. and friends in the land ot Dixie. Hut late! their willingness to join the Club. Vim mav ask what is the future of ilso been a t hiug of beaut y and fi A had I hardly become comfortably week ago brought gloom and People Dcatks And Other A! this meeting a report was made seated in a palatial coach of the the South since the boll weevil has g ranee. from the lire department committee, sadness to everi d eling heart in Queen ft Cresceat road when the devastated main multiplied million Okolona News. saying the chemical engine, like the America when he greatest steamer The skyscraper at fifth anu.lelTer- yesterday where had acres of cotton. minor became current that engine of the Anchorage Fire D- ever constructed went down in the gone South to locate. When have the picaninnies wen gathering the son, which was tube eighteen stories epartment, tias been bought and on mad race to beat the world's record yon hear the high, just could not stop going upward finished this article Til leave it to my snowy cotton, for speed. The. most horrible sights Okolona, Aptil 22. Mrs. eland the road. Also, the hook and ladder of women and children screaming expect to song of the reaper gathering the and was nineteen stories before they friends to decide where Lgolden grain: cotton gins are rotting could stop it. and came wry near be- Smith, of Louisville, spent last week truck has been contracted for. The for help and the water tilled with continue casting mv lot. down and graineries are going up, ing i wi ni v stories. with' her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will president of the L. & N. railroad has human beings, the deck of the ship As von remember on April "' we donated an engine tower to be put up which leads us to believe he boll enkl ns. covered with people facing bravely were enjoying ideal sprint' weather. on the public square for giving the Weevil is a blessing in disguise. The new realty building at enter All nature was banting forth from alarm of lire. This same committee the end. and where ,MQ souls were You may censure the ia. South and Jefferson is being rapidly filled Automobile Accident. In it wintry 'sleep to kim the morning land, but you must take off your hat further reported that ground has seat to eternity. has ail history of wit h tenants. the world there Mr. John Kennedy and Miss Knima never been a proved dews, but subsequent changes been donated at the back of the to their hospi t a li t v. Those roughened Miller, pf Taylorsville, spent Sunday Methodist church for building the more sublime example of chivalry it wasonh breeder and, weather hands 'I'd rather hold than, twice and heroism than that which has The public schools, juvenile court with Mr. ,ind Mrs, H, (J. Cooper. On as Bill Nye expressed it. "winter had their weight of solid gold." They and places where children congre- t heir way home they were run into engine room and tire department. enriched the world through the Ti lingeied f n the lap of spriat so long bid you come, they A committee was appointed in rebid von stay. they gate took a week off while the menin- by an automobile: tanic disaster, from the humblest the boggy was it caused unfavorable comment." are the last to send you away. Tnev gitis excitement washigh. This was very much demolished: the horse gard to getting electric lights for stewart to the millionaire. Women We Kentuckians thought we were find out under what of our land, are we proud say the sun si", ines brighter in Georgia done as a precaution and in order to badly bruised of our men? and skinned up. The tile town aud to the only ones who had suffered from but the moon shines the best in conditions the Louisville electric Many will say it is no more "ld fumigate the buildings. parties were taken to the Okolona sprint', bat the bleak winter rainv than Kentucky." W. M. RtJSH. car line in the auto, and Mr. Ken- light companies would light up the they ought to have done, but is it conditions were the same as far as We have assurance that two not natural to all to want to be saved? Several additional duties were laid nedy was seen in the neighborhood town. southern Georgia. The gashing The elec- Let us join in one accord in on the officials about the courthouse later in the week after the remains. companies want to come. BOY SCOUTS saying mountain streams of eastern Kentric light committee was composed all honor to our men. We are proud without much increase in compensatucky rushing and roariuc In the of the following men: "E. K. Penny-bake- of the nation that produces Dies Suddenly. tion. The County Clerk will herehurry to reach the Dumber! and, the such Henry Frank and Will Cox. and men as Archie Butt, who was after have to make out the tax'bills a brave muddy, turbulent creeks of Tennes Will Ball, of Illinois, was called now securing contracts for the soldier and went to death unflinchsee bursting with their watery full- To Hold Meeting at Methodist for the Sheritt and will also have here Sunday to the funeral of his are A Louisville Lighting Company. ingly after helping women and chil much added work On account of the sister-in-laness, were sliding on toward the M Mrs. John Walker, who large number of citizens have al- dren to safety. Standing calm and Church Next Sunday Night, new primary law. The bloody rivers of central His office is al- died very suddenly Friday night of ready signed for the lights. Those cool was he when the waves ready overcrowded with records and heart trouble at the home of her (ieorgin. full to overflowing, went carriid April 28. desiring to see the contracts may do many bravesouls to rhe world's beneon to the mighty ocean, which raging it Is a serious question to Bud addi- father. Mr. Jim Cochran. She leaves so by calling on Mr. T ('. Gaines, diction. Let ns be thankful for the proves to us. '"They are all doing it. " tional room in order to do the addi- her husband and son and many friends secretary of the Club, at the bank, many good and brave men It is a general expression through of our tional work. and relatives to mourn for her. or any member of the committee. land: ami let ns not forget there is a the whole South that this has been The Boy Scouts of America, Another committee was appointed God that rules the universe. Mrs. Flora Able Dead. There seems to be more clubs lavthe worse winter and latest spring Troop No. I, will conduct a to meet the board of road supervisors ing around in the city thesedaysthan we have had since the seventies,thus meeting at the Jefferson town MethMrs. Flora Able, who has been Popular Girl To Marry. Resoludelaying all Farm work from four to odist church next Su iday evening, there are in the woods in the country. critically ill for several months, died in regard to new streets. were passed in regard to wanttions Mrs. D. L. Polk, of letfersontown. six weeks. April 28, at 8Q o'clock. Mr. Carl It is true that timber is scarce, but Saturday morning. The funeral serthey are actually making clubs out vices were conducted by Rev. Don ing repairs on the roads from Main recently announced the engagement no sac to gramMe and Hummel, the local Scout Master, "ftwttthsim Who would have Carlos .lones Monday at o'clock at street to the electric depot., for of her daughter. Miss Mary lJolk, to has been assisting the boys for some of women here. anil easi in rejoice thought WOmen WOllId have been used Pennsyh ania Bun church, where she when the town gets good streets it Mi Howard Scott Morse., of Boston, ll's jusi as in arranging a splendid proWhen God sorts MM the weather anil sends time gram for this occasion, and those for such purposes? was buried. She leaves many friends will be easier tobuildgood side walks Mass., the wedding to take place in rain and nothing will improve the town June. Miss Polk is one of the pretmy choice." who attend may expect something Well, rain is and relatives to mourn for her. more than good roads anil good side- tiest and most popolar young ladies' Politics have been warm for some Weather conditions in Tennessee interest in. in Republican circles, and now time in Jefferson count y and is a favorite Misses Mary Christopher a n d walks. The program follows: and Georgia were as bad as in Kenthe Democrats are getting on their Geneva Millet, of Louisville, were A letter was read from Mr. C. E. among the society folks ci this comA mei ica tucky and lires were burning as ly Ti on p. lighting clothes. Both the Courier-Journ- guests of Mrs. Will Beeler Sunday Dillam, of ttie city railway, which munity, as well as many in the city. brightly in the "land of cotton1' as Prayer. and Times haw served noinvestigating Mr. Morse is an expert sanitary enMr. Martin Brown and daughter, lining lit prospects, they were in t he" and of Blue Grass.1' Twelve Points of Seoul tice that unless hey are allowed to Mrs. .lames Forest, spent Sunday along the matter of having separate gineer and a progressBe young busi Very little seed had beeu planted, Scout s. run the party they will do their best with M r. I'. H. Brown. departments at depot for the white ness man. After the marriage the though the negro and the mule were Scout Motto Bain Agee, Scout. couple will make their home at BosONLOOKER. to make trouble. .Miss Nina Bell, of the city, spent and colored passengers. plantscratching the soil for cotton Requirements of a Tenderfoot ton, which is greatly regretted by Saturday and Sunday with her brothThe whole town, young and old, M iss Polk's many friends here. ing. You can have only a faint idea Joe Boselle, Drummer. PRESTONIA er and sister. Tom and Virginia Hell. are taking an active pari in the im of the Sooth's principal crop until History oi U.S. Flag Wm. Bryan, It Looks Like a Crime. Mr. and Mrs. J B. McDowell visit- provement of the town. Our Masons you have seen it with your own eyes Corporal. April 22. -- Mr. Pred Sanders and ed friends in Bullitt county Sunday. have caught the spirit and expert to to separate a boy from a box of Cotton growing is still an epidemic, star spangled Banner Jefferson-towMiss Pauline Thompson jLre married Master lrin Ireland Thorae spent make a thousand dollars' worth of Bocklea's Arnica Salve, His pimples, having raged through the whole Bpworth League. in Louisville Thursda-anare at Sunday with his Dr. improvements on their Masonic boils, scratches, knocks, sprains and for the last half century or South Second-ClasRequirements ol and M rs. H. C. I re land. home to their friends here. rooms. bruises demand it, and its quick relonger. It is a more vital question Scoot Frits McBaniel, ( 'orporal. Mis. M. M. Thome entertained The Mercantile Company is build- lief for burns, scalds, or cuts is his Mrs. F. s. Hays and son, of Eubanks, than the liquor traffic or politics. It Tlec i t a t i 0 n Wei ford A Icock, Scout. a surprise birthday dinner ing a big addition to its store. 25 right. Keep it handy for boys, also is the brave, sinew llesh and blood of Requirements of First-ClaScout. are expected soon to visit Mrs. Hays' with Wednesday in honor ot her husband's by lid feet, at the cost of two thous- iris. Heals everything these Souther j geatlemen; the rail Address by II. E. Montague, Scoot parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.S.Mills, hea!able birthday anniversary. Covers were and dollars. The furnace, tin1 light- - and does it quick. I nequaled for roads, the public highways, the, ( ominissioner. and other relatives. ing plant and the large windows have pile-- . Only c tits at all druggists. ri vers and the negroes a II run t h rough Mr. Leon Simpson, of Simpson, laid for ten. A word from Sunday-schoo- l super-in- t t he cotton fields. was a guest of the family of ville, endents As far as the eye can see. f rom the Mr. L. R. Helm Sunday. Benediction- Kpworth League. highest pinnacle to the point where Mrs. Clarence Fisher, of Louisville, Good Baseball Game. the sky seems to meet t he earth, 'tis visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. cotton, cotton, cotton, everywhere, Jeffersonhowfl played its first, game William Gailhreath, the Br si of the and a few miles beyond that. In of the season on their home grounds week. northern Georgia the land is red. and defeated the strong Tucker M rs. William Sierp has recovered washed and worn, and looks more Station team by the score 7 to 5. from a week's illness of pleurisy, atdesolate than the much beloved Huckelherry. Tucker's pitcher, had tended by Dr. Yoe, of Louisville. "Rabhitsboro" section of our dear plenty speed hut was "some wild.'' Mr. and Mrs. J. B. McDowell had old .lefferson county. But it would Jones, who did the catching, saved as guests at dinner Sunday Dr. be SU just lor me to lead von to be- his pitcher of wild throws. Harris, Smith, ot near Sbepherdsvilte, and lieve that this is a forsaken country: Davis a. id stivers, pitched forJeffer Ralph McDowell, of South Park. it only looks that way by contrast to sontown. and handled the ball like Mi. William Sierp and family were a Kentnckiau. professionals. Roemmele at second guests Sunday of Mr. Lon Stinson The. people of this section claim made several fine stops and did his and f amily, of Hertz Station. BUGGIES-SURRE- YS to lie the elite of the South, for they part well in helping the boys to Mrs. Will Ireland and son, Robert, point with pride to Atlanta, the home win he game. spent last week with Mr.s. Ireland's of Coca Cola and the battle ground of parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Walker. M i s. "Amazing" Grace. At this time Mr. and Mrs. Pete Fisher announce The Danger After Grip ARE READY FOR YOUR INSPECTION. all roads lead to Macon, the city the engagement of their daughter system. Florence, to Mr. Oscar Diemer. The with the big southern heart, waiting lies often in a with gates ajar and arms wide open Weakness, nervousness, lack of ap- wedding will occur In June. WE WANT YOUR PATRONAGE and have the GOODS and to welcome the brother in gray to petite, energy and ambition, with Mrs. P. B. Riley has returned from PRICES WILL GET IT in May. disordered liver and kidneys often a visit to the family of Dr. Brush, of the Confederate Platforms are being widened, side follow anattackofthis wretched dis- Nashville, Tenn. tracks laid to handle the many ease. The greatest need then is ElecMr. W. B. Reeder and son attendspecial trains that will carry the tric Bitters, the glorious tonic, blood ed services at F. Street church, Loudear old warriors to their annual purifier and regulator of stomach isville, Sunday. meeting. liver and kidneys. Thousands have Dr. and Mrs. V. Bailey have Yon perhaps have heard of the proved that they wonderfully removed to their summer home here reston & Jefferson Sts. Georgia watermelons and peaches in strengthen the nerves, build np the after spending the winter in Louis0U1SV1LLE, KY. years past, but you need not fix an system and restore to health and good ville. BOTH PHONES NS4. early month for them this year, al- spirits aftrr an attack of grip. If INCORPORATED. Sad Death. though they are expecting the bum- suffering, try, them. Oily 50 cents Wire Fence Fertilizers Incubators Cream Separators per peach crop. That fruit will be Sold and satisfaction guaranteed by Quit's a sad death was that of Mrs. one month late reaching the all druggists. Miss Edith Coch- -' John Walker (aee about Seal. 1 1 ten-day- ments. - I I 1 1? os I class-mate- a- I I I I to-d- ai I .1 1 ( I .. .. r. Jeffer-sontow- n roui-l.lai- n I . I al . Law-Tw- elve I n grand-patent- s ss 2- - - Our Comp lefe Line PARK WAGON run-dow- n that re-uni- BUGGIES M0.00 SURREYS $75.00 HALL SEED CO.1 i mmNumiimmmnmmmmmmmmi

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