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Image 46 of University of Kentucky Bulletin, 1992-1993

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

The Graduate School Any student who receives a grade of E in a required course when graduate siudems have eempiered 12 er mere must rereglsterforthe course and complete all its requirements. semester hours. of graduate course work with an average of Beth lhs llllllel and susssqusm eleee w·ll be lsllsslsd en lhe less than 3.0, they will be placed on academic probation. sludsllts leeele and eeunlee '" the °°mp“lsl'°" el slsss Students will have one semester to remove the scholastic sls"d'"g· _ __ probation by attaining a cumulative 3.0 average in graduate A"Y slussm eleeeee l°' eeeleehe_leleh·e mall psl'l's" lhs course work. lf the probation is not removed, the student will Lew Faculty Afsssslms Statue Csmmmss fsf 'ssdm'ss!°"· A be dismissed rrem —i-he Graduate Seheei recommendation to the Idean for readmission IS within the A student who has been dismissed from The Graduate d's°'sl'°" °l the ssmrsmssl h°“'sVs"· '" m°sl °ssss· the School for these reasons may reapply for admission to The A l°ll°w'“gP°l'°'ss wlllguldsths sslnmmssl s_sl°ss"ld'°l’psd Graduate School aftertwo semesters orone semester and the sllsllhslllsl ssmsslslwlll he lee¤·ler>e

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