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Image 51 of University of Kentucky Bulletin, 1992-1993

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

I I Option 2-Two courses in a single discipline: History An 1. HIS 108 History of the United States Through 1865 I- A-Heieherreteeme 2 ill? $32 .12222, SI2? §2i§t’.?;‘;.‘§i2%".i.';‘i$.?5e..r. 7I*'·i¥I`5t"·?$“»‘?r¥‘iII°·%l?·*’¢¤rr1 Greece . ::i:·*:i;°¤ A-H 320 Early Medieval Art ‘ 01 A1 ex an dor the Great ° ‘ A‘II 322 BY2°"'I"° M °"‘I °I"I'I2°II°" HIS zso The Hellenistic World and Rome to the Death A·H 330 Italian Renaissance Att or Constantine 2. A-H 321 Romanesque and Gothic Art 4 HIS 270 Eeny Mrdde A es plus one of the following: ' HIS 271 Lam Midde Ag S MI 23° 'I“'I°" R°"°I‘”"°° A" s HIS aes History of Rusg: to teas NH 331 Nmhem Eupman R°naISs8n°° An I HIS 286 History of Russia Since 1825 3. A-H 340 Nineteenth Century Art Hon"- 5:}: gg; §;:::JgI:’n“gr;geewe An Honors students with ascore of 29.or better on the English component A_H 341 Twentieth Century An oftheACT may satisfy both the University Wntlng requlrementand the A_H 342 Ameneen An Humanities requirement by passing three collcqula. Those with less 4_ V Any me erthe renewing: than·29 on the ERQIISR component 'of the ACT may satisfy both A_H 320 Eeny Medieval An 1 requirements by passing four colloqula. , A-H 321 Romanesque and Gothic Art 1- HON 101 The Ancient WOI’ld A-H 322 Byzantine Art and Civilization HON 102 The Medieval and Renaissance World 5. Any two ofthe following: HON 201 The Early Modem World A-H 330 Italian Renaissance Art HON 202 The Contemporary World A-H 331 Northem European Renaissance Art Music · A-H 332 Baroque and Rococo Art 1. MUS 100 Introduction to Music _ English plus one ofthe following: · 1. ENG 221 Survey of English Literature I MUS 220 Symphehle Musle ENG 222 Survey of English Literature ll MUS 221 A Survey ef Cherel Mesterwerks: ` 2. ENG 251 Survey of American Literature I . B¤I’0¤lU6 te the PIBSGIII ENG 252 Survey of American Literature II MUS 300 HlSl0I’y ef Jazz 3. ENG 270 The Old Testament as Literature Philosophy ENG 271 The New Testament as Literature 1. PHI 100 Introduction to Philosophy: _ German Knowledge and Reality ‘ 1. GER aes The German Cultural Tradition I PHI 160 Irureduerleh re Phllesephyz GER 264 The German Cultural Tradition ll M¤f¤IIlY 8IId $¤¢l6lY IV. CROSS-DISCIPLINARY REQUIREMENT . Students should satisfy this requirement by fulfilling A OR B. _ Courses completed within the UK System before the Fall 1988 semester AND all courses completed at institutions outside the UK System may NOT be used to satisfy any part ofthe cross—disciplinary requirement. A. Clustered Courses-Students may find it desirable to satisfy both a six-hour Disciplinary requirement and the six-hour Cross- Disciplinary requirement by taking two designated sequences. This cluster arrangement is a simple combination of existing courses which are available every year. In each case the instructors will have worked together to establish connections between the disciplines. Students choosing this option will develop a more coherent understanding of an area of study than would otherwise be the case. Current acceptable clusters on the Lexington campus are listed below. Taking only one semester of a cluster is equivalent to taking one oi the pairs listed under B below. ` 1. American Studies A-H 105/106 Ancient Through Medieval Art! (any two of the following sequences for 12 hours) TA 3Fg%?:7gs1s?_1';§;r;II;?I{%;:¢|_°ed;IT An _ HIS 108/109 HlSl0t’y ofthe U.S. ThI’0Ugh 1865/ 3_ AST 191 The Solar System $*1** 1865 _ _ e Asr 192 Galactic and Extra-calaetie Astronomy ENHG 251/252 $¤¤/ev ef AI¤°¤°¤¤ L!I°*¤I¤I° I· II , I-Ils tos western culture; Science ana Technology I - 342 Amerlean Art/T 283 AII16I’I¢8II Th6¤I’I6/ I-IIS 107 Westem Culture: Science and Technology II MUS 206 AIII°I`I°aII MUSIC ($°I°°I II”°) 4. HIS 229 The Ancient Near East and Greece to the Death 2‘ w°"°"‘ T""I"I°"' ‘ I-lls ‘2l3%lT)h:nl‘2I:ll;IhTs$i;r;6VT/land and Rome to the Death (any two of the following sequences for 12 hours) . gf Censtentjne HIS 1o4i1os A History of Europe Through the Mia- 0I-A 210 The An ef Greeee end Fleme Seventeenth century/trern the Mid—Seventeenth Century 0I-A 261 Literary Mesrerpleees ef Greeee end Heme to the present 5. HIS 270 Early Middle Ages ENG 261/262 Survey of western Literature lrein the HIS 271 Iuerer Middle Aces Greeks Through the Renaissance/from 1660 to the A·I’I 320 E8I’IY IVI9dI9V¤I Nl _ ‘ present . A-H 321 Romanesque and Gothic Art PI-Il zeoizvo History of Philosophy I/II: From Greek 6- BIS 150 Prghetples ef Bgeleey I Beginnings to the Middle Ages/from the Renaissance to BIO 152 PIII'I¢IPI96 ef BI0I°9Y II _ · the present Ere CHE 105 General College Chemtstry I Mus 201/202 Mesie in western Culture to 1700/ CHE 107 Se¤er¤I 0eIIeee Chemlstry II I tygtypresent CHE 115 General Chemistry Laboratory 51

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