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Image 300 of The Cats' Pause Official 1993-94 Kentucky Basketball Yearbook

Part of The Cats' Pause

Vi ; Mc. :1. ji ` . nami __ rr. _ . {Eff __Ei~ {jg- fVjj5j ,i~i(\C}~( - * had tl E ~ /l G3; he wc lg ( game by IRA COMBS & JIM GRIESCH VV _: " A ` V Mio; egional tournament finalist M.C. L if \ Q] \,"' R Napier, which returns Eve starters from ~ ye "~' i i [O lea an 18-13 team, is the preseason choice _ y Q , "/ ' Sm to win the 14th Region crown next March. V `tqw mimi Coach Allen Holland, in his second season as . i i` ,,0 '` _ 6_l V chief of the Navajos, can count on the contribu- . VQ I O 7! 5 Adu tions of three of the region`s 10 best players in ' `V . r . many a preseason poll, and an expected 6-7 transfer V . have I from Letcher. V epl can g_ The three mainstays of the squad figure to be . _ I can 6-1 senior guard Hurley Combs, 66 junior center _ LES Mike Ritchie, and 6-3 forward Rodney Thomp- Withir son. 1f` nothing else, Thompson has excellent _ . . bloodlines. His father, Rodney, Sr., played on A iwaiu M.C. Napier's 1971 state tournament team. ' _ cgi; Combs is the spark plug of the squad, the mgm coach explained. He averaged 18 points and 6 _V VV . Coach rebounds a season ago, and "as he goes, we go," , . . James said Holland. "He`s as quick with the ball as _ V " V d without it, and he's a good defender." ` 'i"""" ii` J ' gugr Thonipson, who scored 13 points and had 9 _ _ i almglg rebounds per game last year, also led the team 3 <- i The in blocked shots. "He`s probably our best all- _ iiiil if BL around athlete. He can dunk any way you want pi _ , if, and plays over the rim." He`s injust his third A I "' LV , if `V Egg; year of organized basketball, and Holland thinks t . ` V ~. V 1,* John his best basketball could come as a collegian. ` Vg ` l1e`s also a wide receiver on the football team. A , A , and H Ritchie got 12 points and 9 rebounds a game zi ` V VV ii Ag}; as it sophomore, and had two games with 20 or V I ._,. , , - 1 _V{,_,, _ Vg J (_ ` lh gil; tnore rebounds, Holland reported. "He has a soft \ `, , 6 toticli," he said. "That`s one ofhis strong points. l._ i i' it 1 _ Der He can hit from 15-16 feet facing the basket." I ;. . V _ C l` ._ l' imc} The Navajos will press and run whenever N VV V r t A , possible. With that in mind, Holland said he`s l'f . l ` d dr looking lorymtrtl to solid years from point guard 9 an . ii ` " r . gw A l - lll ~ lienji Combs. a 6-0 senior who had 9 ppg, 5 apg MARK t;ontiEt.lSON in 1992-9}, anti returnee Thomas Neace. a 6-2 guard in the region." Bryan Amburgey will be trying to lead Vinnior "bluc collar worker" at forward. But, Minks and Holland both understand the Knott County Central to 8 fOUl'ih Simlghl A new face expected to help is Brandon nuances ofthe district, which figures to have state tOLlmBm6t 8pp8I8I1C. Thompson, Rodncy`s younger brother, who is a about four of the top six teams in the whole l' ti-1 sophomore who will play both guard and region. Somebody will have to Stay home again this 2 forward. Leslie County and Buckhorn should be right year. 3- Riglit behind is fellow 54th District rival Dilce up there, with Hazard just a notch behind, on Dilee Combs got 16 ppg. from Campbll lm 4. Combs. Coach Charlie Minks lost the schools paper. year, and 18 ppg. from Trent. "l think fhYlT i 5_ all-tittic scoring leader. Heston Beverly. from last Minks knows the dangers ofthe district. After of equal quality," said Minks. "But, Campbell 6 year`s 25-6 Class A State champs, but has the winning the crown in early February, his does more for the team. He also led us in re- 7` best player in the region. Kevin Campbell. rctur team was upset by Hazard in the district_ and bounding (9 rpg.) and assists (6 apg.). and he ` ` ning along with tormtrtl Cavnriangli Trent. didn`t even make it to the regional. sacrifices some of his game to run the point. 8 blinks didnt argue with either the te;nn`s seed "The year before. we were the only team to Andy Combs is a third starter returning. The 9. nor t`;nnpbell`s selection. "l feel like we`ll bc in beat Hazard." Minks explained. "And, we won 5-10 scnidr wing scored 9 ppg. a season HEC- 10- i the top two or tfirec tcams." hc admitted. Of the district title. Last year, we hadnt lost to ti Oddly dndngn, in a region where Ifamfcli Cnnipbell. he said. "1le`s definitely die best point district team in regular season. and got upset." seem to be common this year, a new player from . 298

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