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Image 44 of University of Kentucky Bulletin, 1992-1993

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

within the last semester may be regarded as evidence that the Removal from Probation ` sludshl le ¤hPfsPsfsd te teke s spsslsl exeminetien-l An undergraduate student may be removed from probation The instructor may schedule the examination at his or her by rho dggn or (hg oojjogo whoa; convenience, but must offer it within a reasonable time after 1) Thg gtudgmgn scholastic probation has ngtgarngd gg lhs sllldshl hee submlllsd his sf ner request. semesterhours(seniorstanding), and attheend ofasemester The examiner must inferm the University Fleeietrer ef the or session has reduced me cumulative deficit to rave queiiry student’s grade in the course. A student currently enrolled in points or loss; the class who successfully completes a special examination 2) The studgnt bn schglaslic probation has earned go will be l°FmsllY remeved frem lhs slllslsl '°ll· Uhlsss lhs semesterhours(seniorstanding),andattheendofasemester student is dissatisfied with the results, in which case he or she or Session has a oumujaiiva giadapolnl standing of 2_o_ _ maycontinueinthecourseandbegraded inthe usual manner. A d ia S ‘ i The instructor then may or may not include the results of the ee am l‘l8p°lls °ll _ Spaciai axaminaiidn in ddmpuimd the final grade. Thefollowrng undergraduatestudentiwho has not previously Credit eemed by epeeaer examination may be eermred as been e<=e¤em·¤e**v e¤_Sr>e·1¤e¤ ·e eubreet te eeedemre we- residence credit by the dean of the student’s college. The p°"S'°" l'°m lh? lJ"'V°'l$'lY· tlul a _d°?'] mall °°"l"“·{€ 3 iimiis dn maximum bads ara waivw in cases whaia ma studenton scholastic probation rfthe individual case justifies excess is due to special examination credits. 'll A _ __ _ _ _ Tha Studgntl wiih ma dapaiimam chairpgrsorfs canada i student who acquires an additional deficit in excess of l may take the special examination on a Pass-Fail basis, l“'° q“al_'lY mlm? dlm"9 a"Y s°'"°Sl°' °'l S°s$'°" ‘”h'l° °" including any course not otherwise available under the Pass- $°h°la$l'° p'°bal'°"? _ _ _ _ Fail option. Credit derived in this manner does not reduce the $l'·’dP"l ‘”h° has a °'·"““lal'V° d°l‘°'l '" °{‘°°ss Pl 15 number of courses permitted under the Pass-Fail rules. g::g'l;SF;fi:':?°;;l?§nl’"d sl a"Y Semester °l s°$$'°'l ‘”h'l° °" SCHOLASTIC PROBA.i.iON’ ACADEMIC A student who has been on scholastic probation for three consecu rve semes ers; or SUSPENSION AND REINSTATEMENT Astudentwho,whileon scholasticprobation,demonstrates General Regulations for that he or she cannot or will not do satisfactory work, except; Undayg [aduatg Sgudal-its A student who, at the completion of his or herfirst semester at the University, earns a semester grade-point average less Acsdsmlc P'°bsll°h and $U$Psh$l°h than .60 may be subject to academic suspension, withoutfirst The academic probation and suspension systems that are having been placed on probation. used to determine a student’s academic standing University- Ganarai Rules pariainina id Students unda., Acadamic wide are based on quality point deficit. The base for determining suspension the deficit is the number of quality points which would result A aiuaam wha ia lmdar aaadamia aus anaian ma nai _ llolll llllllllplylllg lllg lllllllbglol llollls alllllllplgd bylw°' Dllllcll enroll in an courses offered b the Universitpof Kentucky nor is the difference, if any, between this base and the number of taka any axammaiian far Umgaraiiy af Kamlaaky aradii y' qllallly polllls °alll9d' A student who has been academically suspended a sec- llldlvldllal °°ll°g°s may Bslallllsll pollcllls lggaldlllg aca- ond time will not be readmitted to the University exce t in demic probation and suspension with regard to a student’s unusual airaumaianaaa and than am U n raaammandgian academic standing within the college in addition to the Uni- f ih d i th ii . h. h my god i i ii versity-wide policies given here. lf a college establishes such 0 d 9 Qillli i$hl;°U°9° lll llll gl ill 2: Qlliplalls 0 °lll° a policy, the policy must be approved by the University Senate all Oily: rggailiad ta tl;l;°il:ilzar;i;la ga igllg: ' an aaadamia and made avallablg lll wllllllg lo lllg sll'ld°lll$' sus ension ma be rescinded b thle degn onl lin the event of A Sllldelll suspended llclm a college Ol ploglam may an Error in theydetermination gf the studengs eli ibility for transferto anothercollege orprogram which has a2.0 grade- an . an ama. I r da ah th t. it th gi d i, point average admission requirement for transfer students, sllsp Sl°ll’ i. .b.i. la g a @97 .a a °lS Bsil °ll E even if the student has a GPA lower than 2.0, provided he or Sllspgllslolilug lgl ally' °ilr°Xcllpl.l°llZ cllclllllilall$il:$'bll she is not subject to the provisions for suspension from the $i:;i:i?av:ilmul;tn;al;$;ld xigliafmnxlggignmng iailjaraiilstiz University. However, the student must meet all other admis- daaa im am ma ari mai aaa asian 99 Y sion criteria established by the college or program. lf the po g g pe ‘ student would have been placed on academic probation by the Flslhslslsmshl college to which he or she is transferring had he or she been After they have remained out ofthe University for at least previously enrolled in that college, then the college may place a semester and a summer session (a semester for students the student on probation at the time of admission. academically suspended at the end of a summer session), scholastic prdbaiidn · students who have been academically suspended may be An uadararaauaia aiudam ia piaaad an aahaiaaiia araba_ reinstated by the dean of the college in which they plan to tion by ma aaan ai tha aaiiaaa Wham enroll when they present evidence that they are capable of rlormln at the level re uiredto revent ber sus ended a 1) The student who, at the end of any semester or pe d i. g Aft b . q . i tz t d llg ip i i session, has a cumulative deficit in excess of five quality xsgmiaaggia til; Uill/igillils a 9 ' S ll Bllls llllls appy °l points; ' 2) The student has earned a total of 90 semester hours Gshsfsl Rulee ls? Rslhslslsd Sludshls (senior standing) or more and, at the end of a semester or A student who has been academically suspended will, session has acumulative grade-point average of less than 2.0. upon reinstatement, be placed on scholastic probation and be lf a first semester freshman student has a quality poim subject to final academic suspension from the University if: deficit, but not in excess offive points, the dean shall warn the The student acquires any additional deficit during any student that he or she is not making satisfactory progress. semester or session while on scholastic probation; -

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