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Image 303 of The Cats' Pause Official 1993-94 Kentucky Basketball Yearbook

Part of The Cats' Pause

-. l$ respectively, talent from Mullins and Johns Creek, and it is But don't expect Belfry to be down that mugh_ . The consolidated school still faces the pro- fairly considerable. Senior point guard Jared Hager will be back, li j blem of being a small school, as it is still a Class The top player is senior Gary Fields, who as will probable running mate Jason Stacy, who A institution. averaged 15 ppg. last season atlohrls Creek. He quarterbacks the Pirate football team_ .I lC;_ Having graduated 13 feet and 3 inches worth and former Johns Creek teammate Lance Freshman Barry Crum could be a solid im- I of post players, Prestonsburg is expected to fire Bowman (6-5 junior) will join the combination pact player for the Pirates this eason, and if the rr j up the three-point bombs. of seniors David Edmons and Bud Bumett from younger Pirates can come along, it will likely s j The Blackcats graduated 6-8 Chris Burke and Mullins to lead the combination effort. be another solid season for the Pond 6-7 Eric Fitzer, so they will look to their guards The talent is there, if teamwork can be Creekers. I ~ _-l for strength this season. instilled. Elkhorn City is back with its top gun, 6-4 " Senior Cory Reitz and juniors Ryan Ortega Pikeville will likely be the typical Pikeville senior Todd Conley. . and Thomas Ratliff all shoot the three well. of the past several seasons a little slow ear- Conley averaged 29 ppg, and 13 rpg. for the i II _1 Too, coach Gordan Parido is singing the ly, as a good number of the plaeyrs will be mak- Cougars last year as he led tl1e team to the Sweet 2 _ il praises of Toby Robinson, a 5-8 junior who had ing the transition from football. 16. l a fine shooting summer. But given time, lt will be 3 handful for any Coach Randy McCoy will likely have another `I I The post will be patrolled by 6-5 junior team to handle. impact player in 6-7 exchange student Marin .I j Michael Newberry this season, who, from the This year, coach Kevin Garris charges will Midoljevic from Croatia. No one knows how . { _ j looks of the rest of the team, will be called upon be led by 6-3 senior Stephen Kreutzer. He does good he will be, but the common thought in m to do a lot of rebounding. most of his damage within 10 feet of the basket, Cougar Country is that if he and Conley can _ Chemistry is the question at Betsy Layne. but he must be hounded at any spot on offense. mesh and get support from the younger players, . Coach Junior Newsomes Bobcats are con- Tearnmates J.I. Joplin, Dustin Wallen and it could be another banner year in Elkhorn it l siderably talented, led by the foursome of Barry John Coats will mesh to become a formidable City. { i Clark, Chris Potter, Brian Hunter and Kevin team. Senior point guard Josh Crum had a fine Hamilton. Freshman Doug Powers is 6-5 and will like- junior season, and should be a solid addition I The Bobcats could get an additional push ly step into a considerable amount of playing to the starting unit. Juniors Zeth Sifers and H from Rocky Newsome, who will be a freshman. time on the varsity. Nathan Ratliff along with many freshman, will l Expect Shelby Valley to be, well, Shelby be looked to by McCoy. Y 3 l I59TH DISTRICT Valley. Ralph Good retums a solid unit at Feds Creek i I' Coming off a season which saw them win on- The loss of three starters will hurt, but the this season. I' I ly one game, the Millard Mustangs will be trio of senior Nathan Berger and juniors Mat- Jack Stiltner (6-5), Keith Stalker (64),, H.R. I z looking to bounce back. thew Baker and Chris Johnson will form a Miller (5-10), Cecil Slone (6-0), Shawn Rowlette I . . Coach Leon Stewart`s team graduated six nucleus that will challenge anyone. (6-1) and Michael Justice (5-10) are all seniors - V: players, including top scorers and rebounders The Wildcats will look for help from seniors and all have extensive varsity experience. rg `I A i James Damron and Tommy Dale Ray. Millard Chad Bentley and William Stewart and juniors Junior Keith Fuller has also played a con- V . returns a balanced group of players that includes David Bowling, Darmy Osbome, Eric Black- siderable amount on the varsity club, and the C l l seniors Mike Thacker, Chad Coleman, Brian burn and Brandt Johnson. hot-shooting Vikings should have a solid , > Justice and Joe Logan; juniors Adam Justice, Also, a foreign-exchange student is expected season. . Brett Meade, Shane Bartley and Nathan Little; to come aboard for coach Bobby Osbornes Most of the big names are gone from Phelps, Q l ` and sophomore Bert Sykes. Wildcats. including that of the coach. * 1 l `l Millard fell victim to the region`s most dif- James Mercer, who coached the Belfry Lady - l I hcult schedule last season, and this years agen- ISOTH DISTRICT Pirates for several seasons before sitting out last _ f da is only a little easier. On paper, it looks like it could finally be a winter, will return to Phelps to coach the boys. l One of two new schools in the 15th Region down year for Belfry. Senior Fon McCoy should provide strength l is Pike County Central. The Hawks could soar Thats on paper. in the post, while senior Jamie Hager is back : 1 5 high in their first season, however. Of the 13 players on last years roster, only at guard. S The team will be led by coach David Rowe, five werent seniors. Those include standouts Swingman Bud Sanson will be a junior. as j I One of the areas most promising young basket- Stevin Staton and Matt Varney. will Steve Layne and Danie Lester, and they all I ball minds. He will try to merge the returning should have fine seasons for the Homets. ' e d . Y TOP PLAYERS PRESEASON PICKS TOP TEAMS A l player class pos. ht. ppg. school 1. ALLEN CENTRAL ; __ 1. Todd Conley Sr. F 6-4 29.0 Elkhorn City 2- Elkhorn Clty T r. - 2. Jeremy Hall Jr. G 5-9 18.1 Allen Central . .5 E Y 3. Matt Baker Jr. F e-5 13,1 Shelby valley 3. Shelby VHIIGY S 4. Brian Lyon Jr. G 6-5 20.0 Paintsville 4_ pajmSvj||g rl j 5. Jason Martin Sr. F 6-3 17.9 Allen Central pk ."9 n - 6. Nathan Berger Sr. G 6-2 10.0 Shelby Valley 5* I BVI St ._ 7. Brad Tiller sr. o 5-10 ao Sheldon Clark 6, Pike County Central fig E 8. Gary Fields Sr. G 6-1 15.0 Pike Co. Central 7. Betsy Layne 9. Stephen Kreutzer Sr. C 6-3 13.3 Pikeville y B, 10. Craig natlltt sc. c e-e 16.0 Paintsville 8. South Floyd re lr 301

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