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Image 304 of The Cats' Pause Official 1993-94 Kentucky Basketball Yearbook

Part of The Cats' Pause

W startir - giants " -. Mil _A fT _.t[L?.: I ____ Quillc AA / ig- __A " "*`r"_ into s - - - ~ f: eo? Seitz RR- s..` - _ - # T Yam " W two ei SS<> Thc by rouv cunuurre ?gh ASHLAND DA/tv INDEPENDENT AA A , I B oyd County No. l, Ashland No. 2. Or A_ A msg] is that Ashland No. 1 and Boyd County {A, A A .. Ag A I _ ' NO, 27 sg; A s A y,A A , appro Followers of l6th Region basketball dont really ` if A AA S AA . I .'l A , ` Mcog have the answer to that question but there is a il?.} A A , ` . , Thor; general understanding that the two 64th District _ 8 teams again have two of the top teams in the I t.~ Bmm region i jAAA i Zii Y , g?d Their recent history suggests as much. `_ A _ , > * A, I A. A Pomts Three years ago, Ashland put together a nice Qty Y A `l4,A I A, ta~ _, A `, ~l_AA , rt " Day team in Jeff Halls nrst year as Tomcat basket- ,- " _, " " `` A A AAAAAAAA AAA l"*?YA< ....i. A, YE ball coach. All that ended, however, when Boyd A t J1? >~ - " `* {AAA Ag A ding \ County knocked out Ashland in the opening r i _ V` AA AA A Q >t\ Roc round of the 64th District championship. A _ A A 8 soho Two years ago, Ashland won its first regional A _.:A l`f " Showo championship in IO years, defeating Boyd County 5. AI AA , AAAAAA A, * AA ,A =Ar RRIHS in a hardtought 58-54 decision. That win aveng- ABA ,A * AA A A r AA comix ed a loss to the Lions in the 64th District AA A. _ A A - :iAA hustle tiShiv ~ , a .A``' I I om Last season, the Tomcats finally ended Boyd I A st. ` . ~ A_ AA .-l A hmm; County`s district dominance by beating the Lions A i_ I I f `..A s A at Soasol in overtime of the 64th finals. `B - AA_A A meets So, which is better? if .AA_-. AA AAA, , -A , _ 21 cent "There are two clear choices," Greenup Coun- A A tAA A .- 4 A _ , . A ty coach Randy Ward said. "Boyd County has A it s ` A A ' ' I To Ion everybody coming back and they have to be No. A K ` 5 A A, '/ ,,AA_A A We! l. Ashland has to be l-A i f- ,A A A - - mC05 "lt` (the Tomcats) can get good point guard _ A .A - _A AA " " At om of play. you can count them right there with them. `A ` Af ` A : A ELA, A AA A_ AAA Hthleth Ther are oter good teams like Grecnup County, " A * fom S West Carter, Russell. East Carter and Rowan A . ~ fi V ,t2Q.s< if r Coach Ctyt_mty_" I

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