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Image 1 of Kentucky mountaineer, February 7, 1913

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

V KENTUCKY MOUNTAINEER FOR THE RIGHTS OP THE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE OP KENTUCKY, NOT THEIR WRONGS. NUMBER VOLUME 2. SALYERSVILLE, MAGOFFIN COUNTY, KENTUCKY, FRIDAY. FEB, 7, 4 KENTUCKY MOUNTAINEER: In order iHat our reaSers mnjrjv4ncemcnts to be a force In Entered a3 Second Class Matter hive a concrete example of the strengthening professional spirit, b "stofiice distance from the mouth of the , to be a leader in the cause. You Jm. IS, itsaiyeisviuc, Ky under the Sugar Camp branch thrcugh the owe it to your community to hi hill to the river below tho Sand more useful. You owe it to your act of Mar h 3, 1879. Reck, we measured the 261 yards county and to Kentucky, S. S. ELAM, Editor. from our office,' over W. J. PatriBECOME A MEMBER, TERMS. ck's store down Main street and The editor of the Mountaineer a year in advanco $1.09 found that it reached to Mrs. paid his fee and received ,the .GO six months. Jane Gardner's home. You can card and printed lectjnes but .35 three months. now imagine what sort of a job wa3 too late to be credited lo Advertising Rates. Magoffin in the above list. it would be for Uuclo Sam. , 10 cents per inch. All that wo have heard talk There are only five counties In twelve and one-ha- lf First pace ads say that it should be done; Kentucky that did not have some cents per inch. one says it is easy to one credited at the K. E. A. and Locals 10 cents per line for first Magoffin was one of the five. Are for get Congress to do if. insertion. G cent per line you proud of that record Magofsubsequent insertion. each Would you not like to see our fin educators? Is there not room Resolutions and funeral notices year cf for improvement? Let us try. Cards of Thanks and Obituaries., county go. through the ' Begin NOW to plan to attend 1913 without a single murder? one cent per word. for County of- Of course you would. And so this greatest Educational MeetAnnouncements would we. But we hardly expect ing of Kentucky. fices, $5.00 cash in advance. -2. 50. it, if drunkenness and shootingj Justices.of.thc Peace continues throughout tho county, w are iad to caii vour ntien ANNOUNCEMENTS. as well as right here in tne caun-- 1 tion to Di. A. P. Banficld's card. good t. Some authorized to announce We arc He has had a practice covering citizens and Christians are part twenty years. Has taken twelve BLAIR, FRANK ly responsible for this condition. of Salyersville, ns a candidate If you, as a good citizen, are course in New York and one in Europe, in his special line. Byfor clerk of for the nomination man, ron Kash and B. F, Patrick of trying to bo a Magoffin county, subject to the then you will always condemn action of the Republican party. lawlessness by your words as Salyersville, who have been treated by Dr. Uanheld can We are authorized to announce well as your acts, thereby creat- speak of his merit. BAILEY, L.'C. ing a healthy public sentiment DR. A. S. BANFIELD f Falcon, as a candidate for the against such things. nffice of County Judge of Magof: Practice Limited to Vc should remember that the fiivcounty, subject to the action right sort of public sentiment and THROAT Furnished, Eyes of tho Kepumicanparty. will never exist if the right sort Phone 131, Catlettsburg, Ky. We are authorized to announce of people play the part of cow ards and never raise their voice LOUIS MARSHALL, candidate for against the lawless aits that are 'of Salyersville as a ccrtitjmially carried on under Come! Came! Come!! the nomination for sheriff of theirnose. county subject to the Magoffin action.of the jtcjmblican party. MAGOFFW INSTIEd A. We ar; authored tu announce ! g Tcsted-GInsse- K. v J. JfPACB for the Sheriff of Magoffin counofiico of ty, subject to t'-- action of the Republican party. Wo are authorized to announce PROCTOR PACE, Salyersville, as a candidate for of tho office of Jailor of Magcffin county, subject to tho action of tho Ropublican party. tif e We arc authorized to announce W. J. PATRICK, of Salyersville, as a candidate for the office of County Judge of Magoffin county, subject to the action of the Republican party; TEACHERS AND TRUSTEES. . Th'e Kentucky Educational As sociation is the organized leader in the educational affairs of the state. This organization has done more to promote educational legislation than all other forces in thc' Statc. The meeting in Louisville last year was thegreat- est in the State's history. The Louisville meeting, to be held April 30th. to May 4th, will be grater still. It is a tremendous power and influence for good. It is tho greatest deliberative body in the State because its work is of the most importance. What will you contritute to .this procause? .All gressive. teachers, although unable to attend should join the Association and pay dues to support wide-awak- e, We are authorized to announce DOC G. HOWARD candidate for the office of it. as a Judgo of Magoffin county, subLast year there were less than ject to tho action of the Repub- s EG Your Salary by attending The Paintsville BUSINESS COLLEGE, EASTERN Branch of the Bowling Green Business Uni- - versity, Bowling Green, Ky. .For further Particular. Addreaa PAINTSVILLE BUSINESS COLIJZGE PaJatfTtMe. BRADLEY, The Stork visited tho homo of W. W. Whitt and left a fine boy, Thomas Rasnic and aon of weighing 11 pounds. Sellars, passed here last week enroutc to Pike Co. Walter and ROland Cain of this LAKEVILLE, place are in school at Berca. Tho school at this place is Arch Tallent has moved to nicely, the enrollment town. is 4G at. this writing. Harry and M. F. Vanderpool Chester Risncr of Hager, is visiting his uncle L. C. Patrick. started west last Monday to seCoon Patrick of Riceville was cure positions as telegraph operhero last week. ators.Roy Patrick left here last WedDudley, the little son of Wiley with typhoid nesday for Kearney, Neb. Arnett is very sick John E. Hackworth of Ricefever. Arnett is very ville, Is visiting his sister JAri. Mrs. Dennis L. C. Patrick who is very low sick this week. Cor. with consumption. Hopeful. SEITZ, TUTE. Calloway Mann says "my school hare is programing nicely. Everything fs' flourishing: fifty pupils with an average attThe attendance is good, New endance of more than forty and ones coming in every day. is still growing. Have taught Good board and room $2.00 per one month." week. The dormitories will be ELAM, in charge of John Franklin Cooper one of Magoffin County's L. C. Elam sold 8 pigs at $5.00 best known Citizens. each. $40. for the 8. Tuition, Primary department. Farmers, why not raiso pigs? $1.50 per month, 7 th and 8 th grades $2.00 per month; Normal WEST LIBERTY. and High School pupils $2.50 per Mr. S. S. Elam, month. All tuition payable two TVjir and friend: months in advance. You will please find herewith enThe instrnction in all depart closed my check for $1.00 for ments of thisschool willbestrict-lyou will please send me high class. The teachers, are which your paper for ono year, I am experienced and thoroughly qual alwaya.glad to get your paper as ified to handle their respective I often seo the name of some departments.- Special Course f r good old friend of mine in Magoapplicants for CountyExaminatio ffin County that I was raised JOE RICE. Principal. with, and all thoughts of child K. C. GOODMAN. hood is pleasant and cherished. C.'E.'McWharter. Yours truly, J. H. Sebastian. means that X after your name, you get one more copy of this pa Ashland. per, XX means that you get no The Editor of Ky. Mountaineer, more conies until you give u s Find check enclosed lor some currency, corn, beans, fod fnt- - whir-- send mo the Hood old der, potatoes, county paper one year as it Is very intiresting to me. CORREPSON- Thanking you in advance hopo DENCE-- . your paper will continue. I am sincerity, 'I y' - h at '!' semi-annual- 1 NUMBER DOUBLE three thousand members enroll lican party. ed. A vigorous campaign is now! on to enroll at least five thous-- . We aro authorised to announce and teachers and trustees. This ia in tho hands of committees for W. S. ADAMS, of Falcon as a candidate for the each' congressional District The nomination for shei iff of Magoffin Tenth District .committee is es lhiect to the action of pecially anxious that this district make a better 'showing than ever the Republican party. before. In this district there aro over nine hundred teachers; less than forty aro members of the K. E. A. In point of enroll WET OR DRY? interest ment the Tenth District ranks If you have sufficient S. J. Blair. , L'YKINS, of ours, lowest. in thi3 wet county-Sc19' Floyd Mr. Boyd P. Simcr has taken same made dryer, t) want toseo 13 Johnson hi3 wife to Lexington, Ky., where and le33 like tho home, of mud Jackson GIFFORD, 2 she will have to undergo an op turtles, come along to the Mass 2 Knott A singing school has just clos Leperation for appendicitis. She Meeting at the Court House, 0 Letcher ' some ed at the Beech Grove school has bsen seriously ill for Friday night, Feb. 14 and vote 1 Martin house, with a Mr. Cox of Morg .time. her dry. Magoffin ' 0 ' J. K. Whitt an county as teacher. John F. Rudd and Now don.t object until we Ows!ey. ' 0' a young just returned from Grassy Creek lBnm Holbrookhe lost crossing make ourselves Understood. 0 'erry was mule last week, jivherc they have t been visiting This "wetness" pertains to 2 Pike the. creek at A. J. Patton's ford nothing except muddy water, These figures are startling. Who relatives. mule got in quick sand Oil leases and cattle buying when the (and nothing more) that annual- is rcsponsioie : wnai snowing and came very near drowning or weekly over- will this district make thi3 year are the only talk. It would al ly, mule got sand in its wind most make your ,hed 3wim to him tho flows Salyersville, as- - the river Will you enroll ; pipe and died a few days later. WHY SHOULD YOU ENROLL? hear some of .the people price sees fit. Bora to the wife of Frauk Gul The object of this Mass Meet- You owe it to yourself to bring their milk cows. lett a fine girl. L. C. Patrick has been- very ing is to direct or petition Con- to your work the best equipment Aunt Laura Barnett who is gress do dig a hole for for Lick- nossible. the hicrhest attainment. busy this week taking oil leacs, visiting her son on Stinson is ' Misses Maud and Laura Reed ing so that it may go under the thf pirpst vision, and the broa v,r sic ba ; improving ' hill and leave Salyersville high estvle.v. Ycu owe it to your of Netty, nr v'sitin-- ti J'dg ad- - r ! profession to be active in its J and dry, EDITORIAL. WHOLE 1913. - issue, to advertiso anything ha wants to buy or sell, (from the farm,) to securo work for him self or hire farm hands, sell or rent lands, find owners for lost articles or live stock or advertiso his own lost or strayed. Additional words will be put in at one cent per word; or the .advertisement may be run m succeeding issues so long as desired at one cent per word, payable IN ADVANCE. If you would get your wants in this column phone, write, or call on ua before Monday night. WANTED For TO SELL two farmr.' 'GAPVILLE. Dolph Holbrook, aged 79 years died Jan. 27, lesvingmany friends to mourn his loss. He waa, laid beside his wife who has been sleeping there for 30 years. Also the death of Rutha Hoi brook, took place Jan. 28, leav ing husband and little babe, and many warm friends, to mourn her loss. M. F. Patrick, and family have measles very badly. Green Howard, and Martha Holbrook has just returned from Van Lear, where they have been visiting friends and relatives, for fur- ther particulars inquirp of D. M. Atkinson, Salyersville, Ky, ,, TO SELL a farm of 12!) "acres. 25 acres in bottom land and one fourth mile on Licking river. CO acres in timber. Price $2000. I will exchange to mineral or timbered lands. P. M. Elam, Kentucky. TO SELL Some shoatH-G- to 100 lbs. O Price reasonable. W. II. Caudill, Falcon, Ky. TO SELL OR EXCHANGE TO CATTLE, Harry Kerne passed horo on Onq pair mules, three year old; business a few days ago. year old, and ono Cor. ono horsothrco two year old. Both sad ill era. CHOICEST LOTS IN SAL. Warrick Bailey, Oil Springs, Ky. YERSVILLE MAY BE some tim. BOUGHT FROM THE EDFOR SALE ITOR. CHEAP TOO. A fow pair of full stock bronzo They arc located near Ma. turkeys. goffi Institute. Also several hundred acres of timercd land coal lands with a seven foot vein of coal. Don't expect to get the Mount aineer after your subscription has expired. It takes monoy to run a newspaper and we expect our friends, and rolatives to bear their part of the burden. Renew promptly or you will miss an issuo or two. If you are going to taue a business course you should go to the Paintsville Business College or to tho Bowling Green Business College. If you attend either of these institutions, you should let us save you some money on a scholarship. Remember we have only one at the Mountaineer Office. FARMER'S FREE Frank May. on Elk Creek. A BIG BARGAIN. Every farmer should take ono or mere farm journals. Wewill be glad to furnish you tho Farm Journal fivo years and tho Mountaineer one year ALL FOR ONE DOLLAR AND FIFTY CENTS. JfYou heed not be an "ad writer" to use these columns. State your wants simply, and above all truthfully. CJOr telephone this office and the clerk will write your ad. Want Column. CfWant ads are the In order to show our farmers that "It pays to advertise", we biggest little investments you can make. will run this column In which rach subscriber may use, free of o.uirje, fifteen words, in any ono wrunm I

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