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Image 302 of The Cats' Pause Official 1993-94 Kentucky Basketball Yearbook

Part of The Cats' Pause

W, ` ___ L TCS C ' L 1. " . Tint -3 - .. blem ~ / ____" A ins - _ * Fil`- \ Ha - - - " l ofpos . /~ -- .. . ~ amd at : ` - ye- gg? = -l " b -g 6-7 Ei il for st -.l scr _ I and T by RICK BENTLEY Paintsville was 14-14 last seson, but returns four County, IS the new coach of the Cardinals. s _; Tor APPALACHIAN NEWS-EXPRESS starters and has tive others who started at some The only returning starter is Brad Tiller, a 5-10 _ il praise point last season. senior who averaged 8 ppg. and 4 apg. With thc l s ring fthings work out the way Johnny Martin The Tigers return Craig Ratliff, a 6-8 loss of the large senior class, expect Tillers The I is hoping, Floyd County could win only sophomore forward who transferred from numbers to increase dramatically. Mich: its second 15th Region crown since 1980, Johnson Central in January. He averaged 16 ppg. Others who saw time laset season were Rus- _ i looks and only its fourth in the last 25 years. and 8 rpg. the rest of the season. ty Whitt, a 5-ll senior, and Jason Pinson, a 6-0 to do Martin`s Allen Central Rebels are the Brian Lyon, a 6-5 junior, averaged 20 ppg. junior. However, all three of those players are _ Chr preseason favorite to unseat defending champion and 6 rpg. from his guard position last season. guards, which means a lack of inside play for CO; Elkhorn City for a trip to Freedom Hall in the Matt Ratliff, a 6-O sophomore, averaged 8 ppg. the Cards. l sidera third week in March, according to a panel of and 5 apg., while Aaron Marcum, a 6-2 Rob Damron, a 6-4 sophomore, will provide Clark l media that covers the region. sophomore, averaged 8 ppg. and 5 apg. the only size for the Cards. t T-{ami How does Martin feel about that'? Id rather Others who saw considerable action last If the transition is an easy one from junior The be there than where weve been in the past," season include Jon Holbrook, Scott Holbrook, varsity, the Cards could have another fine from] laughed Martin, Don Montgomery, Brad Sergent and Robert season. Last years JV team had a 21-O mark. "I think our kids see it as a challenge," he Porter. l |59* added. "Theyre tickled with it." This should be the most talent Runyon has had I58TH DISTRICT " COI Randy McCoy, whose Elkhom City team won at one time since the famed Class of 87, which The power of the Floyd County district should l ly Oh. the regional tournament for the first time in 47 included future University of Kentucky stan- be Allen Central, picked by area media as the lggkiy years last March, agrees that the Rebels are the douts John Pelphrey and Joey Couch. preseason favorite to win the 15th Region this . COE best team on paper. Magoffm County is expected to be a solid season. player "They are the team that played awfully well team this season, as coach Danny Adams' team Jason Martin, a senior averaged 17.9 points ' lamps in the regional toumament last year," he said. comes off an l8l0 season. and 6 rebounds per game last season. Martin, rshim "They were inches away from the finals, and He retums two starters in David Gibson, a son of coach Johnny Martin, is expected to lead l Senior they have the offensive power to be one of the 6-l senior point guard, and Billy Inmon, a 6-2 the Rebels to a fine season that should last deep - Jugtjgi picks to win it." senior swingman. into March. Brett] Martin agreed that me reason his team is held Gibson averaged ll ppg., and was the defen- One reason so many people are excited about and sr in such high regard was its showing in the sive stopper for the Hornets. Inmon averaged the Rebels is the emergence of junior Jeremy l Mil regional tournament. "l thought we played l0 ppg. and 8 rpg. Hall. I-lis 47-point outburst in the l5th Region l ficultg awfully well. That first game was about as ex- Allen Scaggs is another returning Homet who tournament last season raised the eyebrows of dg is . citing a game as lve seen in the regional tour- received a considerable amount of playing time the entire mountain area, and he is expeceted One nament." last season. to provide quite a punch for the Rebels. is Pikr Martin said along with his team, several other, Elsewhere in the 57th, coaching changes are Ronnie Simmons and Phillip Patton will be high i including Elkhorn City and Paintsville, should the story. looked to for their abilities inside, and the Rebels The be considered favorites. Johnson Central is coming off its worst seson are expected to have a fine supporting cast and ` ons Of McCoy feels his team has a ways to go yet, in history, but has a highly qualified coach to a nice team off the bench. ball m but anything could happen by March. turn the program around. The new kid on the blockis South Floyd. The "Well, weve got a lot of question marks` said The Golden Eagles were 5-22 last season, in- Raiders are a combination of McDowell and McCoy, repeating what has become his standard cluding a run of l7 consecutive losses after Wheelwright, and gained credibility instantly . TO preseason answer since taking over at Elkhorn Christmas. when they chose a coach. - City six years ago. Anytime you lose six of your But Johnny Ray Turner is at the regions Jim Rose, who coached Knott County Cen- I top eight kids (to graduation), youll have some largest school now, after years at now-defunct tral to three consecutive 14th Region chaniPi -= 1_ question marks." McDowell. Turner was hired at South Floyd, ships, will coach the Raiders this winter- H6 2 Martin singled out Jeremy Hall. a junior who the school that merged McDowell and replaced original coach Johnny Ray 'lumer. WPP ; 3` scored 47 points in only 24 minutes in a regional Wheelright, but he left in the summer to take left before school began to take over the reins Y ` tournament game, as a key to his team this the position at Central. of Johnson Central. 4* l season. 'He's gotten much better in the off- The team will likely be led by Nathan Three players from each of the consolidated 1 5. t season. Hes worked hard." the coach said. Salisbury, a 63 junior who averaged ll ppg. last schools will likely lead the Raiders. Senior l0ll r 6. l A district-bydistrict look at the 15th Region: season. Also, sophomore Craig Stalker earned Hall averaged l7 ppg, at Wheelwright l5l _ 7, [ 3 considerable amount of time late last season season, while Charles Johnson, another $lllOl _ g_ ( ISTTH DISTRICT HS 8 fl'Sll1H3n. averaged ll ppg ,andjunior Chad Slone tosSd 9 i Sheldon Clark has been the team in this Sheldon Clark lost seven seniors andacoach in 6 ppg. 1 ` ` district tor a few years now. but coach Bill Mike last season, so if it's a rebuilding season at the Senior Chris Hamilton averaged I5 PPE al O` ( Runyons Ptsintsville Tigers are back in the lnez school, it's understandable. McDowolllastsenson, while seniors Alll0 familiar role of favorite in the 57th District. Sam Sparks, fomierly the coach at Bath Moore and Matt Rose tossed in 12 and 8points. _ 300

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