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Page 0 of Mountain Life & Work vol. 06 no. 1 April, 1930

Part of Mountain Life and Work

MOUNTAIN LIFE and WORK For JULY will Print PROCEEDINGS OF CONFERENCE O F SOUTHERN MOUNTAIN WORKERS KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE MARCH 25-27 Human Government-Frank Bane, Commissioner of Public Welfare of Virginia. The Mountaineers in Industry-James Myers, Industrial Secretary, Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America. Adult Education: Its Basis and Background in the United States Robert M. Lester, Carnegie Corporation of New York. An Economic and Social Study of the Southern Appalachians Dr. Thomas Cooper, University of Kentucky. The Handicrafts of the Southern Mountains- Allen Eaton, Russell Sage Foundation. Public Health: A Winning Game-Robina Kneebone, School of Social Work and Public Health, Richmond, Virginia. Cooperative Marketing of Potatoes Robert L. Lyons, University of Tennessee Know the Mountains-Read Mountain Life and Work One Dollar Per Year Published Quarterly Berea, Kentucky

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