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Image 42 of University of Kentucky Bulletin, 1992-1993

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

to those considered as elective inthe student's program and A student's academic grade record is expressed as a such othercourses ortypes ofcourses as mightbespecifically grade-point average computed by multiplying the semester approved by the Senate Council for a college or department. hours of credit for each course by the quality point value of the Prerequisitesforsuchcoursesmaybeignoredatthestudent’s grade received in the course. These products are added own hazard. The student is expected to participate fully in the together, and the sum is divided by the total semester hours course and take all examinations as though enrolled on a attempted. The grade-point averagethus derived is the basis regular basis. Students may not change from a Pass-Fail for each student's academic status as indicated in the pub- basis norfrom a regular basis toaPass-Fail basis afterthelast lished rules and policies ofthe Law Faculty. day to drop a course without a grade in any {ven ter; collage or mdlclna — ‘ ' ‘ I d ` ... $3Z$‘.f’§l§T£Z'H¥ZIL?ZaS§§?€L°€SLTEZS lr"tI?§e°J1Te“eem A reeresene exceeeeelir.*··e*re¤h·eVeme~* ·¤ Perer- ma take under these mvrskmsl _ mance. It is valued at four quality potnts for each credit hour. Y gr d I r P F .r h . t ct B represents the expected level of achievement or perfor- h iX°°:°g°r°(;;ls§sb° ge R°n Y t°rr, ag}. at ’t gms mthm mance in each course. This grade reflects student compe- S F no 8 no. tg . y 6 6gls ra S me or y am at tence in all areas of course requirements. ltis valued at three office ofthe Universrty of those students who are taking the . . . . . . qualrty points for each credit hour. , °°urS° Pa?‘S`F?'|' The mStrPct°r.Sha" submna r°gP|argr'?d° C represents marginal performance. lt is valued at two to the Registrar s Office which will take the appropriate action . . . t h th d . t th P _F .r (rn track for qualrty points for each credit hour. ° ° ang° ° gra ° m° 8 ass at ere ' g E represents failure or unacceptable performance in a I r°°°rds' course. lt is valued at zero quality points for each credit hour. A Gf¤d¤·P¤l¤t AV¤l’¤9¤ . P represents a passing grade in a course taken on a pass- The grade-point average isthe ratio ofthe numberof points fail basis. lt is not used in quality point calculations. gained to the number of credit attempted, W, P, S, and I being W denotes withdrawal from the college or from an elective ignored. course. W must be approved or recommended by the Student Pro ress and Promotion Committee. Withdrawal from a re- SPECIAL MARKING SYSTEMS quirgd course is notpermitted,exceptwhen astudentwithdraws collage or Archlracruro from thercollegel. A student can wrthdraw from an elective and The grading system below does not eiieet the interpreta- thgdv wm rgmfm er Z°°rd‘ rr . rr. tion of other letter grades in the University Marking System r r°pr°S°n.S unsatls :. °rYp°.°r;`1aL`c$'naEsp°C;r '°ar:°a such as F, I, P, W, and S. Nor does it change the college 0 ;)urS°r°qu"°r:°n Is gwgn "tshga ° ancgrarw ee requirementthatin allstudiowork in architecturethe minimum °V GTC? Bxlits tkau 8 S2: ranrrmfg warg au 9 Lipgg _ passing gradefrom Ieveltolevelinthe studio sequence must °°mp gmt]? ma.°`upw° ' rt emmnmt B wl Bvau be a grade or Cr r at one quality potnt for each credit hour. A U grade must be replaced by a Cor Egrade before the student can be promoted A 4·° B 3·° C 2·° D to to the next year. The quality point calculation will then be the A' 37 B' 2*7 c` L7 D' O] average ofthe U and the C or E grade. Br 83 Ct Z3 Dr L3 E 0 lrepresentsincomplete work atthetime grades are submit- College of Fine Arte ted for courses. It is given only when there is a reasonable The grading system below does not affect the interpreta- P°$$tbttttY th8t 8 9'8d8 °t C °l b8tt°' will b8 88m8d UP°¤ tion of other ietter grades irteietieti in the University Meritirtg eempletree el the werk- All I eredee rrr required eedreee meet Systam such as FI I, P, wr and S_ Nor dogs change any be removed Z passing grade before 3 StUd€nt· can be college or departmental requirements with regard to minimum Pl°m°t8d t° 8 $’·lb$8tlU°"t Y°8'· tt 8 $tud°llt t8t°' W'thd'8W$ grade point averages required in specific courses or in specific tm'; th?t:°%89°· ?" °t;t?§8't;'"§ t3;8d° °8" mgglt t° iw programs Of study_ gra G? 9 ISCYB lon O 9 U en TOQYGSS an romo ION A 4.0 B s.0 c 2.0 D 1.0 C°'“'“'tt°°· A- 3.7 B- 2.7 C- 1.7 D- 0.7 College of Dentistry B+ 83 C+ 2-3 D+ t·3 E 0 Honors, Pass and Unsatisfactory are the designations for Landwapa Archuscturuy couuuu or Agriculture College of Dentistry students. The H, P, U designations are The grading system below dogs not arrgcr the rm°rpr6ra_ utilized onbl for dental students. The few graduate and/or tion of other letter grades included in the University Marking und°rgradltat° Studmts In °$’s°nt'a"y d°mat ctassss am System such as F, I, P, W, and S. Nor does it change the graded ee is the mst °f the Umv°rSny' Landscape Architecture program policy that requires a stu- QTHER RE(;U[_A1·|gN$ dent to achieve a C grade or better in major design studios in order to advance to the next level. I-8t6 R°9t$tI’8tt°l’l A 4_0 5 3_o C gp D 1_0 Afterthe sixth dayofclassesin eithersemesterorthefourth A- 3.7 B- 2.7 C- 1.7 D- 0.7 day of that term of the summer session in which the student is B+ 3.3 C+ 2.3 D+ 1.3 E 0 enrolled, no student may register for an organized class. On recommendation of the dean concerned, the University ct)"°g° °' Law _ _ _ Registrar may set a later date for final registration in classes Th° C°"°9° °t Lew us°s a sp°°'fa| t°n°tg'ad'"g eveterrr '" that do not start on the first day of a semester or a summer ‘”h'°_h the f°"°w'"9_ g(ad°$ ere g'V°" wm" th° '°$p°°"V° session,orfortheregistrationofagroupofstudentswho were ¤¤e*¤v p°'m VaI°°s ·¤d·<=eted= not present at the regular registration time. 2+ jg 3+ 2+ B" E O Participation In Intercollegiate Athletics A_ 317 B_ 2i7 C_ 1;7 D_ 027 The University acceptsthe eligibility rulesforintercollegiate athletics as set up by the Southeastern Conference, National 42

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