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Image 2 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), January 15, 1931

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

January 15, THE JEFTERS0N1AH, AN INDEPENDENT COUNTY NEWSPAPER 1931 gion Magaslne. The figures show that coafections either just the Legionnaire has settled down into as they are stuffed or chopped up and the life of the nation in a manner for- put made into candy. For instance, Munate for the country's wjjfane. pound through the meat grinder half Many Legion men nave gone back te JEFFERSONTOWN. ICY each of prunes and figs or figs and the farm, according to the magazine, seedless raisins, with half a pound ol there being 102,737 subscribers listed as ants, using a medium knife. Mix toLIEUT. FRANK E. HAGAN farmers, ranchers and cowboys.' Next balls, rolls, gether and ehape into small J. V. Mulhall, Commamder of Henry come clerks, 82,100; then salesmen, buyRoll la or any other .desired shape. of the American Legion, ers 'and agents, 49,470. Other classifiAn Interrupted Parade confectioner's sugar and pack in waxed Wattereon Post which is now conducting a membership cations are laborers. 47,152 mechanics, KATIONAL EniTORlAL ASSOCIATION Jane 4, 1018, an eventful da; paper in a tin box. 27,036; campaign during the month of January 141,396; doctors and surgeons, at Atlantic, City, N. J. Hundreds of 22,877 and managers wishes to make the following statement public officials, Thursday For the People of all the Published Every bathers were at play In the surf. A why concerning the appeal of the Legion to 22,470. To vary the winter vegetables parade of Knights of the Mystic There arc 16,932 lawyers; 10,866 eon- nut combine some of themT trrots war veterans. Shrine was! In progress along the The Jeffersonian Publishing Co. (Incorporated) "Is there any veteran of the World tractors and builders; 7,377 dentists; old favorite. Try cel d neas are an C. A. HUMMEL. boardwalk, 'preceded by a band which ery apd turnips cut up and cooked to War so poor in spirit and patriotism 3,035 professors, teachers and princi : 7 - .. played "Where Do We Oo From Here." gether. Scalloped cabbage and apple; that be is not proud of the part he pals; 6,112 nurses; 13,100 railroad men; matter June id, Entered as second-clas- s clergymen; Suddenly a Wit appeared around the carrots and apples, fried together; ap- played in the greatest of all military 6216 restaurant men; fersontown. Ky., under act of Congress March 3, 1879. print-rs- ; end of one of the long piers, a white plet and sweet potatoes; sweet potatoes struggles since history began? justified 2640 actors and musicians; 6340 4,430 newspaper men and publish"Have not we veterans a Member of Kentucky Preaa Association flag of distress whipping at the bow. scalloped with pineapple; pineapple and 1,315 photographers pride in oar service? If any man were ers; 407 artists; There was a moment of stunned cabbage salad, are some changes that to assert that we had not piuyeu our nd 7,267 barbers. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE $2.00 Por Year ! Advnc rung upon the old familiar silence then a shoot of welcome arose can be quick tomato or botft as pert as men and Americans, how The Army and Navy retain 6,937 . TELEPHONE! The band swung standbys. Onion or from the crowd. with other vegetables ly would we resent it. on their payrolls while 2,230 additional flavor Froo City and County Service TEN YEARS AGO 128 Jeffersontown Exchange Phono Into "The Star Spangled Banner" anil The American Legion otters the Desi are inactive in tnose branches. always acceptable. There After 6 P. M. Call Rosidonco, Phono S9-Mr. H. Diemer of Bardstown Road has excited Shriners, unmindful of their are opportunity, Comrade, to testify to the re 11,153 chauffers and drivers; 1V0 moved to the Al Dates place which he regnlla, rashed waist-deeJANUARY 15, 1931 world of your loyalty and service during Hasigners; 2,042 inspectors; 3,016 lum- Into the THURSDAY bought from John Drescher and which surf. the war. The lapel button of the 3,612 cermen; 7,166 manufacturers; has been occupied for the past year by is a notice to all that yon failed For they recognized this craft as miners; 2,797 oil workers; 4,965 real THINGS C. W. Smith and family. (Smyrna) your country caned, and that not when NEW IN MATERIAL OLD VERSUS tors; 407 scientists; 7,710 students; 66 one of the lifeboats of the New York OTHER PROBLEM Society of you still subscribe to the patriotism and trappers; 86,112 merchants and The Ladies' Missionary history of the world to be a sort Cedar Creek church met with Mrs. Tom nnd Porto Rico liner, Carollnn, which for which the Legion 14,066 engineers and surveyors;dealers; Americanism There seems at this time in the 2,846 by a German substands. trend, or at least a fad for the old time things. We Ash Wednesday and elected the follow- hod been torpedoed of New Jersey MRS. DOROTHY COFFEEN By of prevailing telephone operators and 426 domestics marine off the const Without the Legion button, the ser popular ; of a pe- ing officers: President. Mrs. nd servants. hear of antique furniture becoming more and more vice man has no method of differenHawes; Vice President, Mrs. Clarence on June 2. Other lifeboats, carrying Almost three fourths of the Legion culiar enjoyment of old fashioned music ; of old fashioned parties Hawes; Secretary-Treasure- r, himself from the thousands Mrs. John the survivors of the attack, had been tiating Spirit of Mutual go. He may have served, members are married, the percentage becoming increasingly in vogue; and everywhere we hear of Ward. The society will meet with Mrs. picked up but up to this moment notli Is growing under the who did not garden goodly no one knows it. And the world being 78.4. Of this number Ing had been board of No. 5, which people commenting on the Seth Parker radio hour with its old fash- Henry Berry next. (Fuirmount) of Father. Son Henry, but portion own their own homes and from finds it easy and convenient to forget. religion. prescnrrled 21 men and 8 women. J. Lewis Letterle was ioned folks, practicing the old time aged eight, delights In being present With the Legion button, you quietly the total of married and unmarried, County Farm As the boot was benched the crowd the Jefferson to witness the lubor of Ills pureot. Re- but effectively identify yourself as one there are 393,633 veterans who own auWe wonder, could all this be a mere fad or is there some reason ident of yesterday. Bureau surrounded It. A little girl was th underlying this just now popular fancy. We wonder if, after all, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cook celebrated first passenger lifted ashore. She was plays with the dog, throws a ball of America's veterans, and as an active tomobiles. water In the participant in the work of a patriotic wall, What kind of a picture does the perhaps some of these "old fashioned" things are really not the seventeenth anniversary of their dripping wet but smiling and she blew against thedigs a dams passage to China. society which is dedicated to the preser- mighty army of this list give you? appeal to the inmost wedding January 6. Those present a kiss to the crowds that cheered hrr gutter or more worth while have not truly a greater Surely not one of class organization. It In fuet, be does everything he can vation of American principles. Mr. heart than have the modern. Personally speaking, there is no were: Mr. and Mrs. James Smith,daugh- as she was carried Into the hospltnl think of except one. You place yourself as both a war spells success by veterans since they and Mrs. Herbert Pittinger and patriot and true left the service. IS means' feeling "inmost" or otherwise in this writer to which jazz music ter, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Curry; Misses tent. "I'm oil right. Help those Father suggests that Henry could time and peace-tim- e coat, economic family which could take could appeal. On the other hand, the modern home furnishings Cleo and Carrie Nicholson and Mrs. Lee other people?" Just givea me a t pull up some weeds nnd be of assist- American. big 'Be proud you can join The American care of itself itKall the essentials of Era cold," alrts said. To ance. "Oh, dad, hove a heart I hate than do the four poster beds and ladder Curry. Kishcrville) hold a greater attraction of thousands of ivilized life. Shrlner wljjpFtore off his gold lured, anyway I Legion. Hundreds back chairs of our ancestors. Foreman an- trimmed gHpn velvet coat nnd flung to work In gardens and Mr. and Mrs. Albert young men would rejoice indeed if hnve to practice catch over at Jim's." daughnounce the engagement of their th ir lives could so be made over that But for the most part the old The best test of a man's loyalty Is It nbout her shoulders, she smiled Here Henry mnkes a graceful and the Legion might be open to them. Mr. Herbert Lord. The ter, Minnie, her thanks. things as a whole have a genuine- townsman is recuperating from his re- wedding will to goes on Those who did serve but who have not the rigid war proof that he will die hasty retreat and Father take place the eighth of for its cause. Two frail women, biting their lips weeding the garden. ness, a lack o f superficiality cent illness what important events February. (Society) up to now come into the Legion are not to break down unthe average In their effort life of "Oh, well," he replied to an onlook sending in their applications by the Mr. and krs. G. P. Wigginton, a worhold an irre- these are in the community! The cities which seem should The best test of a man's sympathy for small American the strain of their experience were er's remark that Henry Is about old thousands. They are proud they an celeMt. Washington, sistible attraction to the deeply can have their picked over news and thy couple ofgolden wedding anniversa- der cnrrled In to land. They were dressed enough to offer a little help, "Oh, well, swered the call. They want the world his fellow humans is the comradeship brated their thinking. Surely the old fashion- society Btupidities but the rural press ry recently. Fifty were present. of war. In heavy blue overalls and Jumpers. he's busy playing. Naturally he'd rath- to know it. ed dance, participated in whole continues to flourish on local chroniand son, One of them fainted as a sudden blast er piny boll Mr. and Mrs. Wilbcrt Jones 'The Legion's great days are ahead. than dig weeds." Legion believe We of the American heartedly by a whole party of cling ofasgenuine interest. the backbone of Chicago, arrived Friday to spend from the baud which was madly playNaturally he would, but so would It's strength and influence grow daily. 1'iat our country has become the bulthe country is Just three weeks with Mr. and Mrs. T. A. ing "The Star Spangled Banner" cnrbecomes much frolic lovers who maintain a sane of the nation, so is the rural press a most all of us In all probability. Work With each new success it wark of liberty and justice, our flag the (Locnl) principles and service and safe as well as respectful guiding light in American journalism. Jones. snow is covering our hills this rled the tune of the national anthem Is something Henry Is asked to do stronger. Its to all. It is faritsbetter to Shining symbol of humanity and de The commends it other woman also distance from one another is to be Indeed, it is today more of a beacon morning after the finest spell of winter to her ears. The music for the first and piny Is something he chooses for be in the Legion than to explain why mocracy through the sacrifices of heroes as she heard the ,. thun ever. Meanwhile discipline is a bit you are not. The Legion invites you to cf the past. himself. weather I can recall in years. (Dry desired above some of the bodily is no longer "hick." The country time seemed to realize that she was drowsy. Perhaps It spent itself In comradeship. Be one of the Active Ridge contortions of couples demanded Good roads, radios, movies end particu sea and Idaho, the 43rd state admitted to the Puritanical days and Is now suffer- Legionnaires of your c mmunity. JOIN Christ Moser is quite proud of his freed from the terror of the by the modern "shimmy" and its larly, the progressive local papers have little daughter, Gertrude, who won among friends. "We're saved" she ing from somnolence. There are some TODAY. union had 22,071 men and women in bj ought to it a new day. On the other contemporaries- service during the World War. second prize on her essay, "Why My remarked simply, then fell unconIn a certain school of thought who hand, unfortunately, there has been Bu To the Farm scious Into the arms of a doctor. would slay it while it sleeps, and, as Famous battles of the past. The bat As for religion, the "true, pure leveloped in our cities a new type of Dad Should Belong Road) reau." (Cane Run no matter No matter where located, In this cuse of Henry and Father and tle of Guilford Courthouse, a brief but and undented," we take it, re- citizen painfully more dense then the Mr. and Mrs. John Simcoe entertained find the garden, would assure Father that important and hotly contested battle of what the situation, every Post can was ever at dinner, Plates were laid for Mr maligned "hoysccd" much Happy to Salute You, Sir! mains the same yesterday, today piece Of service when Henry readied the proper stage the Revolutionary War, fought on the Bt least one unselfish properly and Mrs. Lee Jones, Mr. and Mrs. James be. He has and forever and the greater the played up to "metropolitan been The hand stilute, and Its many regwhich it can perform for its community bnckwoods-ninn.- " in ids development he would volun 16th of March, 1781. between an Ameri tanned the Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hikes, Mrs ulations, enused more trouble to the can force under Greene and the British each year. trend toward it. be it in ancient, complex. Hat tii' Shaekleton; Misses II at tie LetHis is a metropolitan tarily offer his assistance. Nine times medieval or modern times the His knowledge, his experience in life, timer. Edna und Lucille Hikes, Minnie American army, It Is estimated than out of ten, however, Henry would de under Cornwallis. At first the British GREASED MOUNTAINS FORMED any other species of pest greater blessing of happiness and nil his horizons ore limited to the nar- Ayers, Margaret Simcoe; Messrs. J. 0 cooties or the World wur. But here velop normally like the rest of us prevailed and later the Americans, but LANDSCAPE OF OREGON the battle has been judged by military spawned by and would continue to regard unchos-e- n critics to have been a British victory. prosperity will be experienced by row streets of the city in which he Hikes and Ray Robertson. (Buechel) Is the story of one salute that was dwells. Lon Stinson was elected to the board Occupations as Irritations to be The American loss was about 400 and this "old time" world. Yes we The rural resident on his part, by Lubricated mountains which have. slid so gladly on n main street Cooperative glven--o- h, possible. The the British 600. whenever defeat was considerable distances to form a topoga reason of his new contacts with the out- of directors of the Farmers'of Highland of Le Havre. The man who figures In avoided may as well admit it WE are & Preserving Co. Canning chances are that Father would con changed into a strategic victory by raphy of great magnitude have been side world, has shaken off most of the littie "old fashioned" too. member of the It Is now a Park. (Auburndale) tinue to pull the weeds If they were Greene's superb generalship, and Corn- found by geologists in the John Day ideas und views invited by his former The Dixie Highway from Louisville Chicago Board of Trade but at thot and river area of interior Oregon, says Popwallis retreated to Wilmington to be pulled. isolation and is now, in manv respects, to West Point, now neuring completion time he had Just been discharged from ular Mechanics Magazine. In one place Now, of course, he could force Hen thence into Virginia, where he surrenmore worldly wise nnd better informed The one time figurative "high tli. in is his city cousin. And the com will be n great asset to the surrounding the French army, In which he hnd ry to leave his ploy, and work with dered. great masses have moved toward the country ns well os a road second to served almost two years before our river, producing landslide pockets and flyers" among the fair sex have munity newspaper hns been largely In- none in the ,tate. him In the garden, would, no doubt, troops arrived, had sewed a discharge If Who arc members of the American lakes becuuse the Columbia river laves, some time since become literal strumental in bringing this about. ho felt It worth the trouble, but If Brotherhood, comThe JotTersohtown It is true that the great city dailies posed of members of the Men's Bible chevron on bis sleeve and, having a he did the coercion would make Hen Legion? Do they retain the wander hundreds of feet thick in places, pourand now they are vieing with men lust engendered by their service at ed over the John Day river clays, and the national magazines arc now class of the Jeffersontown M. E. Sunday few hours before sailing time, spent ry no more willing to be of assistance in becoming long flyers as well. procurable at the corner drug store or home and abroad, or have they settled formation ciisily softened by ground si roll through the streets in in In School will hold its first annual banquet the next time. 1'allier would go right down in homes of their own? What are water. These clays then acted as email .'.here in any rcpresentotive of l.p'VHnllcrc's iwliat happened, Saturday evening. on coercing and Henry would become they doing in civilian life? lubricant over which tho heavy Columf American community, but that does not in he Msjsni ' earcoy was struck by an auto Max more nnd more clever about keeping Tjiese questions are answered by sta- - bia lava slid. mean that the local press has lost Its' walking along the state "The English are rpulte meticulous out of the way. One remedy, however, mobile while grfp, Quite the contrary, It Is more pike Saturday evening und painfully about saluting ; quite I For one thing, JN MEMORIAM suggests Itself ns being easily firmly entrenched than before. That is hurt. (Eastwood) tliolr officers must never acknowledge by Henry, In fact by all why we find by our questionnaires many a salute when holding anything In "Be thou faithful unto ' rural residents subscribing to os many Henrys, and ns an almost sure cure the saluting hand or In the mouth. death and I will give thee attitude nut-arSi seven to ten state, county nnd local for tho "So Imagine my Joy to see an Engpublic. it lone, The modern countryman It may have been a crown of life." This to children. I wore a lish captain approaching. take city papers and magazines for used by the ancients but so was water injunction was fully obeyguneral news, agricultural advice and discharge chevron and didn't have to for washing and drjnklng; It may ed in the case of a news other rinding, but be still depends on salute. But the cnptaln hnd n swagbut so Is the sound n little home periodicals for local news. writer of this paper, a ger Stick under one arm, a pipe was game Mother Nature plays with us. The town or community with an indecorrespondent who since In his month, both hands were piled if Henry finds no time to help Father, pendent and fearless local organ need Oh, boy I with package the early beginning of the Father Is quite logically excused from being dictated to nnd not worry nbout to tho "The captain eased over news Jefferson County finding time to help Henry. If Henry having its opinions formed for it by other side of the rue when he saw me, has other better things to do than to outsiders often swayed by selfish interorgan lias been a continu'Yes, she is bundled this way and I HER VERY OWN ROOM crossed over, too. Then ho knew ests. Today if we were to seek another lend a helping hand, then (for Henous reporter Of the hip-peni-nf that. Whenever anyone comes here that a nn fitiM was Inevitable. Oreeley or n Dana or n Dennett we ry's own good) so should Futile'. If Aluliulla bus to make u room for the I in her neighborTHAT there are two classes of people "Well, I'll hand It to the captain. would first search for him in the counMahalln hadn't had a he did have, on one or two occasions NOW entirely, completely her room visitor, and her things are put under living in most cities: Those who live By the tlino, he reached me, where I hood even the issue of try. There, probably in some dingy own. of supreme Importance to Henry, the bed, or in closets or on shelves office and press room combined, IN a city and are a living part of the was frozen to a salute, he'd manoged last week containing a She .had bad parts of other people's there is little doubt that the lesson city and those who live ON n city, givbecause she hasn't any one place to we would find him sweating under taxto pile all his butidles, the swogger of the benefit of mutual news letter from her pen rooms. keep them." es, mortgages nnd other burdens but ing nothing in return. stick and Ipe Into one hand. With telling of her pleasant She had slept In a room by herself. which Is Incidentally one of the most The city booster should not be disContinuing to give nil the local news And then it was decided. my and he acknowledged t ul to Ids free life, would be driven of ii funda But during the duytlme that room bad. Christmas and its general thatT"lit to nrint while still finding time couraged because the public fails Up at the tpp of the house was a roui iet- - ' itp a handsome salute, . . . been used as a sewing room. home and In time. to hammer out editorials dictated l,y his Appreciate his work observance among room. It hud been used as a room 1930. Wostern Nowsnansr Union.) The city booster must do his work Rut I'd lia'! to tell the words his lips own conscience. For in this day of a She had kept her toys In another friends. Today her pen is where old things were put which were metropolitan expecting no gratitude, but plenty of were plainly forming ns he passed by I" more or less standardized room, but that room was also used as of no special use anywhere and yet tilled. press, syndicated features and chain knocks. THE NEGLECT OF OUR YOUTH a storeroom and when a visitor came which no one wanted to throw away. Ho must be satisfied in knowing that M. G. We refer to Mrs. tabloid, it la really the rural press InMAY BE BLAMED FOB CBIME little Mahalln had to take her toys There was a bureau there and an The Cited Captives he has done his duty. whrnh oirers the best evidence of indiBoston, who undertaking to another port of the house, so the old table, three large pictures, two There is no use to wait for city vidual journalism in thought as well as As a tonbj for morale which somethe task of writing for The visitor's trunk could go In the storeknockers to move, reform or die; they times iHMtud stiffening, the German chairs, a washstand and set of dishes. in community service. The most compelling factor of the indiroom. Jeffcrsonian in its infancy never do it. They ore Country papers have been ImmeasurIteally, there was no reason why "nil highest adopted a policy of underlying cause for the ever increasing She could only take some of her kept faithfully on ably helped by the better type of ndver. viduals and always on tho job. this room couldn't be fixed up prettily Austrian divisions number of youthful criminals entering enter praise for certain A city should t Ing thai, has of late been coming their things along with' her as she only hud for Mahalln. It could be made pretty through these twenty-fou- r reform ntorios, Jails and penitentiaries on the Wi tern Front, developway nnd, npprociuti'ig that their read- into the spirit of community today lies nt the door of socioty in the a little space In which to play In this with so little trouble. the years, under Among papers seized by Americans neglect to provide for erare ever interested in their commu- ment. the leisure time other part of the house where the Oh, what fun It was to fix It up. caption "Dry Ridge," her CITIES THAT PUT FORTH SPECIAL from an Austrian regimental p. c. near activities for boys, especially nity nnd its happenings, have been fillunderWhat a pleasure In getting ready. the end of the war was a German privileged boys declared William Eding local needs to n highly satisfactory EFFORTS TOWARD A CLOSER SPIRletters being enjoyed by Mahalln pulled out her things from IT OF COMMUNITY COOPERATION corps order which highly praised the win Hall, member of the New York degree. The Pathfinder, subscribers everyON IN HEAVIEST CASH ALWAYS this place and from that. It was First Austrian division. The docu- Stale Crime Commission, in an address interest-- I whereEver an THE RETURNS. amazing how much she had in one ment mentioned especially the heroic over the radio recently. He continued hopeful optimist; as place or another. wondeWttl work against the in part: nnd well as a witty and effPretty curtains were put up at the DID YOU "Not long ago I viewed the lineup at Yankees by the Fifth Austrian regiwindows, the bureau was given a nice icient writer, her news police headquarters in New York. I ment of Inlintry. a very large That the "slow" motion picture was bureau cover, as was the table, and letters have been read A short time later, the order was was shocked to see that Looking Backward Thru The riglnally devised by the Novy for arrested the three pictures were hung on the Jeffersooian Files sent to the front to be read to troops number of those who had beenyears with interest all over the tudymg the motions of projectiles in of under twenty-on- e wall Instead of left standing against rr Fifth Austrian Infantry. And were boys other dny I stood within the of the NNiM county, the state, and in flight? even the youngest age. The the wall. many other states as well, That In 007, during tho voyage of the on this occasion gray walls of Sing Sing Prison and saw Mr. and Mrs. John Clnxon are receivThe washstand was put Into a corAustrian private of the rear ranks one hundred of the most recent arrivals broadworld, music was even tho in many cases ing congratulations on tho arrival of a fleet nround the ner, Instead of standing out In the with laughter for the docu- und was struck by the fact that these cast for the first time? Radio operators roared fine boy, James Ryan Claxon. (Middlo-towboth the writer and the middle of the floor, and then Mahalla's ment was read to them by an Ameriplaced phonon board the battleships newly arrived convicts were practically ) about were people written bed was brought from downstairs. graphs in front of their microphones can cnptaln as they loafed In an Amer- all mere boys. C. I. Dale, merchant of Fisherville, and were able to broadcast to other Ican prison pen- - Tne entlre F,ftn reg' Her clothes were all put Into the unknown to the reader. 'Month after month there Is a con- recently inaugurated a popularity con- Vessels in their squadrons, to commer closet everything was In the same lment, Including 800 men and officers, tii uous stream of youth into the jails Her gripping style made test for girls and offered a handsome cial ships at sea, and to shore stations. closet now. The bureau looked quite bad been captured by the Yanks. and penitentiaries of our country. The interesting reading neverdoll as prize. At the close of the conThat married men will not bo accept is getting fine with a pretty cover, and the buSeveral days later a message was average age of the criminal test Miss Natalie Blankcnbaker, daugh- ed for first enlistment in the U, S. theless. reau drawers were all Mahalla's .own. dropped from an American airplane younger and younger. Official records Mr. nnd Mrs. N. R. Blunkenbukcr, Navy 7 ter of This publication would It prove that criminals are not made overThen she arranged her things all for the tierman high command. was declared winner with Miss Evelyn Then She Arranged Her Things All That the total electric power of our night, but evolve from juvenile delinthus publicly express its about the room. There was plenty of I nc Lushbrook a close second. electrically driven battleships contained i be reassuring Information quents. About the Room, appreciation of this loyal space for her toys. of that members of the Fifth Austrian In We have fared every would, if applied to the projection sumptuously 'The industrialization of our civiliza who back hall ended. That was one of her friend and It was remarkable what could be hells shooting upwards, bombard the fantry would continue their good work day since the holidays began and now up of In the piling playing places. done with a room when things were molnlv In building roads atid In tion has resulted tho doctors are having their inning. moon at the rate of six hundred tons of has passed on; would thus of people in congested areas in "Every dog has his day." (St. Matthows) Shells a doy, or would supply tho light. other construction to whlab prisoners masses Then she kept her everyday dresses put Into corners and arranged, Instead give testimony to her of this is large cities. The ISeat and power needs of nine million of war were commonly assigned. of all standing about, looking In the In the room where she slept and her Misses Minnie Clark, Ethel and Marthe cheap tenement and the four-rooworth and would thus eople ? 1630. Western Nswspapsr Union.) best dresses she kept In her mother's way. garet Rcid of this place and Mr. Thos. house. Although our economic system extend sincere sympathy That the Naval Observatory furnishes closet. Muhalln kept working for days, pullMiller of Fisherville has changed, the impulses, inclinations, were guests of aily the time signals by which the na- to those who mourn beMiss Nell Singloton the last of week. Her hat and coat and rubbers were ing out this and that from some place "INSJDE" INFORMATION and inherent desires of boys have re'on sets its clocks nnd chronometers? cause of her death since Miss Singleton was hostess mained the same." at a maskept In a corner of the downstairs hall or other that belonged to her and all querade party at the pretty old home we, too, are among the going to the one big room which was The commissioner urged the adoption which was hidden by a heavy curtain. Never nnf wet shoes on a hot radio That the U. S. S. Mayflower which of her grandfather, Bryan Williams at whereby boys could have sorrowing and feel a keen now to be hers, This was where many of the outdoor many years been the Presi tor or stove to dry. Staff them with of some meanssurplus energy that would has far Buechel. (Routt). for There would be no moving about clothes of the family were kept. sense of personal loss in uential Yacht, will be placed in crumpled paper or All them with dry an outlet to the life of criminals. He Mrs. Charles Zicgler entertained at not lead She had never had a place at all, now. She would have a place all her her demise. commission ftnd will make ocean oats, and put them in a warm, not hot. thought that this could best be done dinner on New Year's Day. Her guests survevs in the Caribbean Sea? temDeratures cause the nlnce. if own. entirely, completely her own. , through boys' clubs. were: Mesdames Henry Carwardinc, That the Dav of enlisted man in leather to crow brittle and cracK. It was like having a little house of But now at last she was going to Lizzie Dean, Alex Ziegler, Marvin Hart, the U. S. Navy is automatically inone's own. Oh, it was so nice. have one. Oeorge Zicgler, Ida Ganote and Thomas Script Clerk's Duties creased by about 70 percent after She was so proud of It, so happy Carwardinc; Messrs. Henry Carwardine, She had heard the members of the cores may be used quite he has been in the Service four A script clerk In a motion picture about It. She felt like a whole permost Marvin Hart, James Ganote, George months? as satisfactorily as fresh eggs for .family talking about It studio, who Is almost always a girl, son Instead of a person of different Zicgler, Thomas Carwardine and Trevor "Don't you think Muballa could have That the Destroyers in the Coast cooking purposes In be the household. must be an expert stenographer. She parts as she had sometimes felt when Hawkins; Misses Nettie Hawkins and Guard service practiced, tne Where economy must Are tho property of a room of her own?" during the Edith Carwardine. (Fairmount). tendency i tn use fewer fresh eggs has charge of the script part of her belonged In one room, It the Navy and have been loaned? "She's old enough for a room of her Miss Minnie Zeitz entertained recentbecause of making of the picture and Is constantseemed, and another part In another v... niHVs months, That the pav of sailors in the U. ho own now." ly ot the home of Mrs. Martin Ochsner advance in nrlee. The less erpon- - ly at the director's side. She takes room. S. Navy is higher than those of any THE RURAL PRESS Those present were: Misses Rosa Ochs"It would be nice If the child could help to keop up notes on costumes, action, dialogue, the ive cold ,rage egg It was enough to make anyona other Navy in the world? ner, Katie Zeitz, Mary Steudle, Minnie have a place she could call her very happy. length of the running of a scene, diThat the Above information was he supply of this necessary ioou. red Zeitz. Mrs. Reichspfarr; Meiers. Leon neighbor's own, where she could keep everything The rcpnintlng of n rectors that go with each scene as furnished by tho TJ. S. Naw And she was happy, beautifully barn, the Thursday postponed meeting Hill, Albert Bauer, Richard Butler and an together, Instead of being moved from beautifully happy. Statjloml McDowell Buildidates, rals-n- s, made for the cutter. It Is quite The dried fruits prunes, of the Tuesday Afternoon Ladies Sodal- Martin Ochsner, Jr. (Society) ng-, one spot to another." Third and Walnut Streets, Important Job In the studio. (Copyright) figs, pesebes d aprlsots make Mr. end Mrs, Oscar Goatley enter- ity and tho glad tidings that a fellow Louisville, Kentucky. THE JEFFERS0N1AN Member! 1930 Mr. and Mr. tained the following: Chartei Robb, Mr. and Mr. Pete Neldor, Missel Mr. and Mri. Tom Wood row; Corinne Goatley, Lillie May Woodrow, Mr. Ada Taylor and son, William, of Owemboro. (Society) Enoa Omer who haa been connected Company Varnish with the Louiiville to for four years has been promoted of the company's managership branch office at St. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson and little daughter, Mildred, will leave today for un eitended trip through the South and Publisher Old Mexico. (Local) .Editor Misses Nellie, Minnie and Willella T.f. Hoke entertained Wednesday evening. Those present were: Misses Luella Tyler, Ella Yates, Nannie Lindle, Drucilla Marshall; Messrs. Noel Yates, Milton Tyler, James Cottman, Willie Yates, Ira Wheeler, Merritt Jones and Robert Yates. (Local) WORLD WAR V- - . YARNS the Coly il fine wholesome "Under The Tent With The Legionnaire u . Le-gi- THE THE M John s TiiK six-foo- ( - The well-know- k . f i The ny t l her (, long-live- d whole-hcnrtedl- y our 20 YEARS AGO KNOW? ''' ' 1 n c r er a I "Paper Talk" yi'JjXl tc&

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