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Image 1 of Citizen (Berea, Ky.), December 12, 1907

Part of Citizen (Berea, Ky.)

n t iOOOOeo g BEREA ooeoeoe o eeo O THE CITIZENPeople the Interests the Mountain PUBLISHING CO o iUICUItlOUAtoU o STANLEY FROST M+ o ncr I 0 1 otlno 00000000000000 Devoted to Uankred el the YoI + tAN Nerea K y inns canter iIX NEWS eeeond 0 DEll EA MADISON COUNTY rive cents a copy OF THE WEEK of I A WIDE OPEN KENTUCKY DECEMBER 12 GETTING ODOR WISDOM I gt upto brightenergetic 1ttIu girlslearn 11Sittglite ¬ Januaryfirst COURSES The Academy otters the following In common with every other South ¬ 1 C II But the directors are all busy men and they can not spend all their time at the bank every day and Itls not necessary for them to do so So the stock holders through tho directors employ a cashier and assistant to stay at the bank all tho time to take in de posits and cash checks and do the bookkeeping for the bank So this bank Is not a one man Insti ¬ tution but Its various Interests oft closely looked after by its Board Of Directors who are responsible to tho stock holders and to the State of Ken tucky for the faithful discharge of the banks obligations And once every month all of the di ¬ rectors meet at the bank and thor ¬ oughly sift everything that the cashier They and his assistants have done look at the notes and see that they are all good They count tho money and see that It is all there And they go over the books and ceo that they lrM IS rrofrntorof Niifuml Scleiice Normal Department pared will soon be In great demand with good salaries offered them The Normal Dept of B rea Col- ¬ lege has been doing its best In the past to bring about this condition and now it Is making every effort to lead all other schools In the thorough courses which It offers to teachers tf every grade The motto of the Berea Teachers Club not the good nor the better but the best may well stand for the motto of the Normal Depart ¬ ment for wo strive to obtain the best In equipment in Instructors in text books in matter and in method We seek to ever hold a high ideal r MISS KATIIMUIM IIOWKKSOXMKSJKNMI HILL Demi lit Women of lleren College In Charge of Iloiiiritlo Science TVnclilnj sing and play Berea was established 1S5To havo the use of tho largest 5Bcrca has eighty moro students this school library Jn tho South fall than over before To hear tho College band of more Berea Is a religious school but not a denominational school than 26 Instruments To participate In good clean ath Berea has twentyflvo buildings lodes used for school purposes To bo a member of ono of tho elx Berea has tho largest corps of work In look nt have Just ro- T A KinVAltllS SIlIthIIllt Model KrlimiU NICE c1fINA ¬ opportunities to those who wish to VASES pursue studies In GLASS WARE WARE that department I Beginning Algebra aMathematics DOLLS a complete lino of LAMPS more advanced course In Algebra QUEENSWARE also HARDWARE a which those may enter who have dono besides something more than n years Work fine line and TINWARE GROCERIES FANCY and STAPLE and In fact all kinds of GOOD I would bo glad THINGS TO EAT to have everybody call and see things and you will find it will pay you to come soon before the best things are sold out ns It is too lato to get an ¬ other lino In before Christmas If you como early you will not ha disappoint- ¬ a bank al- ¬ ways remember that It Is the stock holders who are the bank that tho directors are managing tho bank as agents for the stock holders and that tho cashier and the clerks who help him nro agents for tho stock holders and directors and are heavily bonded to the bank for the faithful discharge of their duties And In Judging of the safety of B bank always Inquire what is the amount of tho banks capital and who are tho directors who are funning the bank If the capital is sufficient and the Directors are honest and good bus bees men and Jf they visit the bank often to see that it is run right then the bank Is safeand It Is a good bank t + put your money in for safekeep ¬ ing Our capital la fSOOOO surplus 10 I ed I Bank is Managed and What Makes a Bank Safe hw of tho and let mo tell my prices Tho goods are Just what you have been wanting for Christmas Hero are norao i 2e Hoya So when you deal with flied of tho things I have No K A bank is a stock company or cor ¬ public schools Great Improvements poration It dues out belong to any have beets made In the post and It IsI one man Every person who has almost certain that the Legislature in helped to furnish tho banks capital its coming session will do more than has a share in the management of the any previous one In the way of enact ¬ bank leg better school laws and providing Tbcso people who own the banks capital are called stockholders and they ure the bank The fifty thousand dollars capital of the Bcrca flank and Trust Company Is owned by fifty three different people Wnen you deal with this bank you arc dealing with these fiftythree different people Most of tho stockholders of the Be 5i8 Bank and Trust Company live in Madison County and in the nearby counties of Jackson Rcckcaitlo and Garrard But even though most of the people who have a share In the bank do live close to Berea it would not bet possible for all of thorn to come to the banks place of business every day to take deposits cash checks and JAV mvsMoni Mend of Noriinil liiiirliurnt loan money I If mi College And so the stock holders have selmore funds for educational purposes In the past young men and women ected ten men from among them ¬ ould not afford to enter the teaching selves to have charge of the bank work as a profession for it did not and run tho business for them These otter a living but with longer terms men are Mr J J Moore Dr P Cor¬ better pay better houses and an awak- nelius Mr E T Fish Mr J Wl ened public sentiment conditions are Herndon Mr A W Stewart Mr W rapidly changing The Public Schools H Porter Mr Choa Burdttte Prof J will soon demand teachers who Lre W Dlnsmoro Mr J E Johnson and entering the work as a profession and Mr J F Dean oung people who are thoroughly pre These men are the directors of the bank Tho peopo who own the banks capital and who are personally liable for the banks debts know that their Interests in the bank will bo well looked after They picked these directors to run the bank for them because they knew that they are hon- ¬ est that they are good buclness men and that they will see to it that the batik Is run safely and according to people of Bcrca and Madison County tho big lino of goods o are correct and also of adjoining counties to tho fact that It will pay them to stop In or If they liavo to to drlvo > MONEYTALKS thorIoughly STORE I wish to call tho attention Dollar a year TAAININGTfACHfASi The Boob of Proverbs is full of good advice to young ACADEMY uoooooaolloltoeo 1007Olle Berea College Is just clueing tho people and the heart of it all is GET WISDOM Awful Mine Explosion Four Hundred KilledKing of Sweden Dead Tatf best tall term In its history so far ns Wisdom is knowing what to do and how to do in all the tho students ore concerned and will Salts for Home various occasions of life The man that finds the best soon begin a wlnler term that will bo way to do the common duties and also when new or The worst accident of tho year so better yetfull of good thlnis for tar occurred Friday morning In Nus young people things that hop them sudden occasions rise dues not lose his head but knows ¬ 0 and 8 of tho Fairmont Coal Com how to act in any emergency that man has wisdom he to live right and make them better Monotigah W Va pau8 mines at men and women husbands or wives always succeeds his neighbors have confidence in his when about four hundred men wore neighbors and clilnns judgment and his ability They say he can make them killed Imprisoned and most of These things are open to all young things go he always knows just what to do No won Tho exact by a terrific explosion der Solomon said wisdom is better than gold or silver number of dead Is not yet known more precious than diamonds or rubies but thero were about four hundred Now how can we men In tho mine at the time and ox ¬ wisdom Wisdom is the re ¬ cept for four or five who wore brown sult of two things a trained mind and experience A to tho opun air none are expected good school lilts Berea is the best place to get your mind to be rescued alive Tho cause tf well trained First there are a largo number of skilful tho explosion Is not known About a teachers who know the best and quickest to train hundred bodies had been taken out the minds of their pupils a good teacher is worthmore when tills was written ull burned and than a thousand books two teachers are better than one torn by the explosion and forty are better still word year en rec ¬ This has been the ord for mlno dlsaitem tho the great est singe accident camo last year At the CourrlorB mine In France when im It a HOST killed Altogether lI D men were were killed In mine IntIrrildrnt uf Itxrru College no rlr 1000 man radeship people of good character The fees are cldents whllo this year there had and anyone can earn part of the ¬ low 1493 born killed before this last hor Third there is a wonderful equipment fine buildings necessary money here Do not think ror and the four hundred who are well heated well lighted with the best seats and black ¬ you and probably dead there will make the that this does not Interest boards and pictures A few of these are stop reading this Are you sure it total about 1900 The Library 0 30000 books open to all students arc The mines are still afire and there does not Internet ou7 freely the Printing Building where boys learn that young Is your education finished Do Is danger of another exJo lon which trade the Vood Working Building where the classes tram getting far you not sometimes wish you know n keeps the rescuers in Carpentry and Architectural Drawing are taught the and makoa It more like- little more about some things Hero Into tho mine Is your chance Come and learn It new Barn for Horticulture and two new Barns for the ly that no one will be savad Thero doal of fianger teo you are older have you not a son on Farm Department the Laundry with all its modern ma ¬ has been n great from tho poisonous gas which U al ways left by an xploslon so that the work of clearing the mine has been veiy difficult Secretary Taft wiled for homo from It is foolish to blunder along and learn at sadcost Hamburg Germany on Iftturd y af ¬ only from your own experience The wise way the eco ¬ tor having been ontortalMd by the high digni nomical and quick way is to take advantage of the ex ¬ Czar of HnMta and outer perience of others taries He ta oxpocttd how Saturday or Sunday but will probably too too lato fur the funeral of his mother who died Sunday ateMitlbury Mass you know if you are in earnest there is a place for you in Her body will be taken to Cincinnati Berea College There are eight grades in the Model for burial bwlde her Im > band Schools thoro arc four classes in tha Academy four in King Oscar 11 of Sweden the beatthe Normal Department and four in you are loved of all the European moanrcltt ambitious and honest there is a place in there somewhere llHII ltILt cnnneeted by blood or marriage and Principals trnilciii I vrra College for you Get wisdom with mast of the sovereign of KB Come to school and come soon rope died taMtajr In his palace at daughter younger brother or stater There will be no political or Bouio other dear unu that you EtHkhoim rctuiu from his death ai hU nation want to give a good wart In urr SPECIAL OPPORTUNITIES AT BEREA I FACTS ABOUT BEREA once one of Ute strongest huts IHKHHBO This Is your chance tootJlvo them To earn while you learn too weak to GOut In the Xruwiiri education No saloons You want to know about n Collage among nations HU ion follows Mm To attend tho free choral classes Our Chapel seats 1400 on the throne Many of hit children that you fond your frlwiAa to or go To hear some of tho great musicians Largest school In Kentucky and relative have been chosen to ruo to younolf So rend carefully the nr tleJes following this and telling tho small countries because they would things you want to know about Borea IrmunrsienTldrd1eeel Read carefully think it over thenCOMHyou will be wolocmod LOGSDONSThe gO 1ieoeoeoeoell wn Denoeeoeo The Citizen is Growing Rap og Idly Let Your Business g Keep Pace With it By Adver g o p THOMSON Cliniilulli or It rcn College AK before ourselves and our pupils while at the same time we try to meet the the real problems which confront teachers and the schools of our state To do this we must train tho best possible teachers for the 3rd grade 1 000 Borea Bank MAKE T IOHIIOUNi WILL Trust Company NEW FRIENDS Many young people hesitate about going away to school because they will have to be among so many stran- ¬ gers You will not bo among stran ¬ gers at Berea You will find some ono from nearly every codnty of Eastern Kentucky nndi from twentyfive states Look at the faces of tho Berea teachers and tee how friendly they look You will have more friends here in a month than In any other place in the world C OAMIILK- Hocretary of llemi College Trmmirerof next t Colles wish also to thank my many I great literary societies ers of any school In Kentucky friends for their liberal patronage To hear some of the great men of Boron provides for her sick students In her own hospital under tho taro tho country speak and I hopo to continuo In their con ¬ To bo in tho large gymnasium of her own nurses and physician J K NNIXAfidenceTo heron had eleven hundred students cting 1rofeMor of Mntliemntlcd classesTo and all a Merry Christmas KV IZ J Ytho wonderful refloctoscope wear Look for the 1200 nark Normal efuirtuient and a Happy Now Year AIant HUIerlnm lent of Model Hclioolii which will throw on the canvass a last year this I am very respectfully In tho subject Thoso who have stud- ¬ picture from a book photograph or You can live In Berea and go to country school Just the same as the 7 school almost as cheaply as you can 1st grade teacher for thai more fortun ¬ W D LOGSDON Ied Geometry for half a year or moro card The man with something good to To attend the Lyceum Course of stay at home without the school may take up that subject completing ate districts For this purpose wo have sell is not afraid to tell about it NEW BRJCK BUILDING Solid Geometry in tho spring term entertainments Winter term opens Jan 1st 1908 I Watch our advertisements to find the See advertisement on litst page irnerMnln and Prospect HtreeU Itercn Cpntloue t oa Sixth Continued on Sixth rage r good things I 1 II I ii I I N c 1 51 4

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