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Image 1 of The Independent April 1, 2012

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The Independent W W W . D A I LY I N D E P E N D E N T . C O M ASHLAND, KENTUCKY 41101 © INSIDE TODAY SUNDAY, APRIL 1, 2012 50 CENTS DAILY/$1.50 SUNDAY Fans focused Levy on workers expected to net $120K to $130K a year for city Sheer madness ‰Final Four coverage and more on Kentucky’s win. Sports, B1 By CARRIE STAMBAUGH The Independent AP PHOTO Kentucky's Anthony Davis walks off the court after the Wildcats beat Louisville Saturday in the Final Four semifinal. All eyes on Wildcats’ triumph Exercise and aging ‰Boomers finding an outlet in team sports Region, D1 Viva Italia ‰Italian theme for Paramount’s Spring Gala. Lifestyles, C1 Payroll tax begins today in Greenup aturday night in screens and big screens. Ashland was alIt was Final Four most like a scene game time. from a science Not just game time fiction movie, or maybe but Kentucky-Louisville like the empty streets of game time, the biggest the Old West as two game in state history. gunslingers stared each It was basketball other down at heaven. High Noon. Kentucky’s In Central dream and KenPark, the swings tucky’s nightwere moving but mare all rolled nobody was on into the most them. suspenseful two A visitor drivhours you can ing through ever imagine. would have Satellite and thought somecable companies thing terrible from Paintsville MARK had happened. to Paducah There was little MAYNARD prayed for good movement any- Editor weather. If there where. All we was an outage, needed were tumblethey thought, please weeds rolling through don’t let it be at 6:09 Satthe streets. If you lisurday night. If it haptened closely enough, pened, their switchcrickets could be heard boards would light up chirping. like Christmas trees and Except inside the probably spontaneously homes, everybody was combust from the mere safe, even together, in amount of traffic. Even living rooms, families if they could answer the AP PHOTO transfixed on their little Louisville guard Peyton Siva walks off court as Kenscreens, middle-sized See MAYNARD / Page A8 tucky celebrates. S GREENUP Beginning today, workers inside the City of Greenup will begin paying taxes on 1 percent of their wages. The tax, which was narrowly approved last month by Greenup city leaders, is expected to generate $120,000 to $130,000 annually. Preparations for Sunday’s start to collecting the tax, have been underw ay for several weeks. Michelle Veach, an assistant Greenup finance director, said officials sent out more than 200 informational packets to employers inside the city limits. Employers, said Veach, are responsible for withholding the tax from their employees’ paychecks. “It is a standardized state law throughout Kentucky,” Veach explained. “An employer withholds it the same way they would for medicare and other taxes. They withhold it and send it in to the city.” Veach said workers will begin noticing the tax on their paychecks in the coming weeks, depending how their pay period falls to the beginning of the tax. Workers will also only be taxed on the portion of their wages earned while physically working within the city, she said. “Their goal is to make it as simple as possible. They are not wanting to make it burdensome on anyone,” Veach said. City officials should begin to see money from the tax beginning to fill the public coffers within a few weeks. Mayor Lundie Meadow has said he regrets the city had to pass the tax but that they had no other option to increase revenue. Kentucky law allows few other mechanisms for cities to generate revenue, including the payroll tax, net-profit tax and insurance premium taxes. Meadows has said payroll tax revenues will be used to pay down the city’s deficit. The payroll tax was approved at the council’s Feb. 28 meeting, by a vote of 4-2. Council members Mark Harris, David Abdon, David Black and Marty Stephens all voted yes. Joe Mantz and Amy Ferguson voted no. CARRIE STAMBAUGH can be reached at or (606) 326-2653. Cleaning up with the corps Volunteers help make lake a cleaner place By MIKE JAMES The Independent ‰Catch up with actor Michael J. Fox in this week’s Parade Magazine Inside Page designed / edited by Scott Parsons To subscribe to The Independent call 326-2674 or (800) 955-5860 Year 116 No. 106 56 Pages INDEX Sly Fox LOUISA The rutted dirt road leading into a hollow near Yatesville Lake was just passable enough for a pickup to pull in and dump a load of trash, old tires, broken-down furniture. A small but energetic group of volunteers hauled all those items and more from the hollow Saturday, piling it up beside the highway for proper disposal in a landfill. “I’m picking up after other people’s mistakes,” said Samantha Richards, who was there with some family members, all of them wearing heavy gloves and trying not to grimace whenever a particularly grimy piece of garbage surfaced from the pile. “It’s too pretty here to have so much trash,” said her aunt, Patty Carter, who recently moved to Lawrence County from the west coast. “I want to make the place I live better, prettier, cleaner.” Unfortunately, there are all too many scofflaws and thoughtless people who don’t mind blemishing eastern Kentucky’s sylvan spaces with their leavings. MIKE JAMES / THE INDEPENDENT See CLEAN / Page A8 Patty Carter, with a bag full of trash, gets a boost from her niece, Samantha Richards. 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