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Image 48 of University of Kentucky Bulletin, 1992-1993

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

The degree with honors from a professional college is university, college, and departmental requirements for both based solely upon work done in the professional college. degrees. Courses taken towards fulfilling one degree may All students in the Honors program ofthe University who do also count towards fulfilling parallel requirements inthe other, not have a grade-point standing of 3.5 or better but are in the but the total credits inthe two degree programs must be at top 10 percent of their coIIege’s class are eligible to graduate least 144 hours. The student may elect to receive the degrees _ in the Honors program if they satisfy the other requirements simultaneously, ifcollege and departmental requirements can and have approval of the Honors Program Director. be met simultaneously. - Work done in the University of Kentucky Community Col- A smnd Master-, Degree lege System shall be counted as work at the University of eslndem may recelve two masters degrees However . Kentucky in calculating the grade-point average for honors. elmullaneeus enrollment ln two Ol, more pmgra s and the . A Double Major l granting of two or more master's degrees at the same time is An undergraduate student earns a double major when he ¤¤i P6mtiii¤d. ¤¤l¤$$ approved bY The $i¤d¤i’ti’S advisers and · or she completes all university, college, and departmental the Direeters ef Graduate Studies in the pregrams. requirements in one department—the Primary Major—and all Thy ul·jjy•y;jgy schqjan Pmgfarn departmental requirements in a second deplartmentT—the -l-he Univsrsityscholars pmgram Qnablss ellled and lllellly Seeemierv Maier ittitere·e¤¤e¤er·¤rei¤t•¤¤s¤·¤·w¤r•<·¤tite motivated students to integrate their undergraduate end i’r·r¤erv Meier mev be eeeieebie tethe Se<=¤¤,·‘-‘¤`°:f» 7 rl »·**"“ · - ~·<`‘ ‘ ·` i ` ’ ` 'M ;.l\,_§}“° ' `I v * rl t"‘e·" ‘* ·* cf .· R? ’ =.·"<‘·‘ ·`.>‘ . ' —·.-- Lee tA’· · i r ""` · € `° tat, Ayn 48

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