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Image 1 of 2006 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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Minutes of the Special Meeting of the Board of Regents Presidential Search Committee May ll, 2006 _ l The Board of Regents Presidential Search Committee of Murray State Ugersity met on May 1 l, 2006, in special session in the Commonwealth Room of the Curris Center on the campus of Murray State University. The meeting was called to order at 8:30 p.m. by Chair Don Sparks. Members present were: William C. Adams, Marilyn Buchanon, Olivia Burr, Lori Dial, Scott Ellison, Beverly Ford, Peg Hays, Alan Stout, Terry Strieter, Vickie Travis and Don Sparks. Absent: none. Others attending were media representatives, faculty, staff and administrators. Recommendation on Hiring the President of Murray State University Mrs. Buchanon moved that the Board employ Dr. Randy Dunn as the ll"' President of Murray State University and that the Chair of the Board be authorized to negotiate a contract with Dr. Dunn dated on this date, May ll, 2006, and substantially the same contract granted the previous President. Mrs. Ford seconded and discussion followed. Faculty Regent Terry Strieter expressed concems about the decision to call Thursday’s meeting, despite deciding days earlier to continue the search through the summer until students and faculty were back on campus to begin the new semester. He said there is a public perception — both on campus and beyond campus — that the search process was flawed. He said Dr. Dunn is not the most qualified candidate and he preferred that the Board revisit the issue as was discussed on Friday, May 5, 2006. Staff Regent Lori Dial said that she had received several e-mails and calls because the Board could not make a decision on May 5. Those e-mails and calls were encouraging the Board to please move forward and select a candidate. Regent Bill Adams stated that he voted to continue the search on May 5, 2006, and his opinion had not changed. We have not seen the candidate we need to go forward. Student Regent Scott Ellison stated that the students liked one of the other candidates better, but they also had good comments about Randy Dunn. Regent Marilym Buchanon stated that Dr. Dunn directs a budget of $8.4 million in Illinois very successfully and she believes he will be able to handle Murray State University’s budget. She added that he has been a university professor for ten years. In addition, he has served for three years as the Department Chair ofthe Department of Educational Administration and Higher Education at SIU-Carbondale, where he is recognized as an excellent professor, a consensus builder and an extraordinarily bright individual. He is highly recommended by one ofthe largest donors in the state of Illinois. V . Regent Burr indicated that Dr. Dunn exemplified the kinds of skills Murray State needs. He pledges to increase our market outreach in a diverse society and is looking at the global needs of our University. Time is of the essence in hiring MSU’s leader. Regent Travis expressed concern saying she was disappointed with the search. Calling it ~ unacceptable, she said candidate information was provided to Dr. Alexander. She also said "inappropriate behind the scenes activity" brought the Board to the meeting Thursday night. She stated that she "fears the decision we are about to make is not in the best interest of Murray State?

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