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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 12, 1905

Part of The Adair County news.

lt W Nt r j Jt I s 0 bt fJ LVOLUME 1 t JI t 14 1 t 1 tM bMt74iu I 4l COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENT UOKY WEDNESDAYr APRIL 121905 8 j t 1 t NUMBER 21 t f RED BIRD 1956f Rev W C Clemens pastor of the Presbyterian church filled the pulpit 3t the Methodist church last Sunday l Death of an Estimable Woman night The meeting is in progress M RUSSELL POSTMASTER J The people of Columbia were nOt sur but the Evangelist who is to do the l7A 0PETE CONOVER DEPUTY prised las Monday afternoon when the preaching has not yet arrived but is Office hours week days 730 a m to 950 p n announcement came Mrs Kate At ¬ be able to meet my old friends again some sweet day A soldiers life is not what most people think it is I have riotliing to say against it but still I cant recommend it to anyone khis is dead The end came at 31 as a happy home for it has been COURT DIRECTORY r oclock and while it was generally and in a plain fordable manner told twqyearsof lonely and unhappy known that her condition was critical the Christian people what theyhad to CIRCUiT CoURTThree sessions a year Third many of her relatives and friends could do in order tohave a successful revival time wjth me Monday in January third Mondayin May and not realize that she was dead 1 will say to the dear readers third Monday in September The hindrances must be rolled away She was a daughter of James and and earnest Judge H C Baker Circuit prayers offered for tie sal- of the tlews that three years is JKittie Turner and was born and reared vation of men Commonwealths AttorneyA A Huddlerton all I want in the army near Milltown this county and when SheriffF W Miller A and B Companies of the 1st j death came she was fiftyfive years old There will be aniOld Folks singing in Circuit Clerk3 F Neat battery of Engineers will sail When quite a young woman she was Columbia the fifth Sunday in this month COUNTY Coukr First Monday In each married to Mr W J Atkins with Let all the old singers in the Tounty at July 1st for the P 1 C and D ADDITIONAL LOCAL PQST OFFICE DIREOTOR t iS 1 ClemersdiEcourse ¬ I 1 iiIJudgeT1iiI I ¬ whom she lived happily until his death which occurred about two years ago Be3ides a host of relatives and friends she leaves five sons all grown but oneall being at her bedside but James remain1here tend All who may come are requested Harp of Columbia i The singing will be conducted by Mr Wm will proceed to Monterey C lLoy Young people who can sing from T Pelly Assessor J K the old books are invited to be present and take station The 3rd bat- ¬ v ar P McCaffree Surveyor R T and take part It will be a day of en ¬ tery will come here for station deceased confessed joyment and everybody is expected to <> School SuptW D Jones I wish alf the readers of the her Savior united with the presbyteri- ¬ be present CoronerC M Russell an Church and was a consistent ChristRegular court second Monday in CITY COURT ian until removed by death It is estimated that in the Republican each month She was a victim of heart trouble primary for Senatorial honors it will j JudgeJas G Eubank In health she was ever ready to ad ¬ cost 130 to the county This esti- ¬ Co B 1st Battery Engineers Montgomery AttorneyGordon minister to the sick and was one of the mate is based upon paying the officers MarshaL kindest women the neighborhood ever half price There are only two candi ¬ SULPHUR WELL TKVLOR COUNTY dates and five counties in the district knewThe CHURCH DIRECTORY funeral services conducted by Mrs Flora Baily reported In PRESBYTERIAN Rev W C Clemens assisted by Rev the News a few weeks ago as in a BURKESVILLE STREET Sev W C Clemens J P Scruggs were held at tHe resiServices second and fourth Sundays in dence Tuesday afternoon at2 oclock i Castor A small dwelling on the branch be- criticalondition with pulmonary each month SundaySchool at 9 a m every Sab and the interment was in the family yond A G Todds residence and occu ¬ trouble Tdoes not improve Mrs every Wednesday night oj6ath Prayenneeting burying ground on the farm of Mr W pied by Press Williams of color was John B Montgomery of Louis ¬ METHODIST B Roe Many attended the last destroyed by fire last Sunday night at yule and Mrs Mat Callison of BuftKESViLLE STREET Rev F E Lewis pastor scene manifesting the deepest sorrow I 1110 have been to see her Services first and third Sundays in each month and extending the hand of sympathy to r SundaySchool every Sabbath at 9 a m Prayer the surviving loved ones cneeting Thursday night Wheatin this section is very but npfc in time to save the household goods promising and in Went to Tennessee 3ounty Attorney Jas Garnett clerkT R Stults JailerJ K P Conover to bring I tk DakotaI I hapPi1ness I I isI I I I I broughtI I I BAPTIST I fact prospects farm products bid us be hopeful Up to date fruit is un- ¬ injured and there is one of the I faIl tel Bird 1956 Joe Cofiey up Red Bird 1956 by Joe Brown 1955 by Cabbells Lexington is a dark bay Stallion 15i hands foaled 1895 1st dam by Baileys Dex ¬ ter by Cabbells Lexington 2nd dam by Elastic horse 3rd dam by Waxie 4th dam Sir Archie Red Bird is a horse of extreme substance finish and action He has produced more highclass horses than any horse in this section of Kentucky The dealers all search for his colts and buy them at fancy prices as fast as they mature Breeding to this horse is not Red Lexington No 1957 by Mr Knott Youug son of Mr Robert JREENSBURG STREET Rev J P Scruggs pastor Timber men will remember that the First and third Sundays in each month Sunday Young of Burksville anda nephew of James M Page land near Cane Valley every Sabbath at 9a m Prayermeeting Mr School J H Young this place visited this county will be solda t the Suesday night here several days of last week Dur j house in Columbia Wednesday couit the heaiest peach bloom in years ing his stay in Columbia he was quite third day of May Upon CHRISTIAN the land is Cumberland Presbytery pastor attentive to Miss Minnie Hudson a CAMPBELLSVUXE PIKE Services First Third and Fourth Sundays in handsome and popular young lady a held at Liberty church last week each month SundaySchool every Sabbath at 930 daughter of the late W H Hudson and our neighborhood was well a m Prayermeeting Wednesday night He returned to Burksville last Friday Mjs Francis Grant who was the supplied with ministers as the accompanied by his cousin Miss Emma horses that the market constantly demands wifeof Henry Grant diedat Neatsburg distance is only three miles Young and Miss HudsonLODGESMASONIC last Saturday She was lady much It seems that Mr Young and Miss respected thirty years ofa age and a The mineral water of the Mor¬ Hudson had laid their plans and Sun ¬ rison well willsoon be on the COLUKBIA LODGE No SC F and A M Regnlar day morning they left Burksville for market just as soon as bottles Foaled in 1902 by Marion Squirrel No 1908 by Black Squirrel 58 meeting in their hall over bank on Friday night Tennessee and were married during the Sunday a great many friends being can be procured Mr Geo Smith 1st dam by Eagle Bird 2nd dam by On Time on or before the full moon in each month 3rd dam by Black day It is reported here that a mem ¬ Gordon Montgomery W M present will manage its sale and shipment Eagle 4th dam Denmark imported thoroughbred ber of the family to which Mr Young E G Atkins Secretary r James Morrison will Lincoln Squirrel is a steel grey 153 with breeding and individ GL T Flowers and Miss Annie Rob ¬ while Mr meets 2nd Friday belonged overtook the couple near the COUNCIL U D COLUMBIA Tennessee line and tried to persuade night after full moon in each month erts Geo Stults and Miss Myrt Staples erect a good hotel in the near fu- uality equal to any horse in Kentucky He is strictly a highclass JAS GARNETT T I M then to return home and get married visited the bachelor home Ed Staples ture to accommodate of health seek ¬ saddle and harness horse in every particular being void of T R STULTS RECORDER saying there was no objections but last Sunday A six oclock dinner pre ¬ ers who may want to u s e the that is required for a highclass Stallion they preferred to continue their jour- ¬ pared alone byEdwas served his mineral water of his well COLUMBIA CHAPTER R A M No 7 meets Friday ney to Tennesse The two above Stallions will make the season of 1905 at our barn T R S ltsiiP guests pronouncing it a most delightful night after full moon The grooms father is a prominent Horace Jeffries Secretary repast at 10 to insure a living colt Money due when colt is foaled Rr merchant the newly married son being I H case you sell trade or remove the mare from the neighborhood or one of his salesmen hence we conclude One pf the largest apple trees in tie farmjfor Sale breed to other stock the above fee will become due and you will in the couple will reside in Burksville county is one on Mr J A Wheelers The News extends its very best all cases be expected to pay same Mares fed at reasonable rate Sfrl have a farmZof25O acres ofood farm near Elroy It measures 80 inch bluegrass land 2 miles from Middle wishes f No 1982 Vol 5 AS H R es around the trunk and 64 feet and 8 or pastured at 200 per month burg College My place lies on the Mid inches from out to out of the branchPrimary Called We also have a registered 0 Mahogany bay black pointS white only on left Boar fee 100 dleburg and Hustonville pike well wat ¬ es It is sound and in full bloqm hind foot 9 years old 15S9t hands high weighs i Hoses trained at reasonable rates ered improvement good enough for The Senatorial Committee for the 16th 1200 pounds strong flat bone heavy mane and any ohe A house with six rooms ice- district comprising the counties of Eld A L Oder preached at the tail good back with long craney tapering neck Clinton Russell house hen house barn 2 miles to Adair Cumberland past favors we are yours truly Christian Church last Sunday forenoon well set in highmounted shoulders a saddle horse churches and bank onefourth amile and Wayne met at the courthouse in and at the Methodist Church Monday head and ear on him a model under halter always wears blue to common school 3 miles to railroad this place last Monday The object of liight He is the new pastor of the in harness string in model rings wonderful style a show horse sure When one year old Will sell aman the farm with the money the meeting was to name a date and former church and the people are very wore all honors in his class wherever shown also plan for making a nomination for Call or write me at Mount Salem Ky the blue tie in sweepstake harness rings at same OFFICE PHONE much pleased with him 9 RESIDENCE PHONE 77 State Senator After being in consulta ¬ age When a 3yearold he was shown14 times A HICKS and wore 13 blue strings has never been defeated tion for half an hour a primary Mr H C Feese has four contracts on in fancy harness rings has al ways been the victor election was called for Saturday May hand now for neat residences One for in stallion stake ring as a breeder when > shown 27 1905 There are only two aspirants Edwin Hurt one for Sam Shreve two with three or more of his get for size style and Dr L C Nell of this count and Mr general conformation and for all purposes He is T J Marcum of Wayne couuty The for Olie Taylor and Ray Conover a saddle horse with five distinct gaits fast line r acting racker good in two walks and a niceZloper expense of this primary will have to be The attention of farmers who own saddle land W M WJPLMOBE Southwest Corner defrayed by the candidates and the good mares is called to the advertise ¬ very positive in his trot underas is required in har ness great all around action for an money must be paid to the Chairman of ment of Dignity Fifth and Market Dare published else ¬ uptodate sire of high priced sale horse forjsaddle the district Committee by May 12th where iu this paper < or harness Hd is a sure enough harness horse t graceful stylish and fast can show eighths in f If there is only one candidate on May 18 ½ seconds a 228 gait with but little handling is no better place to stop 12th the Committee will meet at Pile and Patterson found a C THERE at the aboved named hotel Empowered to act in any part of the State as Executor Administrator did this last fall one year ago after 91 Jamestown May 20th and declare said stream of water at the depth of good Trustee Guardian Receiver Assignee Etc thirty Good sample rooms and a firstclass candidate the nominee Acts as Agent and Attorney infact for inexperienced persons filling any feet on Conoyer Taylors place The the above table Rates very reasonable Feed next Well will be bored at Rolin Brown ¬ stylish heavy and strong enough to get carriage Preaching Next Sunday Rents Drawers or Boxes in its Fire and Burglarproof Vaults pricestable attached > lags horses with a kindly disposition for all purposes of 25 and 25 per annum W H C Sandidge Union a family horse JHe is the horse to sire parkers Manages Real Estate Collects Rents Pays Taxes Insurance The literary talent of Gleriville has stylish graceful substance and docility It has GWt Montgomery Mpreland ione of prepared a engthly program for a van ¬ been given up by horsemen that heHe types the his breeders in Kentucky F Barger Union Chapel S ety entertainment which will be render- ¬ mostunifotm l colts after himself has never sired a sorre colt AND RESAURANT M< F ll Lewis Columbia allowed on all time depsits and interest ed on Friday night April The most profitable horse for the farmer and small semi r f < breeder to produce is the horse which serves the J HNicholson Elroy v Deposit by workmen women and minors free from State and City taxes Rev Solomon Turpen will preach at widest ranger of purposes welL His coltsjare jj J Adk InS Friendship v type blue show colts of the Receives deposits in any amount not less than 1 Zionnext Sunday forenoon at 11 ners rota the oldesthighest youngest string win ¬ to the Meals at all Hours Comfortable J P Scruggs Columbia f 7 Deposits by married women and minors subject to their others only Oclock Every body invited lr PEDIGREE Rooms Location opposite Depot Sjred by Chester Dare 10NSH R W Word Cane Valley 1 Squirrel 58 he by Black Eagle 74 he he by Black J E N Early Cool Spring Y > Mr Joe Hurt of Campbells by King William 67 he by Washington Denmark OLD STAND was called to vile is visiting his sister Mrs 64 he by Games Denmark 61 he by race horse v Z T Williams santHil v Denmark P S he by Imp Hedgeford Dignitys Greensburg last week to see her Fannie Montgomery who is very W B Cave Big Creek Custom of Adair and adjoining counties FT LEAVEN YOB H KAN j first dam Lizziemqnt byWelchmont No 6367A t h1 m Welch 341 he by Rysdicks daughter Mrs solicited R he by sick you April thisI j I knpvhim The I tr ThoroughbredS SQUIRREb LdjWOLLj1 i remainslTere I I nothingj 0 Dlunitu Darn 4 youS IC 5 COFFEY BROS < Wilmore Hotel The Louisville Trust Company Prop Kentucky Qradyville LOUISVILLE KY erfullnerve i v 510 4 BRINTON P HOTEL J Ky Lebanon L JliBBLLS A Irespectfully r 1nQ MI + n men of Columbia have gone into an organization for the purpose of kepi 1gllp a brass NOTICE band There will be twelv or fifteen the WE ARE NOW READY TODo ANY KIlii pieces and the boys have g Blackamithing horSeahoeing and wocd organization with the determination of work all kinds of Buggy Carriage and Wagon Theywill employRepairing We are also prepared to apply all m king it a success a competent instructor and expect to kinds of new KUBBEB TIRE appear before the public in a few weeks We keep a stock et the beat naaterlal andre Augood band is the life of a town land hopIi8 guxaatai- the young men should havetbeeicurapir weckmaarfiip mxA pricaa ShetJlocated oa depot gement of the communjtyjf Tb6 band oy Give us a calL tz etB arMaiB will lie incorporated and every step tak ¬ CLAfeK 4b FAJGSONKy CawpteHwffi MarM ly en to prolong its life1b Enterprising eint i k S r Wote tV < < A j I t t 1 + L+ t 7 < t oiL bi osiittf tl P- J k r r tr hl K 2 ti oc t r n jJ It r 2 irs JoPP MrsNPWillis 5 onItllat1iayatid 1 a itri1ifitii I St k fJi Js J rtrt f1Z 1K E l fs tr1it ioi annuallyS f IIntereSt k nL1urham 1 1905 ITH bletoJ1 D 10 Dignitys i second VermontI who is dangerously sick Simon Dunbar of Montana Messenger 3rd dam by Sills win try and write a few lines Thoroughbr Welchmbnts first Miss Flora Powell has measles yisite dhis sister Mrs Jeffries your good paper lamcer 4th dam by bar to dam Pauline AntontFores12863 taihlyalways glad when Friday TERMS Dignity pare will make the eason of i Inpe Miss Mattie Willis of near here Sunday night 1905 at my stable in liustonvilleLincoin CoS Genville is visiting the family Mrs Rose East of Garlihr at I5 insure a living colt when foaled Mares visited her sister Mrs J P radeiIip1toved forfeit insurance and money of L P Willis this week Willis Wednesday F J nd must be news Sometimes it makes me becimwujdae March grazed paid at time of such Miss Emma Strange will teach transRCtmu at permonthand somewhat homesick when I pick biite to be paLl before removal of mares Grain the Zion school this year NeW- 1 f feii Mares entrust upthe paper andsee sp jriuch < if d drei at reasonable rat atentionbut1 t Millard Young who g9t1is lr tL IliPREASE < f < J t i 5 t SAVINGS DEPARTMENT 21f b EtcU 1tI iJ c 1 lt j kV p I < ftir k t s 411 il jfJ E II lr < t f it ji t L rli tt > < m t r < t > 4- rnrlj < J fif f qf > < 1 ri i < o i Y Jit1ti fK v tf fhJ tJ tl L T tVeEtSinthe 75 CARPNTrR i ri f1 reJ Q t ri fr 2 h y 1 t 5ltlt rl < J > h 1t t fi4 t t < 1 f U f r 1 I 1 s bi r r 4 1d l + i 1 f G1 tr PQ 1 fj i r4 2IOOubscriberjiI r t r c- > J > 5 f f 5 tj 4f tr Jf > I 55 4 Sc

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