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Image 45 of University of Kentucky Bulletin, 1992-1993

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

_The student has not reduced the deficit by eight quality 5. A student who, at the end of the second consecutive p¤¤¤ts_ ¤r ¤l¤m¤n¤t¤d it by the and of the s¤<>¤¤d semester probationary semester, rails to have achieved an engi- *¤**¤Wl¤9 ***0 *0*%*0*00*00*3 _ neering standing of 2.0 will be dropped from the College The student has failed to meet the requirements for removal of Erginserings from scholastic probation by the end of the third semester . following tho reinstatement, V 6. A student who fails to achieve an engineering standing Once reinstated students have been removed from soho- of 1.5 at the end of any semester shall have his or her lastic probation, they will be subject to the same conditions for record reviewed and may be dropped from the college subsequent academic suspension as students who have not without a preliminary probationary semester. previously been academically suspended. 7 A t d t h h b d ed _ I _ { **·=¤·¤*=¤*¤¤ AM M ¤· M¤*• '·¤r· ‘ aaZ$'.§iLa`Zr£ranZ$ mZ$'L.. iZiQZrar§ rTZ.°rZ..`£>"L'ia§°§ (Academic Bankruptcy) rE . . rt Undergraduate studentswho have been readmittedthrough 0. ngmegmg a Sr a.n absence of Ong yeah A student . . will be reinstated as afi rst sem ester probationary student the usual channels after an interruption of two or more years, and subracrmrrnar U ron d. t th r and who have completed at least one semester or 12 credit S Spgns a°°°r mg ° °$°ru °S‘ hours with a grade-point average of 2.0 after readmission, 3_ Thg dggn may uso discygtign in appiying ingsa wigs ***0Y 0**0000 *0 **0V0 **0**0 0* ***0** P*0V*000 U***V0*0**Y 0* . where a particular case justifies less severe action. Kentucky course work counted toward graduation and toward the computation of their grade-point standings. The calcula- tion ofthe grade-point average after readmission begins with c°"°g° °f Amed Health Pr°*°$S*°nS ***0 00***00*0* 0* *000****%*0**- _ _ Probation and Suspension Pollcy In addmonr the dean of the student s college may permit for progasslorral program Students I Such a *°ad*l*'**°d S*$'d°"*wh° has °*°°*°d "°?**° °?u'**p?S* Allied Health professional students are subject to the *”°*k *° *°°°“{° °*°d'* *°* S°*?°*°dr°:u*S°zw“0°u* "g°*ud'*‘g generalUniversity regulations pertaining toacademicprobation ;*`;§;ggad°$ '" *h° °°mp°*a*'°" ° t ° stu °"* S gra °'p°'"* and suspension. In addition, the following standards apply to · All'dH lth f ' ltdt: Part-time as well as full-time students can take advantage is ea pm Qssiona S U gn S of the academic bankruptcy rule. Students need not have Professional Program Probatlon been originally suspended from the UhiV9fSiiy to qualify l0l’ Astudent willbe placed on professional program probation this option. Attendance at a community college in the UK when; system is equivalent to attendance at UK itself forthe purposes _ _ . of this option. Astudent can petition for academic bankruptcy *· ***0 00***00*0* 9*000‘P0*'** 0V0*090 *0**0 ¤¤l¤w 2-0 *** for work done at a community college. This option is not 000*000 *00****00 bY ***0 P*¤*0$0l¤**0* P*¤9*0¤*· 0* ` available to a student who transfers in more than 24 credit .. . . . hours taken at another institution during the first two years 2' ajggggrgrgzfe; :;*9*1 In any course required by the alter leaving the University of Kentucky. ` p p g ` Removal from Professional Program Probation college °f Engineering A student may satisfy the deficiency warranting probation probation and Acadomic suspansion and will be removed from professional program probation ln addition to the University rules on probation and aca- *****9**: demic suspension, the following rules apply in the (30**999 0f (_ in ina soniosior roiiowing professional program proba- E"g'"°°""g· tion, a 2.0 or above semester grade-point average is Deflnltlon: Engineering standing is defined as the overall a°h°°v°d In °°°*$°s *°qu"°dbY*h° p*°*°$s°°na*p*°g*am• grade-point average for all course worktaken while enrolled in and the College of Engineering. Excluded are correspondence 2_ a passing grade is aarnad rn any previously rarrsd courses and transient- work. (The term semester standing courses raqurrad by rna prarassranar program refers tothe grade-point average for a single semester.) 1. A student who fails toachieve an engineering standing Pr¤t¤¤=¤¤¤¤¤ *°*09*0*** S¤¤¤¤¤¤l¤¤ of gg at the and of any sgmgstgr wiii bg piacgd on Astudentwill be suspended fromthe professional program academic probation. *****0*** ‘ 2. A student, regardless of engineering standing, whose `*- a2-0 00***00*0*_9*000‘P0**** 0*0*090 *** 000*000 *0*10**00 semester standing is less than 2.0 for two consecutive 0Y ***0 r>r¤t¤s$·¤¤¤l 9*09*0*** *0 **0* earned 0****0* at ***0 ssrnssrars will be placed an probaticni end of the probationary semester, or in any subsequent · semester, or A 3. A student who, at the end of the first probationary _ _ _ _ semester, achieves a semester standing of 2.0 but fails 2- 0 000*00 r9¤¤·r¤d 0Y ***0 s>r¤f¤$S·¤¤¤l P*09*0*** *0 fa¤l¤¤ to bring the engineering standing up to 2.0 will be 0 $000**0 *'***0· 0* °°******'·*0d 0** 0*000**0** 3. two courses required by the professional program are » 4_ A srudanr wha. ar rna Gnd ar a probationary semester, failed, unless alternative action is recommended by the _ failsto have achieved asemester standing of 2.0 willbe P*09*0*** D·r9¢t¤r 0**0 0PP*0V00 bl! ***0 000** 0* ***0 dropped from rna Collage or Engineering. College of Allied Health Professions. 45

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