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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 14, 1907

Part of The Adair County news.

H i J 1bK ME VOLUME COLUMBIA 10 of Lincoln county reached here last Wednesday with three highclass horses They went from here to the Burkesville Fair and next week they will be on exhibition M WMr Dodd beingj celebrated his four ¬ teenth birthday last Tuesday evening All his little friends were invited to his home and about 9 oclock an elegant repast was served Omer received a number of nice presents and a most delightful time was spent Omer Barbet Mrs Nancy J Duvall of Cane Val ley will please accept our thanks for the largest tomato we have seen this year It weighed one and three quar ¬ ter pounds and greatly assisted in mak ¬ ing a delicious breakfast for four per sons ¬ Attend the pike meeting at Creels boro Saturday next at 1 oclock and hear Hon Rollin Hurt and other speak¬ ers Interested parties from Nashville Burnside and other points have been invited Charley Jones of color has been landed in the Tompkinsville Jail charged with murdering two boys on a steamer last May The crime occurred near a landing in Monroe county T I The weight of the mail originating in the Columbia postoffice for the month of July was 1586 poundst the Adair County News mail being onethird of the amount Last Saturday afternoon on the public square a pocket book con ¬ taining a little over six dollars Re ¬ ward will be paid to finder when pre ¬ sented at the News office LOST 40itt I the well Mr John Q Alexander known traveling salesman stated to a News man Friday night that in his trav ¬ els that he had never seen a better prospect for corn The Smokehouse of Mr Sid Cald well who lives near Portland was en- ¬ tered by thieves one night last week and several sides and hams of meat sto ¬ len u I If you want stock in the Columbia and Creelsboro Pike call on J T Page and subscribe at once Pikes generally are paying better dividends than Bank t 1fJ stock The formation we gather is to the effect that there will be a good corn crop throughout the county The best hay crop for many years has been saved f Come to the Columbia Fair August 20th 4 days Stop at Sheriffs office and c pay your taxes for 1907 and you will certainly enjoy the fair 401t Hon Rollin Hurt and J T Page will talk turnpike to the citizens of Creels ¬ boro and vicinity next at 1 Saturday afternoon s olock My exchange has bees removed from Rasners store to the Gasoline mill near Eubanks shop 401t TUisdayEvery ¬ pects good for a fine exhibition Mr Walker Bryants residence is be ¬ ing erected the carpenters commence ing the work last Wednesday It Make up your mind to spend four days at Columbia next week The Fair opens Tuesday the 20th C R Cabell delivered 70 lambs to J Bros at 6 cents They C Durham averaged U > pounds at Burksville Fair Next week they will be at The band boys are this Week Columbia Born to the wife of L C Winfrey Wednesday morning August 7 fc v < daughter t ji r1i M mnnthVOLU- COUNTY j i KENTUCKY AUGUST WEDNESDAY that directly after the shooting hemet a man running in the darkness I along the levee carrying a pistol and 14 ara 5 i c c RUSSELL J conductingI I ¬ J F Claycombs Church Sunday morningAlthough I the f ra a r butpartilu ti r a r 0 y A f 40 The above was Rev I > A W text at Presbyterian ¬ I i GREAT IS TOY FAITH SPRINGS FAIR feveri iL NUMBER 1907 crying excitedly I said Id kill him The Fair at Russell Springs closing and now Ive done it last Friday was not as largely attended Some Particulars of the Killing of Since his dismissal from the police as usual and there was but little stock force in June following the Worlds from a distance on exhibition McScott Russell graft exposures Carruth has repeated- county made a good showing and there ly declared his personal hatred for were a number of interesting rings Scott talking freely ofvengeance There were several outside attractions ONE MAN UNDER ARREST Carruth is a man of about v thirty but the most drawing one was the ba Formerly he was employed as pound loon ascensions which were made officer of the department gaining the faultlessly Good order prevailed dur Helena Ark Aug 9Ben Carruth rank of patrolman only about a year ing the four days but few persons in ¬ now held upon the charge of murdering ago Beyond a bare denial of his guilt toxicated seen npon the grounds J McScott a former Kentuckian and he will make no statement While the attendance was not as large city editor of the Helena World on as was expected it is our understand ¬ Sunday last appears to be the victim heat people ing the Association came out whole of too great zeal on his own part to city are outspoket partisans of the divert suspicion from himself Save World and its campaign for better gov ¬ MARRIED IN TENNESSEE for acts done in this spirit it is not ernment The investigation relating to likely that the crime would have been the murder will be pushed with the so soon laid at his door utmost vigor and another effect of this Mr George McLean and Miss Dollie Scott was killed in a district made up crisis is undoubtedly to be a complete Tarter of this place who left for Ten- ¬ for the most part of low dives near wiping out of the dive district nessee Monday afternoon the 5th were the Mississippi levee For years this LATERBilly Archdale the bar ¬ married in Celina on the 6th They re ¬ district has been the blight of Helena keeper for Newby has also been ar¬ turned to Columbia Thursday afternoon a very hot bed of crime It is charged rested charged with the crime and and as we understand will occupy that under the old police system the seven negroes are held as witnesses rooms at the Columbia Hotel The keepers and inmates of these resorts groom is engaged in the grocery business L and the bride is a daughter of Jailor thrived with official indulgence REMAINS ARRIVE Carruth lately deposed from the po ¬ Tarter lice force was for a year a patrolman The remains of Mr J McScott who on this beat intimately acquainted with FAIR PLAY IN THE FIGHT all the resorts and according to report was assassinated at Helena Ark last spending much of his own time in the Sunday morning week reached Colum ¬ company of these people Citizens of this locality claim that if bia Thursday morning follpwlng about daylight They werj immediately con ¬ Glensfork can only raise 3000 or 4000 PHONED TO BARTENDER On the night of the murder Scott was veyed to the Garnett graveyard on for the Columbia and Creelsboro Pikethe last member of the World staff to Glensfork and there interred after a that they can compete with them bT leave the office He remained at his short discourse delivered by Eld Z T raising over 5000 in a weeks noticedesk until 2 oclock on Sunday morning Williams a large circle of relatives and and give full and free right of way It has been learned that soon after friends being present Prof T C Cherry of Bowling Green The body was well preserved and ap ¬ midnight he talked by telephone with an educator of State reputation arrived the night bartender of Newbys saloon parently had not moved in the casket The most notorious of the resorts in from the time it left Helena the red light district which is oper ¬ wife and friends of the dead highly ap- ¬ ated in connection with anegro board ¬ preciate the kindness manifested by much interest is being manifested the deceased Arkansas friends houseUpon As is generally known Mr Scott Mrs Georgia Shelton the Superintend- ¬ the World office Scott went to Newbys place An uncon was City Editor of the Helena Daily ent certainly made a wise selection in firmed report says that he was sum ¬ World when the assassin fired the fatal securing the services of Prof Cherry ¬ moned for the purpose of talking over shots but the particulars of the crime There are probably one hundred teach is known ers the best young men and young la ¬ a threatened campaign for the closing have not reached here It of the dives He was seen in the place that a local election was on hand and dies of Adair enrolled During the ¬ by several persons just before his that the World had been fighting hard week there will be evening entertain ments at the courthouse for one faction yet a dispatch to the deathA report as yet only partly Little Rock Gazette states that the as ¬ IGrady Smythe were very suscessful substantIatedsays that upon Scotts sassination it is believed did not grow municipal election and there at the Celina Fair The following are arrival some one in the saloon tried to out of the Winnings Sweepstakes for the reach Carruth by telephone succeeding was actually no clue to the perpetrator their best saddle horse 8100 won by a Pea ¬ after several attempts and saying to of the foul deed It further stated that cock colt the sweepstakes harness ring every effort would be made to run down Carruth Your man is here was won by Kentucky King premium the criminal the whole city of Helena 100 WATCHMAN HEARS SHOTS a harness stake with Bill Dodd After that the story is a blank until being aroused premium 50 They also won in these 230 when a merchants watchman Mr Scott was evidently a valuable rings Best Model mare any age best named Bailey walking his rounds up ¬ man on the World as much caution stallion best saddle mare any age best town heard the shots fired which killed was taken in preparing the body for combined gelding Total amount of Scott It is said that pistol shooting shipment it arriving here in a copper premiums 45550 is of frequent occurrence in the levee lined casket The deceased was born district at all hours of the night so in Cumberland county 38 years ago Mr Stephen H Fisher whose home Bailey gave no particular heed Meet ¬ When he was 12 years old his parents is on Green river this county was strick ¬ ing Charles Sanders Deputy County removed to Texas where young Scott en with paralysis about ten weeks ago Clerk he stood for a time with the lived until he became a citizen of Adair and is now in a critical condition Mr county eight or nine years ago His Fisher is one of Adair countys best latter decussing the matter The two were together for from father and mother are dead He has citizens an upright honest man He twenty minutes to half an hour when one sister living in Texas and his wife is now In his 82nd year and before Carruth joined them Greeting San ¬ and little son reside within three miles stricken was an active man of his age ders he invited him to drink Nearby of Columbia To the bereaved this He has been living on the same farm saloons were open but Carruth insisted paper extends its sympathy for over 56years His many friends LATERParticulars of the murder throughout the country will regret the upon going to Newbys place On the sidewalk before the door of this saloon in another column seriousness of his condition Carruth himself found the body of SERIOUSLY KURT The Russell Springs Medical Associa ¬ Scott unconscious shot through the tion which met here last week was not neck and headCarruths first exclamation was Our Rollingburg correspondent sends as well attended as usual but the meet ¬ God Charlie Im glad you happened us the following account of an accident ing was not without interest Dr to be with me They might have said that occurred in Green county last Wed Hammonds of Irvins Store Dr Ham ¬ monds of Dunnville and Dr Scholl of that I did itnesdayMillard BODY IN LAMPS GLARE Paxton and J E Hudson Jabez were the only physicians pres ¬ Drs McChord The body lay in full glare of an arc were blasting on a road While tamper ent from a distance hurling Pax Atkinson and Wesly who who were on lamp which hung at a street corner ing a charge it exploded only a few yards away Many persons toll about fourteen feet Three fingers the program failed to put in an ap ¬ were in the saloon when the shooting were torn from his right hand and his pearance occured The night bartender declared left hand was fearfully hurt The that he went to the door when he heard burned powder and crushed stone struck Coffey Brosand W M Dodd of the shots and looked carefully up and him full in the face almost destroying Lincoln county started nine fancy horses from this place to the Burkes¬ down the street but saw nothing The eyesightHudson body was within half dozen steps of wounded about the face ville Fair last Friday morning The requiring where he stood but not seriously and was able to ride animals were in fine trim his perfect pictures to knock them out of From the time of the shooting until home Paxton was conveyed to the time of Carruths arrest the ac ¬ home and is being attended by a phy blues We understand that competi- ¬ tion will be lively Besides the supurb cused man was continually haunting sedan Smythe string owned by Grady the scene of the murder making Pains- ¬ Terry and Al Pedigo of Barren taking inquiry concerning every step of DROWNED IN CUMBERLAND RlVpR Sam Coleman of Metcalfe will be on the evidence that might hint at suspicion grounds with a number of good ones His interest was acute Humble aboy about 16 years Three times within the week preced ¬ Ray son of Mr L C Humble was Mrs Puss Pursley and two daughters olda ing Scotts death it is known that Car ¬ drowned in Cumberland river near Misses Carrie and Clara of Edmonton ruth deliberately sought a fight with The have been employed to take charge of Sunday morning him approaching him on the street Kendall last the culliriary department and dining with profane taunts and abuse and up to Monday morning the body room of the Columbia Hotel They are threatening to kill if the chance was not been found We extend our sym experienced hotel people and tome ever offered At each of these times a thy to the parents in this great afflic highly recommended Mrs Pursley is Scott avoided trouble by keeping p tion a daughter bf the late Sebastian Bell silence and walking away very prominent man of Met = NEGRO MEETS FLEEING SLAYER The bnd boys pulled out for Barks who was a county calfk irKondajlmOrning oA ncgrias been jicmd iwbo avers v ill I there was a small congrega ¬ tion present possibly on account of the intense heat of the atmosphere yet that did not lessen the interest of at Claycombs sermon the Rev the Presbyterian church Sunday fore ¬ The speaker was not at his best noon because of having been ill during the past week but he delivered a discourse that would have beeu a credit to a man of more mature years and experience in the Gospel field Rev Claycomb handled his subject in a manner which was plain and point ¬ ed and his conclusions were the views of a deep thinker a sound reasoner and a logical interpreter of the meaning of the ScripturesHe is zealous in the work of the min- ¬ Istry and a young man should at all and a times receive encouragement hearty God speed in whatever calling he may have chosen in life F McL Mr Tim Collins and wife visited ar their old homestead in the Glensfork country from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon Mr Collins reports good health and good crops in that com ¬ He also says there is an un ¬ munity usual spectacle in the form of a sun ¬ flower stalk in the garden at his old home Most sunflower stalks have one flower on the top while some are known to have more rarely over a pozon but this stalk has 60 flowers on itv says Mr Collins NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS I have made and filled appointments ni each magisterial district of Adair county as required by law for the purpose of receiving taxes for the year 1907 and from this time I am supposed to have it paid to me at my office in Co lumbia Ky and I do not intend to keep up this thing of visiting and beg ¬ ging people to pay me These taxes are due the county and State and all that I get out of it is a small commission for collecting out of which 1 have to live and pay the expenses of the of ¬ fice and I do not purpose to spend it traveling over this county If you owe it come and pay up and save the cost of a forcible collection This is intend ¬ ed for every tax payer in Adair county who has not already settled W B PATTESON S A C July 30 1907 against Rachel N M Tutt Plff etc Deft Hughes Persons having claims against the es ¬ tate of John G Hughes deceased are hereby notified to present them before me properly proven as required by law on or before the 15th day of September 1907 Failure to comply with this order will forever bar your claim against HERSCHEL T BAKER said estate Master Commissioner A C C 4 393t PREACHING NEXT SUNDAY W H C Sandidge Union Roach Pierces Chapel A R Kasey Columbia J A Johnston Cane Valley G Y Wilson Elroy T J Campbell Antioch F J Barger Pleasant Hill Z T Williams Mt Pleasant H T Jesse Smiths Grove J C Cook Columbia JF BRING IN YOUR NEW WHEAT I will pay 85 cents for wheat at my mill or at my exchange in Columbia 392t G B SMITH 1 t J The Elida New Mexico News of last week states that Dr C M Murrell has returned from the mountains where he and Mrs Murrell have been for several weeks Mrs Murrell remained at the Mountain Sanitarium and and she is re ¬ ported as improving FOR SALEA pair of twoyear old horse mules well broke andjgood work ¬ ers A good young brood mare with mule colt by her side 200 bushels extra nice winter oat seed CALDWELL BROS 404t BurdickKy Revs J A Johnston and Houk with W A Grant leadinglthe song service closed a great meeting at Carmel last There were fourteen pro ¬ Wednesday fessions and the church very much re- ¬ vived t i 1 l 1 tj tu ¬ Mr Jesse Hobson who was the father of Mr Claud Hobson died in Camp bellsville last Wednesday aged 69 years t THE ASSASSINATION CI i The mother sisters and brothers of Hfcrschel Jeffries who died last week desire to return their grateful thanks to all those who attended him giving every assistance possible t rf ADAIR 4 i I

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