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Image 47 of University of Kentucky Bulletin, 1992-1993

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

aspecified grade-point average which may in no case be less able substitutes with the approval of The Graduate School than 2.0. Every baccalaureate degree program must include Dean upon recommendation of the Director of Graduate four divisions or components: (1) University Studies, (2) Studies. _ ‘ premajoror preprofessional, (3) maior or professional, and (4) In the event that a student interrupts work on a graduate free electives. degree (i.e., is not enro|led)forone calendaryear or more, The The student must file an application for graduation with the Graduate School Dean shall determine, upon recommenda- dean of the college from which the degree is to be awarded tion of the Director of Graduate Studies, whether the old within 30 days after the beginning of the semester or 15 days requirements orthe new requirements shall apply. Inthe event inthe summer session in which the student expects to com- astudent has notcompletedthe requirementsforthe graduate plete the work. ` degree five yearrs after the effective datre an a clyanga in dggree Urnvarsny wrnrng Raqurramam mgegggg gebnew requirements s a app y un ess eter- . . . . y The Graduate School Dean. .Th° Umvgrsny r°qu"°s d°m°nstrat°d °9mp°t°"°y In The colleges offering professional degrees (Law, Medi- wmm9‘ C°mp°t°n°y may b° d°m°ns"at°d m °n° °f tm cine, Dentistry, Pharmacy) reservethe righttochangecurricu- *°"°‘”"‘9 "’aYS—l‘l$‘“"°"‘?'""° *‘a"°““"""""° $$’°'°°*?"* Ium requirements provided the program change has gone or below on the English section ofthe ACT must satisfactorily through the Urnvgrsnya approval process Any Such change °°mpI°t° ENG 1O1‘ writing I' and ENG 1O2' wrmng "‘ (2) in curriculum however shall not result in a longer tenure for Studmts wh° haw a standard S°°r° °f 29 er ab°V° ee th° students enrolled inthe program who are making satisfactory English section of the ACT may elect to take a special writing academic progress proficiency examination, administered by the English De- ' partment Writing Program. Students who pass this examination R°°'d°“°° Fle¤¤lrer¤e¤* are eligible to fulfill the University Writing requirement by R6$ld°ll°°—¤ '9qUl'9l'l'l9lll l¤lla d99l99 Whllih $P6¢lll6$ eueeeeeiuiiy eerripieiing ENG 1Q5, writing; An Aeeeiereied the minimum period during whichastudent mustberegistered Course. Students who do not pass this ~=examination are °ll lh° malll ¤amPU$—l$ llll°lld9d l° Pl'°Vld6 all ¤d° old or new requirements. and the dean of the student’s college recommend receive the · lfthe student elects to fulfill the old requirements but finds degree. A student may be required to complete work in . that necessary resources (e.g.,courses, instructionin particular addition to that required for the bache|or‘s or professional skills) are no longer available, the student may make reason- degree to receive a degree with honors. 47

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