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Image 5 of 2006 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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V 5. funds, I’m simply requesting that you add the momentum and the inforrnatory of the Board of Regents behind our initiative to seek funds, figure out how to fund a property purchase. This might require that we sell a farm to purchase a new farm or we sell some property that we already have to help pay for this farm. I would like for you to consider a simple recommendation to say that we have the support of the Board of Regents, not to commit you to anything. If we could purchase a farm, it would be a major addition to our operation. Dr. Tony Brannon, Dean, College of Agriculture, was asked to present more information. Dr. Brannon stated that Dr. King Alexander in some discussions at the beginning of last fall wanted us to look forward to some of these opportunities that might become available. He asked me to appoint a Long Range Planning Committee for things such as this. That committee, a very influential and a well respected group, suggested that we look at this opportunity of purchasing additional properties. We are managing our current facilities by the square foot . instead of by the acre. With the work that we’ve done with industries on our farm and with the work that we’ve done in expansion, we are out of resources. Maybe some of the land that we have is not as productive as we need so last fall Bob Hargrove was appointed chair of the Long Range Planning Committee and Bob and I have traveled the countryside looking for potential opportunities and we identified one that would be a tremendous asset to Murray State University; one that would move us forwznd. As Dean at that time I felt it was my commission to look into _ the future and begin some futuristic planning on things that might affect agriculture years from now. I certainly believe that looking at this property or other available property would be something that 20 or 30 years from now would certainly be a very significant mark on the wall as far as the future of agriculture and the future of Murray State University. I think one of the opportunities that we have is to expand in that area. Dr. King Alexander asked me to go out and find the 500 acre farm and someone that would donate it to us. We’ve explored that and actually this piece of property has a potential donation with it. We have worked with Dr. Tim Miller and several other university areas and the Office of Development as we’ve put this together. Wee had a package with some momentum with the Legislature and were hoping we could move in that direction but we certainly would entertain any additional help to move this thing forward for · the future of Murray State. Dr. Strieter asked if the property would be on the opposite side of Murray from where our current farm is located. Dr. Brannon indicated that it would be coming in from a different direction. Dr. Kern Alexander stated that we are simply asking the Board to be aware of this and to give your support to the expiration of the options. What we would like to do is follow up on the work of that committee and move forward with this project so it will not be new to you when it comes back to you in September, December or February. That’s the reason that we have asked for your consideration. Options and Feasibility of the Acquisition of a Farm Ms. Hays moved to request that the Interim President explore all viable options and analyze the fiscal feasibility of Murray State University acquiring a farm in close proximity to the main campus for the purpose of enhancing the quality of curricular innovation and research of the MSU School of Agriculture. Mrs. Buchanon seconded and the motion carried. I 2. Commonwealth Honors Academy Dr. Alexander stated that the Commonwealth Honors Academy was created more in self defense than as a separate initiative. The Govemor’s Scholar’s program had not been directed toward the west part of the state for many years. In fact, it was going to the same schools in the central part of Kentucky every year. A few years ago, probably about 1999, they came to town to recruit all of our kids from west Kentucky to take them back to central Kentucky and so we decided that we couldn’t wait for someone somewhere to allow us to have the Govemor’s Academy so we created at Murray State University the Commonwealth Honors Academy which has become a major part of our University in attracting outstanding high school scholars to Murray State. This idea was picked up by our faculty and has been carried along for several l

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