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Image 2 of University of Kentucky Bulletin, 1992-1993

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

HOW TO USE THIS BULLETIN The information in this bulletin is current at the time of publication. lf you are pursuing a degree, you are obligated to fulfill the requirements as they are listed in the bulletin for the semester in which you enroll in that program. lf the requirements change after you have enrolled in the program, you have the option of fulfilling eitherthe old or new requirements. lf you elect to fulfill the old requirements and find that necessary courses have been eliminated or substantially revised, you may substitute other courses with the approval ofthe dean ofthe college. lf the revision is required by an external accreditation certification body, and this body submits a written statement to the University that the accreditation of a program or certification of its graduates ‘ is in jeopardy unless students fulfill the new requirements, the option of fulfilling the old requirements shall not apply. lf your study in the program orthe University is interrupted for more than two semesters, your college dean will decide which program requirements must be fulfilled. The University of Kentucky will provide_each incoming freshman with one copy ofthe Bulletin. Additional copies may be purchased at either the University or Kennedy bookstores. Reference copies are distributed to all high school counselors in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. information about the Community College System may be obtained by contacting the Community College System Office, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506-0056. OTHER INFORMATION Specific information about different parts of the University may be obtained by directing inquiries to members of the administrative staff. The post office address is: University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506. Telephone: (606) 257-9000. r General information, transcripts of credits: University Registrar Graduatg work; Dean of The Qraduatg 3ohoo| Admissions: Dirsstsr sf Adniissisns Student Financial Aid: Director of Student Financial Aid Student Affairs: Vids Gnanssildr far Student Affairs Academic sdteiarenipe; Dean for Undergraduate Studies UVlf'•9 A°¤°mm¤d6U¤¤$i University H°¤$i¤9 Omw General publications about the University: Office of Public Relations . A particular college and its programs: Dean of the College, Director p|eoemer,r services; Urrivereiry career Cgmgr of Admissions _ _ _ _ _ — _ C H9 I Ch mum for me communi Con Counseling and Testing: Director of Counseling and Testing Center Cgxrgzfny O gas` an ty 696 Extension, Evening, Weekend, and Correspondence Courses: . Executive Director, University Extension The Unlverslty of Kentucky Is accredited by the Commlsslon on Colleges of the Southern Association of Q Colleges and Schools to award undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees. 2 COMPLIANCE WITH REGULATIONS The University of Kentucky is committed toa policy ofproviding educational opportunities to all qualified students regardless of economic or social status, and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, marital status, beliefs, age, national origin, or handicap. _ - Compliance with Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, which prohibits sex Sp""9 I N“mb°" 1 discrimination, and with 'Iitle VI ofthe Civil Rights Act of 1964 is coordinated by Ms. Nancy The University of Kentucky Bulletin (USPS Ray, Affimtative Action Office, 303 Administration Building, (606) 257-8927. 384-610) is published six times a year, once 1 Efforts to comply with the laws and regulations applicable to qualified handicapped "" mf? $P"m9- mma um°$ m me summm individuals are also coordinated by the Affirmative Action Ofhce, as required by Section {Summer I- Summ°" I'- Summer liiland lW'°° 504 or [hg ptehobmrerjon Actof 1g73_ in the fall (Fallll, Fall ll) by the University of Questions conceming compliance with regulations may be directed to UK's Affimtative I$°mu°ky’ L°xm?g°n’ hq 40506‘ S°°?nd` Action Office, orto the Director of theOffice of Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, §:_|$sK’$it§§?1paP ai! ° t°§t |;i;""g` · wa*··¤¤¥¤~-*?~°— aangrs..r..;ei‘iZ..'“§?.?.I;e.g'l.r’:., 'iii The University is in compliance with the Drug-Free Workplace Actof 1988 and the Drug- Mailing Gems', University of Kamuck ` Lax; Free Schools and Communities Act Amendment of 1989. Questions may be directed to ington KY 405bS A COO rama ubaéauon gtre Viola Chancellor for Student Affairs or the Administrator for Personnel Policy and of thabmce of éegistraf the Pgbucaucns wad _r°S‘ _ _ _ _ _ Bureau of Public Relations, and UK Photo- Questions about admission to the University should be directed to the appropriate graphic Services admissions office. `

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