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Image 43 of University of Kentucky Bulletin, 1992-1993

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

Collegiate Athletics Association, Region ll, the Association of Final Examinations interceiieeiate Athteticstcrwemen. andthe i¤ll¤9iat6 O¤ttlGr9tt¢¤· t the examination period as scheduled by the University Regis- Attendance and compietion gf Agg|gnmgntg trar for the semesters of the regular school year. These For each eeuree in which the student ie enreiiedr the examinationperiodsutillzethelastfivedaysofeachsemester, · student shall be expected to carry out all required work and are Pt°°°<*€d b}' a studll daY °' ‘”°°k°"d °" which "° including laboratories and studios, and to take all examina- °Ia$$°s °' °X?"“'"_a“°"$ are s°h°d“|°q· _ _ tions at the class period designated by the instructor. Enal °Xa"“'“a“°"$· ‘”h°'° ?F’P'°p"ai°· am ad'“'"'st°"°d Each instructor Shan dgtgrming [hg regarding during the class day ofthe ITWBTSBSSIOH and th9 SUl’TlmBI’ completion of assigned work, attendance in class, absences $°S$‘°{‘· _ at announced or unannounced examinations, and excused purmg th° test week °f °|_aSs°S °f a reeuier S°$s'P" °' absences in excess of one-fifth of class contact hours. This $’u""9 th? th'°°'daY p°"°d P"°'t° the test d?V gl class "I tha policy shall be presented in writing to each class at its first or 'm°'$°$$'°" °'su'“m°'s°?$'°"· “° °Xam'“a“°“ ‘S F° b? 9“’°“ eeeend meetind_ Studenter teiiure te eempiy with the en_ exceptforlaboratory RIFGFHCBIS or“make-up"examlnatlons. ln neuneed peiiey may reeurt in epprepriete reduetiene in grade cases of "take home final examinations, students are not ee determined bythe inetrueter_ required to return the oompieted examination before the Excused Absences · regglarly scheduled examination period. h h h ina examinations may e given at times ot ert ant e The following are defined as excused absences: regularly schedule times in the following instances: 1. illness ofthe studentor serious illness ofamemberofthe _ F?°unY: In th° ease °f °°""'Yts er u"du° hardsmp f°' an student’s immediatefamily. The instructor shall have the mdwldual m§tm°t°r.’ a fmal ?Xammat°9n net be rgschgdulgd right to request appropriate verrrrcariorri at another time during the final examination period upon the recommendation of the chairperson of the department and 2. The death of a member ot the student’s immediate with the concurrence of the dean of the college end the family. The instructor shall have the right to request University Registrar. appropriate verification. Students: Any student with more than two final examina- 3. Trips for members of student organizations sponsored tens .s°h.°dul°d en any me data I? °mm°d t° have the by an academic unit, trips for University classes, and Bxammamn fm the classymh the hlghgshcatalog n.uml?°r trips for participation in intercollegiate athletic events rgsimgduled at énqther mm during the {mal Bxammamn when raasrbrg the Srudanr must norrry the instructor perlod.In casethishighestnumberis shared by morethan one * _ course, the one whose departmental prefix is first alphabeti- p"°"°th° °°?{·'"°_“°° °f Such abs°“°°s· but '" “° °a$° cally will be rescheduled. The option to reschedule must be Sha" such "°m'°at'°“ °°°’·" m°'° than °"° week etter exercised in writing to the appropriate instructor two weeks the absence. Instructors may requestformal notification prior to the ieet crass meeting_ it a contiict is cygatgd by tr0rtt HPPFGPTFBTG University PGtS0tt¤Gl te d¤¢UtTt¤¤t the rescheduling of an examination, the student is entitled to take student’s participation in such trips. the rescheduled examination at another time during the final 4. Major Religious Holidays. Students are responsible for ?X?'T]i"au°" §°ii°d— _|" the °?s° Pi u"du° herdshrig {mr in notifying the instructor In wrltlng of anticipated ab- Izdmdualstu °m'afIna|°Xam'nat'°nmay bereseh ug Y sences duetotheir observance of such holidays no later t 9 msuucton than the for adding a class. SP°°'aI EX‘fm'"a“°“$ _ _ _ 5. Any other circumstance which the instructor finds rea- array glgzgrgirggggrriétlgrgnsgyfggngS;T:L°?rgnh;h;L£;g§g;?yé Scnable eeuseter nee attendance` special examination for credit in any course offered in the Students missing work due to an excused absence bear Utitt/Gtstty SYSTGM. FGQEFGIGSS Gl Wh9¥l't9t' the $i¤d9t’li·h¤$ the responsibiiity gf intorming the instructor about their ex- audited the course, is currently enrolled in it,orhas studiedfor cused absence within one week following the period of the it l¤dGPG¤d9t’tTlY- excused absence (except where prior notification is required), APPli<>¤li¤¤ i¤t G $P€•Gl¤| 9X¤mlti¤ll°¤ must he m¤d9 in end of making upthe missed wont.Tneinstructorshellgive the writing. (Students sheutd ehtain appticatien terms in the student an opportunity to makgup {hg work and/orthe exams Registrar's Office.) Undergraduates should address requests missed dueto an excused absence, end shall do so, iffeasible, te the chairperscn et the department in which the eeurse is during the semester in which the absence occurred. The given. er te the ettice et the academic unit respcnsihie: student shall be given the opportunity to make up exams graduate students, to the director of graduate studies in the missed due to an excused absence during the semester in department in which the ccurse is given. Apprevai et requests which (hg absence ggcurrgdr it teasib|e_ ln those instances from undergraduate students rests with the department chair- where the nature ofthe course is such thet classroom partici- perscn: trem graduate students. with the Dean et The Gradu- pation by the student is essential for evaluation, the instructor ate Scheei. acting upcn recemmendatien ct the directer et shall, iffeasible, give the student an opportunity to make upthe 9r¤d¤¤¥¤ $¥¤dt¤$- worki missed during the semester in which the absence d The redueret ter special eaamrtnatiett rmayge denied by the occurreo_ . epartmentc airperson ort eo iceo t ea ministra ive unit it attendance is required or serves as e criterion tor e grade respcnsihie. erthe Dean et The Graduate Scheei. acting upen in e course, end it e student hes excused absences in excess recemmendatien et the directcr et graduate studies. it it is or one-iitth ofthe class contact hours forthat course, astudent decided that the student has net turnished evidence that he er shall have the right to petition tor e w, end the faculty member she is reasenahty prepared tetakethe examinetien. erthatthe may require the studentto petition foraWor telte an l in the i ceurse is et such a nature that credit hy examinatien is course inappropriate. (The fact that a student has failed the course 43 /

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