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Image 4 of Bourbon News, April 2, 1907

Part of Bourbon News

T T i rf a ° J r d THE BOUBB JIT NEWS PARIS KENTUCKY APRIL 2 1907 < t 0- n == = 0- 7 I Weve Prepared on Account of an Early Season A tear The large and especially attractive showing gariety is twice greater we have ever presented in seaspns past There is within our organization an effort and tendency toward the higher level It is expressed in the good taste exclu- ¬ sive innovations which characterize our garmenfs be the price ever so modest or model ever so borate v TALLOttMADE WALKING SUITS Of Very full plaited styles of Chiffon Taffeta trimmed with LINEn FROCIIS AND SU1IMLEt Dl FSSE Panama and french Bunting in Black Navy Leather wide folds at 1250 to 20 Linen frocks hand embroidered and trimmed with elufrj Brown Tan and Grey coat and shirt waist ° dels15 W Jl Excellent quality of Chiffon Panama Skirts pretty full Also Checks Stripes Plaids and Mixtures in Cutaway styles 660 850 10 Dainty summer dresses of Batiste Lawn Swiss arid Eton Blouse Box and Pony Coat Styles i new Nobby Walking Skirts in Checks and Stripers full olns Mull in Princess and Jumber Styles750 to 20 Skirts splendid workmanship25 30 35 10 DRESSY SEMITAILORED STlTSOf French tel plal eL S1LR JUnIPER AND THIRT WAIST flESSE Voiles in Plain Colors and Ltripes Marquisette Chiffon COATS FOR ALL OCC AS TONS Coats of white Of Chiffon Taffeta Novelty Checks ano Foulards Fall and Pongees in copies of models and and light colored Rajah and Pongee for dressy wear coats plated skirts effectively trimmed 15 to 30 Taffetas original trimmed with rich laces and embroid ¬ of rubber back and fabrics throughout with silk 50 65 to 125 eries i Coats of tweed and covert for general utility SPRING AND SUMMER VAISTS From the sim pie tucked muslin blouse to the hand embroidered arid s I PAIiA1i SivIUTS A complete line of all the Hobby top coats for misses imported models150 to 40 t newest styles and fabrics in Plaited Walking Skirts T Voile and Taffea Skirts are the most popular for spring L I GERIE DRESSES AND PARTY GOWNS For distinctive styles fit and sotisfaction The Embry In I rl cess and tR Josephine models of and summer wear and Waist has no equal t Very handsome Skirts of French Voile built over guar- ¬ soft silks in delecate V Swiss Nouveaux Dotted j anteed Taffeta25 to 40 Laces Nets and Embroidered French Batiste and Mull i HIGHGRADE SILl PPTTICOATS = Black and Full plaited styles of fine Voiles plain tailored or trim trimmecliri effective combinations of laces and embroid all new spring shades newest modeis 5 875 775V >C med with rsws of Taffeta1250 to 1850 tp 365 eries25 to it 70 i < > I j I t k f i t n ¬ We Spring aricl 141 r j a n Jl J U t I l I f l 11 Arthur Hartman the renowned Within the past few weeks the urSGttt netcl of a hospital in Paris where emergency cases requiring immediate treatment could be received and treat- ¬ ed without loss of time has been amply and fully demonstrated The lots of an keurin the transportation of patients from Paris to Lexington may mean the loss of a life The selection cf a proper site for such an institution also mews a great deal The ladies of Paris upon whose efforts the success of the movement seems to depend could rot possibly do better than to accept the offer or option on the White property wnere there is a building admir ably equipped with steam heat light treaty of room beautiful natural sur ixniadiijgs remote from the noise and tacmoil of the business section and in short offering an ideal location for a hospital Besides these advantages of a special order the property would al ways be available on the real estate market should a change of location be desired It would always commandt price and would be a valuable asset for the hospital fund in such an emergency The News has no hoe to grind in the matter but believing ihe general public would be interested in the selection of a con Iffsaient and wellsituated site sug careful consideration of the property mentioned 1 t I t I I b1 I i s r y Administrators + IJ J I 4feb4tvkly Both Phones ARE Main a b < I < I Stnear I r1rw Ii sJ ic PR CE JI i r > I CO I I tJ d x Fifth CLARKETr- otter > riIff1 Your Patronage Solicited ¬ DR W you getting Boys Clothing the best qualityand style Are you for a fact qi isit doubtful There is no use trying to con- ¬ vince yourself that you can buy as good clothing anywhere else as we handle it is useless to try to saver the prices we ask To money assume that you get the service or sat isfactioh from cheaper clothing is to argue that right is not might that merit Has not power that value does not count tlOllAJAY BRUCE ea > Everything New Fresh and Clean Notice- ¬ Br iandman The Oculist I 0 UPTO DATE GROCER Dr L H Lanciman the oculist will 2 e at Windsor Hotel Tuesday April trial 215 Mark 221 half 3fe 19Gt mile track Your pantry is not complete without By Earlmont race record 2 09 sire of Tula K 2122 Senator Vance Sons Red sack of E F Spears Ragland 221i Maggie C Grass Flour 8tf 2191 Miss Haley 2 24 etc by Bel22 1 t mont dam of George Wilkes 2 22 f The Truth 1st darn by Nutbreaker 2 24 the sire Easter hats and suits met with some of Nutbreaker 2 092 Roberta 2 11J Sfiing of a frost in Paris Sunday but itand twentyfive in 2 30 s not generally thought that the bills 2nd dam by Newcomb 2list by Nut¬ 29 fur them will be allowed to get cold wood 2 18 dam of George Wilkes r4N f 222 Flower Seeds 3rd dam by Orphan Boy son of American Clay Sweet pea and nasturtian seed 4th dam by Black Prince BAIRD S2t TAYLOR DR CLARKE is a bay horse 16 4 hands weighs over 1100 pounds and Card Of Thanks isthe type of horse so much in demand Through the columns of The News I today having style action and speed desire to return thanks to the members combined with individuality and sound o the nights of Pythias Odd Fel ¬ Tows and the Order of Unity and to all nessWill breed a few mares at others for their kind offices and expressions of sympathy in my recent be15 to Insure a Living Colt reavement MRS J W HUGHES I WM H CLARK R F D No 8 Paris Ky Spring Did You Say Home Phone 516 2feb2mo After several days of fine weather the mercury took a sudden drop to be low the freezing point Monday morn lf in the new month withcold biting wind and a wintry aspect It is OFfeared that the buds on young fruit tries are injured Garden truck above a i2te ground also suffered Such is DB IRABLE IDEN E- l Corapaiiy Lexingt n Kentuck 7 > IsTairL = rtiJ vio- ¬ All persons having claims against the estate of Mrs Bettie Stout will present same to the undersigned proven as re quired by law and those knowing them ¬ selves indebted to the estate will please settle promptly W G LEER Admr Estate of Bettie Stout Deceased Harmon Stitt Attorney its 2 Millinery ¬ 3at rv 14 lin virtuoso will give a recital at the Lexington Auditorium on Saturday night April 6th Hartmans triumphs in musical Europe during the past two years have won for him an undisputed place among the greatest violinists of He has won the present generation from the public and the press enthusias- ¬ Miss Ethel tic verdicts of approval Cunningham of Lexintgcn was here yesterday in the interest of Hartmans appearance and received substantial assurances of a good crowd of music lovers from Paris to attend the performance ¬ I ixnbr3r and 3 Street Hartman Recital The Hospital Site SuiticiiaaLer direct your attention to our unusually attractive showing o models in street and tailored effects comprising tile most artistic productions oi Parisian designers also an equnlly artistid selection horn our own rooms CLOI fiIERS t- nnt 4 Boys Norfolk grid twopiece Suits Sailors anti Russians v to I t 1 f 1 I t r I t ¬ C 1 p i YOUR HOME AT EASTER TIME 7 Public Sale Rt Spring 1 A new dress for yourselfat Easter time April Court Day a nJ l a tern Ii On Thursday April 4 1907 Despite the raw chilly aimosphere good crowd was in the cit and 5jtrsiaess was lively There was con sidorable trading in evidence in stock lines a large number of rules and Parses changing hands at good figures were somewhat discouraged aver the outlook for spring work b J at come Most of those interviewed are of the pinion that while wheat has been checked none has been killed and the rye crop has escaped without any perceptible injury They are of the Shimon that the dry atmosphere has contributed to the saving of fruits and cereals i Engagement Announced- i The engagement is ann3unced of Robert P Walsh of Mt Sterling and i 2Ces Anna McFadden of Lexington The wedding will take place in i Lex- ¬ I f I i I oclock on the premises on Cypress street in Paris Ky the under signed will offer at public auction to the highest bidder the following de scribed real estate towit A certain house and lot situated on the west side of Cypress street in Paris Ky Lot fronts 60 feet on Cypress street and runs back 200 Said house has recently been built and has never been occupied It is a two story frame of 7 rooms 2 recep ¬ tion hallsbath room and kitchen There is a good cistern at the door The house is constructed of best material good plumbing and fixtures and has double doors It is situated on a beautiful site hi hand dry in a good neighborhood and needs to be seen to be appreciated Terms made known on day of sale JOHN T CLARK 2 30 ington on April 23 Mr Walsh is well lJlWn here where he has been a ire r Talesman A tfalesmnn a r 1 I Law PUBLIC y f > jfcTsr > L <5 A i i + c i y ice Ladies Desk 1O J A jI 7 7 y 7 7 a op 7 7 W WW 1 5 f 1 = A- jt > it c 1I 20 7 cr t II ftjf a ai L M The Store That Saves You Mon ey Both Phones 262 X c 15- < v c < < c a R S i t FI 1 AF WHEELER FURNITURE CO t 1 t 4 c p < 15 > Well just come in and see They are too num bus fb mention Beauties all of them Dont forget the place f t fr CARPETS ply J A Nice Sideboard at A Nice Ladies Dressing Table AUCTION Thursday April 4 25 A Beautiful Bed Room Suite at A Oice China Closet at AT In English according to English mow is a juror summoned to fin a sap cmd Ixarcmerly at any rate this was i fe done by taking any suitable per On the premises at Paris Ky who was present in court Tales such of the b de drcuiBStantibus fcaaarsT were the first words of the At 10 oclock a m amt directing this process Good PJfeiwickittns may remember that as I will sell to the highest and best ten special jurymen were present bidder the stock of rQu and dressed 3 a memorable occasion Mr Serjeant lumber WK doors sash blinds etc of Lumber Company tSozfnz prayed a tales whereupon the 1 The stock will offered in r the common jurymen one of parcels arid then as a whole reserving whom was the unfortunate chemist j the right to accept the best mere pressed Into the service London S LllL13uz P i MCCARTHY Agent nna6 aa i LUMBER cent visitor- s I Why of course Its the seasonto cast off the old and take on the new New bonnets new gowns new suitsnew men new women Easter marks the death of dreary winter and the birth of joyous springa change from the sombre to the gay But the home What of that Is it to have a new dress too Why not Is horns comfort to be neglected for mere personal adornment Surely notespecially in the face of the many splendid things we are offer ¬ ing just now just the things needed to brighten and make comfortable the home at Easter time Dont hesitate on account of Expense Buy what you want and pay for it as you cana little at a time as your income permits Let us show you our many exceptional offerings a < r r

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