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Image 1 of Bourbon News, April 2, 1907

Part of Bourbon News

I t f i r r f o 1 4 i f k 7 f f- iX c THE BOURBON NEWS s L < t >i > r r r Hm ° a r LIQUOR QUESTION Mayor Perry of Grand Rapids de ¬ livered an address regarding the liquor audience of traffic before a Christian people at the Fountain Street Baptist Church some time ago that should be of great interest to all par-¬ ticularly in counties where local ¬ tion which aims at ti prohibition of the liquor traffic is being agitated He said nr er are sprite persons who will al Y contend that appropriate legis- ¬ lation is a cur for all the evils of k yi 1 tfy jt 16 j jJ i 1 9 I a r < 4 a j t > a ti r r f fiJ L r y I < it > ri l f Try as you may human nature can = not be changed by legislative enact create an irre merit If u desire sistable Impulse for a certain thing irv iny human being iust the breast say Thou shalt not In the beginning God made man in His own image perfect Then he placed the original pair in a beautiful garden There was but one prohibi ¬ tion placed upon them and that was that they should not eat the fruit of one certain tree You all know the sequel of the story Thi was the result of the first experiment with prohi- ¬ bition and of all future experiments of the kihd so long as human nature remains as it is There can be no question but that legal prohibitionwill destroy the 1qu traffic as a business Tc will drive the But will it business out of sight stop drinking When you take frdm the business the semiprotection tnat it now enjoys you also take the right that the community now enjoys to regulate the business Which is the better to keep the business where it is subject to wise legislation arid re- ¬ a straint or to permit it to You must admit dangerous outlaw that no legislation can at once stop mens appetite for liquor and that so long as a demand exists for liquor there will always be found men whowill take the hazards of the law to supply that demandI hear some one say The present lawsdo not restrain I ask wh not Who is to blame for their not being en- ¬ forced And again If it is pot pos- ¬ sible to enforce a restrictive law which success could be expected from one that sought actually to prohibit I do not believe that the money received from the liquor dealers is illusory but on the contrary I know that it constitutes a very substantial asset of the city and county something like 870000 a year The citys share of this illusory money pays nearly one half of thVexpense of the entire police department ofthe city I am quite sue tha qidai taininthe police department > Wuuiu uu uu lessened if this city was enjoying the blessings of prohibition On the contrary I think that we would have to have a larger force than we now have to take care of the violators of the prohibitory law As a matter of fact the expense of enforcing the prohibitory law is one of the principal arguments that is urged in some of the prohibition states for the repeal of the law Prohibition does not reduce drunken- ¬ ness neither incidentally or otherwise In Maine prohibition is a part and par- ¬ cel of the state constitution and it has been so for a number of years Here if anywhere one would expect to seethe beneficent effects of prohibition in the reduction of drunkenness What is the record The following is rhe number of persons for each 1000 in- ¬ habitant arrested in the State of Maine 1886 81 1887136 1888 174 1889 136 1890 154 170 1894 183 f tL I I a ci 1891 87 of drunkenness j i I r n t r h t e 1892 68 77- c I i I I o JI w I > r- f uefino 1oJ tmf eu l1 Its I 11 j ii 7f I O I- e Q m i I S I p y sy rte tiI ° t KORRECT SHAPE 6- SaOES 6S4b DR REEDS CUSHION SOLE 5 SHOES a i t ataataaacxm 1r I I i i < I a i S4 5 ±± i JAMES R I at i i l I s 1ijtJ < c I lfa t u 7r a a ft IJif z i e ° N a I t i I ¬ J I tfl °Y = ribr II This v P II wiII Will Be a Great Surprise Coming So Sudden SaTe f r 6 i rttlr > l il t- T e I- Uuction rl a fn IT r t ftB nt J1I I IItl H li W r V nlrJ I II 2c I ef- ¬ Suit- ¬ The most complete line of round square and diamond tHs mesh laces ever show n t Many speci nl city ft at very pleasing Hamburgs prices 1 IIt t- Silks Latest designs in fahcies and y newest tic aves in polkkcolors for dresses and waists aW- ash Goods Jt In center pieces and lunch cloths French and Japanese drawn linen and Battenbiirg table covers and scarfs in all t i t u N l i r sizes ill i In Suits Skirts and Goats oe and W I 1 Hand Embroidered Linens Newest Styles hj vIi11ineryL TIIEIDESIIOMEJOURNALPMTERNS of- II New materials and latest pat- ¬ terns from this looms of the countrys best manufacturers In Silk find Wash materials k q r Waists r t Zur r Laces and Hamburgs j V lIi y The newFillet VeniseCUnrjy Princess and Oriental Laces Bands Medallions and All overs New elfects in Em- ¬ broidered Chi Banus and Medallions Fancy colors black and white r All that is new in Lingerie cloths Linens and Embroidered Chiffons and Swisses ° c 1l- Trimming Waistings ware Watches r t f 1 i Ladies specially inSale at 230 and 730 p m Daily vited to 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dress wear Priee 2 to 10 Mens Fine Furnishings Agents for Dunlap and Stetson Hats and Col ledge Brand Clothing j into cash he wl 1 tffeo se o f them a t v Jt f4J Top Coats 1O to 30 Summer SUits 10 to 35 Rain Coats 10 to 35 Odd Trousers 1 SO to 750 Sale continues from day to day until the entire stock i VJ l CLOT E S E ¬ Diamonds Jewelry i if This seasons Clothing business has been notice ¬ able for the marked increase in the sales of our of Clothes to men who have no highest itherto worn readytowear garments A most significant fact brought about by our ability to pro- ¬ vide clothes that are in every way beyond criticism He pas concluded to retire from business and in order to turn his entire stock of 7 ro St EADYTOWEAe i Reliable jeweler t 1ilJ3 rI EN S > Itir L fioogt the Old time and > V1sf I Owing to he failing health of r lpt Ii4 1iMWft i 1 A H KIIr 31 i1 the usually accepted population of the of using liquor at all That the use or city to be 100000 74 persons to the abuse of liquor was not directly or in ¬ 1000 or an average of onehalf of the directly responsible for the commissionnumber of similar arrests in prohibi of crime Outof five murders done in tion Maine I have taken these figures this city but one of the assailants was from official sources and their argu- addicted to the use of liquo John ment is pitiless in saying ¬ Ellison who killed his father was a tion increases drunkenness rather than total abstainer The slayer of John- ¬ prevents it son the motorman was opted for the The experience of Iowais not so far many virtures that he haiL The two ai erent ± rorn that of Maine men who strangled Mrs MeKendric Quoting from a recently pablished were not drunk at the time and it is The Liquor Probem same be ¬ claimed that one of them never used ing the published results of an investi- ¬ liquor in any form The man who kill ¬ gation conducted by Chas W Elliott ed Lempham stated on the stand that Seth Low and James C Carter he never used liquor in his life The < These names must be taken as a guar- ¬ young man convicted of having attempt- ¬ antee for accuracy I find the con ¬ ed to kill his rival in John Ball clusion must be that it is impossible to last summer is not a drinking man state from the statistics adduced just In that fact was put in evi- ¬ how far they reflect greater or less dence during the trial I only in public inebriety The general impres- stance these cases because haev sion is that drunkenness is as prevalent come under the immediate observation now as it ever was before the consti- ¬ of all tutional amendment went into There is another tiling that v Te must A local judge speak consider There is such a thing as a if not more so ing of the conditions under a prohibi ¬ sober thirst All men who drink tory law not enforced said The value liquors are not drunkards or becoming of an oath has been reduced 50 per such In my opinion the social Club cent in this state Perjury is so com which flourishes under the influence of men that it scarce attracts public prohibition in prohibition statts is far notice And it is not confined to the worse as a drunkard maker tan the liquor element onlythe effect is far saloon The man who was enty a mod reaching and growing A judge of the crate drinker under a reBtrietive law Supreme CO rt of the State of Maine will become an immoderate drinker is quoetd assaying It is a question under prohibition 1 think that I have said enough to if a prohibitory law makes more hypo ¬ crites or more drunkards This is pro- ¬ convince a fai rm med man that prohi- ¬ bition docs not improve the morals of hibition The evxpenence of Atlanta Ga a a community At least it would ap- ¬ city about the size of our city will be pear so to me when in a prohibition a case in point T A Hammond a state perjury increases 50 per cent and member of the common council of the general public tolerates it Nor Up to 1887 yet where it breeds a class of hypo- ¬ that city has this to say the traffic in liquor in Atlanta was a crites who promise to support a law= serious problem The bars then stayed and then secretly allow it to be icliatopen until 12 oclock That year a cd and where boys and men geirQ great revolution took place The lessly drunk about the public streots The solution of the problem lies in vhol3 city was excited beyond anything that we had known before or since study not of what we think will te the with what is called the prohibition better way but to ascertain what is Women and men thronged the better way Too many contract a election the streets and appealed and prayed narrow bigoted way of looking t matfor its sutvbss and it did succeed ters of a social nature Too often ve Prohibition ent into effect and lasted say I never have drunk a glass of for two rears but it did not prohibit beer nor felt that I cared to do so Many stores and business houses clos- ¬ Then comes the conclusion because I ed Liquor dealers removed to nearby have never drank a glass of beer no one cities and shipped whisky to Atlanta j else should be permitted to do sol I in bottles and jugs and while aman would be as just to say I have neVer could not get one drink he could get eaten a beefsteak therefore no pie a bottle or a jug and in my opinion we else should be allowed to eat one ll eh had more 1rulh rtp ss than we had be- let us be honest not only tq ourselves fore In 1889 ere was another great but to all the other interested personsfight This lm the antiprohibition ¬ Years ago when the liquor traffic was ist succeerXd and the liquor traffic j carried on by the same men who supple was restored The merchants return- ¬ ed our homes with groceries before ed business houses that had been the excise laws went into effect a mar vacant were again occupied and a who dealt in liquor was an oth f at e cis r Tav l ver made ihls iI preeii z chid omi e va mac life two fat tnn5 3 he liquor dealers same titan uT object of CaStvQistr He said If you will protect us we will feels the position into which societ protect your sons We will close at has forced him and acts accordingly be a 10 oclocK and we will allow no minor- Do you not think that it would or female to enter our place of busi ¬ good idea to restore the liquor dealciness This compromise has resulted to the position he once occupied in the Would he not attempt in an ideal state of affairs and no one social world talks prohibition the city of Atlanta to live up to the responsibilities thai his position ne essarily placed him at the present time There are some who claim that the In other words if the traffic is not tc use of liquor is sponsible for all crime be destroyed would it not be wise t and for all poverty I do not believe have it in the hands of men whO ha this proposition to be true I agree higher ideals The following bit of testimony iron with Prof Parsuns and others who find after research that poverty and indus i a man who had the nations confidence trial despair is the cause of drunken ¬ and whose social standing lends ness It has been noticed in Sweden to his words I refer to that celebratthat after successive failures of crops ed American Bayard Taylor who iIdrunkenness increased while during a writing to the New York Tribune o continuance of good crops drunkenness his a per ences during a trip througl Maine said It is melancholy to se decreased There are many men in the states so much honest conscientious effort prison today who never tasted liquor misdirected as in the cause of temper The records of the courts in this city ance reform The root of the evil lie will bear me out in stating that the deeper than any prohibitory law cai greater crimes that have been commit- ¬ reach The human race never will subted in this city have been committed- mit to so great an interference wit by persons who were not in the habit its personal habits Ii II ff e r u I 1893 r r p J NUMBER 18 APRIL 2 1907 > T people or taking 748 ltl TJm AY KENTUCKY I In this city for the year ending last May there were arrested for all classes i 6 tlS P ¬ ¬ > f ¬ ¬ fl i 4 < p q Bought ana Pai tFO the body corporate s R < Z PUBLISHED EVERY TUJ3S0A Y AN D FRIDAY IN THE YEAR d i 41Zaas = 1 1 Ext V 1 iK t > fi H4 V i liO Y I I If p df j X << 1i fJ ii irA t r tt to J dll z r I 1 t l If Q

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