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Image 10 of Annual report. 1902

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

x !·`[/[twill; rlzmrual Report of the Several lmmlreil gratis ot ilillerent varieties have been obtained with wliieh to carry ent the experiments in this line. Pref. Gar- man is also stn¢l_ving the weetls ot the State. especially these the seetls ot' whieh are lotmml in onr clever seetls. etc-., and mere espeeiallv to hroom-rape ot' hemp anrl toha<·t·o. 'l`he resnlts ef the l»room—rape experiments will he pnhlishetl in Bulletin Xe. 105. ll is hopeil h_v a liheral nse ol' potash salts. or even the nse of A eoimnon salt on the groninl that intestieml. the hroom-rape seed ii1z1_v he ll. GIS ll$llEll, (l(T('ll]}l(,’tl 2ll)t)llt Six \\’CCl(S ef — l°rot’. (larman`s time ilnring the year. Prot`. Garnian is charged with the entoreement ol' the law lor the

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