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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), September 30, 1965

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

""'i ty MOUNTAIN EAGLE IT SCREAMS! Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, Thursday, September 30, 1965 Corps of Engineers looks at dam site at Ulvah Vol. 58, No. 20 Council raises $1000 their communities. The Boone Fork Community AcHe said the council ha- - plan- - lor tion Council has raised more than $1,000 toward purchaseof a build- other projects by which it hope- - to raise another $1,000 within the ing to be used as a community The federal Corps of Engineers main North Fork. The site now current study is not related to the center, Council Chairman Johnny next few weeks. The council will meet again at Fulton said this week. under consideration in Letcher is conducting a survey to see if Appalachian Development Act, Fleming-Neo- n Grade School at Fulton said much of the money County is upstream from the the government can afford to which sets up a $5,000,000 fund 7p. m. Oct. 11. Meetings are was donated during a radio aucmouth of Line Fork near Ulvah. build a flood control dam on the for a study of Appalachian water open to anyone interested. A dam there would back water tion held Saturday at Neon. main stream of the Kentucky resources. That study is to be After inspecting possible buildup Rockhouse Creek and up the River in Letcher County. completed by December, 1968. ings in several communities--McRobert- s, The spokesman said the Corps Technically the survey is known main stream of the North Fork Local hospital gets toward Whitesburg. How far as a feasibility study. It is part Fleming, Whltaker, had not discussed the dam poss-Seco--- a would depend on the height of council committee deof a re evaluation of an earlier ibilities with the L&N as yet but new cided that the old Elkhorn Coal the dam, which has not been de- - would contact the railroad if the Corps study of the Kentucky Riv Co. office building at Fleming is er Basin which has been under way termined mineral costs prove feasible. of Right now the real estate division There has been speculation lothe best suited for a community for the past two or three years. A spokesman for the planning of the Corps is checking the value cally that the L&N plans to tuncenter of the buildings available Mrs. Nancy Ciancione today of minerals in the area to see if division of the Corps district ofnel through Pine Mountain togain to the council, Fulton said. became director of nursing serThe building, owned by Sol the minerals would be too costly fice at Louisville said the report access to the Line Fork coal revice at Whitesburg Appalachian Johnson, will cost the council to permit construction of a dam. on the entire river basin is due serves and coal reserves in Perry Regional Hospital. If the mineral cost seems "not to be completed in about a year. and Leslie counties .which arc not $4,500. Sne succeeds Mrs. Waughletia Once the building is purchased out of reason" the Corps will inHe explained the current activnow reached by rail. This would Wright Little, who has been actthe council will complete planvestigate further to see what reity of tne Corps in Letcher Coungive mines in these areas access ing director of nursing service for m location costs would be. There ning of a community action ty this way: the past several months. to the Tennessee Valley Authorwould be some major relocation As a part of Its overall survey, to be carried out as part of Mrs. Ciancione is a graduate of ity and other southern coal marthe war on poverty. Fulton said involved. The Louisville and the Corps is looking for ways to St. Mary's School of Nursing at kets. Most Kentucky River coal Nashville Railroad's main track lessen flood damage at Hazard Huntington, W. Va. Before comnow goestc the Great Lakes area. the plan probably will incorporate follows the North Fork from Hazin addition to the reservoir now ing to Whitesburg she was assistant The Corps emphasized that there parts of the community action program already submitted by a under construction on Carrs Fork. ard to Fleming, and the tracks director of nursing service at the is nothing definite or immediate would have to be relocated. The Carrs Fork dam will lower similar council at Blackey but will Beckley (W. Va.) Appalachian about the dam proposal. Often Highway 7 also would have to be such projects are tied up in Coninclude other items especially suit- Regional Hospital. She also ha the level of flooding at Hazard ed to the upper area of the county. worked at Western Pennsylvania only two or three feet, if a flood moved, and perhaps portions of gress for years before finally gainHe did not elaborate. Highway 15. And numerous of the severity of the 1957 flood , Hospital in Pittsburgh. ing approval. families would have to move. The Boone Fork group includes should occur. The Corps has inShe has three children. Her If the Corps investigations show Seco, McRoberts, Haymond, vestigated possible sites at sevsons, Jerry and Peter, are with Neon, Fleming, Whitaker andKo-n- a. her here. They are living in Movies and muscles eral tributaries of the North Fork that it may be "within shooting distance of a feasible project" furFulton emphasized that the of the Kentucky River above staff housing at the hospital. A Twenty-fonew films are now ther studies will be made to deHazard, including Line Fork, officers of the council are working daughter is staying with Mrs. stock at the Pine Mountain Rein termine the size of the proposed Leatherwood Creek, Macy's free and are only trying to help mother In Bristol, Va. gional Library and are available dam, the type of dam (whether Creek, Bullshin and others. In for immediate showing, Janie C. would be flood -- control onlv, is looking into the it addition, it Gallion cf the library said today. or a multi-purpodam involvpossibilities of a dam on the Requests for the films should be l, ing recreation as well as made through the Letcher County whether hydro-electr- ic Llbrarv at Whitesburs or the Jen Demos meet power would be Included, etc.) Patients at the Whitesburg Ap- kins Library at Jenkins, she said. Mrs. Rose Asher Moore of WhitesThen, after more detailed stuThere will be a Democratic rne regional library also nas lor regional nospitai are burg is acting president of the dies were made, the Corps would Party meeting at 7:30 o'clock loan various types of sports equip- - receiving extra personal service A full slate of officers will ask Congress for authorization to through the efforts of the hospi- tonight at the Letcher County ment such as sottballs and bats be elected after the auxiliary reconstruct the dam. courthouse In Whitesburg. ceives its charter from the KenThe Corps spokesman said the (Continued on Page 12) Volunteer members of the auxtucky Hospital Association. Offiiliary are making hospital stays cials of the KHA will be in Whitesmore pleasant by providing a vaburg during November. riety of personal services such as The hospital hopes to set up a operating a library cart, reading "candy-stripe- r" organization for to patients, writing letters for high school age girls later. them, delivering mail, arranging Anyone interested in joining the flowers and running errands outauxiliary may contact Mrs, Moore side the hospital. These outside or Jack McVey, acting administraerrands include visiting homes of tor of the hospital. Persons who hospital patients to check on the have items such as books, magawelfare of children. zines or toys to donate may conThe auxiliary members will be tact Mrs. Moore or any member known as "pink ladies" because of the auxiliary. wear pink uniforms. They they will not duplicate services given by the regular hospital employees but will enable the hospital to offer more services to its patients. A. F. Dawahare Auxiliary members are required to take intensive training In the operations of a hospital, includjoins family ing courses and lectures by departkMpaMgHHHjj j ment heads. in Lexington I fr Already eight women have comA. F. Dawahare, an executive of pleted the course and are at work from 2 to 4 p. m. six days a week one of Cincinnati's largest department stores for the past seven years, in the hospital. As the auxiliary has moved to Lexington and will be membership grows, its members general manager ofDawahare's Inc. also will work in evening hours there. and will be at the hospital seven Dawahare was assistant to the presdays a week. ident of Shillito's in Cincinnati. The women serve without pay. mpmfipri nf tha nA...i. a ... Flrf j ii ', He and other members of his famThe pink ladies have set up a arT.hnwA I7iu . '?dm'cu "uxmary oi me wnitesourg Appalachian Reg onal Hospital r?iml m? Mattie administrators. B. Thev are (left to right) Mrs. Audra Pigman. Miss patient recreation room which has ily own and operate a chain of speBonnie Hart. Mrs. J. Tofliveri Jack E. McVev. cialty and clothing stores in Kena piano, television set and games ?L SfWt3I,,Mr,i RSe Mo?? Co1' Layer, who served as for patients. They plan to cantucky. The family was reared in Letcher County, and the first store vass for toys for children who are in the chain was at Neon. patients, Dawahare's of Lexington is undergoing remodeling and will soon be all under one roof. The firm had operated three separate stores in Lexington. The enlarged store Three classes in adult education Funds provided for the program by will still be in Gardenside shopping on the high school level willbegin the Office of Economic Opportunl-OctobeThe program is planned for 72 subjects at each school. center in suburban Lexington. 5 at three centers--Fletv mav be used onlv for nersnnt hours of classroom instruction. Boggs said the Division of Public Woodrow Dawahare and Frank n, Whitesburg and Letcher. enrolled in the Work Experience andEach class will meet for three Assf trance will authorize the en- - Dawahare will continue their assoKendall Boggs, director of the Training Program (jobless fathers), hour sessions Tuesday and Thurs- - tollment of Work Experience and ciation with the Lexington store. . ,.,m u. . .v education Prozram for Adults other than Jobless fAther mauHav iW 10 ....j un-i- Also under way is expansion of . n the COlintV ehnnl Vfom mM r enrnll In the nmnrim k... .ho. rthe store operated in Whitesburg by to enter tne nign scnool level. uigamcu di o p, hi. uci. o at Tifi! Letcher County has JZ been allotted will have to pay an enrollment fee. the three schools. Teachers and supervisory staff of Hoover Da.wahare. This week the only three classes, and these have Boggs said the amount of the fee The classes will cover four major the county school system will be front of the Main Street store was areas of .Caie. d,at.Cen,e" where in" "m be determined hy calculating remodeled, and a new building at classification mamema- placement.8 These will be de- -i the corner of Main Stretf and Colhou" of co,st forJ2 latWe arts (reading, writli and S,be ?feateA- adu , Ct and grammar), history andioclal termined by s tandardlzed tests, rT Pa"ned, Jhe "'""f""10" ,based nclass. number lege Drive Is nearlng completion. years old and s paid Those science (including civics, lev-f- a The new building will be used for personal observation with funds under Title V of the who have to pay a fee also will Phy and sociology), and cfenle el completed lr public sclfoob up the appliance and furniture departEconomicOpportunity Act of 1964. have to furnish their own textbooks. One teacher will teach all the to now. ments of Hoover's, director nursing service pro-Cra- ur Auxiliary organized se flood-contro- tonight vimiu aux-iMa- jj 1 store acunlSu HanW. High school classes planned for adults r ing-Neo- r"6"'. P"1 1 uin ri-i.c- t.i ry.

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