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Image 301 of The Cats' Pause Official 1993-94 Kentucky Basketball Yearbook

Part of The Cats' Pause

MQ Napier might change the balance of power. Mike Webb moves up to the head chair at young big man in 6-5 sophomore Kevin Fig]ds_ - Harold Brashear, a 6-3, 240-pound center, moved Flemmg-Neon after a stmt as the JV coach, and Hoskins Carroll retums to Vlblfe Comity if ` to Dilce Combs from M.C. Napier at the end of he thinks his team is capable of playing the replacing Billy Joe Robinson, the man who j lggt year, "l-les going to make a difference," darkhorse roll after a 20-6 Campaign a season replaced Carroll as coach. Robinson is now the _ Mink said. "Hell give us more size than weve ago. athletic director at Wolfe, had the last. two or three years." I-Ies counting on regional- top-10er Shane Jenkins, Cordia, Whitesburg, [ee Coimty, as Brashear rs also an excellent student. "Hes a Stmes, a 6-5 semor center, and junior John Short Jackson City, June Buchanan and Riverside r . Q Govemors Scholar," Minks said. The coach said and seniors Marty Jones and Jesse Dennis to lead Christian all will try to upset the top dozen or ` y he went to the sixweek session at Centre Col- the Pirates. Stines hit for 16 ppg. last year, while so teams in what is now one of the largest ( lege over the summer, and played one summer Short added 12 as a point guard. Jones hit for regions, in regards to the number of teams (19), 1 { y W game with his new team. lO 3 game and had the top free throw pefeehlilge. In Kentucky, there is only one true champion, _ - Ron Stidham at Leslie County isnt sure what "Depth will be a key," said Webb. "Well play This state and Indiana are the only two states that V ._ hell have this year. His 13-ll squad of a year ago ll." He thinks juniors Ryan Tolliver (6-4) and do not choose their basketball champions with featured Tim Couch. Hes now a sophomore, and Doug Bentley (6-5) will play key roles. a class system. ` scored 21.1 ppg. and had more than 200 rebounds Webb thinks his team could challenge this year, However, Dilce Combs can claim to have won i; i `j lo lead Leslie. and probably should challenge next year. "We a state title, with the in-season Class A crown, 1 i V. Stidham knows hell have two seniors who will should be experienced NEXT year," he said. They defeated Pikeville from the 15th Region, x -` start in Eric Whitehead and Chuck Coots, both "Whether we can step up, Id be afraid to say." Lexington Catholic from the llth, Cavema from I 6-1, Whitehead hit for 8.5 ppg, and Coots 3.5. Thats six teams without mentioning three-time the Fourth in the semifinals, and Fulton County M -~ After that, the coach said itll depend on how defending regional champion Knott County from the First in the finals. * many of four or five football players hed like to Central. That game had all of the thrills, excitement and [ have play basketball decide to come out. "If I Thats dangerous, said several of the regional tension of a March final game. Diloe Combs went 3 I can get all of the players I want from football, coaches. David Stamper is one of five new overtime totop Fulton, 68-67. That game featured , I can play seven or eight people." coaches in the region, but (like Webb) he moves two players who are touted in this publication as n , Leslie is also expecting a big man transfer from up from an assistants job. Championship coach the players of the year in their respective regions: l within the state. In late October, Stidham was Jim Rose has moved to a new Pike County Jerome Warren from Fulton County, Campbell _ ; awaiting word on eligibility from officials at the school. of Dilce Combs in this one. = ` i Kentucky High School Athletics Association. Jarvis Williams, a 6-1 sophomore forward Oddly enough, both had "downer" moments - Buckhom, the fourth 54th District squad, has could lead the way to a four-peat for Knott. Bryan in the waning seconds of that 68-67 Dilce Combs i regional top-10 talent James Hurley returning for Amburgey, a 5-9 guard, is back for his senior victory. Warren fouled out late in the game, while . coach John Paul Amis. Hurley and 5-8 senior season. David Michael Stone was a junior Campbell missed a free throw that could have _ James Hickman give Amis one of the better transfer last year, and hell have his senior season. given Dilce Combs the win in regulation play. guard combinations in the region. Powell County, Hazard and Owsley County all Trent hit a shot in the lane with just five or six it _= Outside of that quartet, two schools have figure to have enough talent for a top-10 finish. seconds to go to get the crown. _ . already been tabbed as region title darkhorses. Comad Skidmore, a 6-3 senior, is the best of the Minks thinks the toumament win should have I They are Breathitt County and Fleming-Neon. Powell Cotmty Pirates. John Grigsby, a 5-11 some residual effects on his team this year. . Breathitt County, which used to own the junior guard, leads Hazard, while seniors Neil "('I'hat) will give these kids a lot of con- - region in the 1960s and 1970s, has a new coach Terry, Jason Whitehead and David Roberts figure f1dence," he thought. `And, were playing a tough { _i in Roscoe Denny, two stars in 6-3 senior guard into the Owsley County lineup. schedule, around the state. They know they can " - John Combs and 6-3 senior forward Tim Taulbee, Hazard, perhaps a year away, has several young play with these other teams. \Mnning adds to that. and no gym. players who should see extensive playing time. They see they can win on the state level." I . The Breathitt Coliseums roof caved in in late They include 5-ll forward Pete Combs, 5-9 If M.C. Napier, Dilce Combs or Buckhorn { ` A August. The Bobcats will practice and play in sophomore Chad Meade, 6-0 senior Rick Steele, want to win another regional title, they'd better ` the Lees Junior College facility. and 6-l senior Jason Lindon. hurry. This is the last season for each of the three ' Denny is a veteran and somewhat nomadic If theres another possible darkhorse out there. schools. Next year, theyll all be the same school State high school COaCh. His last two coaching it could be Letcher High, where former Mr, - Perry Central. Three more little schools bite ; ,.;{. Steps were at Danville in the 12th Region and Basketball Ervin Stepp has another promising the dust, but Perry Central might be the team gf Ballard Memorial in the First Region. to beat next season. N P N PICKS ,, ; ron i=l.Avens PRESEASO TGP TEAMS y _ it . player class pos. ht. ppg. school 1. M.C. NAPIEH i 1. Kevin Campbell Sr. G 6-2 16.0 Dilce Combs 2l Dilce Combs ti ls _ 2. Hurley Combs Sr G 6-1 18,0 M.C. Napier _ Q 3. Cavanaugh Trent Sr, F 5.0 15,0 Dlloo Combs 3. Brelthlli C0- st -5 4. Tim Couch Soph, F 6-4 21.1 L9Sli9 C0. 4_ [_g5|i9 C0, ie Z 5. Mike Ritchie Jr. C 6-6 12.0 M.C. Napier fl [ 6. James Hurley Jr. G 6-O na Buckhorn 5 Knott CO` Central Z John Combs Sn G 6-3 na Breathitt C0. 6. BLlCkhOfl'i _ - 8. Conrad Skidmore Sr F 6-3 na Powell C0. 7 POWQH COI le 9. Flodnoy Thompson Sr F 6-3 13 M.C. Napier ` l. 5 10. Shane Stlnos Sr. C 6-5 16 Flomlng=Neon 8. Hazard ni l , r it 299 I

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