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Altsheler (Yancey) Papers, 1911-1975, 1911

Part of Altsheler (Yancey) Papers, 1911-1975

klgarulrar039Inventory of the papers of Yancey Altsheler, 1911-1975Karin StrohbeckUniversity Archives and Records CenterUniversity of LouisvilleEkstrom LibraryLouisville, Kentucky40292 USAPhone: (502) 852-6674Fax: (502) 852-6673Email: archives@louisville.eduURL: Archives and Records Centern.d.Text converted and initial EAD tagging provided by Apex Data Services, April 2000.ENGInventory of the papers of Yancey Altsheler, 1911-1975Contact InformationUniversity Archives and Records CenterUniversity of LouisvilleEkstrom LibraryLouisville, Kentucky40292Phone: (502) 852-6674Fax: (502) 852-6673Email: archives@louisville.eduURL: by: Karin StrohbeckDate Completed: n.d.Encoded by: Apex Data Services Copyright 2000 University of Louisville. All Rights Reserved.Altsheler (Yancey) Papers, 1911-1975ULRAR039Altsheler, YanceyUniversity Archives and Records CenterLouisville, Kentucky 40292Open to researchersThe copyright interests in the Yancey Altsheler Papers, 1911-1975 have not been transferred to the University of Louisville. For further information, see the section on copyright in the regulations and Procedures of the Special Collections Library or consult a reference archivist.[Identification of item], Yancey Altsheler Papers, 1911-1975, University Archives and Records Center, University of Louisville, Louisville. The Yancey Altsheler papers span the years from 1911 to 1975. The papers are contained in 21 boxes and each series arranged chronologically. The last 8 boxes are comprised of newspaper clippings. Mr. Altsheler was involved in many activities. He was a prominent member of the Louisville School Board and a champion of education well into his later years.The material consists mainly of income tax records, minutes, and correspondence with various professional and social organizations. Some folders contain handwritten research notes spanning decades and covering a wide range of topics pertaining to his interests at that time.The material is a good historical source as they contain old school board rules, regulations, and minutes of meetings. Also many social organizations by-laws and rosters are found in these papers. There are a few private letters from friends.Summary of Significant Events1894Yancey Altsheler born in Louisville1913Graduated from Louisville Male High School1917Graduated from University of Michigan1924-1925President of Rotary Club1924-1975Member of Board of Trustees of the Hindman Settlement School in Hindman, Kentucky1926Chairman of the Citizen's Committee which campaigned for the successful passage of a five million dollar school bond issue1927-1939Trustee of University of Louisville1933-1934Member of the State Commission to survey public education in Kentucky1935New school code adopted to strengthen Kentucky public education system as a result of the 1933 survey1935-1966President of Altsheler and Company, Inc.1940-1948Member of the Executive Committee of the Community Chest1945Appointed to fill vacancy on Louisville Board of Education1946-1958Elected to Board of Education and served as president several times; Louisville schools integrated during his term on the board1975Yancey Altsheler diesOTHER BIOGRAPHICAL NOTESMarried to Kathryn Barnhisel Altsheler (no children)Member of St. Andrews Episcopal ChurchMember of the following organizations:Louisville Public School BoardHindman Settlement SchoolAudubon SocietyBeckham Bird ClubBernheim Forest FoundationConversation ClubFilson ClubLouisville Country ClubPendennis ClubPhi Kappa Sigma (college honor society)Rotary ClubWranglersYancey Altsheler, primarily known for his work to improve secondary education in Louisville, was born in that city on September 19, 1894 and died there on August 9, 1975. He was married to Kathryn Barnhisel Altsheler. The Yancey Altsheler collection focuses primarily on his professional and social organizations and span the years 1911 to 1975. It includes business and financial reports of the organizations, as well as their correspondence, minutes, and by-laws. His personal research notes cover such topics as religion, public education in Kentucky, and the black youngster in America and Africa.What is known about him personally is deduced through a small amount of confidential correspondence and biographical sketches from public sources. Aspects of his private life include memberships in the following business and professional organizations: Louisville Public School Board, Hindman Settlement School, Audubon Society, Beckham Bird Club, Bernheim Forest Foundation, Conversation Club, Filson Club, Louisville Country Club, Pendennis Club, Phi Kappa Sigma (college honor society), Rotary Club, and the Wranglers. He was a member and lay reader of St. Andrews Episcopal Church.The provenance of the Altsheler material dealt with chronological and subjectmatter catagories. The entire collection is housed in 10.25 linear feet.The Yancey Altsheler papers consist of eight general series. These series cover the years from 1911 to 1975 and pertain primarily to the business aspects of his life.Series I, Business and Financial 1943-1975, is divided into 5 folders. The majority of these folders contain tax information of Mr. Altsheler's various business holdings. However, the second folder pertains specifically to the sale of the Madrid Building located on 3rd and Guthrie Streets in Louisville from 1929 to the present. Mr. Altsheler sold the Madrid in 1967 to the Hillard Corporation and includes a historical and financial report on the property.Series II includes boxes 2 and 3 and pertain to the Hindman Settlement School in Hindman, Kentucky. Mr. Altsheler was on the board of directors for this school for decades. Box 2 contains primarily Hindman tax information. The third box includes correspondence of all kinds concerning the Hindman School. Personal, business, social, and general information exchanged between Hindman board members covers the years 1967-1972. School status reports and minutes of meetings are also enclosed from 1953-1975. Mr. McLain, patriarch of the McLain Family Singers, was executive director of the Hindman School for several years.Series III and IV are boxes 4 through 8, titled Louisville Public Schools and span 1923 to 1969. Boxes 4, 6, and 7 primarily contain miscellaneous Louisville School Board minutes from 1952 to 1963. The fifth and eighth boxes deal with manuals, reports, studies, and letters involving the issue of Louisville's public school integration controversy during the 1950's and 1960's. Also studies conducted on the feasibility of merging the Louisville and Jefferson County Public Schools during these same years are located in box 5.Series V, "Organizations," are contained in boxes 9 and 10. They show Mr. Altsheler's religious, professional and social involvements in the Louisville area. While the ninth box is comprised of club manuals, brochures, and booklets,the tenth box is a little more defined. It contains personal letters and invitations to at least nine separate clubs as well as a smattering of pamphlets, newsletters, and annual reports similar to those in the eighth box.Series VI includes Mr. Altsheler's research notes, papers, speeches, and correspondence from 1915 to 1974 and are in boxes 11 through 13. Box 11 primarily deals with religious themes in America mostly historical in content. Paul Revere is the main topic, on handwritten index cards, in box 12. Number 13 contains personal correspondence plus many notes on his personal research, late in life, of the "Negro in Africa and America."Series VII, box 14 only, encompasses his public papers, lecture notes and oral history material. The school bond issue of the 1920's is explored here in great detail, financially, economically, and socially. Three folders also house the letters leading up to Mr. Altsheler's 1972 oral history interview with University of Louisville professor Dr. Ryant. Transcripts of the interview are held in folder 9.Series VIII consists of magazines and newspaper clippings covering 1941-1974. Most of the clippings cover an assortment of topics such as education in Louisville, popular nationwide events, and his hobby interests.Container ListI. Business and Financial1Audit Reports1943-19651Corporate Income Tax1964-19651Correspondence and Documents1966-19681Information - Miscellaneous Financial1969-1975II. Hindman Settlement School2Audit Reports1945-19692Historical Data and Information1911-19712Tax Exempt Status1970-19722Endowment Fund Reports1970-19753Correspondence, Minutes and Reports1953-19703Correspondence, Minutes and Reports1971-19723Correspondence, Minutes and Reports1971-19733Correspondence, Minutes and Reports1973-19753Correspondence - Personal1970-19733Correspondence - General1967-19723Reports - School Status1972-1975III. Louisville Public School - Minutes4Minutes - Board of Education1952-19555Minutes - Board of Education1955-19576Minutes - Board of Education1957-1963IV. Louisville Public Schools - Manuals and Reports7Manuals and Reports1956-19647Manuals and Reports1950-19558Manuals and Reports1923-19628Test Results1953-19548Letters - Miscellaneous1952-19558Court Action1948-19578Newsletter19578Retirement Ceremonies - Superintendent of Louisville Public Schools1969V. Organizations9Audubon Society1958-19679Manuals - Filson Club19739Manuals - Rotary Club of Louisville1937-19759Manuals - The Pendennis Club1952-19759The Spectator - Male High School191210University of Louisville1917-194510Professional and Social1947-196010Professional and Social1961-197510Professional and Social1961-197510Religious1970-1975VI. Research Notes, Papers and Speeches11Research Notes and Themes - Religion University of Michigan1915-191711Research Notes and Themes - Religion and French University of Michigan1915-191711Research Notes - Religion - Colonial Churches in America196111Research Notes - Martin Luther1962-196311Research Notes - Religion - Religion in Americaundated11"Man on Troublesome," paper on James Sill by Dean Cadle196712Research Notes - Paul Revereundated12Research Notes - Kentuckyundated13Speech - Public Education in Kentucky192613Speech - Background of 1932193313Research Notes - Medicine - Hippocratic Oath196913Research Notes - Negro in America and Africa197013Research Notes - Violence197213Correspondence - Personal1925-195513Correspondence - Personal1966-197413Personal Library IndexundatedVII. Public Papers, Lecture Notes and Oral History Material14Public Papers, Lecture Notes and Oral History Material1924-1974VIII. Newspaper Clippings15Newspaper Clippings - Miscellaneous1945-197016Newspaper Clippings - Miscellaneous1940-197418Newspaper Magazines - Miscellaneous1945-196819Newspaper Clippings - Miscellaneous1945-195520Newspaper Clippings - Miscellaneous1972-197421Newspaper Clippings - Miscellaneous1971-1972

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