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SERVING THE TRI-STATE AREA SINCE 1880 Lawn Service & Landscape Pros T HE A DVANCE HE D VA N C E STONEHAVEN NURSERY 270-331-2288 - Shawn Livingston Y oman e SERVING THE TRI-STATE AREA SINCE 1880 T HE A DVANCE HE D VA N C E HHH H See page A8 Wednesday H April 25, 2012 In God we trust Gathering for The Fowler’s Ballard Memorial High School Senior opens donut shop There will be a gathering in Honor of Vicki and Mark Fowler On Sunday, April 29, 2012 at 1:30 – 3:30 at Kevil Baptist Church Everyone is welcome! They lost everything in a recent house fire. All contributions, new and used household items, and/or etc. will be greatly appreciated. by Kelly Paul Editor, Advance Yeoman WEST PADUCAH- Kenny Poloski is a high school senior with high aspirations. When many high school students are just hitting the snooze button at 6 a.m., Kenny is busy selling donuts at his new donut store before he heads out to his first class of the day at Ballard Memorial High School. Kenny has actually been at work since 2 a.m. getting ready to open the doors to donut seekers eager to buy 3 inch glazed donuts before Kenny runs out of the best-selling treats. At a time when many high school seniors are looking ahead and wondering what the future will bring after they graduate, Kenny is meeting his future head on and striking while the iron is hot—or to me more precise, he is striking while the donut cooker is hot. With a little extra money in his pocket after having sold a car, Kenny spied his business endeavor while perusing ebay. Kenny says he is always looking for some kind of investment; what more could a high school senior ask for than a shiny new donut cooker just waiting for him Vol. 124 HHH #17 Ballard County Detention Center to get grid chamber Kenny Poloski with Charlotte Farmer, Ballard Memorial High School English teacher Photo by Kelly Paul a few hours away in Nashville, TN? After seeing the donut cooker, Kenny thought, “Why not? There’s nothing in Future City anyway.” Kenny’s Donut Hole, located in West Paducah on HWY 60 at the old Rob Wave building, has been open since April 16th. With the help of his family, Kenny has been so busy that on his second day of operation, Kenny said he had to drive to his distributor in Indiana to get more supplies. He says he has been getting about 10 to 15 kids a day from Heath, and more from Ballard every day. continued on page A3 Rudy’s Farm Center celebrates 14th Annual Customer Appreciation Day by Kelly Paul Rudy's Farm Center celebrated its 14th Annual Customer Appreciation Day on Saturday, April, 21st. They offered bbq and door prizes all day. Most merchandise was 20 % off. Customers who made a purchase of $50 or more received a free Rudy's Farm Center mug. Submitted by Jason Paul WICKLIFFE - Two months ago at the Ballard County Fiscal Court meeting, Guy Johnson City Maintenance Supervisor of Wickliffe informed the magistrates of having to work on the pumps at the lift station that is used at the Ballard County Detention Center. Each pump costs $6,000 to $7,000. The pumps are supposed to last ten years. The current pumps are around two years old. Several of the inmates have decided to flush the following items down the toilets: towels, underwear, sheets tied in knots, 16 ounce plastic bottles and a lot of cigarette lighters. All these items have helped clog the sewer lines. The Ballard County Detention Center, a smoke free facility, is out of compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) because of the raw sewage leaving the facility. Johnson attended the April 3rd Wickliffe City Hall meeting. At this meeting, Johnson informed the Council Members that he ordered a grid chamber. The grid chamber will cost $2,800. The grid chamber will catch debris that is flushed down the toilets and will stop the debris from ruining the pumps. Johnson stated that the Wickliffe City Maintenance would save money by installing the grid chamber themselves. Johnson was not present at the Ballard County Fiscal Court meeting held on April 17th, however, Ballard County Judge/Executive Vickie Viniard presented to the magistrates a bid from Carter Concrete in the amount of $678 to clean out the pumps at the Ballard County Detention Center. A motion was then made and passed to purchase a grid chamber for the Ballard County Detention Center. Several of the magistrates suggested that the inmates clean out the grid chamber; this same sentiment was also expressed at the recent Wickliffe City Hall meeting by the Council Members. Woods Walk and Scout Day at Wickliffe Mounds Saturday Green Water Fish Farm was on hand providing fish to stock customer's ponds. Green Water Fish Farm offer bass, bluegill, hybrid bluegill, grass carp, minnows, red ear, cat fish, and albino cat fish. Make more money. Earl Davis, FICF Area Manager 270-554-5950 Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site Saturday, April 28, 2012 Scouts of all ages, boys and girls, can experience the archaeological museum exhibits, mounds, and walking trail, all day from 9:00 to 4:30. At 10:30 a.m. take a guided hike of Read The News Online: Lawn Service & Landscape Pros Introducing our new inch reducing machine! Why workout when you can TORQ out STONEHAVEN NURSERY 270-331-2288 the Woods Walk Trail with a Forest Ranger from KY Div. of Forestry Admission discount fee $2 each for scouts in uniform. For nonscouts, admission is $5 adults, $4 kids. For more information call the park office at 270-335-3681. 270-575-1000 • Shane Hoying, DC Shawn Livingston 50 CENTS • THE ADVANCE YEOMAN • PUBLISHED WEEKLY •  50 CENTS Located just a ho p skip & ju , m from Ba p llard County!

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