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Image 5 of Annual report. 1902

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

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LIST OF OFFICERS I _ Board of Cont1·o1. . D. F. FRAZEE, Chairman, Lexington, Ky. Q J. B. MARCUM, Jackson, Ky. _ _ GEO. B. KINKEAD, Lexington, Ky. n JAMES K. PATTERSON, President of the College. M. A. SCOVELL, Director, Secretary. Station Oiiicers. M. A. SCOVELL, Director and Chemist. A. M. PETER, Chemist. H. E. CURTIS, Chemist. H. GARMAN, Entomologist and Botanist. C. W. MATHEWS, Horticulturist. J. N. HARPER, Agriculturist. i I W. H. SCHERFFIUS, Assistant Chemist. L. O. BEATTY, Assistant Chemist. R. M. ALLEN, Secretary, Food Division. _J. D. TURNER, Secretary to the Director. J. O. LA BACH, Chemist, Food Division. GEORGE ROBERTS, Assistant Chemist. A T. L. RICHMOND, Ass’t Entomologist and Botanist. V MISS MARY L. DIDLAKE, Ass’t Entomologist and Botanist. S. D. AVERITT, Assistant Chemist. D. YV. MAY, Animal Husbandry. Address of the Station, ° LEXINGTON, KENTUUCKY.

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