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Image 41 of University of Kentucky Bulletin, 1992-1993

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

I 1 is not replaced by a regular final letter grade within the before midterm shall receive a grade of W. A student may allowable period, the University Registrar shall change the I withdraw from a class during the last half of the term upon grade to a grade of E on the student's permanent academic approval of a petition certifying urgent nonacademic reasons 1 record and adjust the student's grade-point standing accord- including but not limited to: illness or injury of the student; ingly. A graduate who had an I grade on his or her academic serious personal orfamily problems; serious financial difficul- » record at the time of graduation (and which grade was sub- ties. . sequently changed to an E by the Registrar) may be allowed Before acting on such a petition, the dean will consult with a maximum of 12 months following the end of the term in which the instructor ofthe class. lf such a petition is approved by the the course wastakento satisfactorily completethe course and dean of the student's college, the dean shall inform in writing receive a grade change. the instructor of the class of the action, and the student shall For each I grade assigned, the instructor shall complete an be assigned a grade of W. 1 appropriate file record on a standard form provided by the A student may also petition the dean to withdraw from a University Registrar, which shall include the following: (a) the class during the latter half of the term if he or she has excused 1 name of the student; (b) the course number and hours of absences in excess of one-fifth ofthe class contact hours in a 1 credit; (c) semesterand yearof enroIlment;(d) signature ofthe course where attendance is required or is a criterion for a 1 instructor; (e) a brief statement of the reason(s) for recording grade. 1 the incomplete; (f) specific instructions on how alternate Audit. Any change from audit to credit or credit to audit by 1 grades on the work to be completed will affect the final grade; a student regularly enrolled in acollege must be accomplished 1 (g)the specilictime requirement (not to exceed 12 months) set by the last date to drop a course without a grade in any given by the instructor for removal of the I grade and consequences term. No credit can be given for a class audited nor is a student 1 of not removing the I grade; and (h) signature ofthe student, permitted to take an examination for credit. A student who 1 if feasible. . initially enrolls in a class as an auditor must attend at least 80 The instructorshall provide acompleted copy of this record percent of the classes in the course (excluding excused 1 tothe student and the department chair at thetimethel grade absences). lf .a student changes her or his enrollment from is reported. credit to audit, s/he must attend at least 80 percent of the The term student in this context excludes only students in remaining classes (excluding excused absences). lf an auditor The Graduate School and the Colleges of Medicine and fails to attend the requisite number of classes, the dean may 1 Dentistry. award a grade of W forthat course. No instructor is authorized 1 Grade P represents a passing grade in a course taken on to admit anyone as an auditorto any classes unless the auditor 1 a pass-fail basis. lt may also be assigned by the University has registered as such. Appeals Board in cases involving a violation of student aca- Repeat Option. An undergraduate student has the option 1 demic rights. to repeat once as many as three different courses which have 1 Grade S—satisfactory work in progress or final grade in been completed with only the grade, credit hours, and quality courses carrying no academic credit. The grade S may be points for the second completion used in computing the ,1 recorded for students in courses of research, independent student's academic standing and credit for graduation. A 1 work, or seminartype, if at the end of a semester the student, student also may use the repeatoption when retaking acourse because of the nature or size ofthe project, has been unable on a Pass-Fail basis (provided the course meets the re- 11 to complete the course. The project must be substantially quirementsforbeing taken Pass-Fail), eventhoughthecourse continuous in its progress. Whenthe work is completed, afinal was originally taken for a letter grade. lf a failing grade (F) is 1 grade will be substituted for the S. earned on the second attempt, the original grade will continue 1 Grade S may also be recorded as a permanent mark in to be used in calculating the grade-point average and the courses carrying no academic credit. The grade may not be second attempt shall constitute exhaustion of one of the _ given to a student who has done unsatisfactory work or to one student's three repeat options underthis provision. A student 1 who has failed to do a reasonable amount of work. ~ exercising the repeat optlon must notlfy In wrltlng the 1 Grade W—withdrew—shalI not be given unlessthe student dean of the college In which he or she ls enrolled no later B withdraws officially or is assigned by the University Appeals than the last day of scheduled classes In the semester In 11 Board.The University Appeals Board may assign aWin cases which the repeat ls exercised. If a student officially with- B involving a violation of student academic rights. No grade will draws from the second attempt, then·the grade, credit hours, B be recorded for a student who officially withdraws or is and quality points forthe first completion constitute the grade S droppedfrom aclassduringthefirstthree weeks ofasemester in that course for official purposes, and the second attempt 1_ (or aproportionate amount oftime in the summerterm orother constitutes exhaustion of one of the three options to repeat a 11 courses of less than a full semester's duration). Students who course under this provision unless, at the time of withdrawal, withdraw afterthese dates or who are dropped from class shall the instructor and the dean of the college grant permission to 11 be given agrade ofWas reported by the instructor of aclass. attempt the same course again. (Note: The repeat option 1, Offlclal Withdrawal from a Course: Any student may cannot be used to raise the student's standing for admission 11 withdraw from any class (except for those used to meet the to the University of Kentucky Graduate School.) ,1 University Writing requirement) before the midpoint of the Pass·FalI Optlon. Undergraduate students above the 11 term. lnorderto withdraw,the studentmustsubmitacompleted freshman level and not on academic probation may select a B withdrawal form to his or her dean. The dean shall report the maximum of four elective courses, with certain restrictions, to B withdrawal tothe University Registrar. Any studentwithdrawing be taken on a Pass-Fail basis. Students in the Honors Program during the first three weeks of the course in the fall or spring above the freshman level may, with advance written approval 9 semester (or a proportionate amount of time in the summer of the Director of the Honors Program, select additional 11 term or other courses of less than a full_semester's duration) elective courses to be taken on such a Pass-Fail basis. Credit S shall be removed from the class roll, and no grade or record of hours successfully completed under this option will count 1 enrollmentshall appear on the student's transcript. Any stu- toward graduation but will not be used in calculating grade- dent withdrawing after the first three weeks of the course but point standing. Coursestaken on a Pass-Fail basis are limited 41

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