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Image 1 of Louisville daily courier (Louisville, Ky. : 1851), April 6, 1860

Part of Louisville daily courier (Louisville, Ky. : 1851)

T insurance. FIRE, MUINE, A RELIABLE STATEMENT! LIFE AND INSURANCE. &. SONS, zm. W.S. VERNON vuLim AGENTS, Office Xo. 472 Maist afreet, over E. A S. ,)u. aqwgWatMll. Ecibman's Store, relis-- - ltd aolvei.t, and itrfuic must ail lies, opt ions and tbe Uvea of r al tun veij jt rates : VIY. ... C. jjkii PRINTED t. f Hartford. Coun. INSURANCE COMPANY. Capital and turplua A. ciutl WAIIINiT.i IM EYING FIFE INSURANCE Casta Ca; ilal 1 coorntE ni;E insiiunk co. t ... Capital LAFAYETTE FIaU.LN-- I Capital T"t City, NEW YOHK LIFE INSURANCE CO- - cf New York City. AcvumiAUtioii il.Uo.miU Isl CONWAY FIRE T.ANCE Cash Capitjl and surplus VW LOSSES PROMPTLY W. ToTm MICIRITV TIRE No. 31 Pine street, Capital OMPAV, XfwVwt bui:ieon the tiirce TtiiCnTai.T l.i tliepoucy lie IW IHV No. Ci ie i..- i ountry inerrhantj are invited to examine nnr Mock, 1. Miseeliatienu. co vpriii.c a In e -. .rtinent of N.1 an liUnk Ii.per. Mationerv. t c.. all of hich U1 be oldi.iwiwiiii'.if ten:.-- . WFl:UA I.KYEKiNii. Jio. and l,i.iok Ituok .Makers. SSsO.OW t "Ml,A.Vt all street. New York. W Capital and Sand'' ATLANTIC KIRK lsl lt.A) 4U UAHT R E XIMPAM , No. It Wall street. New York. Capital and Survlm RAM E PARK KIKE C OMPAM', ud Son .Iu THE ! I.flOO Affnt of the aSore re- un4erimel. HI tlo a riieriU r Ire In l.n.'ie CMit';iiuei, nurance al U.e loe-- t etahl!ihel . rate, imo, at ibuia, prouipuy a.orieu . d paid. Ol Itr ..ii tu a retu'ii ot t!ie patronage or Jio former fi.endj in tl.i hasiae. and ot ti.e public Keueralir Vjr-- y- ISIKA(E Cspita! liiid atiu l'aid in rH'or-.- jiia 1 lii.'i ! S veel . ,,f iniaou liv I f V. r IICST73ZATCCS COKPT, OF LOl l ILI.E, KY. Main and Iiull;tttreet. second t"ry of Ncwcomb't entrance ou Main streeCJ WW THIS Cnmt.any continues to make lm;ir-v?- j,iraiiii4 the peril- - of navira-yT:i- M.iican.-tion oi Siiii. Meamr.,.at-- . and their Car- y Fire a'"r' ataln-- l I'ouIn i.u.nhnir and in port, and v jy?' uAtf 1 J. a W. f.a. X.RItllARDSOV, of a worthier fbaracter. onmitU J. litLLOCKi:3; A J. Church Affent". dly ll!OLl"TIO. TIIE hal LOtKE, tret-t- New York. FOI OPARIAERHIP. SLIDE-TO- 0l 'f P SIIIFTINC-TO- BKit.IES; P Bl'tJGIES; TROTTINC. SlLKIES.ic, A cVc; STUMP Fulling and I nderdraimng. Capt. Dick Smith will be on XIr. E. Guhenar's farm, on thel'reston street road, 4'- mihs south of Broadway, and prepared to show all who may visit him how to pull stumps,, 12 feet in circumference at the ground, and set them on tup of the aod; and how, with the same machine, he makes three thousand feet of ruth rtl nun per d iy, three feet below the ground, and all w ilh two horses. Everybody go and see this wonderful agricultural implement. FIXE ASSORTMENT FORSALE CHEAP AT BIRR, L WHEELER'S, HAIGHT THE GALT noCSE. OPPOSITE I.Oll!ILLE, tul9d.?ni C03IE AT -- KY. NO EX P E C T E L) ) I LaVST-- g V"E ARE HAPPY AT BEING ABLE TO SAY TO OCR numerous friends and customers, that we are no- in of the following new an desirabla tprlng duoiis, If vir: DISSOLUTION. rrTTE m of lieonre? Moor A Co. daydiolved out hi- - interest to Jauin F. 1 by Jonn C. Ilai.ii Itoi.iiix.ii. Jr.. of l.e.,rtre.,n. Ky The business of the l K Moore A Co. of settled bv Moore, iil tinu V heeler. A fc..l.inon. who will continue the busine at tiie old alaiidof Oeo. 1. Moore Co.. No Me. Main treet. I.FO. S. M'X RE. JOHN C. MASON, J. L. WHEELER. Louuviae. March 14, In retirinr from the old firm cf C.en. Moore k Co.. I cheerful. y recommend Me Eol Moore. Wheeler. the MiroM.r. a rent, emeu wortlij of Uie paLrunai-'lately on the ulu hrm. JOHN C. MASON. in; L.:a r. III4L( TIOV Ladies' , Misses' and Children's Heeled Kid and Morocco boots; Mi- - es' stitched aloft Goat Heeled Bootees; Children's plain black l.aiters; Melaiic tipped Sim. f. llo very htie black Heeled Gaiters. Ladies Also, another lot of Ladies' high heeled Gaiters at only (I 2a, and Ladies' I. alters vithout heels at only Al. Toeettier with many ottier kind- - of desirable and season-t.lBoota. Shoes and liaitera, ahicli e would be ideas d to have purchasers call aud examine, .ill be cold Very cheap for cah by AJERW IN a GALE. No. 4T1 Market street. Third and Fourth. r.12 of the AmerUtin flag. WALTOX IMPORTERS undcrsitmed hive formed a copartner-M- n under CASSEDA Y A xNS. and will the ..f A Ilopkir.. a Iit,poete- and of Wit EKN-AI.E. (.LASS. CHINA. 1LEHV and PLA-ir ;i fcil W aKF. i hey solicit a continuance of She lavor exiended to tLeir predece .,r for th ktt i i v a taAjo. Mill EL CAEDAY. I. EN. r leler CA.ErAY. janTuif . formed a cnpartnersHp under limed have tM ihenrmof I. F. Most" A CO. for the .urp..-- e Harne and and deaiior iti Carriar-'Sot f air are M .Ker ;e.d. hai l partneridi to dale from an.i to con.lucted attheold ti- - i.v I. of tatad of I. F. Moiic. No.ti" Slain street. I F. STOVE. Jo. H. PAI'.DEE. Al l!! i;T MINI H. tlLPilEN M. MIFR. niS d an Louieriiie, March I't, COPART-VKItSlIIP- dv I J"It will be seen from another column that Dr. G. BIURET, AND DEALERS IX QIEEXSWARE, S T EAMU A T (HIXA, GLASS 'iPART.ERavIIIP. HailStoum in Carroll Parish, La. On Sat- urday night hist a violent hail storm passed over the northeastern part of the State of Louisiana. At Pecan Grove, in the Parish of Carroll, great damage was done on the plantation owned by XIr. Henry Goodrich. His gin house, negro quarters, together w ith a newly finished dwelling house, were blown down by the violence of the storm. His loss is estimated at 15,000. There were no slaves lost. 18607 SPRING TRADE. 1860. heretofore eitinr under tbe tv'e of THE A Hol'KiNS i thi by muday i. tual Eiiher party U authorire.1 1 Mrttle the CAM I'LL CA. EHAY. Uieold trm. Kol.Ei'.r B. lK'I'hl.NS. Locisvixe. Januarrl. WA. AXD akn H0T7EE 46 M.l GOOD 3. T., BET. FOIRTII AXD FIFTH. VVTJZUZtLlUa lately taken this larre and commodious HAVING we would rwpe. 'fully solicit a coiiiiiiu-Vanceoftlie liatronage heretofore so liKrally uiion n. Every department in our fjr teen PIANO FORTES OF EVERY DESCR1Ption. for sale at very low price bv "- I'MSCO.. fcinMainst. b. ni'.--i rwi BARGAINS! BARGAINS! nYTPffl u TO BE HAD AT Tt J J J teeiec.ndaiidThir VIOLINS. FLCTFH AND GUITARS Every & SON"S, GEO. BLANCHARD wholes ileor ifttj d'TWriptlou of tue above at FAI I.DSAI retail by GOLRE.V HAM), OF THE D.P. O. t - -r MEV. r.OYS" AND YOITHS" CLOTHING: ALSO Elastic ai.d OutU Percha tioods, roing ou" at very defjii reducad prices. IT PLEASE TAKE NOTICE ! KGAT SALE OF TIZK DET GOODS WHICH HAS BEEN GOING OX AT TEE NEW YORK STORE, XO. 107 FOI DUIIIN'O 13 RTII STREET, TIIK PAST WEEK, C SirTIXTCXD THIS WE SIX. TODAY, TrESDAY, MARCH 27th. We will offer the entire balance of Ilr.s Si!t, Robfs, IIoirTy, iilovrn, Folid Colored Eil.lMn. Embroidered Needle Worked Collars. Band. Lace Curtain. Curtain Dainiisic. IJnnen Ilandkerchief, Cambrics. Ja. k.nef. FrW., Table all of which must be Cloth. Crown and White Cotton sold iiume Jiateiy to r.en for NEW GOODS. II IK HER, sn2"dtf Fucceort Durkee. Heath. A Co. kti:phe 4 OH HI GATED Cmm WHfUf.HT IRO rii.i;. AM) MIKE ,r and fs; ' do 'ricd brand. V irrinia 1 obacco; In or end for '.! bv jW9 LasTLEJI AX TOUBITT, S3 Main stmt. t Missouri V"s .M'i Main street. between Secon.i aud Third. tn?i ORGANS The lu ,7, tv MELODKONS ANDAh van. Ire Organs st n.iall. of Meludeoutaud for sale D. P. PAI LI'S CO., J y. y. by No. 4:1s. Main street. frii Vitf itS between Second aud Third. n2! flOI.IN y of the m2!' AXD GUITAR STRINGS Every description Above for rnle h"l. ale orret.til by D. P. FALLDS A CO., .'kj Main Hre. t. between Second and I hird. p;PHI4i fTVLEt FOR IHflO! Corner of Fourth and Main streets. CRAIG HAS JI'ST II EC EI VED AND BEADY FOR sale Ihi morning, a large and h rlrabte lot of Leghorn and ltce Hats; Mis..' fancy y Straw. aud Leghorn Hats, Caps and TurInfants' f Ji. Mr a bans: Riding Hats, new styles: Ladles' lerhorn and Leghorn Hats and Lojl' fancy and plain XVe learn from the Paris Flat' that gtoek to the value of 1 15,000 was sold on Wednesday last, In that city. Ninety-eigh- t 2 year old mules sold as S(.iS(cll0 per head; nineteen mule colts, cash, S;75; one 2 hundred yearlings at .5)((.i;'.i; twenty-eigh- t and 3 year olds at ?lo4; thirty head "brush" cattle at ?W 10; twentv-twhead of cattle 2Soc State Dental Society. A circular signed by a number of prominent demists has been issued inviting the professors of the dental art to meet at the Plnetux Hotel, Lexington Ky., ou the 21th of April. The object is to form a State Dental Society. The benefits arising from such an association tire obvious, and, therefore, a full attendance is requested. A Second Stp.eet Brick Dwelling House and Lot at Auction. This afternoon (Friday), at 3 o'clock, Xleeis. S. G. Henry & Co. will sell, on the premises, the brick house and lot, No. I'l Second street, and nearly opposite Christ Church. It is a desirable piece of properly, near to it belongs to a . aud will be sold. Men's Messrs. S. G. Henry an Co. request us to call the special and particular attention of buyto the large cash sale of steamboat furniture, er" mirrors, looking-glasses- , bediiiii'.r, line glassware, tablj water carpets, and other steamboat artirh s, the outfit of the steamer Scioto this morning (Friday), tit 10 o' o'clock, at auction Cap; irair an J Leghorn high, medium and low crown Hat; wide, and narrow Men's Straw and Leghorn brim Hats: Men's Straw and Iehorn drub and teamlors: and Men's of the s. ason: Men's Silk and CRwniere Hats, white, black, brown, Hats in all fasliionahle styb i Dress Hats, our own style Men's and Boys' Caps in all styles oft French Felt Hate: M. n and lit is tine A. CRAIG'S. At Corner Fourth and Main streets. LOUISV1LLE STYLE A freh upply of our Loi;. nai- - iu iipol ..IK anil l A53 ISVILLI pear on Our shelve I'll Iliorilin. uire.i. iroiu our nan omy oi iacture rooms. 1 ms style can i munu aun A. ( KAIL, comer nain. urn m THE SPRING STYLE OF DRESS H AT CAN BE W ATTS. 4'T. Main treet. between Tnird and rourtii. STYLES OK -T EAYEK FFI.T Broau and Black Reaver Felt ILits to be had of LADD 4 W A I TS, 4", Main street. between T bird and t ounn. HATS AND CAPS A LARGE AND COMPLETE assort men! of Mi n's and Boys' Hats and Caps cou-- i stantly on hand and for ale by LAUD A WATTS. No. 4'ei Main srrcet. rr,31 between Third and Fourth. BLACK AND BROWN ZOUAVE HATS JUST re ceived by express at LAKH A WATTS 4'ei Vain street. niul between TUirJ and Fourth. S FY I FTTErf PATENT -- Admi' adired for encloir e Public l. round-- . Cemeierie. Kaleonie, and o Hiirdi- -. Patent W ire, Cottarc. with eeery variety of F'ddin Iron and Ir .n Fiirnit ire. Patent Wire Coal rvreen. W ire Nettinr and i.ra vel f.r Mosquito, ieep, P'.nllry. and other piiri.ot... M ire Mioimer liouaea, Wire Wort in rreat v.rleiv. for Oarden. Ac M W AI.KEK A KV. MaiinfactureiW. S fly Maraet, N. E. cor. Sixth street. Pirfia. No. ffOiiACO- - Krntuct y ar.1 X ?nf' boves t an advertisement in XV. Ronald is a candidate for the Common Council in the Seventh ward, and that Joshua R. Brown is a candidate for the Board of Aldermen. These gentlemen are well known to the citizens of the ward, and if elected we have no doubt would give entire satisfaction, both in the Council and to the citizens of the ward. Bourbon County Stock Sales. iSm shall at all times be lull and coninlet". v. hich shall inohnie. In addition to ourt lllNA. CLASS, and (jL 'LENS WAR E Stock, everv article in the HOOK. Ho El., and STEAMBOAT I 'RNISIIIXG way. together wilb Lamp. aud r of every description. Our removal from Fourth street will in no way whatever one i;h v. hatever iuan-l- i our interfere aitb y of rood- - they may uaut. let it be ever so small. Our facilities for biiyinz are not excelled by any one in t! e trade, and benre we will arrant entire to ail and every one aboliiity lav.r ns with a call. WALTON A BARRET. 4 Main treet. Fourth and Fifth. fi'dtf a LADD A rSpedal Dispatch to tbe Louisville Courier.) Cincinnati, April 5, Ed: tor LnuUuitte i'oHi-vrOur office and sale at X'ineennes, Indiana, were broken oix-about sundown this evening, and three thousand dollars (:'.,000) in money taken therefrom. Please announce a reward of one thousand dollars (l,UO0) for the arrest of the thief or recovery of the money. ALFRED GAITHER, Sup't Adams' Express Company. 13. TwoXiore Fires. Yesterday about 12 o'clock fire was seen Issuing from the roof of a three story brick house on the west side of Third street, between Jetl'ersoii f.ud XIarket. The lower storv was occupied by XS'uash ev Bro. as a grocery store, aud the upper portion was used as a German hoarding house, kept by XIr. Bierwanger. The grocery store was slightly damaged by water, and the h..--s small. The loss to XIr. Bierwanger will not exceed 1.50. The building was owned by XIr. Silas Sisson, and was insured for 2,000 in the Louisville XI and 1,000 in the Hartford, of Connecticut. Soon after the alarm was given the steam engines reached the scene, and soon extinguished the Are. The damage to the building w ill not exceed 500. Early yesterday morning a fire was discovered in the roof a bakery, on the corner of Walnut and Thirteenth. The fire was extinguished by a few buckets of water, without the aid of the lire department. The tire Wednesday night, in the drug establishment of Smcliffct Preus., on Main street, involved a probable loss of 20,000, which was covered by oT),000 insurance, chiefly in the agencies of Eastern oflices, excepting :!,000 in the Franklin, in this city. The stock is estimated at :K,0(V.), w ith damages varying from 50 to 75 per cent. The damage to Castlcman fc Torbitt's grocery house, adjoining Sulcliir et Freuss, did not exceed :)0, and their business does not suffer any interruption by the fire. XVeapovs vs. Fence Rails. Charles Hughes got iuto a difficulty w ith his tenant, John Johnson, in Jefferson county, six miles from the city, on Wednesday. An angry dispute ended by Hughes drawing a knife, when Johnson seized a fence rail and threatened to demolish Hughes. The latter left, and obtaining a shotgun, returned and discharged its contents at Johnson. Several of the shot took effect in the leg of Johnson, not, however, seriously wounding him. Hughes was committed to jail. reference to our telegraphic report of the proceedings in Congress, it will be seen that another rumpus had originated, and that a collision between the Southern and Northern members of the House was at one time imminent. 5f Bills have been introduced in the United States Senate for the relief of Rebecca P. Nouse and Hannah Xlenzies, of Kentucky. JT Thanks to XIr. S. A. Jones, of Adams tS Co.'s Express, for his uniform courtesies to the Courier. ZW The report that the Kentucky Military Institute, near Frankfort, was burnt, is untrue. ;iT The dwelling of T. G. Xluun, near Glasgow, Ky., was destroyed by fire ou Friday night. lf room. J."?" Dr. Ilolacher wtis tarred aud feathered in Atlanta city, Ga., ou the 24th ult., for having in his possession incendiary documents. This isthe old chap who p reached here from the steps of the courthouse a couple of months since, and sold pictures and pamphlets. Red Fish and Spring Veoetap-lefor Lunch. The indefatigable I'anxer, of the South ern Restaurant, has received from the South, tomatoes, new potatoes, green peas, and cucum-b- t he gives turtle soup, red lish (the rs. best that swims), and vegetables for lunch. J5JWc are under obligations to our accommodating friend, J. Smithcrs, messenger of Adams & Co.'s Express, for New Orleans paiiers iu advance of the mail Augusta, (ia., who has won an enviable reputation by his great v ork entitled, The Organum of hie Scriptures, delivered an address of unusual ability last night, before the Revision Association, at the First Baptist Church. The speaker gave the various definition that are current of tae I'Tin Protestantism, by which he proposed to no Protestant could be true to his show that principb" of action, and be opposed to the revision of the scriptures. The address was listened lo with intense interest, by one of the largest audiences that has ever assembled at any of the anniversaries of the Bible Revision Association. tho Rev. Dr. Crawford, of Georgia, the President of the Association, will deliver the annual address, at the Baptist Church, on the t orner of Walnut and Fourth streets. Dr. t raw fold i the son of tha distinguished Wilstatesman of liam H. Crawford, who once, a great ability and of unblemished integrity, filled a large space in the mind of the American people. The son, in his religious position, is eminently worthy of such a father, and he enjoys among his Baptist brethren a noble reputation. XX'e understand that the Revision Association meets this afternoon at 3 o'clock, at the First Bapti.--t Church, for the transaction of its annual It numbers upwards of seven thoubusiness. sand nienilx rs, and its receipts last year were twenty thousand dollars, the largest amount the Association lias received in any former year. But a few years since, its annual receipts were but a few hundred dollars, but its numbers and its amount of subscriptions increase regularly every year. That I should bend my head to see If yon were earnest ,r but joking; My lip touched your. Y'ott must agree. That crime was of your ow n provoking. ycrn stay. Your head upon my breast reclining? Ornot tell tne to take a'vay The arm that was your ai- confiuin,;? "Twas long ago. and yet it seems Hut yesterday, as now recalling Our fresh young love, our happy dreams. The aut umn leaves around us falling. We little thought how it would end. That love our future life was guiding To w here we are. thi little Mend To our protection thus confiding. It can't be helped. We mnt receive The charge, while truthfully believing That love, iu his young life, will leave No greater cause than ours for grieving. It ninst be so. The breast from which Tbe little fellow strength is gaining Contain a heart iu love so rich, I, fearless, trust him to your training. AV l urk .xiturUny Prtss. The Senatorial Fisticuff. The cause of the fisticuff between Senators Clay, of Alabama, aud Cliugtnan, of North Carolina, in the Senatorial caucus, is thus stated by a Washington correspondent : In reply to a question of some Senator, XIr. Clay said: If the Senator from Illinois is nominated at Charleston, I can not, I will not support him. XIr. Clingnian (excitedly) If the gentleman participate directly or indirectly in the National Convention, it will be dishonorable to refuse to support its nominee. .Mr. Clay I shall not go to that gentleman for lessons in politics or rules of honor. I care not where he goes for Mr. Clingnian them, if he only acquires them. Whereupon Senator Clay pitched into XIr. Clingnian. Cassius XL Clay's Troubles. The New York papers publish a "private letter" from Cassius XL Clay, regarding the difficulties at Berea. It is dated XIarch 27th, and concludes : The mob increases in violence; I lie upon my arms awaiting an attack; my family absolutely refuse to retire, saving they will run bullets, and aid, as in 1170. if driveti into the woods, I shall attempt to hold my position as long ns possible; standing on the Constitution, the laws, and my right, I will defend them or die. The cannon at Lexington is sent for, and the Governor aids. Is this my eauc only, or that of the American people? I it to be vindicated in this way, and now? Shall 1 stand or fall alone? "May God defend the right." Your friend, F. S. My dtwjhttr Itoported POLICE COURT. e shiji Independence, vtilh 4,500 bales board, caught fire in the harbor of New Orleans on Friday. The damage is estimated at fffThe Opiiosition of the Eastern district have nominated XIr. Lem. Stratum for Railroad Tax Collector. Negro Hog Thief. Sandford Still, a free negro, was arrested yesterday for stealing hogs in the couuty. XV. JUDGE. Thursday, April 5, lSiiO. JOHNSTON, Drunk. Abram Long, an old man, was found yesterday lying across the pavement, on Twelfth street, druuk. The old man says he is from Pittsburg, and was ou his way to New Albany to get work, and took a glass of whisky, aud it made him sick, lie was discharged. Robert Hayes and XIan-- and Wife Drunk. his wile, Catherine, were arraigned for drunkenness. Robert has been lo Bowling Green, working on the railroad, and his wife has been here in the alms house. He came home yesterday, and they were so overjoyed at meeting that they got staving drunk. The Court discharged them, they promising they would leave the city forthwith. Stealing a Copper Kettle. John Koenig aud Wm. lierig were arrested for stealing a copper kettle from Ferdinand Hunt). XIr. Hunu stated that about 7 o'clock on XVtdnesday week, and about S o'clock the same night, he went to get the kettle and it was gone. Barbara Koe-- ! nig, a sister of one of the parties, says she saw the kettle in her mother's yard, and 6aw her brother and Herig in the yard. John Farris says he saw Koenig hide the kettle in a stable loft, aud saw him take it and sell it to XIr. Stoker. He did not see Herig there, but met him on Shelby and Green streets afterwards. Herig was Koenig's case was laid over. discharged. John Sanders, an aged Dutchman, w as prc-- ! sented for stealing a copper kettle, valued at less than 4, from one Elizabeth XlcXlullen. The case was continued until j hut I'-Th- Enpressly for theLouivllie Courier. GEORGE Schultz, who Another Foot Race. XIr. was defeated in the foot race for $5,()oO, ;t New last evening. He admits Orleans, arrived here that the "Unknown" can beat him or miy other man living, at the. distance of 200 yards. The Louisville champion don't think, however, that h'.s antagonist can "Hingthe dust in his face" at 100 yard. And we arc informed has made a second match forf 10,000, that he can't doit again The forfeit, 2,5oO, is now in the hands of the The race is to be run here in June. stakeholder. ol i.. n on C. M. CLAY. 1 aud XIrs. C. are as firm as "C." entire satisfaction. ' 18U0. XI ore Copper Thieves. John Hirman and John Farris were also in arrest for stealing a cop per kettle from John A. Wiemaim, worth 4. It was taken from bis residence, ou XIain street, one day last week. John Slubh, who lives in an alley, lift ween Gray and Chestnut, and Hancock and" Shelby, found the kettle in his house one morning last week, and during the day Farris ctime and asked him to pay for it. He then told XIr. Tiller, w ho arrested him. Harman admitted to XIr. Sweeny that he and Farris went to XIr. Wicmanu's and got the kettle, and then took it over into a lumber yard and beat it up. XIr. Harig examined the kettle, and says it Is not worth more than .. Judgment suspended unin ibe case of Harman. Farris was til held in 200 to be of good behavior one year. ."ff The story has obtained very general circulation and belief in Cuba that General al Jose de la Concha had been recently killed in a duel in Spain w iih the Marquis de la Pczucla, who was his predecessor iu the of the island. I?We have been talking with several of our farmers, aud they tell us that Ihe wheat crop is injured some, but with warm rains there will be over a half crop raised, though some of it is injured very much. Clover-porKy.) Journal. Sentence Thirty-thir- d Correspondence I III II llll I I III rrTflTil Degree of Freeniaaon, y. Ill Mil NUMBER Msi of Land, the XIurdkrer. Aor-f-i tk; IVi., gl ;i7 3. W. S. Land, the murderer of his brother-in-law- , benjamin Flanagan, has been sentenced by the Princess Anne County Court to neuiteut'iary for 13 years. the 73. UN' TIIE SOl'TIILRX Tl'HF ! of tbe Louisville Courier.! XVasuinoton, XIarch 31, lSGO. THE GREAT TWO WILE R U E ! Eddur Louixrill? Courier: The Supreme Coundegree of Freeniasi.nrv, for cil of thirty-thirThe two mile race, In which Planet was beaten the Southern Jurisdiction of the United Slates, commenced ils session in this city lat Wedby Daniel Boone, on the Xletariu course. New nesday. Orleans, caused very heavy belting, as we learn Among the members chosen and inducted on from the papers of that city. At i:ie of the betthat day was X'iee President Breckinridge, from your Slute. Kentucky has two representatives ting rooms vl,3-1were staked. Planet was the in that sublime body no State having more than favorite against the winner in the proportion two, while some have only one. It was a most of about live to one. The VirgiiiUmi fell heavy. enthusiastic meeting; the largest and best ever held by that body iu the United States. The New Orleans Picayune says the extile-meu- t Its numbers are limited to selected from was very great, and remarks: the Slates, itc, south of .Mason and Dixon's line. Our report of the race will show the srutid-- i j A very large amount of important business was. Uiion w hich all this exciletneiit wad base.L Vir transacted, much of which will teud to elevate ginia, Louisiana, and Kentucky w ere all the ,W!A ritt of .Masonry in this country, esj tiallv among those who are ignorant of its true J" ''"-'"- , and there was a goodly show of the WM'kers ot eeh, all with high hojx s elate, and Character and merits. manilesiiug the most reliable confidence in the n Friday evening th" Supreme Council held result. a Sorrow Lodge in the Unitarian church, in honor The ladies' stand was most brilli.mtlv occuf Sovereign Grand Insinctor General, the LI. pied on this occasion, and it was one of the most John A. Quitman, of Natchez, Xlississipi i. The attractive and exciting feature of the dav's church was crowded, and a l listened with great sinrt, the interest which was taken in the events pleasure to tiie imposing ceremonies, and to the ot the race by this portion of the immense ateloquent aud learned address of 111. Albert Pike, tendance. The only drawback to this was the whochained the audience for an houranda disappointment so generally manifested in the dropping!)!' a pin might have been heard. that the early termination of the contest. The beautv of The members of the Supreme Council occupied the new candidate for our ailiniritiim i.n 'tho i,;i. .i,.. . .i n.., tho "toiI,o, m.,1 ,, t!lr1' anJ. ,113 striking resemblance lo his noble Templar, as thcirguard of honor, headed bvthiir were the theme of ninth Grand .Master, B. B. French, thirty-third,- " sat in ' :,ml front Seats, the church draoed in thick, the n,ark' gnu never, we think, were such honors more eluily and elieertully paid. otliii and other solemn emblems presented a ...v eo .im USA CUAHe WO. Hi led with eight long to be remembered in this citv. seven subscribers-- and it wa generally believed 1 his ninrning the Supreme Council, escorted until within a few days, that nil the subscribers as above, with banners waving, proceeded to the would be represented Messrs. DoswtU, tien. tomb of the Father of his Country, the Immorclls, 1). F. Keener, A. Kcctie Riehanls, Jos! tal where a Sorrow Lodge was Jackson, W. J. .Minor, and Col. A. L. Kingman opened. The Supreme Council circumambulated the tomb three times, then went through the being the parties engaged, but the mishaps which befall the racing stable reduced the comceremonies especially prepared for the purpose; petitors to .Messrs. DoswcU's Planet. 1. F. Ken-at the close of which Chancellor Scott, P. G. XL, rs Sigma, and XIr. Jos. Jackson's Daniel of Xlississippi, delivered a short and very aj Boone. The brethren and visitors then oration. The announcement that only three horses dispersed about the brow of Xlt. Vernon, enjoywould start seemed to have little eil. ct uj)n ing the beautiful view and the pleasure consethose w ho had relied a larger field, and quent upon a pilgrimage to the .Medina of Ameralthough Planet was loudly called, a winner, tit icans. The follow ing i a list of the officers of the twoto one, in many instancesit was Ircelvtaken. An enormous amount of money changed hands Supreme Council, as furnished the Charleston ujion the result, and the deteal of the Virginia (S. C.) Courier, by its Grand Secretary : favorite acted as an emollient utsm us. so badly Albert Pike, Arkansas.S. G. Commander. beaten by this same "traveling conquering terrC. XL Furman, S. Carolina, Lieut, do Albert G. Xlitckh y, XL D., S. Carolina, G. S. G. or-' who visited us last spring. It must not be overlooked, in the midst of our rejoicing, that Archille Le Prince, S. Carolina, G. T. G. we are indebted for this result to the kind offices Charles Scott, Tenu., G. Xlinister of State. of our Kentucky friends. Claude Stimorv, La., G. Hospitaller. Sigma was evidently out of condition, plainly W. S. RockweiL (in., G. XIarshal. manifested before the start, and although the F. Webber, Ky.. G. Standard Bearer. race, in point of time, is better than Planet ever A. T. C. Pearson, Xiinn., ti. Capt. of Guard. made, it is but fair to conclude that the four mile Chas. Latfondf Ludebnt, ;. XL ot C. race which he so gallantly curried off on last G. A. Sehwarzman, D. C, G. Tvlcr. Friday, could have been of no advauLige to him G. S. B. in the contest of yesterday. iS;f Jtut A Outrage Seizure of the gate. Planet Boone took the lead at a moderate second, Sigma in the rear, at the Brig Jehossee. The Charleston Mercury says : halt mile Planet went up, aud in one two Information has been received in this citv of strides gave Boone the goby, evidently or perby the capture by the British steamer Falcon of 'tiie mission, tor he seemingly made no effort to prebrig Jehossee, Capt. Vincent, of this port, on the vent it; Planet led the lirst mile, 1:51; after passwest coast of Africa. The last previously known ing it, Sigma served Daniel the same wav, and of the Jehossee was her sailing for New York. an exciting run the back stretch and around the She was overhauled about the 20th of Jan nary, turn resulted between Sigma and Planet for the in the Gulf of Guinea, by the British cruiser, ou had. She passed him before getting into the suspicion of being engaged in the slave trade, home stretch, and when they had fairlv got into and boarded. Every" proper question was anstraight work, Daniel made a spleudid and d swered by Capt. Vincent, but the right of search effort, overtaking Planet and darting; at denied and resisted. Sigma. Capt. Vincent and his offiThe ran home was thrilling. Boone cers were carried on board the Falcon, and there mastered Sigma at the drawg-ite.ane tme home subjected to great indignity, being stripped of about four lungths in the lead, in The their clothing and abused iu an insulting manner shouts that rent the air could only be equaled in by the cpauletted officers of Queen Vic. Kentucky, and we are not positive we did not While the officers were thus detained, the vesrecognize some of the favorite touts of sel was plundered, the cargo broken open, and Mentors of that State. the private truuks, desks, and stores onboard The exeitemeut was intense, the get of Lexher Titled. A prize crew was put on board, and ington in the ascendant, aud Kentucky the onlv sail made for the coast. The first night was a race horse region. scene of demoniac revelry. The prize crew had Nm iW. planet darted off like an arrow pillaged the liquor from thestore ofthe Jehossee, in the lead, Boone second, and Sigma fifty yards and were helplessly drunk; indeed, so far w ere iu tho rear before they had gone a quarter of a they stupefied, that the commander of the Falmile. At the half mile Planet was not less than con withdrew them aud placed a new crew on twenty yards ahead of Boone, and apparently board the brig. The Jehossee was taken into opening the gap. In rounding the turn, howevXVhydan, but atterseveral days detention she was, er, Boone ueared him, and inereaaing his sieed on the tith of February, tendered to her officers, in the run home, left but four or five lengths bew ho refused to accept of her restoration. tween them at the close of the first mile, after Capt. X'incent, at last advices, was awaiting the arrival w hich, at an increased rate of speed pas.-in- g he of some of the United States squadron, to lay rounded the turn, and wvut to work in good his grievances before the proper authorities. earnest, the entire back stretch all the while From all accounts the affair was certainly a lessening the distance between. At the half one, anil Capt. Vincent and his crew mile they were locked. Planet for a moment d. serve ample reparation aud heavy damages. shook him off, but Bonne renewing his vigorous assault, and apparently increasing hi "speed, Another Outrage on Tns High Seas. Capt. again locked him around the turn. The run Swiisey, ofthe ship XIasconomo, from Liverpool, home was indeed exciting, Boone, however, had reports that on Thursday, the hth of XIarch, the best of it, and came home in the lead amid while on his passage hither, being otfthe Island another shower of unearthly ytlN. of Cuba, in latitude 10 deg. u5 min. N., longitude SUM MART : 75 deg. 40 min. W., he was several hours chased XiONrokV. April "Crescent t Stake, for all by a war steamer, earning the Spanish llag, who age1. Heats of two milt, four or more to nil the fired several guns, shotted, at the ship. stake, snbscription ?.".. half forfeit, the proprietor Sw asey, (curing damage to his ship, hove Capt. nl' the New Orleans "Crescent'' to add plate worth .no. if three or more start, the second hor-- e ta save to, when the war steamer came up, simply i;i- .:. (l, h: stake. Al'lh.. al,t .1.. b. c. Daniel Boone, and whither bound, and then kit unetrtmoni- - J f lmP' 1 Vv ' ously, sailing away to the eastward. 1 te. Capt. Swascy states that during all this timo T. Ji T. V. Doswcli's th. c. Planet, by Ke venue, he had the American flag flying, as wt-- as the out of Niua, 4 y. o 3a V. V. br. f. Sigma, by Kpeilon, out of ship's private signals. He adds that the followimp. Varteletta. 4 y. 0 ing day he was boarded hy an officer from the Sdia Xlessrs. Minor, Weil, Itichards aud Biuptniaa.pd. ft. U. S. war steamer Sau Jacinto, to whom he related the particulars ol this outrage, who reTmz: quested hiin to report the same immediately up-o- u 1st Heat 2d Heat. First mile 1:."1 his arrival in jajrt. l:ll Sjccund mile L IT.V A circumstantial report like this deserves more L'47V than usual attention at the prescut time, when 3:"xs. a.'5'. V our relations in the Gulfare by no means such as could be desired. As to the exactness of the The IVew Orleans Foot Race. statement, moreover, there can scared v be a From tbe New Orleuu Delia, Mou.l.iy.J doubt, or if there were, it could readilv be ascertained from official and authoritative sources. Yesterday the word "lost' in all its bearings A". O. IV:, Tuetday. Perand contradictions was in the ascendant. sons who were considered fiist fixtures in the To Thieves and Harlots. The announceregion of the hearth circle became !a.--t in their ment that the Rev. Wm. P. Corbit would preach progress towards the racecourse, 'ihose who a sermon specially to thieve and harlots, Li.- -t had fasted all night, gloriously, fantly, feasted on evening, in the Greene-stree- t .Methodist Church, their hopes and breakfast in the morning, and crowded that spacious edifice, the largest of the were off to the races. Those who were slow Xlethodist churches in the city, in spite of the men became fast quick men to see the fastest rain out of doors. There were, however, but men iu the world, as we are speedily told by the very few of these classes present, according to respective backers ofthe "Unknown" and the the best information w hick our reporter could "Known." Yes, ere yesterday morn's sun had obtain; three or four thieves and two harlots, beamed forth and had given warmth to early day, considerably less than the usual proportion. This hundreds, 11a v, thousands of persons, might was natural, as these people, w hen they do athave been seen going at the fastest rate, their tend church, do not seek to attract attention ; Vehicles or muscle, human or horse, from high and to be present last evening was to be a target metal to "low shanks mare," could carry them for the coldest and most unfeeling curiosity. to the Creole race track. Two men, one Every woman who was present was looked u'iKn named Schultz, of Kentucky, the othcrtraveling with suspicion by all, except her acquaintances, under a tioinmt dc tpttrre of the "Trenton Boy," and every man was supposed to be a thief. At or the "Unknown," who is said to be really a XIr. Reed, of Philadelphia, least one would have thought so from the were the chief particular attention which everybody paid attractions to these thousands of persons, together with some inducements in the shape of to his own pockets, and to everybody Imagine 2,500 men, each one of "little bets." The knowing ones, who love this else. w hom was suspicious class of innnlr art, winked and squirmed out that the 2.4'.!) had designs on his own purse, and that the (JOO women had hints to the effect that some 2'iO,OU had been equally mercenary dtsigus upon his honor. Our bet iu this city on the race, w hile an amount fearrejiorter 6aw no oue, except XIr. Corbit, who ful to calculate is represented to have been "planked," and with which we would not bore did not have one hand where hi3 money was to be. The sermon was based on a numour readers in telling, throughout the Union. In tact every dime of the mints and treasuries ofthe ber of passages from the Life of Christ, that in country was supposed by some to have been inrelation to the penitent thief, and to the woman vested, while others made slight allusions to the to whom He said, go and sin no more, were Barings and Rothchilds having a little "plum" in prominent. XIr. Corbit very earnestly and impressively extended the scheme of salvation to the pie. Ou principle and interest, however, thieves and harlots, dwelling with great emphathere were some gentlemen who did not put in any amount above a million. sis on the the continual danger in which they The preliminaries being completed, the two stood of Sing Sing, w ith which he compared the terrors and tortures of helL He painted, in men appeared on the ground the Unknown looking a thin, and tall specimen of glowing colors, the dangers, temporal aud eterhuman anatomy, bearing a satisfied air of sucnal, which the burglar dares in the prosecution t of his profession. Altogether his sermon was cess; while the other, a medium-sized- , calculated to do much good to the classes for fellow, looked all of the satisfied air, and a great The distance deal more of the human anatomy. which it was intended, and perhaps it was not lost; for it was heard by many to run was two hundred yards, the stakes or men and many managing mammas w ho are watching and prize 5,000. A". 1. Tribune. In sporting vernacular, the Unknown for rich waiting "put outhis toot" a duty, we think, quite XVomen Boxing. The Chicago Press and Trirequisite toafast running man and beat the in of bune says two women actually had a boxing brave Schultz "something were the region reten feet off," a we toll', a match at a public hall in that city a few nights gion we should like to be beaten by a short ago. Here is its account of this latest and most armed man. The time is narrow l v stated nt I11", lN,'i, to l'J,s .j seconds, but, as much disagreement disgusting novelty : existed, tempers, too, on There is Heenan training in England for the of watches c are unable and state the exact time.this w to championship of that "right little tight little subject, The judges and jury were nil at loggerheads on island," aud litre in Chicago, lust night, XIrs. the time question. The first lifty yard Schultz Smith and XIrs. Jones had a set to w ith the on then buckskin, and polished one another's faces at led the way; betting was Schultzup bets Schultz on go up the Unknown gains on the German Hall. "The world docs move," and gains further ahead Schultz; the Unknown Ihe most enthusiastic advocate of Woman's bets go up further, until he finally and coolly Rights must have been content last evening. gained the triumphant spot. The friends of Surdv, all the paths of fame are open to woSchultz talk about IO,iX0 bets, or 5,000 a side, man. Lola gave to a full house a piquant lecture ou him, against the Unknown, for a race in June at Metropolitan Hall, aud XIrs. Smith and .Mrs. next, in Louisville. Jones as aforesaid. Shall we confess to having looked in at the latter, fearing that in the excluThe XV at of the Transgressor. One ofthe sive attention being drawn to the coming eon-teperformers in the horrid tragedies of the Robeson English soil our home institutions might pierre period, has just met a dismal end at the We saw with our own eyes be left to languish. sge of !7. A vagrant and a beggar for the lat XIrs. Smith and XIrs. Jones, and witnessed their 40 year, Lizarctz, being kuow n as Tablilz Le show of science. Barbti. sought and got shelter this week at the How they hit out with their lefts and planted fireside of a petisant in the hamlet of St. Sym-- 1 the blows home on one another's countenance! horien, near Lyons. Lell alone, he was struck There were four rounds, each livelier than the w ith epilepsy, and fell headlong into the brazier. other, and when the curtain fell, XIrs. Jones had He had been factotum to the miscreant Carrier, XIrs. Smilh's head in chancery and was making at Nantes, in executing the famous Novade motions like putting on rouge powder or lily were plunged into w hen hundreds of Bretons white iion her (Mrs. Smith's) features, ou a handcuffs. the Loire iu batches and large scale, aud using a wash leather pad eight inches broad. Thomas Henard, of Cleveland, Ohio, who Seriously, the exhibition wasn't very creditahad been in the habit of calling for brandy and ble to our modern civilization. helping himself, at a drug store in that city, on .Monday last drauk two ounces of creosote in in two mistake for his favorite liquor, and died the phyThe New Land Office Commissioner. hours afterward, in spite ol the efforts of The XVashington correspondent of the New Or sicians, who were immediately called to his aid. leans Crescent mokes the following complimentaDuel. A hostile meeting fook place yester-il-i- v ry notice of the appointment of XIr. Joseph 8. young a'tcmoon at the Oaks, bitween two Manuel Wilson to the Commissionership of the Land between .'cnllcmcn of this city, ';l l5"1"'!- Xlessrs. weapons ( )ffiee: The l,u liloseo and XIr. XVUson's appointment is a singular instance used w ere small sw ords, and XL De la Borde, we learn received quite a serious w ound from his of promotion, through a loug course of years, A". O. Urltn, M. ant;igouist. from one of the humblest positions eventually up to the head of one of the most responsible Storm and Snow i Belgium. On Tni"srr.R He aud important bureaux of the Government. Sunday, February l'.ith, violent thunder storm, is one of the most remarkable men in Washingaccomi'uuied by an unprecedented heavy fall of Probably every observer in Washington ton. Twelve churches snow, overspread Belgium. has been struck by the eccentric appearance aud nervous gait of an extraordinary looking man, were simultaneously struck by lightning, three wearing a large cloak aud walking the streets of them being totally di strov td aud the others much injured. He is pointed with an air of deep meditation. out by those who know him well as a reserved, J?"A young lady rashly attempted suicide in vet, despite his reserve and studious genius, and Covington the other day, but a doctor saved her by those acquainted modesty, acknowledged life. An accepted suitor had demanded his ring ol his great learning, to be with the resources and daguerreotype in consequence of her breaki here is oue of the finest scholars in America, ing an engagement to go with him to the theascarcely a branch of human study ol which he ter. This love is a singular thiug. and that information has not some information, acquired bv the untissisted and patient labor ot A Boston Post ino. Dining at Parker's, the He speaks most of the modern languages years having them all other day, a shameless rascal, omu.tnting on of Fiirope with fluency, with 110 learned assistance some excellent other hi.iy.v, had the audacity to teachers, and without sxr6.r" is It "Positively, this furb of than his books. Such achievements partmind and say afterwards discovered that; the fellow is one wos of an ofof scholarship on the attainments for "X'anity Fair." of the writers ficer of the Government, occupied the greater portion of his life in the daily routine ol indise t3jr-Ware informed that the scarlet fever pensable and exacting duties, is indeed an object has been prevailing to a considerable extent of wonder. among children in this city during the past two establishments in Charleston weeks. A number of fatal cases have occurred, and there are yet a large number of casts undi r are not permitted to keep opeu ou Sundays. treatment. jk. This is Interestiujj to politicians just uow. 8::i. t:.'."! ? If you were vexed, why did Theater. Xlaturin's play of Bertram was performed lat night to a fair house only. The play itself, independent of the great merit of the stars, should have drawn a large house. It is remarkable for beauty of language, which re deems its slightly overstrained senument. XIrs. Waller's performance of the part of Imogene was most admirable, especially during the third act, the drop curtain falling to a hearty round of Xlrs. XV tiller has made a strong and applause. lasting impression upon the Louisville public, and we have no doubt that her next engagement will be more profitable than the present one. a very clever production of its class, Pauline, or the Assassin of the Chateau, is to be enacted. In construction, it is remarkably artistic worked up by one thorougly conversant with the resources of the stage, and the manner of making it available. We remember seeing the play performed at Laura Kecne's theater, where it had a most successful run. XVith XIr. and XIrs. Wallace in the leading parts, it will be most effectively performed, aud no doubt give Tun Albion A Fine Knoraving. The agent of the New York Albion, XIr. XI. Collins, is can- vassing this ci'y for subscribers. This paper af-fords the best collated European news of any pa- per in America. The agent w ill present a beau- fal engraving, Ihe ''Deer Pass," to each subseri- bcr. The engrav ing is worth the price asked for the paper. f 7" Jesse Talbrrt is the Deinoeratie candidate street inspector, and G. T. May for railroad tax collector in the Eastern district. They are coin.ctont men for the place they ask, and the people can confide those ollices to no better men. A KISS. We two were sitting quite alone. Your head upon my shoulder resting; The laving tnuonliglit 'round us shone. You pouted out your lips suggesting pastor of the Christian Church iu Importation of a Nigger A Sensation. Messrs. XVallace ic Lithgow, of this city, have been the first, w e believe, to import a nigger sineo the rejical of the law of ltvl; and the arrival of the thing created quite a sensation. He can be seen for a few days at their establishment on Main street, and we think nn examination will satisfy the most credulous that he will be of service in the position in which he is likely to be placed. This kind of a nigger is made of belter material than those generally in use in this State. Being of the cast-irokind he will stand a great deal of hard work, without kMecting his consli- tution. An iron nigger for the purpose of hold- ing a horse is a rich idea, and it is the subject of this paragraph. Iirsi LT OF TRAf-I- Yon did begin. Yon can't deny You kissed me first. Don't you remember Ilovv splendidly the in. am rode high Anil full, that evening iu September? Avoriation. S. Lamar, 6- - "TTTT EXPRESS OFFICE ROBBED! i;i"hth Anniversary of tiie Bible Revision J. APRIL ONE TUOIS AXD DOLLARS REWARD! and City Watchmen takes place The canvass has been fin exceedingly quiet one, and we have not for years known an election litre that has been preceded by so little excitement and party feeling. True, both parties have their candidates, but we think there is more of a disposition on the part of the people, than has been lately evinced, to ignore party polities, and vote for the safest, soundest, and most reliable men, regardless of lrty. XVliile we rejoice that this is so, aud also in the fact that the candidates nominated by both pat ties are good men, we may be permitted to say a word in behalf of those Democratic members of the last Council who arc candidates for reelection. Their official Conduct during the past year has been such as should strongly them lothe favor of all conservative men, and of every voter w ho really has the city's welfare nt heart. Tiie Democratic members of Ihe General Council during the past year have brought forward no partisan measures, and carefully avoided being drawn into any political discussion, deeming it to be their duly to legislate for the interests of Louisville, aud not waste their time by arty maneuvering. In the he,i;inning of the year they proposed deductions of salaries in a number of cases where they deemed the salary to be too high, and, in some cases, succeeded, as the" record will show. They oll'ered to the members of the Opposition party a proposition, that they would make no nominations fir any olllco, but would vote for good, conservative men of their own party, but thi proposition was rejected by the dominant party, and iu caucus of seventeen out of eighteen of their own number, they nominated alt the city ollieers to be elected, thereby preventing conservative men of their owu party from having a fair chance of election before the General Council of the city of Louisville. This measure insured the defeat of some excellent men. The Democrats in both boards of the General Council voted against the proposition, that passed both branches, to take from the people the election of Auditor, Assessor, Treasurer, Tax Collectors, and Street Inspectors, fcelingthat the people of Louisville were as competent to elect these olliecrs ns were the General Council They introduced, and had passed thrctigh the Common Council, an ordinance to have the pub-li- e institutions of the city supplied by auntiul contrac t, by the lowest aud best bidder, thereby cutting oil members of the Council from the superior privilege. But this ordinance failed iu the Board of Aldermen, from the members of the Opposition voting against it. They, in every instance, as their recorded votes will show, voted against the proposition to increase the salaries of of'ieers at the end of their year of service, as in the recent cases of the Chief of Police, Assistant City Attorney, and Physician of the Eastern District. As good citizens, and as law abiding men, they have advocated conduct inirthe approaching election as directed by law. This was necessary, in order lo set the example of our duty as men. They voted against the creation of the late new and unnecessary ol'.ice, as they deemed it, of Street Commissioner, feeling that the Mayor, Engineer, and his assistants, were sullicient to do the duty pr.iptr by the St rent Commissioner. We ak conservative, moderate, and fair men to weigh well these facts, aui alter carefully survey '.iig the matter and deliberating as to their duty, we will be entirely content to abide the decision of their better judgments as declared at the ballot box. ' Tom Summers. -- Louisville nevi r had a better, more faithful or more tflieicut otlieer than Tiios. T. Summkks, who now j resents liis name h a candidate fur City Tax Collector in the Eastern District. He is a worthy mid reliable gentleman, and is eminently worthy of the hearty support, of the substantial and conservative voters of his district. We hope they will rally to his supjiort, and by a larj;e majority si cure for themselves a public servant w ho will be true and faithful to his trust. ROCKAWAYs; ROCKAWAYS; BK.GIES; T - ve. notice that we RFTERr.IVO to Mthe a'.- AND we rive maniif tctarioe wille IKllN hifierto carried on t.y A., F. Ward A Co. at tbe corner of Main a:.d Taelfth street-- under the name and stile . f LHJin IJl KS A M ALU. W e rei.etfully a.ilicit a call from ail persons sauting articles iu our line. K. P. I.IGnTLTRX. m2T dtf March K. A. F. W Akl. XOTICE. FlHK eopartnerpbip heretofore exi1ine between P. 7. I Mar"n and t.eorfe R. Pent. in. under the firm of MAU-Tl. A I'lA'I.IS. wa- - dioolved on the Irt hy the leih of l.eorre R. pen'on. The loisuiesa of tbe Tate nim wtli lie clacd up tiy the underi'"ie.L . Z. MAUI IX. Survivi nit Partner. leli dtf OPARTAERMIIP .VOTICE. HAVE f rmd a enpartnership under the firm of M A l;l I a Ci;i IHAI i. II. anil will continue the IU! Y r;ult.-- basUies. at the old staudof Martin A Pentou. 1. .. M AK1 N". M.Fouh JNO. E. CKI MBAUC.n. lell dtf THE U. COACHES! CO. ia this day dissolved firm of A. F. WARD inut'ial C"iia-DJno. W. ttevens havinr retired on the 2l of January laat. and A. D. Mil.- I avmrsold bis P. Liirbtburn. retires entire iutere! ill tue linn to Ri. from th- - au.e. K. P. l.ichtburn and A. F. tVard ko.'. tnem in t:e same Lusii.ex. and will aettie ail liabilities, rid ar authorised to coded ail accounts du the trm of A I: I. Co. A. F. A. F. Ward A D. MILES. March 2S.lr1. JollX W fclEYEXS. 1. 1"V'. SOXSiOWDEX, guarantee of tbe toiiiidnet! and duraJ llity of the m m5 Lotivti.i.:, January riArZlIS, IlZ. ri'uine gi.o.ocIution5--i1avtncr5hip.- i. t. ALllJliN i x 12 x s , Is ' Arrest of a Murderer. Xlurder will out: lie who imbrues his hand in the life blood of hi- - ft way escape from- justice for a titue, but or later he pays the penalty. Some mouths flo, A. L K'.lj ati 'n k murdered JtinieR Bo'.idy iu Danville, Illinois. He fled, and although diligrut ttf.irts were made to secure him, he was not taught until yesterday. Policeman Oalla- Lrher observed a man sitt'ii; iu front of the Gait reeisely. lie lbiusc w ho suited the description et:tered into a conversation with the man and was soon satisfied it was the fugitive murderer. He escorted him to jail, and last nhiht a dispatch w:u? received sayintr that olliecrs would be sent for him, Kiljuitrii k first jrave his name as Daniel Bird, but subseiiuently admitted he was the individual He has been working on the wanted in Illinois. river for two or three months. T!i rendered twent .ally rrtces;trT. nlMr-rautiin q uaiit it ie of Inferior and defective Linen are rep;ired, w ith the name of Kit il8fm n rterrei""ri. And I.v Iri-- h AKIS-- . of the injury Hou.m. who, rennrdl'-:: Ted on tiie Anerican consumer i,nd the (jood.-will not re;idi!y abandon a the . tjrofiiaMe. lMine-hile ptirt-I- risers can be imposed nmrTTifiTtTMrnrrnrMi THE e. NEAR WALXtT. Linens and those dcIr- (lON'SCMKRS of the renuine rood, should see tnt tl e articles they purchase ai e sealed w ilu tbe full name of the fir 01. t IIUiST DkM. KiTeury. D1EBCT0U3. IT. Ptokes, JrsE K. Birir, JoHIt riAKBf.K. F. I.. Ill f mK. p. Cakkt. n Iliijirr.T. ; Wm. II. tpmii, . " ki Will. Wattixs. Janll drf f - Dennxratie Cormiiittee met in Washiii.iTtfin yesterday, Col. G. A. Caldwell, of Louisville, iteridiiio-It will he seen Dya tele- eTrajihic disjiatch that it has lieen unanimously dei-idJ that the Deinoeratie Convtution beheld al Charleston. IUCHAItDSOyS IRISH SAZSASZS, - n aai Lttgntiiirc Act oiiiuioiI:i- The Charleston Convention. iu. INSURANCE CO, Jluui.l CniCAGO Persons wanting post-tinainps can he sup- plied hy calling at tilis oiiiee. LOl ISVILLE. RY. No. Sl Ml! fTHF.KT, WI'K, (over the the I'.ank T ;oe of i,. w. THIS Conn. any I" er.Fwl In reneral MAKINE ANJI Fi HE X.--l RANlE busi- Ues.outnc ioo-- t nigral term. a -- T and Notice to Advertisers. TLc j;rfat edition wc will print of the lire! nuiiibtTof the Sunday Courier, is worthy tlio atn'niion of advertisers. Those who wi-- h nil- vertiseiiR'tits inserted, will please hand in their favor this day, or at the earliest hour row, praet hable. X rAXTFACTrnER of all kind of Ornaments for exfe. 1 ri .r deeort.tion of lPiil.iini.-s- . urh a Capital for Coiiimn. Window Cap. Brack- -' f ir Cornice. )onr. of every varietv of Ac.: Chimrev Tops and Gard n d. MTrcu WoKiv Centerpieces, ICunniiwI Ac . of the lat st and in..-- ! m. d. rn st vie always on etil.ihitioii at the Works. CrCirculars with reference 1.1JT dtf and prl. e hst to lie had on application. V m. Terry, liuft Brent, AMEiUCAX Orpoite 11:10 A. M., G:55 P. XI. 8:10 A. 51. .K TO- riFTII STREET. IIite, SecrctarTDJiECTOr.". Wm. C ay. Wm. C arrin.'.eow. W. Anderson, J a '!.- IS. W li.ler. laiveWm. Ilurhe. F. V'arren Newconib, '!i. k. C. CifctUcaan. New Albany tit-- Falls City Terra Cotta "Works, AxkAM . Acconmiodatioii The Naiional JAMES TEAEUE. President. I.. No. Lnirrano-- Postajie StHiiiits. raAIJIIIalN r t. Jeffersowii.i.f. and Indianapolis C:X A. M., 2:- -. 1. M., J P. M. Louisville and Nashville 2:W P. M., 2 P. XI. Li lniioii Bi'iinch ll:a0 A. M.. 4:52 P. XI. Louisville. Frankfort and Lexington J .hn White. Aito. W. Mra.1. jani.-- and Chicago A. M. Arrival or Trains. n If. WatT'.ner. i. Loul-yill- e. I'KOPPaETOIIi DIKECTORS. Rwvf n. T. liian. i.ic?!. J .. M. 1...1L JohnComwall, A. al o:".0 A. M., 4:.V) 1'. M., 8:15 I'. M. GILMORK, iit !. fecTetarr. V New Albany i M , 10:15 A. M., 10.15 A. M., 2:110 4:10 1 M. p.B.movs titkeo onhhiyTiienti. hy teaniltoata, the uual niode at Ma. a'.d Aio on the bulla alid a;.jHrteiiaucei. ..f teaiiiUii. yvjiiA ml la, I'reMuem. - t IAItl'IS an21 dly VPKILG. r Jeffersonville and Indianapolis Q A M., 3:45 T. !.; 11:45 I. M. Louisville and Xashyille 7:J0 A. Xr., 5:iD I. M. Lelmnon Kruncli l'.::X) A. M., S P. Louisville. Frankfort and Lexington t) HARRIS HOUSE LEBANCK, ST. of Main atreet. opposite tiie re of fcawbon, Cood, the v hnn i.le on t' e OFFICE of Louinnorth over ilie. Y MORXIXO, Louisville. $:: (). do; rl.itirl.on Mononeahela do; hhb. old Apple lirandy. 4 years old; linported iirandv; 5" raks do; tirhl liome-ai5 Holland liiri; 12 '. cask- - Imported Port Wine; do; li'ht.U i.iotrr do. in hid Mad-iAIo. a general assortment of Liquors Wine. Cigars. dtvH dtf Tobacco. AC. AC. 3i ;i )y in- - l Latest Telegraph l)i.atches, Rivor and Steamboat Xews, Comuier-riMatters, etc., see Fourth Page. Departure of Trains. Ji'-I'o- I.l la Ion Mii 4"ha A. Ti'nlon. Jaiuec Rri.iireford, W. . hret c R. Alien. K..oert MurrtlL Jirse Br paid r..a EOUISVIEI.E. Fit II) LIvl'OR MKKCIIANTS. WHOLESALE AND L'randy, Wines. 4c. 6"7 nlJ Retail Dealers iu Wlii.-kMarket street, atiove ltrook, north aide. Louis-r"rvilie. Ky. IL.iA In store and f r fa!e Sin tihlf old Copper Whi-kdo; J.i tilils common f LRti.-ix-u DAILY COURIER. superior Bourhon Wliiaky, 4 year old; 2 do do, do; do lo cakf Comae Crandtea; no do; a V, do Fort ine: 15 W do Madeira Wine; do; do Mien-lo III I.I h old Apioe Brandy, pure; V do do; do d i. do V ines. various hraiMa; Champagne N. L'liigaor'.h O.. S and J. M. Mi'.ler.'s Native Wineo'ale Al.- ami l'ort'-r- . Claret iu and eaea. Amuaette. Al'futhe. Mitras'hino. Curaeoa, Ac. AW a la rire and well assorted at.Kk of freh Fruits, Sau reajed Ooods ol all ile ce- -. Pickles, and hennetieally acriptiou. at loaest market price. mil R. A. Mill I)KR A LIRECT0R5. Wawonor. Iiaii.iU. (.i::', V in. E. S:...ddv. Joi n rtuiia. . nu T. Moor. ( LAIlk, fc 'm hhis ' h hi fO.MI'AXr. NEWC0MR3 KriDIXG. OrF!"ErIN correr v a: n aiiu Tallin tireel riiiraiice on uariertj i a,iiii i.i.iw Unau.i.-vcure.i .ixi )oin.ietil l.r hw at Fa, and '' ttie uual niods of inland transportation; ou uuildinr ai-- foodr &ga:ut loaa or damage ly fir' R BT"RCE. Pre lent. CHAS. g. AkMl KONG, Vice rreeident. Jot. L. DiXfuanu. r.cretary. P.. IT. aui t MUTUAL INSURANCE. rEOFLE'S n IMPORTER? AVI) WHOLESALE DEALER? In AViio-a- , LiqurH. Ciifar. and Fancy Groceries. Nu. ti i uird street. lia e in atore and for No. iu Wal! street. New York. Catfi! jv'als t.av ili;n ruled and hound to any paper and paged m iiitirul and aciMirate t le. Every of Hook Iliinliug executed on reason-a- l .tcau.i.oat Itook of all kinds kept contant!yon hand at.d niade to order ut hort notice, and of the liuct mate-r- i Kf . .' ca i.(J rmi;ixSo. Wall streeL New York. kirk isi'Rce ivmpaw, Capital and Surplus MU.YTAI K KIKE Main etr. ot. 3d Ky . maiiufac-Z-- I ir turer .f all kind, ol IiUiik Book, and til: hand a large aaortuient a K keep fc lu. c.ierat lioieaie or retail. Hoo'ks made lo o.lcr l.laiik Meivhinti. and other i::utttal plan, rettirn-l:- . UicprcliU of Ui f EVER! t Tiiiid. WFHB IVXaiii4. 7".:AJoorlel. J FOR Al ERTI-IU- f BOOK ZHAXUrACTOHT. -- Cih l'A!II R TF co:ii-tin- nRT1xTriuTx?E! IO. Lost and Found. P.oatdinp. For Rent, snd : Reuiovuls. will be charged lifty cents per naif square of five l;o. or less, for liist insertion, and twenty-livcents for eac i addilional one. without alteration. one Insertion tl W) Z lint square ;m lines agate or 'St addilional ins ti. in souare eacli . ID ; r"i ine suuare one month, without alteration ot' 1 ire two month 10 IrOiiesniiaicthree months ,l ' 2 souaiv ai montiis eO 00 square twelve month i iif twice a week ml. eOiie square changible weekly S1; for ty-(isquare changahle weekly, six inontl.s three months Jo. t ial notices, intended to draw attention to .I'liTerpvi-eso- r bi.sin. ss. to inventions, iirprovemetit. and articles for sale, will be chargedat the rate of twenty cent a line. C Societv. Char'tahle. and Pol.t'.Cal Notice. fr the tiiwt. and 2j-- 'or each stit.e,,nenl ipse: ti m, and willnut be published unless paid for In sd' va"ce. ( e"M :rri ic s and Death notice ilcf r each Insertion. ; for. and proceedings of, political ward meeting id be charged half price. JifN'" yearly contract made, by which advertiser lis the privilege of chaiigini; matter or stjle of caid without a.!'l;tl"lial charge. CiAll advertisements required t' be kept on second page i li in. i as nkw Kit u dav, and on third page an ad. Ni l. over stated rate. I y"Ad .ertisenient.- - directed to be pisplatnd, or set in I i l cl,i.ri e.i double WEEK j.Y COI'nirr len cent .1 abatement lor length or line lor each from the F.awith a large anil of M;lliiiery and Fancy tlood-- , of i:iui..n,. Klovera. Head 1'resatR. Caiw, I'rea . lih'vea. Coreta, Hooi r.imiiiiiua. Eiiiiroidrris li.wi. tft. Ac. to wh, eh Mhe invites the xtteliti.'U of the Liieii are particularly reueau-- to call and 11 her stock before i:urchasintr elncwhere. 'i'hankftd past favora. ahe h..e. to me;i: a continuance of tiie Uoerall) liesioaedou lirrh. rrt ia.rouaP-cs- AGENCY AGEXTii. M y ci UUHiity V TI A3 just returned I I avlendi.1 airiitni4-n- r ERXOX . auol TERMS OF blBM HIP! MRS. M. A. O'CONNOR CO.. of Couwav. Maw. i.(IUW PAID AT THIS " THIRD (STREET, Daily Courier per year. 0' mi Daily Courier f..r tne country ii u Or, Bve copies lo a club one year Daily Courier, when delivered b i la .c per week. tlf) Weekly Courier, one jear 3 HI Tao copies Weekly one ear 5(0 " " " Four ID tl) Tea Ot) . enty ' ; jf So paper ever sent unless paid for in adv VI ' York cay. iJji.vM of Ne RANCE CO., of Neir lui f,.! .jci') 53 L0LI0VIU.E, KY. ajia the tiioftt illi oal. Pcrluuiery. of Toil.-nrl: lcs t.(Ctlirr it!i Notion. Willow Wares, c. of every rit:on. coiuiirisin; in all the most Pl assort.iii iit eivr brought to thui S f r. lr. Frysut :'.! renmiTi to receive an.I 1 wait upon her .mi the public at on her oM gt tnit. while Mr. Miller will tie .ea.-- t to hi frieioto and cnt..inerii at the tand No. li; K.iurtire.'t. r- lilicd. lackii delivered iu tue rity lrd. au H.irtUl.d. inndlf : of New York City. CO. COURIER PRINTING COMFY," by the Kentucky .Ori. SI AM) with of Mtllinrry and of the lat- -t Btvlen of fuil t'U-T- l LOUISVILLE MOHiMAG, - The annual election for District otllceis, Aldermen, Common Couucilineu, Si hool Trustees, EY THE NO. IOC. MILLER, &. AXD PUBLISHED i JMvnMISPaMg The City Klectiou i Under an Act of Incorporation granted Legislature. Millinery and Fancy Stores, Ii:ive jut retiirpe.l from t!ie Es "v Ty a CO.. of New York City. INSURANCE Capital and AND FlH'RTU STREET. 106. Ie,(0i) aud barplus 4i BRYANT, .T. BRYANT ENOLANn riKE AND MARINE INSURANCE tO.wPAN i. of HrUold. Cuuu. C! Capita MAMr.Mt' TEMPLE. 8. 3IRS. 31. S4JU.UW. CITY FIRE INSI'RANE COMPAN Y, of Hartford. Conn. Cask aim surp.m,. NEW LOUISVILLE COURIER IT loci4 KiiiN I u (JK i.uui&vii,LiL, i the folloirlii TO THE PUBLIC. i.iri? Richmond, Ky., April 3, 1S. The nndf riirned having been appointed br the committee lor the removal of J. G. Fee an his asotiates, a for the correction (Jr certain gross misapprehensions and mis- .ocee-niwhich have been published With re-- g l to !h .r action, submit to the tubAie tbe statement : Feu and his accomplices a set of Abolition rt.isstoi.ari. s scut here principally from tho oRh had toiishcd inscomerof thtcounty. In a stenle :,n l mountainous district, an Afioo-tio- n scttlemei.t, witli a location, the be- -t 01 any in Lie State iu our judgment), lor insurrettioa or stampedi whose influences had already j spread among the slave pf,pulatioii ot that end of the county supported entirely by moil vile rived from the radical Abolitiuuisi 0: fie North,, from its ra; U vrow,f, aUii the large i.imids of money at its disposal, wi;u consequences by which such enterprise, are attended, must in a short tiuie Lavs Tendered not only r,ro:,crlY li:;tn-li To break up this serrb meiit, so laraa to removes all just and reasonable ground of apprehension, woo deemed by the grea,i body of Uie cuiztu of the county a ju-- t aud necessary a. t of To accomplish this purpose this committee wa appointed with large disc rclio nary rowers. Under this authority the committee detormLa-ed- , as r.n invariable rule of aii..n, tir-- t to remove the missionaries, and not to interfere w:t! any citizen ofthe county, whatever his opinions or doctrine might he, uul. ss he went fur a t lexteud active ail or defense to these missionaries, thus identif. ing himself with the enemies of the peace and security of our community. U hich determination has been proclaimed in thei most public manner, aud has been, aud ill adhered to. On .Monday, the St'.th uit., a portion of retired to Be rca, for the purpose of removing Hanson, one of these missionaries, who had returned, aittr having once left; and there met with a man named ll.ilev uij oue named Bland, understood t.. he the most active ot the sympathizers, and who had made repeated threats of assassination, cVc. A conversation ensued, which resulted ia the panic shaking hands, and parting with protestations ot peato and good w id on both sides. V hen immediately Haley ami bland commenced raising a partv for the attack, armed with guns the committee, having, with a lew exceptions, only side d at tempted to cut off their return, an hour or two afterwards, by draw ing up serosa their road declaring their intention to recuse Hansoa, whoiu they supposed the committee had arrest.-d- , and firing upon them, wounding one man. The fire being returned by the committee, the BereanA retreated over a kill, ia the direction of a log house. The committee remained upon thesTrouna and utter consultation, being short of ammiuur tion, derailed for their hornet. To justify this treacherous and t'.astardlv attack, it is now alleged that the attack was made on account of the mistreatment, by some of tho committee, ot XIr. George West, "indecent language used ia the presence of hie daughters, and the rude and unauthorized searching of tho h..ues of Berean. .Mr. West is in poor health, and is of opinion that he has but a short time to live, and has sent us two messages, requesting us to deny the statement, not wishing the sanction of hi) name to be appended to so base fabrication; but state, ou the contrary, that those of the committee who came there, behaved like gentlemen. The committeemen, who are men of undoubted veracity, deny that they searched, or even entered, any house without the owner's permission, with one exception, and that wa the house from which Hanson is believed to have fled, disguised in woman's clothing, and from which house a shot had been fired at them; and there they offered no insult nor aggravation" of any kind. The committee state that the worst language used, if not the worst they ever beard used, lor obscenity nnd profanity, wm used by some of the women "of the place. The committee and citizens repaired to the place on the follow ing day, but the attacking Irty had iled to the woods! No violence of any kind was perpetnted, except to break Hanson's miil, so as to render it for the preseut nseles. ia w hich they believed themselves justified. The w hole of ihe attacking party have been notified to leave, except one old uuta, who, being ytrr penitent, was excused. The whole proceedings of this committee have been characterized by the greatest moderation, patience, and fortieurance, under circumstance of the greatest and most trying provocation. The coinmiitee have been sustained and supported in their action by the citizens of the county with a unanimity heretofore unexampled. They have reported from time to lime to public meetings, on public days at the court house; aud in every iLStance their action has been unanimous!? approved. The meeting on .Monday, April Lid, when all the recent acts were reported, was one. ofthe largest we ever saw Convened at th- court hous.'. and the approval unanimous. .Many of the charges against the commuter, such a.s a design to assassinate citizens and excite civil war, are too absurd and riihculous to require denial, much Us refutation. 1 hi committer, in all they have done or may do, merely act as the organ of the county, and wheuever they cease to occupy that position, they will cease to exist. REUBEN MUNDAT, T. J. MAC PIN. J. XV. CAPER-TON- THUS. S. BKoNSTON. Jr., ROBT. RHODES STONE. New Albany Coi rt XI tters. The whole of the morning has been consumed in the case of the State vs. XI inirva Jamison, for unlawfully, maliciously, and designedly disturbing a chart h. There are more witnesses'to be examined than there has been in any case, criminal or civil, for a number of year in this countv. It appear that the minister in charge had said, in relerrinir. to the discipline of the church of which the defendant was a member, that if that ithe discipline) be true, the Bible is a lie, nt the same Lime and inviting some one in the congregation to "pitch in." The defendant did pitch Tc, and alter oue or two rounds, the parties did not. come to time, much to the discomfiture of the friends of Hie vanquished parson and the dtlighu of the friends of the lady. Yesterday evening the time of the Court vii taken up in the discussion of a demurrer filed v .Messrs. Smith vV Kerr to a petition tiled bv Mrs. Pcnnebiiker, w ho claims tu be the heir at law of XIr. Wykoff, who, our readers will recollect, died last summer, leaving some property. The argument was humorous in the extreme, inasmuch as our venerable friend, the Judge, was not disposed to ;.-- at the new "descent cast" by which the Kentucky attorney said the property of the deceased vested in his client, hT saying: ".May it please the Court, the property in question entirely vistcd in mv octogenarian client by the evanescent breath of XIrs. Wykoff, who died or it rthrr wortU rudd'enly." Demurrer sustained, which w ill compel the party to enter her remedy against the administrator, XV m. M. Lewis, by an action of ejectment in the Circuit Court. Ltdjer. 'f.e, A Vert Novel Case Sham XIarshge. A young lady, resident of the Filth ward, in thirt city, of respectable evniieetions, made an intorm-atio- n before XIayor Wilson, setting forth that she was married. XIarch loth, in Kittauing, to a gentleman in that place, another pertormirig the marriage ceremony, whom she subsequently discovered not to be las was represented to Ler) a justice of the peace, charging her "husband "and Ihe other man with fraudulent conspiracy to induce her to illicit intercourse and cohabitation with the first mentioned. A warrant was issued for both. The pretended justice was vesierdav arrested in this city by Officer Xloon, and Officer Xloon was dispatched to arrest the other. He returned with him last evening, aud the affair wss settled by his marrying the girl in a mora acceptable manner, his" Honor, XIayor XVilson, performing the ceremony. I'ttlurjJotrHal,th. Affray. Ou Friday evening last an affray occurred at James Dillinghom's wagon shop, in Warren countv, near the Barren line, between R. T. Hudson, Esq., and J. XL Huffman. The difficulty, we learn, grew out of some slanderous remarks made by Huffman in relation to Hudson's wife. The parties met by agreement at the place above named, and without any ceremony "went in," Hudson attacking Huffman with a sword cane, which breaking, he then stabbed him with the , piercing him through the right side, inflicting a severe but not dangerous wound. Huifmun attempted to use a pistol after hew slabbed, but was prevented by a bystander. Both, parties resid'" in thi county. Hudson is a magistrate in the Rocky Hill district. No examination of the parties has yd been had. UUuyu ( Ky. ) Err I'rtsu). We are called Murder ix Nicholas Cm-stupon to record another and unnatural murder, w hich was t rptt rated by an old man named Gamble, living near Mitchell's mills in Nicholas county, upon hi grandson, a young Gamble beiug intoxicated drove hi wife from home. and in her flight met her trrand-soyoung Xlccks, and forbid his going further harm from her husband, but for fear of per.-onhe jursisted, and in approaching the house-.amble seized his gun and ilist barged it at Meek, the ball penetrating his side, and piercing bint through the lungs, killing him it siantlv. The murderer was arrested aud lodged in the, Nicholas county jaiL ( A'y. Eloy. XIr. Xleeks. Affrat and Pbobabijc Death. We learn that an affray occurred at a candidate's meeting at Sagimaw, about four miles from Edmonton in .Metcalfe county, on Saturday evening last, between "Bat" .Martin, and Boone Jeffries, in which the latter was fatally stabbed bv the former. An examining court was held at Edmonton on Xlondav, and .Martin committed to the eusttv-d- y of XIr. our jailer, to await his trail at the June term of the Barren Equitv and Criminal Court. .Martin was brought to t "h;s place and lodged in jail on Monday night. Jeffrie cannot possibly survive his wounds, as he was. as our informant slates, literally cut open, and his bowels cut in two. An old" grudge is said to have existed between the panics. 0'a.igvB (Ky.) E)ee VYes. Whipped. The WashingAn AuonTiONisr ton (tin) Independent learns that a mau by the name of Wood, who was taken up at Abbeville-- , C. H., S. C, last fail, for using unpalatable language to slavery men, and who received the senlaches, by the recent spring tence of tail e term of the nuri at that plate, suffered the peu-al- ty ofthe law in the public square on the 24t ult. The punishment was intui ted by Sherid" Moore, with seven switches; he wr.s then immediately placed ou the cars for shipment thia looks like nrUrhimf a fellow on the t nieie. The John Brown foray will be a lasting remcmbraute w ith him. Mr. Wood said he was "bora and raise di in Georgia. Curious Repentance. At Xluskegon. Mich., as we lenru from a man from that eJiU u, a mau who had got drunk and froze both feet off. resolved to make amends by start ing hiuistlt to death. A geutlemaa fiom there told us ttst whtn he left the man had abstained i day from all food and drink. 1 bis is a veritable case a avouched by th physicians. lie was expected to live but a few dav "longer. He wa ottupiid, constantly with prayer :or his souk whiiUhj feared Was destined lor purgatory. aVatu.j JohihuI.

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